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CPD Programme

Continuing Professional Development CPD

We are delighted to be able to offer access to our CPD programme via our `Friends' services - with a variety of products for structured and unstructured CPD.

Our CPD services are approved by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI).

The monthly "Brussels for Brunch" webcast is initially broadcast live by CISI and is available on-line afterwards. Shortly, an `app' will be available to satisfy other professional bodies that structured CPD has been undertaken. 

Our CPD products include  

Subscription Services:

Our monthly webcast broadcast by CISI provides 30 minutes of structured CPD per month

The associated monthly roundup provides a further 30 minutes of structured CPD per month

10 x 1 hour online lectures providing 60 minutes of structured CPD Contact us for more information

Our weekly newsletter provides a suggested 4 hours of unstructured CPD per year

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Off the Shelf:

Graham Bishop's series of online lectures also provides a Foundation Course for those new to the EU Financial Services arena - each lecture offers 1.5 hours of structured CPD - read more and Brief Overview (3.13 minutes) 







The Politics and the Economics






Milestones in European Monetary Integration: 1945-2015



Governance of the EU



Politics of EU Financial Services Regulatory Architecture: 1992 onwards



The Great Crash: Driving Current Developments



The Cost of Ethical Scandals and Governance Failures



Global Drivers for Change



The EU Response Unfolds



The Regulatory Components



Markets: Banking Union



Markets: Capital Market Union



Markets: Consumers’ Union



The Crystal Ball: Opportunities to 2025



Looking into the Crystal Ball

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Graham will develop his CPD products continuously to keep investment professionals up-to-date with relevant developments in the regulatory field. The new importance of CPD 


Our content is being reviewed by various professional bodies with a view to further accreditation, however our services are already accepted by: 

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