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The European asset management industry plays a vital role in Europe’s economy. Taken together, investment funds, life insurance and occupational pension funds manage over €10 trillion. The asset management industry is also important as a driver for the integrity and efficiency of the European financial market. It accounts for a significant share of trading in equities, bonds and derivative instruments in Europe. Moreover, the asset management industry has taken full advantage of the elimination of currency risk (within the euro area) and regulatory restrictions to rebalance portfolios on a pan-European basis.

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Asset Management - 200763 articles out of 63.
21 Dec 2007 AMF Regulation and Asset Management Newsletter No 4 - 2007

05 Dec 2007 Mlex: No EU legislation for now on sovereign wealth funds

04 Dec 2007 Speech McCreevy on Sovereign Wealth Funds

29 Nov 2007 Daily Telegraph: EC to rule on sovereign wealth funds

20 Nov 2007 Walker guidelines on private equity transparency published

16 Nov 2007 AMF position on equity lines and step-up equity financing

14 Nov 2007 FSA update on funds of alternative investment funds

09 Nov 2007 Pensionskassen growth stagnates - GDV

09 Nov 2007 Dutch regulator demands funds step up work

25 Oct 2007 German Cabinet passes 'acting in concert' bill

25 Oct 2007 Germans up support for compulsory second pillar

23 Oct 2007 AMF Regulation and Asset Management Newsletter No3

17 Oct 2007 AMF consultation on General Regulation project

15 Oct 2007 Summary of results on Private Placement Regime

12 Oct 2007 Italy gains pension reforms approval

12 Oct 2007 ABA: Funds need flexibility to compete with Belgium

04 Oct 2007 IORP problems for CEE states

24 Sep 2007 ICMA Standard of Good Practice on Bond Market Transparency

14 Sep 2007 ICMA initiative on bond market transparency for retail investors

30 Aug 2007 IPE: EFAMA expects short-term investment slowdown

18 Jul 2007 IPE: Private equity firms caution on transparency calls

17 Jul 2007 ICMA figures for first half 2007 bond market issuance

12 Jul 2007 London seeks more alternative funds

11 Jul 2007 Financial advice crucial to pensions growth - EFAMA

09 Jul 2007 BIS: CGFS report on financial stability and local currency bond markets

05 Jul 2007 FESE response on Commission Call on Private Placement Regimes

04 Jul 2007 AMF Regulation and Asset Management Newsletter No 2

02 Jul 2007 IMA urges Commission to rectify market failure on private placement

29 Jun 2007 EBF response on Private Placement Regimes

26 Jun 2007 ECB report on euro bonds and derivatives markets

25 Jun 2007 EBF Response to EP Questionnaire on Asset Management

25 Jun 2007

22 Jun 2007 IPE: American asset managers win over Europe

21 Jun 2007 AMF report on Private equity in Europe

21 Jun 2007 AMF study report on private equity in Europe

21 Jun 2007 UN warns of ‘destabilizing’ effect of pension funds

21 Jun 2007 IPE: Targets missed on absolute returns

20 Jun 2007 UK: Private equity warned of tax shake-up

20 Jun 2007 ISDA: Industry warns against inappropriate regulation of Commodity Derivatives

18 Jun 2007 IPE: Securities law could hit pension fund returns - KAS

15 Jun 2007 PIMCO calls for unified Euroland Government Bond Market

13 Jun 2007 UK: Private equity body under fire

13 Jun 2007 EFRP annual report 2006

05 Jun 2007 GMB Congress Report shows links between private equity industry and insolvent pension funds

17 May 2007 IPE: Finland to widen IORP into DC

14 May 2007 BaFin finds pension funds in good health

08 May 2007 IPE: Pension schemes shift from fund of funds

07 May 2007 Commission opens infringement procedures on discriminatory taxation to foreign EU pension funds

27 Apr 2007 IPE: Liechtenstein wants to join IOPS

20 Apr 2007 Commission consultation on facilitating cross-border investment

19 Apr 2007 finextra: Isda trumpets progress in credit derivatives while regulators sound alarm

11 Apr 2007 EQUI Committee urges UK government to set up compensation scheme for victims

02 Apr 2007 Commission to form new expert group on real estate funds

23 Mar 2007 IPE: Pensionskassen head criticises BaFin regulation

22 Mar 2007 Speech McCreevy on Private Equity

22 Mar 2007 Speech McCreevy on Asset Management

22 Mar 2007 AMF Regulation and Asset Management Newsletter No1

21 Mar 2007 EPFSF briefing paper on Investment Funds and Asset Management

20 Mar 2007 UK Treasury Committee announces terms of reference for inquiry into Private Equity

28 Feb 2007 BIS report on institutional investors, global savings and asset allocation

20 Feb 2007 ICMA proposes post-trade transparency standard for bond markets

15 Jan 2007 FT: Euro displaces dollar in bond markets

15 Jan 2007 IFSL: Global Pension Assets reach $18.6 trillion

Asset Management - 200646 articles out of 46.
20 Dec 2006 IPE: European institutions ‘uneasy’ about bond trading

19 Dec 2006 AMF Pension issues warning on Swedish reform

13 Dec 2006 IPE: Solvency II for pension directive “unclear”

12 Dec 2006 ECMI: Bond market transparency - To regulate or not to regulate

07 Dec 2006 IPE: UK regulator issues cross-border guidance

05 Dec 2006 ECB sees pension funds’ role increasing

04 Dec 2006 IPE: Allianz unveils pan-European pension product

30 Nov 2006 IPE: Pension directive cases launched today

24 Nov 2006 Speech McCreevy: Fulfilling the Promise of Europe’s Asset Management Industry

16 Nov 2006 IPE: CEIOPS conference - Siemens wary on IORP

16 Nov 2006 Commission White Paper on UCITS

15 Nov 2006 IPE: EFAMA hits back over retirement account plan

13 Nov 2006 IPE: S&P says pensions a risk for European banks

13 Nov 2006 Feedback statement on bond markets transparency

20 Oct 2006 Commission report to analyse UCITS

17 Oct 2006 IPE: Allianz to launch pan-European pensions

16 Oct 2006 FT: Lobby's survey points to less need for bonds oversight

22 Sep 2006 FESE response to Commission’s Call for Evidence on Transparency in Bond Markets

20 Sep 2006 ICMA response to Call for evidence on Bond Market Transparency

27 Jul 2006 CEPR report: Rethinking the Role of Pension Funds'

13 Jul 2006 The Times: Funds managed in UK up by 30%

10 Jul 2006 OECD invites comment on occupational pensions

10 Jul 2006 EFAMA urges EC to remove regulatory barriers

06 Jul 2006 FT: FSA backing for UK bond markets

05 Jul 2006 IPE: EU fund industry ‘outdated’

25 Jun 2006 IOSCO examination of governance for CIS

22 Jun 2006 Comments on IOSCO report on Collective Investment Schemes

21 Jun 2006 EFRP: Pensions in the 21st Century

12 Jun 2006 IOSCO Annual Conference 2006

25 May 2006 CEPR bond market reports warn against forced transparency

08 May 2006 Speech Smaghi: The Growth of Pension Funds and Financial Markets

27 Apr 2006 ECON adopted report on Asset Management

23 Apr 2006 EPFSF Briefing Paper on Pensions

20 Apr 2006 IPE: OECD warns on Portuguese pension system

28 Mar 2006 Speech McCreevy: Innovation in Finance

27 Mar 2006 IMA: Asset managers allowed setting up personal pension schemes

27 Mar 2006 Committee adopted Report on Asset Management

23 Mar 2006 OECD Guidelines on Pension Fund Asset Management

21 Mar 2006 EP Committee vote on Asset Management

15 Mar 2006 IPE: Call for UCITS to come under pension directive

13 Feb 2006 ICMA, ISDA and TBMA form Global Capital Markets Board

09 Feb 2006 EFAMA: International Statistical Release in the Third Quarter 2005

31 Jan 2006 Commission appoints experts to investment fund groups

24 Jan 2006 ECON meeting on Asset Management

20 Jan 2006 IOPS published Principles of Private Pension Supervision

13 Jan 2006 EFAMA published Code of Conduct for European Investment Management Industry

Asset Management - 200525 articles out of 25.
19 Dec 2005 IOPS approved set of principles on Private Pension Supervision

06 Dec 2005 EPPF Forum on 26th regime for pensions

02 Dec 2005 EFR working document on Pan-European Pension Plans

02 Dec 2005 EFRP and PwC study on discriminatory taxation on pension funds

28 Nov 2005 OECD Report on Ageing and Pension System Reform - Implications for Financial Markets and Economic Policies

21 Nov 2005 ECON Hearing on Asset Management

16 Nov 2005 New CEA report on pensions

07 Nov 2005 EFAMA presents new report on Cross Border Funds

20 Oct 2005 IOSCO final report on Anti Market Timing for CIS

20 Oct 2005 IOSCO Anti-Money Laundering Guidance for Collective Investment Schemes

13 Oct 2005 Speech McCreevy: Commission Hearing on Investment Funds

23 Sep 2005 Speech McCreevy: Pension funds and asset management: A European Perspective

27 Aug 2005 Special Paper - EVCA Tax & Legal Committee Paper

27 Aug 2005 EVCA Public Policy Priorities - Paper

18 Aug 2005 IFSL: New report on UK fund management

30 Jun 2005 AMTE report: Inflation-linked Products in the Euro Area

07 Jun 2005 IAIS Chairman stresses need for coordination and exchange of information in supervision of international financial conglomerates

02 Jun 2005 EFAMA: Report on the European Funds Industry

19 May 2005 Speech McCreevy: European Fund Management – Adapting to change

28 Apr 2005 OECD urges insurers and pension funds to clean up their act

21 Feb 2005 IOSCO: Consultation on anti market timing for CIS

21 Feb 2005 IOSCO: Consultation on anti-money laundering guidance for CIS

21 Feb 2005 FEFSI: Trends in the European Investment Fund Industry

10 Feb 2005 FEFSI reports on cross-boarder processing of fund units and shares

10 Feb 2005 IOSCO: Consultation on examination of governance for collective investment schemes

Asset Management - 20041 articles out of 1.
30 Sep 2004 EFR proposes debate on pensions

Asset Management - 20032 articles out of 2.
15 Dec 2003 New study on population ageing and public finance targets

31 Oct 2003 EPC report on the overall assessment of the impact of ageing on public finances