Email Information Services

Graham Bishop provides four levels of Weekly E-mails with a selection of the News and Views influencing EU Financial Regulation:

1) The Tweetmail (or follow us on Twitter: @grahambishopcom)

A complimentary service showing the important Headline/s of the day which have been tweeted over the past week. If you are interested in our Tweetmail service, please contact the office for further details. (Please note that this email does not include any summaries or links or give access to our website.) 

2) The Headlines

This newsletter is a ‘one-minute-read’ that gives the Headlines of articles reporting key events in Financial Services in Europe. The articles have been selected by Graham Bishop as those he considers to be most significant or important. Its breadth runs far beyond "Brussels" as it covers events in the EU Member States as well as other countries (such as the United States and other G20 members) that are likely to influence legislative action at the EU level. If you are interested in our Headline service at a cost of just €260/year, i.e. €1/day, please contact the office for further details. (Please note that this email does not include any summaries, links, or give access to our website.)

3) Euronotes ‘Lite’

This is our famous ‘five-minute-read’ and is frequently referred to as the ‘Lite’ email as it delivers the Headlines of the chosen articles, but is expanded to add a brief summary - the who, why and what. (Selection of news and views)

This email is designed for:

A subscription to this service is only €3 per day! (€950 annually; €300 quarterly; €100 monthly).

4) Euronotes Linked – As above but with links to your chosen categories in the main database (details).