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Graham Bishop at ECON's public hearing on DRF/eurobills - 1 April Video

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RT @SharonBowlesMEP: "MiFID – Dog Days, dogs of war and dogs that didn't bite" - read my speech to the British Banker's Association here: h…
1:18 PM Apr 24

RT @EuropeDecides: Multilingual, popular, heavyweight: @FT report on No 10's criteria for selecting UK nominee to Commission (€)

10:46 AM Apr 24

#ESMA comments on the #IFRS Interpretations Committee's decisions

10:42 AM Apr 24

William #Coen appointed as the next Secretary General of the #Basel Committee

11:23 AM Apr 23

#ESMA publishes updated data on performance of the Credit Rating Agencies

11:08 AM Apr 23

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Securities Dealing - 201168 articles out of 68.
13 Dec 2011 Deutsche Börse AG and NYSE Euronext statement on revised remedy submission

13 Dec 2011 SIFMA addresses high-frequency trading, other market structure issues and presents considerations for regulatory change in new White Paper

06 Dec 2011 FN: ETF participants urged to 'stop fighting'

05 Dec 2011 FN: ESMA targets physical ETF

22 Nov 2011 EDHEC Risk study: The performance of actively-managed exchange-traded funds

18 Nov 2011 Deutsche Börse and NYSE Euronext confirm submission of remedy proposal

08 Nov 2011 FESE Response to ESMA Consultation Paper systems and controls in a highly-automated trading environment for trading platforms

03 Nov 2011 ECB announced details of its new covered bond purchase programme (CBPP2)

31 Oct 2011 FN: EC should focus on forging a euro champion

25 Oct 2011 Hedgeweek: Exchange-traded derivatives provide silver lining in dark clouds

24 Oct 2011 FN: ETF transparency drive creates more confusion

20 Oct 2011 IOSCO publishes recommendations on market integrity

17 Oct 2011 FN: Spotlight falls on exchange-traded fund securities lending

11 Oct 2011 FT: Regulators to tackle high-speed trading

10 Oct 2011 WSJ: Where are the ETFs?

10 Oct 2011 WSJ: No urge to merge

07 Oct 2011 FN: High-speed traders warn ESMA over new rules

07 Oct 2011 ESMA highly automated trading environment consultation

06 Oct 2011 WSJ: EU details antitrust hurdles for Deutsche Börse, NYSE

05 Oct 2011 NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Börse AG Statement on Statement of Objections

05 Oct 2011 FN: Turquoise speech stirs up NYSE-Börse monopoly debate

04 Oct 2011 EDHEC-Risk Institute research shows benefits of using ETFs in a dynamic core-satellite investment approach

04 Oct 2011 FT: BlackRock joins call for action on ETFs

03 Oct 2011 EBF response to ESMA's guidelines on systems and controls in a highly automated trading environment for trading platforms

27 Sep 2011 BIS published report on high-frequency trading in the foreign exchange market

12 Sep 2011 IPE: Deutsche Börse predicts investors could use ETFs to trade longevity

08 Sep 2011 FN: Nasdaq OMX decries 'destructive' NYSE-Börse deal

05 Sep 2011 FESE publishes European Exchange Report

04 Sep 2011 WSJ: LSE in talks with LCH.Clearnet

24 Aug 2011 FT: LSE backs BATS merger with Chi-X

23 Aug 2011 CFIUS completes review of NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Börse combination

22 Aug 2011 FN: New ETF costs double

15 Aug 2011 FN: LCH.Clearnet goes exclusive with Markit

04 Aug 2011 FN: Deutsche Börse rebuffs merger critics

04 Aug 2011 European Commission extends review of planned business combination

04 Aug 2011 FT: Deutsche Börse and NYSE Euronext tie-up faces probe

02 Aug 2011 FN: NYSE profit down but deal on track

27 Jul 2011 FN: Nasdaq echoes LSE concerns on NYSE-Börse deal

27 Jul 2011 SEC sets up large trader reporting system

25 Jul 2011 FN: LSE intensifies its fight against NYSE-Börse deal

22 Jul 2011 FN: Is settlement the panacea for the LSE?

12 Jul 2011 UK's Competition Commission: BATS/CHI-X merger issues statement

06 Jul 2011 Associations warn of harmful effects of extra-territoriality

06 Jul 2011 Bloomberg: Differing EU, US derivative rules may discriminate

06 Jul 2011 FT: Warning over diverging derivatives rules

30 Jun 2011 FT: Failure puts LSE in sweet spot

20 May 2011 IOSCO finalises principles to address dark liquidity

29 Apr 2011 FT: Unintended consequences of swap reform

28 Apr 2011 Europeanissuers published comments on the regulation of central securities depositories

27 Apr 2011 NY Times: Derivatives market faces new capital rules

25 Apr 2011 FN: European Commission to push ahead with settlement shake-up

31 Mar 2011 ECMI brief: NYSE Euronext – Deutsche Börse Merger: Let the dance go on

08 Mar 2011 IOSCO survey results on implementation of securitisation recommendations

02 Mar 2011 EFAMA replies to IOSCO Consultation Report regarding ‘Issues Raised by Dark Liquidity’

25 Feb 2011 IOSCO publishes a report on mitigating systemic risk

24 Feb 2011 SIFMA addresses business conduct standards for swap dealers in comment letter to CFTC

21 Feb 2011 Bloomberg: Bernanke says Dodd-Frank Law is ‘major step forwards’

15 Feb 2011 Financial News: Dodd-Frank gives nod to regulatory turf wars

03 Feb 2011 ISLA response to EC SLD consultation paper

03 Feb 2011 SEC proposes rules for security-based swap execution facilities

31 Jan 2011 AFME publishes a briefing note on Securities Law Directive

27 Jan 2011 Financial News: ESMA warns of regulatory divide

27 Jan 2011 SEC proposes net worth standard for accredited investors under Dodd-Frank Act

26 Jan 2011 ISDA’s comment letter on registration of swap dealers and major swap participants

25 Jan 2011 EuropeanIssuers' comments on the European Commission's consultation on Securities Law

21 Jan 2011 SEC approves new rules regulating asset-backed securities

21 Jan 2011 ESMA: Publication of letters to the SEC and the CFTC on rulemakings on registration of foreign swap data repositories

18 Jan 2011 SEC proposes rule for the timely acknowledegment and verification of security-based swap transactions

Securities Dealing - 201014 articles out of 14.
15 Dec 2010 FT: Goldman teams up with NYSE Euronext in trading venture

09 Dec 2010 ISDA releases two transparency studies

07 Dec 2010 SEC proposes joint rules with CFTC to define swap related terms

07 Dec 2010 FSA issues proposed guidance on survey report of derivative risk management practices

22 Nov 2010 Canadian securities regulators propose amendments to executive compensation disclosure requirements

09 Nov 2010 ISDA: Interest rate swap prices extremely competitive and transparent

09 Nov 2010 ICE Clear Europe announces acceptance of gold bullion collateral and adds triparty collateral management service to enhance security

08 Nov 2010 ISDA publishes research note on concentration of OTC Derivatives among Major Dealers

12 Oct 2010 ISDA comments related to segregation of collateral for uncleared swaps

09 Sep 2010 Save Bulgaria's Stock Exchange

14 Apr 2010 SEC proposed large trader reporting system to protect investors

15 Mar 2010 LSE promotes best practice in investor relations

27 Jan 2010 FT: Paris plans to launch electronic corporate bonds market

04 Jan 2010 LSE to take control of pan-European trading platform Turquoise

Securities Dealing - 200923 articles out of 23.
23 Nov 2009 CESR publishes responses to Consultation on Trade Repositories – 31 comment letters submitted

21 Sep 2009 Chi-X Europe and Liquidnet Supernatural to Interconnect

02 Sep 2009 Eurex Credit Clear clears first single name CDS worldwide

19 Aug 2009 SmartPool launches pan-European mid cap service

18 Aug 2009 FSA looks into high-frequency trading and dark pools

18 Aug 2009 The Singapore Exchange and Chi-X plan dark pool

18 Aug 2009 LSE close to binning TradElect

16 Jul 2009 Commission study on trading and post-trading prices, costs and volumes

14 Jul 2009 Nyse Euronext’s SmartPool signs up 11 new members

02 Jul 2009 FESE reaches compromise on Harmonised Tick Size Regimes

29 Jun 2009 Dark pool pricing set to tumble as Bats Europe enters fray

23 Jun 2009 Europe to review ‘dark pool’ trading

23 Jun 2009 BATS exchange announces further latency reductions

02 Jun 2009 Clearstream to sign MoU with ECB on TARGET2-Securities

27 May 2009 Chi-X Europe dark pool launches

11 May 2009 Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and UBS in European dark pool pact

17 Apr 2009 Deutsche Börse plans trading in European stocks

27 Feb 2009 CESR calls for EU-based derivatives information repository

19 Feb 2009 CESR preliminary technical advice on post-trading infrastructures

07 Feb 2009 FSA consults on short selling practice

28 Jan 2009 SmartPool receives FSA approval to begin trading

26 Jan 2009 NYSE Euronext and BIDS receive SEC approval to launch NYBX

21 Jan 2009 Chi-X Europe extends trading to Spanish stocks

Securities Dealing - 200824 articles out of 24.
15 Dec 2008 ETF provider launched on Xetra

12 Dec 2008 Nyse Euronext begins migration to Universal Trading Platform

09 Dec 2008 Xtrakter launches new mark to market valuation service

03 Dec 2008 FESE publishes European Exchange Report 2007

07 Nov 2008 Wiener Börse takes over Prague stock exchange

24 Oct 2008 MLex: EC pushes for more governments to open bond trading platforms

24 Oct 2008 BATS Exchange Goes Live

23 Oct 2008 NYSE Euronext launches TradeCheck

23 Oct 2008 European MTFs to create common symbology

08 Oct 2008 Nyse Euronext launches pan-european MTF with support from EuroCCP

24 Sep 2008 New platforms to challenge LSE on reference data

23 Sep 2008 Nasdaq OMX eyes London listings

18 Sep 2008 FESE study on “Alternative” Markets/Segments in equity

08 Sep 2008 NYSE Euronext announces launch of Pan-European MTF

15 Aug 2008 Turquoise goes live

24 Jun 2008 Responding to liquidity pools

05 Jun 2008 Euronext announces fee reduction by 30 percent

21 May 2008 Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and UBS in dark liquidity pact

16 May 2008 Six bid for European covered bond platform

31 Jan 2008 NYSE Euronext targets Asia Pacific markets

30 Jan 2008 finextra: Turquoise primes for September launch

30 Jan 2008 finextra: European stock exchanges facing 'perfect storm'

28 Jan 2008 Telegraph: Turquoise moves closer to launch

11 Jan 2008 OMX signs Bombay Stock Exchange

Securities Dealing - 200712 articles out of 12.
21 Sep 2007 Gulf States vie over LSE

20 Sep 2007 LSE faces fresh bidding war

01 May 2007 Times: Deutsche Börse in $2.8bn move for US options market

07 Apr 2007 FT: NYSE is left in the cold as Russians flock to London

05 Apr 2007 Daily Telegraph: FSA to probe governance of foreign listings

11 Feb 2007 LSE set for major tie-up with Tokyo

10 Feb 2007 Nasdaq's offer for LSE lapses

31 Jan 2007 finextra: Nyse and TSE form working alliance

24 Jan 2007 Nasdaq set to extend LSE offer deadline as investors hold back

09 Jan 2007 Nasdaq goes on attack, claiming LSE 'milks' its dominant position

09 Jan 2007 LSE defences bolstered by bullish trading statement

08 Jan 2007 LSE rushes out results as Nasdaq steps up takeover fight

Securities Dealing - 200669 articles out of 69.
20 Dec 2006 NASDAQ announces offer for remaining shares of LSE

19 Dec 2006 Euronext shareholders approve combination with NYSE Group

19 Dec 2006 LSE: Shareholder Circular to reject Nasdaq takeover

19 Dec 2006 Nasdaq: London again rebuffs Nasdaq

19 Dec 2006 FT: LSE rejects Nasdaq approach

12 Dec 2006 BBC: Nasdaq unveils hostile LSE offer

11 Dec 2006 finextra: Euroclear buys EMXCo

06 Dec 2006 Euronext issues Legal Advice regarding 'overspill' risk

05 Dec 2006 AMF: Statement on proposed Euronext and NYSE combination

28 Nov 2006 Finextra: Nasdaq raises funds for LSE bid

28 Nov 2006 Finextra: NASD and Nyse to merge regulatory arms

22 Nov 2006 AFP: US investment group Heyman raises LSE stake

21 Nov 2006 Reuters: Nasdaq says may up bid if LSE recommends new price

21 Nov 2006 Guardian: LSE fends off Nasdaq after American exchange makes £2.7bn hostile bid

20 Nov 2006 AFP: Nasdaq takeover offer for LSE turns hostile

20 Nov 2006 finextra: LSE rejects Nasdaq's £2.7bn bid

16 Nov 2006 Independent: LSE hit by bank plan to launch competing exchange

15 Nov 2006 Deutsche Börse no longer pursues combination with Euronext

08 Nov 2006 Deutsche Börse and Borsa Italiana end merger talks

02 Nov 2006 Independent: Deutsche exchange plans hit by calls for full inquiry

01 Nov 2006 finextra: Fuller to head new MiFID-ready exchange system Equiduct

26 Oct 2006 Independent: City demands Börse merger inquiry

25 Oct 2006 Euronext calls on London to support Nyse deal

25 Oct 2006 Euronext to develop system for banks to trade in-house - report

16 Oct 2006 FT: Euronext and NYSE shift tack on merger

16 Oct 2006 Telegraph: LSE fears Nasdaq will 'strangle' Aim

16 Oct 2006 Deutsche Börse: Statement Regarding European Consolidation

15 Oct 2006 NYSE/Euronext announcement

15 Oct 2006 AFX: Euronext, NYSE still want tie-up with Deutsche Boerse, Borsa Italiana

15 Oct 2006 Reuters: Euronext, NYSE still seek German, Italian deal

15 Oct 2006 Finextra: Deutsche Börse and Borsa Italiana pursue Euronext tie-up

13 Oct 2006 Deutsche Börse notifies European Commission of proposed Euronext combination

12 Oct 2006 Finextra: French lobby group tables alternative Euronext deal

11 Oct 2006 Euronext announcement

28 Sep 2006 Independent: Bloomberg ‘battle plan’ to lift NYSE

25 Sep 2006 Nyse and Euronext look to calm regulatory concerns

21 Sep 2006 Telegraph: LSE looks at options to thwart Nasdaq

19 Sep 2006 Investment banks to establish pan-European trade reporting system

13 Sep 2006 Reuters: LSE to stay under UK regulation

12 Sep 2006 NYSE Euronext: Creating the first global exchange

21 Jun 2006 Telegraph: Euronext spurns new offer from Germans

15 Jun 2006 European Voice: The world puts its stock in the NYSE - the EU doesn't

13 Jun 2006 The Independent: FSA sounds warning note over risk to regulation of LSE

12 Jun 2006 FSA: Implications of ownership of a UK Recognised Investment Exchange by a US entity

07 Jun 2006 The Guardian: Chirac takes a swipe at advance of NYSE into Europe

06 Jun 2006 Telegraph: Deutsche Börse adds up prospect of raised bid

06 Jun 2006 Reuters: NYSE to buy Euronext

05 Jun 2006 AFX: NYSE/Euronext merger aimed at granting US investors easy access to euro zone

05 Jun 2006 Telegraph: NYSE Euronext woos Italian exchange

05 Jun 2006 AFP: France's BNP Paribas opposes Euronext-NYSE deal

05 Jun 2006 IPE: NYSE-Euronext tie could hit governance - ABP

05 Jun 2006 FT: Euronext, Borsa Italiana in talks

02 Jun 2006 FT: NYSE and Euronext agree to merge

02 Jun 2006 FESE Response to IOSCO Consultation on “Exchange Evolution”

25 May 2006 Telegraph: Nasdaq's 'influence' at LSE faces test

22 May 2006 AFP: NYSE bid for Euronext wins board support

04 May 2006 Times: Nasdaq lifts LSE stake in attempt to shut out rivals

04 May 2006 The Independent: Euronext scraps LSE bid as Nasdaq lifts stake

27 Apr 2006 Daily Telegraph: NYSE chief stokes fears over reforms

25 Apr 2006 Telegraph: LSE told to deny Big Board offer

17 Apr 2006 The Independent: Last days of the LSE, whoever wins bid battle

12 Apr 2006 The Times: LSE shares surge after Nasdaq acquires 15% stake

09 Apr 2006 Observer: LSE in 'merger of equals' talks with Euronext

30 Mar 2006 BBC News: Nasdaq withdraws LSE takeover bid

15 Mar 2006 Deutsche Boerse eyes merger talks with Euronext

14 Mar 2006 The Guardian: Open talks with bidders, shareholders tell LSE

22 Feb 2006 Reuters: Deutsche Boerse sees Euronext tie-up as first step

20 Feb 2006 European Trade Associations call for EU action on Exchanges

22 Jan 2006 The Independent: Deutsche Börse and Euronext warned over merger proposals

Securities Dealing - 20054 articles out of 4.
17 Dec 2005 The Independent: Euronext to bid for LSE

01 Nov 2005 Competition Commission set out conditions for LSE takeover

01 Aug 2005 Competition Commission on LSE Bids

10 Jan 2005 Euronext and Deutsche Börse hold talks with LSE about Takeover