Graham Bishop RSS Feed - Daily News and Information Related to Graham Bishop Articles.Daily RSS Article and news related to RSS, really simple syndication, and news aggregation. Information related to Graham Bishop.com week in "Brussels" September 2014European Court of Justice and VAT This was a surprise ruling. The FT reports:

This was a surprise ruling. The FT reports:

The United States has warned the European Union that time is runn ]]> September 2014FT: Capital shortfalls likely to emerge from unprecedented ECB probe But amid huge uncertainty over the likely results at the end of next month, observers of the p ]]> September 2014Sueddeutsche Zeitung: Juncker wants to mobilise €300bn Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports that Jean-Claude Juncker wants to mo ]]> September 2014FT: Hill prepares for Brussels’ baiting Ahead of the UK nominee for European Commissioner Lord Hill’s con ]]> September 2014This week in "Brussels"

The Guidelines define how EU authorities should assess whether an ]]> September 2014