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(NOTE: Actions covered by specific bodies (such as G20/FSB) and legislators (European Council + ECOFIN; ECON) are covered in the specialist categories. Moreover, we separate financial stability policy analysis  from the legislative process. So this Timeline covers the remaining general events focusing on international financial, economic and political news that shape the creation of a single financial market. The technical details of proposals are covered in the relevant category.)

Wide ranging review of regulation in all financial sectors is underway and the details will develop over many years. But there will be a much wider range of inputs than in the past – both geographically (G20), by industry and by social function (user (such as investors/issuers), supplier, supervisor, regulator etc). European participants should be aware of the new, broader context. That requires knowledge to flow in both directions: G20 reactions to EU acts, as well as G20 actions that may shape the European debate. 

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Financial Services Policy - 200798 articles out of 98.
24 Dec 2007 LSE outlines trading plan

21 Dec 2007 EBF Economic Outlook

19 Dec 2007 FT: Investors stunned by ECB’s €350bn

18 Dec 2007 FT: ECB steps up fight to safeguard liquidity

18 Dec 2007 HMT extends wholesale guarantee arrangements to Northern Rock

15 Dec 2007 Call to relax Basel banking rules

12 Dec 2007 Central Banks announce measures to address elevated pressures in short-term funding markets

12 Dec 2007 Earnings warning issued as Fitch fears credit crunch will roll into 2008

11 Dec 2007 FT column: Why the credit squeeze is a turning point for the world

10 Dec 2007 FT: Europe's new treaty is a threat to the City of London

10 Dec 2007 Scale of shutdown in debt markets revealed

06 Dec 2007 EBF Report on Integration of European Financial Markets

06 Dec 2007 Speech McCreevy: Making Europe work for Business

05 Dec 2007 Speech McCreevy: Financial Market Controversies

05 Dec 2007 EUROFI conference reveals great support for further supervisory integration

05 Dec 2007 BBC: UK to block EU market regulation

04 Dec 2007 UK Treasury: London maintains risk-based system

04 Dec 2007 FSA calls on lenders to protect themselves against a possible worsening of liquidity and credit risks

04 Dec 2007 Daily Telegraph: Pressure for EU 'FSA' after credit crunch

04 Dec 2007 Banks tells MPs 'we made mistakes' on credit crunch

03 Dec 2007 EU Reform Treaty Final Act

30 Nov 2007 BaFin Journal 11/07

30 Nov 2007 Deutsche Bundesbank – Financial Stability review 2007

28 Nov 2007 FT: City suffers 'damage' from Rock crisis

26 Nov 2007 NY to surpass London in IPO race

23 Nov 2007 Speech Trichet: Global Capital – Threat or Salvation

14 Nov 2007 Northern Rock will have to face EC's state aid inquisition

13 Nov 2007 BBA details next steps for regulators

08 Nov 2007 IOSCO launches tasks force on recent market events

08 Nov 2007 IOSCO appoints new Secretary General

08 Nov 2007 Mandelson urges rules on foreign state investments into EU

07 Nov 2007 Graham Bishop re-elected as Kangaroo Board Member

02 Nov 2007 The costs of the credit crunch mount. There may be more pain to come

01 Nov 2007 BaFin newsletter 10-07

26 Oct 2007 Commission call for evidence on substitute investment products

25 Oct 2007 AMF Financial Regulation Newsletter - 4th quarter 2007

24 Oct 2007 ECB Speech González-Páramo: The euro money and financial markets

20 Oct 2007 Council statement on financial market turmoil

19 Oct 2007 FSF Preliminary Report on recent market turmoil

19 Oct 2007 European Parliament welcomes new treaty

19 Oct 2007 European leaders ratify Treaty of Lisbon

19 Oct 2007 Statement of G-7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors

17 Oct 2007 G7 Finance Ministers to discuss recent financial turmoil

17 Oct 2007 BaFin quarterly October 2007

17 Oct 2007 Commission infringement procedures against 22 Member States

15 Oct 2007 Commission recommendation on financial information on listed companies

09 Oct 2007 BIS working paper on change and constancy in the financial system

03 Oct 2007 AMF Economic and Financial Newsletter - Summer 2007

01 Oct 2007 City report: London retains its lead in Global Financial Centres

01 Oct 2007 AMF decision on equivalence of US standards for admission to trading on a regulated market

01 Oct 2007 'If you don’t know it, don’t buy it' – Laboul

27 Sep 2007 Speech McCreevy: Current issues in the EU banking sector

26 Sep 2007 Central banks’ actions fail to calm money market

23 Sep 2007 City stars warn of months of turmoil ahead

20 Sep 2007 OECD first economic survey of the EU

20 Sep 2007 BaFin president to lose power in leadership revamp

20 Sep 2007 Greenwich Associates: Credit Crisis fractures trust in Rating Agencies

20 Sep 2007 Testimony Paulson on recent events in the credit and mortgage markets

20 Sep 2007 Testimony Paulson on recent events in the credit and mortgage markets

26 Jun 2007 Europolitics: The trouble with competition

06 Jun 2007 Finfocus No 3 - May 2007

31 May 2007 FSA: New investment business rules mark significant move to principles-based regulation

25 May 2007 Telegraph: FSA warns markets over potential abuses

21 May 2007 FT: OECD says policy to blame for buy-outs

17 May 2007 UK regulator Practitioner Panel issues its Annual Report for 2006/7

16 May 2007 City report on Wholesale Financial Services

08 May 2007 Main results of ECOFIN meeting

01 May 2007 FT: FSA told streamlining needed

30 Apr 2007 finextra: Deutsche Börse in talks to buy ISE

30 Apr 2007 FT: Financial standards come under fire

27 Apr 2007 Study: Has New York become less competitive in global markets?

26 Apr 2007 BaFin Quarterly No.1

23 Apr 2007 FSA sets out future of regulation

17 Apr 2007 Regulators probe Dutch institutional real estate

16 Apr 2007 City report on Competitive Impact of London’s Financial Market Infrastructure

12 Apr 2007 ICMA publishes legal opinions on standard repo agreement for 55 countries

12 Apr 2007 FT: Greenberg bemoans New York’s decline

05 Apr 2007 FT: Litigation puts Wall Street's world status at 'tipping point'

02 Apr 2007 FESE response on Storage of Regulated Financial Information

29 Mar 2007 Financial Stability Forum Meeting

27 Mar 2007 Speech McCreevy before ECON Committee

27 Mar 2007 AMF Economic and Financial Newsletter - Winter 2006

22 Mar 2007 Speech McCreevy - Priorities in the Internal Market

18 Mar 2007 ECON draft report on Financial Services Policy White Paper

09 Mar 2007 European Council - Presidency conclusions

27 Feb 2007 ECOFIN Council 27 February

15 Feb 2007 EP resolution on SWIFT data transfer

15 Feb 2007 European Parliament and ECB at loggerheads over SWIFT oversight

15 Feb 2007 ECB remarks on EP SWIFT Resoution

07 Feb 2007 Speech Steinbrück: Europe – succeeding together

30 Jan 2007 ECON meeting 30 January

26 Jan 2007 FT: Wall Street ‘will not regain business’

25 Jan 2007 Euronext and SEC sign Memorandum of Understanding

24 Jan 2007 FT: Nasdaq and LSE impasse on 'final' offer

23 Jan 2007 City response on New York Financial Markets report

22 Jan 2007 McKinsey report: NY in danger of losing status as world financial centre

17 Jan 2007 LSE to cut trading fees

16 Jan 2007 AMF Financial Regulation Newsletter

Financial Services Policy - 200673 articles out of 73.
20 Dec 2006 German EU Presidency

12 Dec 2006 Fin-focus November 2006

08 Dec 2006 Article McCreevy: European Progress on Financial Integration

04 Dec 2006 FT: Optimism eroded by costly regulatory burden

29 Nov 2006 The 'Balls clauses' are a mixed blessing for the City

28 Nov 2006 IOSCO final report on regulatory issues on exchange evolution

20 Nov 2006 Speech Paulson: Six Principles for Competitive Capital Markets

14 Nov 2006 Strategic review of Better Regulation in the EU

13 Nov 2006 FT: Law to protect City from US-style red tape put on fast track

12 Nov 2006 Observer: London tops the IPO table

26 Oct 2006 FT: Many are miffed at the costly Mifid

26 Oct 2006 FT: How London can remain in the top league

25 Oct 2006 Reuters: Big Bang 2 for EU financial services?

22 Oct 2006 FT: Lessons from the Big Bang for big bidders today

20 Oct 2006 EFR comments on revision of EU directives concerning supervisory issues

19 Oct 2006 Guardian: Allianz calls for single European financial services authority

17 Oct 2006 Telegraph: Brown moves to boost City's role on world stage

16 Oct 2006 Allianz completes conversion into SE

16 Oct 2006 FT: Executives say EU rules outweigh benefits

11 Oct 2006 EU Stock Exchanges: Competition, Governance, Settlement and Derivatives.

09 Oct 2006 Speech McCreevy: Building an EU Integrated Market in a Globalised World

05 Oct 2006 Europlace issues Lachman report

29 Sep 2006 ECB: Indicators of financial integration in the euro area

26 Sep 2006 ICMA comments on Commission draft regulation regarding complex financial histories

25 Sep 2006 FT: US/EU agree ‘ground rules’ on mergers

20 Sep 2006 FT: SEC chairman issues defence of Sarbox

17 Sep 2006 FT: Sox is not to blame – London is just better as a market

11 Sep 2006 BIS Quarterly Review

06 Sep 2006 First Financial Stability Forum met in Paris

05 Sep 2006 IPE: UK pension regulator finds governance failings

31 Aug 2006 BIS paper: Do accounting changes affect the economic behaviour of financial firms?

29 Aug 2006 IOSCO: Joint Forum issues paper on Business Continuity

03 Aug 2006 AMF: Promoting Better Regulation

28 Jul 2006 Commission Financial Integration Monitor 2006

28 Jul 2006 Commission database to national financial services legislation

24 Jul 2006 House of Lords: Call for evidence on Own Resources of the EU

05 Jul 2006 AMF: Financial Regulation Newsletter - 3 rd quarter 2006

29 Jun 2006 CoL report: London comes first for low cost capital

28 Jun 2006 Finland’s EU Presidency

24 May 2006 Speech McCreevy: Turning words into action

18 May 2006 Speeches McCreevy on Global Financial Markets

15 May 2006 McCreevy visit to China to strengthen regulatory cooperation

10 May 2006 ECON adopted report on further consolidation in financial services industry

02 May 2006 IFSL: Growth sustained in London’s financial markets in Q1

28 Apr 2006 AMF Working Program for Domestic and International Regulation

25 Apr 2006 Single Market News No. 41

20 Apr 2006 IMF: Global Financial Stability Report

19 Apr 2006 Commission acts to ensure 19 Member States implement EU laws

13 Apr 2006 AMF: Europe's Future Financial Landscape handbook

11 Apr 2006 Daily Telegraph: Banking coalition weighs plan to head off Euronext merger

10 Apr 2006 CoL report on Europe’s Wholesale Financial Services

05 Apr 2006 EBIC response to White Paper on Financial Services Policy

05 Apr 2006 AMF Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2006

03 Apr 2006 Reuters: Financial firms’ profits ease

01 Apr 2006 Speech Almunia on European financial integration

10 Mar 2006 Speech Sobel: Finding Common Ground - Inside the US-EU Financial Dialogue

06 Mar 2006 ELEC calls for European System of Financial Supervisors

06 Mar 2006 IOSCO Consultation Report on Regulatory Issues Arising From Exchange Evolution

06 Mar 2006 BIS working paper on international cooperation among financial supervisors

03 Mar 2006 IPE: Dutch regulators are pension “cannibals”

03 Mar 2006 IPE: Dutch regulators are pension “cannibals”

21 Feb 2006 FT: Bourses attack bank moves to upset trading structures

09 Feb 2006 FESE Response to FSAP Evaluation Part I: Process and implementation

09 Feb 2006 Competition Commission published draft undertakings on LSE mergers

09 Feb 2006 McCreevy and Cox affirm commitment to elimination of the need for reconciliation requirements

31 Jan 2006 SEC and Japan Financial Services Agency Announce Terms for Increased Co-operation and Collaboration

30 Jan 2006 Fedtrust: Guy Verhofstadt and the United States of Europe - The Eurozone as a new core Europe?

30 Jan 2006 IMF Paper: Safeguarding financial stability - Theory and Practice

24 Jan 2006 EPFSF: Response to the White Paper on Post-FSAP

18 Jan 2006 FT: Financial groups seek EU integration

10 Jan 2006 Commission report views 2005 a year of achievement

09 Jan 2006 FT: Profits in financial services soar

03 Jan 2006 Operational Programme of the Council for 2006

Financial Services Policy - 200562 articles out of 62.
15 Dec 2005 CESR and US SEC Chairmen discuss collaborative efforts

14 Dec 2005 CESR and US CFTC Chairmen attend Global Markets Roundtable

08 Dec 2005 ECB Financial Stability Review

05 Dec 2005 BIS Quarterly Review: International Banking and Financial Market Developments

29 Nov 2005 EPFSF: WTO Negotiations on Financial Services

28 Nov 2005 OECD Report on Ageing and Pension System Reform - Implications for Financial Markets and Economic Policies

27 Nov 2005 The Observer: Now Stock Exchange seeks Scandinavian alliance

11 Nov 2005 CEPS report: Europe’s hidden capital markets

07 Nov 2005 FSAP Evaluation Plan – Part I

07 Nov 2005 London and New York lead ranking of global financial centres - report says

03 Nov 2005 US Business Roundtable on 'Best Practices' in Corporate Governance

18 Oct 2005 Commission acts to ensure 12 Member States implement EU laws

17 Oct 2005 Speech McCreevy: Financial regulation, integration and competitiveness

10 Oct 2005 IFLS report: Europe's growth in 11 out of 15 financial markets outstrips US

04 Oct 2005 Commission update on Transposition of Lamfalussy Directives

30 Sep 2005 BMF: Strategic vision to prepare German financial markets for the European future

28 Sep 2005 Global Competitiveness Report 2005-2006

27 Sep 2005 Better regulation: Commission intends to withdraw one third of screened proposals

23 Sep 2005 Speech McCreevy: Financial services in Europe today

17 Sep 2005 GAO recommendations on SEC’s revised examination approach on the Mutual Fund Industry

15 Sep 2005 IMF Global Financial Stability Report

09 Sep 2005 EU and US associations call for regulatory convergence in transatlantic capital markets

07 Sep 2005 Harmonization of Eurozone Primary Dealer reporting requirements

25 Jul 2005 Results of Exchange of Views on the Financial Services Policy 2005 – 2010

18 Jul 2005 FBE response on Commission Green Paper on Financial Services

12 Jul 2005 Gorden Brown outlined UK agenda in Economic and Monetary Affairs

11 Jul 2005 Politics and the Creation of a European SEC: The Optimal UK Strategy

05 Jul 2005 Parliament rejects report on ECB

04 Jul 2005 Presentation of ECB Annual Report 2004 to the European Parliament

29 Jun 2005 EFR Report on lead supervisor model and future of financial supervision in the EU

28 Jun 2005 CESR-CFTC Common Work Program to Facilitate Transatlantic Derivatives Business

27 Jun 2005 Speech McCreevy: Regulatory and supervisory challenges of financial integration

24 Jun 2005 Speech Trichet: Reflections on the International Financial System

23 Jun 2005 Blair speech to EU Parliament on future of Europe

15 Jun 2005 Visit of US Treasury Secretary John Snow to Brussels

14 Jun 2005 IFD: German financial sector calls for further financial market integration in Europe

31 May 2005 ECB Financial Stability Review – June 2005

27 May 2005 Speech McCreevy: A changing landscape for business in Europe

19 May 2005 ECB: Memorandum of Understanding on co-operation in financial crisis situations

12 May 2005 ECB published 2004 study on the euro area money market

28 Apr 2005 EP vote on report on current state of integration of EU financial markets

18 Apr 2005 Study: Rebalancing UK and European Regulation

05 Apr 2005 Speech McCreevy: The Single Financial Market today and tomorrow

01 Apr 2005 Speech McCreevy: Regulation and Consolidation in the Financial Industry

31 Mar 2005 CESR – CFTC Communiqué to facilitate trans-Atlantic derivatives business

30 Mar 2005 FT: Zurich eurobond challenges London

29 Mar 2005 IMF: The Impact of Terrorism on Financial Markets

29 Mar 2005 ECON vote on draft report on current state of integration of financial markets

22 Mar 2005 The UK financial services sector: Rising to the challenges and opportunities of globalisation

17 Mar 2005 CER: The Lisbon Scorecard V: Can Europe compete?

14 Mar 2005 Speech Trichet: Testimony before the EP EMAC Committee

10 Mar 2005 Speech Trichet: ECBs view on European Financial Integration

04 Mar 2005 CPS report: FSA lost respect and support of City

17 Feb 2005 OFT decides not to involve Brussels in LSE bid battle

16 Feb 2005 FT: OFT retains control of bid for LSE

14 Feb 2005 CESR and US CFTC to facilitate transatlantic derivatives business

07 Feb 2005 BdB: Financial Centre Frankfurt - Forever second to the City?

03 Feb 2005 LIBA statement of principles when consolidating Stock Exchanges

26 Jan 2005 New Think Tank opening in Brussels

26 Jan 2005 EP Draft Report on Current State of Integration of EU Financial Markets

24 Jan 2005 Article: Battle of bourses to reshape capital market

21 Jan 2005 Graham Bishop: Consultation response on the issuance of ultra-long gilt instruments

Financial Services Policy - 200428 articles out of 28.
15 Dec 2004 ECB: Financial Stability Review 2004.

26 Nov 2004 FASB convergence

24 Nov 2004 Speech Alexander Schaub: Financial Integration in EU25

16 Nov 2004 USA: Time for overhaul of insurance regulatory system

09 Nov 2004 GAO report on U.S. financial services regulatory structure

29 Oct 2004 Germany to strengthen EU Financial Supervision and Payment Area

25 Oct 2004 CBI report states that City is over-regulated

19 Oct 2004 Commission extends common framework for sharing supervisory information with US authorities

13 Oct 2004 High ranking conference on the Euro

07 Oct 2004 EP: Hearing of Charlie McCREEVY - Commissioner-designate Internal Market and Services

07 Oct 2004 EP: Hearing of Joaquín Almunia - Commissioner-designate Economic and Monetary Affairs

28 Sep 2004 EP: Hearing of Neelie Kroes, Commissioner-designate competition policy

22 Sep 2004 EMAC Hearings with new Commissioners

19 Sep 2004 IMF: Global Financial Stability Report

28 Jul 2004 Pervenche Beres elected new Chair of ECON

22 Jul 2004 New EP Committee Structure

20 Jul 2004 Josep Borell elected as new EP President

12 Jul 2004 Bolkestein speech on Transatlantic Corporate Governance

05 Jul 2004 ELEC: European Economic Governance revisited

23 Jun 2004 Banque de France fourth Financial Stability Review

24 May 2004 EU-US Financial Markets Regulatory Dialogue

19 May 2004 EFR: Need to review trade and regulatory barriers

11 May 2004 IFSL reports signs of sustained recovery in UK financial services

22 Apr 2004 Commission: Single market news – issue no. 33

23 Mar 2004 Hearing of New Commissioners from Accession Countries 13-15 April

18 Feb 2004 Commission finalises preparations for new Commissioners on 1st May

10 Feb 2004 European Organisations request changes of SEC rules for deregistration

01 Jan 2004 Priorities of the Irish Presidency

Financial Services Policy - 20035 articles out of 5.
17 Nov 2003 Prodi speech on EU Financial Services after enlargement

13 Nov 2003 EPFSF seminar on EU-US regulation of financial markets

07 Nov 2003 FEFSI closely following developments in Europe over market timing

28 Oct 2003 FEE supports global regulatory approach

25 Apr 2003 New President of EU Economic and Financial Committee

Financial Services Policy - 20022 articles out of 2.
17 Jul 2002 EMAC: Call for Joint Action to Restore Market Confidence

10 Jul 2002 Bush: A New Ethic of Corporate Responsibility