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Welcome to Graham Bishop's weekly selection of key news and views on

EU Financial Services Regulation, Politics and Economics


Brexit negotiations have launched a process with unfathomable implications for the economic, financial and political systems of the EU, the Eurozone and the UK. Accordingly, we have launched a Brexit Weekly (details) to separate out those issues from the regular flow of news on the EU27.

Graham Bishop continues to select the news and views that financial institutions and risk managers need to monitor, going far beyond "Brussels". His weekly selection of news includes any events in the Member States and in G20 countries, such as the US, that are likely to influence legislative and political action in the EU.

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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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EU Finance 'Weekly' - 200713 articles out of 13.
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22 Nov 2007 This week in "Brussels"

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08 Nov 2007 This week in "Brussels"

31 Oct 2007 This week in "Brussels"

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04 Oct 2007 This week in "Brussels"

28 Sep 2007 This week in "Brussels"