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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Corporate Governance/Accounting - 200716 articles out of 16.
18 Dec 2007 Commission adopts Communication on Financial Education

13 Dec 2007 Commission impact assessment on transfer of registered office

03 Oct 2007 Speech McCreevy before JURI Committee

19 Jul 2007 Commission consults on possible European Private Company Statute

12 Jul 2007 Commission communication on simplifying EU rules on company law, accounting and auditing

12 Jul 2007 FEE: Simplification should not be simplistic

28 Jun 2007 Speech McCreevy on forthcoming issues on Company law and corporate governance

06 Jun 2007 CESR advice on equivalence of third countries GAAP

05 Jun 2007 Speech Olson on impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Act on small business

04 Jun 2007 Commission study on proportionality between capital and control in EU listed companies

19 Mar 2007 IOSCO survey on regulation of non-audit services

19 Mar 2007 FESE survey on share ownership structure in Europe 2006

07 Mar 2007 IOSCO final report on board independence of listed companies

27 Feb 2007 Commission report on Member States’ implementation of Takeover Bids Directive

01 Feb 2007 LEAR study on ex-post review of Commission Merger Control Decisions

22 Jan 2007 AMF report on Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance/Accounting - 200613 articles out of 13.
28 Nov 2006 IOSCO consultation report on board independence of listed companies

31 Oct 2006 Times: Sarbanes-Oxley may have gone too far, says Cheney

25 Sep 2006 Adoption of amended Second Company Law Directive

10 Aug 2006 FT: US moves to ease Sarbox regulation

24 Jul 2006 Council decision on public limited liability companies

24 Jul 2006 Statement and Recommendation from the European Corporate Governance Forum

17 Jul 2006 New Commission expert group on accounting

27 Jun 2006 FRC publishes Updated Combined Code

14 Jun 2006 Adoption of Directive on Responsibility of Board members

22 May 2006 Council updates legal framework on annual accounts

16 May 2006 FESE response on Modernising Company Law and Enhancing Corporate Governance

14 Mar 2006 EP approved amendment of second Company Law Directive

18 Jan 2006 AMF published second report on Corporate Governance and Internal Control

Corporate Governance/Accounting - 200512 articles out of 12.
20 Dec 2005 Commission consultation on corporate governance priorities

29 Nov 2005 Council general approach on public limited liability companies

07 Nov 2005 Minutes of second Corporate Governance Advisory Group meeting

20 Sep 2005 Council adopted Directive on Cross-Border Mergers

31 Aug 2005 Minutes of the European Corporate Governance Forum

27 Aug 2005 EVCA Corporate Governance Guidelines

27 Aug 2005 EVCA Guidelines

22 Jul 2005 Commission reports satisfactory progress in eliminating ‘golden shares’

28 Apr 2005 FEE proposal on amending Fourth and Seventh Directives

28 Apr 2005 OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises

07 Mar 2005 ESFRC: Response on second company law directive

21 Feb 2005 FEE proposal to amend the Fourth and Seventh Directives

Corporate Governance/Accounting - 200423 articles out of 23.
29 Oct 2004 Commission proposal on formation, maintenance and alteration of companies’ capital

28 Oct 2004 Commission proposal on revising Accounting Directives

18 Oct 2004 Corporate governance: Commission creates European Forum

08 Oct 2004 Company law: European Company Statute in force

06 Oct 2004 Corporate Governance: Commission recommendation on Independent Directors

06 Oct 2004 Corporate Governance: Commission recommendation on Directors' Renumeration

01 Sep 2004 OECD: Policy Brief on Principles of Corporate Governance

23 Jul 2004 Commission working document on strengthening the role of non-executive or supervisory directors

23 Jul 2004 Commission working document on directors’ remuneration

12 Jul 2004 Bolkestein speech on Transatlantic Corporate Governance

15 Jun 2004 Results of Commission Consultation on Directors’ Remuneration

04 Jun 2004 CBI response to EU consultation on role of independent directors

05 May 2004 Commission Consultation on role of Independent Directors

15 Apr 2004 FESE response to Commission Consultation on Remuneration of Directors

15 Apr 2004 FESE response to Commission Consultation on 14th Company Law Directive

12 Mar 2004 Commission economic paper on Issues in Corporate Governance

03 Mar 2004 ECGI: Paper on Corporate Governance

26 Feb 2004 Commission consults on cross border transfer of companies' registered offices

23 Feb 2004 Commission consultation on directors' remuneration

12 Feb 2004 EP motion for a resolution on Parmalat

11 Feb 2004 Bolkestein speech on Corporate Governance and Supervision after Parmalat

10 Feb 2004 FEE comments on OECD Principles of Corporate Governance

12 Jan 2004 OECD invites Comment on Draft Revision of Corporate Governance Principles

Corporate Governance/Accounting - 20038 articles out of 8.
21 Nov 2003 Commission published results of consultation on Corporate Governance Action Plan

25 Sep 2003 Schaub on Corporate Governance and Investment Funds

22 Sep 2003 Competitiveness Council endorses Corporate Governance Action Plan

12 Sep 2003 FEE paper on Corporate Governance

17 Jun 2003 Speech Bolkestein on Company Law and Corporate Governance

11 Jun 2003 Commission welcomes Council adoption of First Company Law Directive

21 May 2003 Commission presents Action Plan on Corporate Governance

24 Feb 2003 Bolkestein speech on EU-US regulatory cooperation on financial markets

Corporate Governance/Accounting - 200212 articles out of 12.
05 Nov 2002 EPFSF: The Integrity of Financial Markets Accounting Scandals and Corporate Governance

04 Nov 2002 Report of the High Level Group of Company Law Experts

27 Jul 2002 FEE reply to Consultation Document of High Level Group of Company Law Experts

26 Jul 2002 EACB replies to Consultation Document of High Level Group of Company Law Experts

17 Jul 2002 EMAC: Call for Joint Action to Restore Market Confidence

11 Jul 2002 Bolkestein speech: Speeding up the Consolidation of European Financial Markets

10 Jul 2002 EP: Public Hearing on Supervision after Enron

10 Jul 2002 Bush: A New Ethic of Corporate Responsibility

21 Jun 2002 Sir Howard Davies: Rethinking the Listing Regime

03 Jun 2002 Commission proposes simplifying and modernising the provision of company information

25 Apr 2002 Consultation procedure on European Company Law framework

18 Apr 2002 Commission published repercussions of Enron Case