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Graham Bishop at ECON's public hearing on DRF/eurobills - 1 April Video

Presentation on TEF to ECON Text

Graham Bishop at 33 in Top 40 British EU policy 'influencers' link

Monthly Assessment of EU integration progress link
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#EBA technical standards on #supervisory #reporting endorsed with amended calendar

3:32 PM Apr 16

#EBA publishes list of incorrect #ITS validation rules

3:28 PM Apr 16

#Basel Committee publishes final standard for measuring and controlling large #exposures

8:53 AM Apr 16

#FAQ on #Basel III's January 2013 #Liquidity Coverage Ratio

8:51 AM Apr 16

#EIOPA and National Bank of #Slovakia hold a conference on personal #pensions

8:13 AM Apr 16

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The G20 leaders (Oct 2009) "We designated the G20 to be the premier forum for our international economic cooperation. We established the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to include major emerging economies and welcome its efforts to coordinate and monitor progress in strengthening financial regulation." Summit link

The annual G8 leaders summit is attended by the heads of government. The member country holding the G8 presidency is responsible for organising and hosting the year's summit. Summit link

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International/G20 - 201142 articles out of 42.
09 Dec 2011 BIS: Financial stability and risk disclosure

02 Dec 2011 IMF: Emerging markets seen as part of solution to global problems

28 Nov 2011 Remarks by Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, following the EU-US Summit

28 Nov 2011 EU-US Summit joint statement

23 Nov 2011 IMF: Financial regulators and central banks share financial stability role

09 Nov 2011 IASB responses to G20 conclusions

05 Nov 2011 Communiqué G20: Leaders' Summit in Cannes on 3-4 November 2011

02 Nov 2011 The Geneva Association writes an open letter to the finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20

02 Nov 2011 BBA: Marcus Agius letter to the Prime Minister on G20

30 Oct 2011 Joint letter from Van Rompuy and Barroso to the G20 leaders

26 Oct 2011 Bloomberg: Europe struggles for crisis remedy

25 Oct 2011 Insurers write to G20 on SIFIs

20 Oct 2011 IIF: Major global banks are making significant progress on compensation risk alignment

18 Oct 2011 G20 finance ministers agree new principles to boost financial consumer protection

15 Oct 2011 Communiqué of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of the G20

11 Oct 2011 IFAC urges G20 to pursue coordinated, long-term approaches to global economic stability and fiscal sustainability

11 Oct 2011 FSB published progress report on implementing OTC derivatives market reforms

07 Oct 2011 EFR letter ahead of G20 Finance Ministers' meeting on 14/15 October 2011

02 Sep 2011 Joint trade associations' consultative document on effective resolution of SIFIs

31 Aug 2011 Eurofinas comments on the G20 high level standards on financial consumer protection

25 Jul 2011 IMF continues push towards enhanced global financial safety net

21 Jul 2011 Greece Financing Offer: Statement by the IIF board of directors

06 Jul 2011 Lagarde: IMF must continue to adapt

28 Jun 2011 IMF Executive Board selects Christine Lagarde as Managing Director

23 Jun 2011 Statement by Christine Lagarde to the IMF Executive Board

06 Jun 2011 Insurers called on G20 to separate banking and insurance systemic risk identification

01 Jun 2011 IIF stressed concerns about use of capital controls

15 Apr 2011 G20 Communiqué: Commodity prices face increasing pressures

11 Apr 2011 IMF: Despite new risks, global recovery seen gaining strength

22 Feb 2011 FSB reports to G20 on progress in implementing global financial reforms

21 Feb 2011 G20 Communiqué: Agreement on indicators that will allow detecting imbalances

02 Feb 2011 World Economic Forum: Merkel warned against complacency about risks of future financial crisis

25 Jan 2011 G20 Presidency: Sarkozy stressed the need to tackle the instability of the world commodities market

25 Jan 2011 IIF: G20 leadership needed on macroeconomic and key financial regulatory issues

International/G20 - 201037 articles out of 37.
15 Nov 2010 European banks cautiously welcome Seoul outcome

15 Nov 2010 The G20 Seoul summit: Transformation of financial system to address the root causes of the crisis is essential

12 Nov 2010 Finance ministers of Europe’s five largest economies statement on the Eurozone debt crisis during the G20 meeting

11 Nov 2010 Financial News: G20 faces uphill battle on global reform

09 Nov 2010 CEA sets out European insurance industry views ahead of G20 Seoul Summit

08 Nov 2010 IMF Board approves far-reaching governance reforms

02 Nov 2010 Joint letter of Barroso and van Rompuy on the upcoming G20 summit

02 Nov 2010 Financial Stability Board releases report on supervisory intensity and effectiveness

25 Oct 2010 G20 Ministers agree on historical reforms in IMF governance

25 Oct 2010 G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors: It is essential to complete financial repair and regulatory reforms without delay

12 Oct 2010 G30 urge policymakers to strengthen financial regulation and supervision

05 Oct 2010 IMF: The financial sector remains the Achilles’ heel of the economic recovery

05 Oct 2010 IMF urges more comprehensive reform of the global financial system

30 Jun 2010 IMF sets out ideas to build on crisis response after G20 meeting: Governance reforms under way key to legitimacy

28 Jun 2010 G20 Summit Declaration paves way to further delay reforms

28 Jun 2010 Joint Barroso and Van Rompuy statement on G20: The EU is on the right track for the G20 Summit in Seoul on financial sector reforms

25 Jun 2010 CEA urged G-20 to recognise differences between insurers and banks

24 Jun 2010 G20: sense of urgency has faded

23 Jun 2010 Barroso and Van Rompuy joint letter on the EU goals for the Toronto G20 summit - Securing strong and sustainable growth

14 Jun 2010 IMF: Asia Playing Crucial Part in Reshaping Global Economy

08 Jun 2010 Rehn: It is essential that G20 Summit in Toronto spells out guiding principles for a sequenced and differentiated fiscal exit

08 Jun 2010 G20: Financial sector should make a fair and substantial contribution

19 May 2010 IMF Asia and Pacific department called for coordinated approach to global financial reforms

18 May 2010 Canada sends worldwide message in opposition to a global bank tax

17 May 2010 President Barroso presented EU priorities for G20 Summit in Toronto

17 May 2010 G20 Summit: Meeting of global business leaders in advance of Toronto summit

10 May 2010 G7 and G20 welcome EU area support measures

24 Apr 2010 IIF criticized IMF proposals for ex-ante levy of financial institutions

23 Apr 2010 G20 recommitted to regulatory reforms

23 Apr 2010 CEA messages ahead of G20 Finance ministers' meeting

21 Apr 2010 IMF report to G20 suggests tax on bank balance sheets

16 Apr 2010 IMF and FSB hold joint conference on implementing G-20 recommendations on information gaps

30 Mar 2010 G20 calls for leaders to deliver on ambitious reform agenda agreed in London and Pittsburgh

08 Feb 2010 G7 fails to reach agreement on financial regulation

21 Jan 2010 G20 and FSB split on scale of financial reform

19 Jan 2010 Plans for the fourth G20 Summit in June: Co-chaired by Canada and Korea in Toronto

12 Jan 2010 IMF First Deputy Managing Director interviewed about the future report on financial sector rescues

International/G20 - 200927 articles out of 27.
02 Dec 2009 IMF: preparing a report on financial sector tax options for G20 to recover bail-out costs

18 Nov 2009 SIFMA opposes Securities Transaction Tax proposed during the last G-20 meeting in St Andrews

09 Nov 2009 G20 agreed to maintain support for recovery

15 Oct 2009 City of London banks agree to support G20 bonus reforms

28 Sep 2009 IMF: G20 backs sustained crisis response and a shift in IMF representation

28 Sep 2009 Barroso at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh: it is important to take specific action to rein in exorbitant bonuses

25 Sep 2009 G20 summit in Pittsburgh: sweeping reforms in capital, liquidity, remuneration and resolution

24 Sep 2009 European Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee letter to the G20

21 Sep 2009 BBA chairman sets out the banking industry's hopes for G20

18 Sep 2009 Informal meeting of EU Heads of State or Government in Brussels

17 Sep 2009 European Commission calls for united EU position for G20 summit in Pittsburgh

06 Sep 2009 G20 Finance Ministers agree to tackle remuneration practice

02 Sep 2009 Preparation of Eurogroup and Informal Economic and Finance Ministers Council for the G20

13 Jun 2009 Statement of G8 Finance Ministers - Lecce, Italy, 13 June, 2009

02 Apr 2009 G20 declaration on strengthening the financial system

02 Apr 2009 Progress Report on the Actions of the Washington Action Plan

02 Apr 2009 G20 declaration on delivering resources through the international financial institutions

02 Apr 2009 G20 London Summit – Leaders’ Statement

27 Mar 2009 G20 Working Group - Reinforcing international co-operation and promoting integrity in financial markets

26 Mar 2009 Changing Pro-cyclicality for Financial and Economic Stability

25 Mar 2009 G20 Working Group - Enhancing Sound Regulation and Strengthening Transparency

05 Mar 2009 G-20 Working Group - The World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks

04 Mar 2009 G-20 Working Group – Reform of the IMF

17 Jan 2009 OECD: Asian countries should reform their pension systems

International/G20 - 20081 articles out of 1.
16 Nov 2008 G20 Summit Declaration