Graham Bishop RSS Feed - Daily News and Information Related to Graham Bishop Articles.Daily RSS Article and news related to RSS, really simple syndication, and news aggregation. Information related to Graham Bishop.com AM: Bad EU regulations hold the City back: We need more influence over policy Certainly a vote to leave would cause a headache for financial in ]]> February 2016City AM: Firms must state Brexit risk audit regulator warns, as earnings season approaches Earnings season is gearing up in the UK, with most of the FTSE 10 ]]> February 2016EurActiv: EU’s founding members seek ‘more Europe’, even if it is smaller At informal talks in Rome, the foreign ministers of Belgium, Fran ]]> February 2016European Commission and the US Commodity Futures Commission: Common approach for transatlantic CCPs  

Once recognised, US CCPs may continue to provide services in the EU whilst comply ]]> February 2016Commission extends by one year the application date for the MiFID II package This is to take account of the exceptional technical implementati ]]> February 2016Federalists:Improving the efficiency, democracy and legitimacy of the EU institutions within the current Treaties: possibilities and limits As the European Union faces one of the most challenging periods o ]]> February 2016IPE: FRC to 'expedite' pension fund accounting-disclosure changes An FRC spokesperson told Investment & Pensions Europe (IPE): “We ]]> February 2016Fitch: Declining short-term bank supply challenges European Money Funds The average European MMF allocation to supranationals and agenciy ]]> February 2016Financial Times: British regulators yet to ask banks to assess Brexit impact No bank would comment publicly, but some said privately that they ]]> February 2016Financial Times: The battle over Brexit matters to the world If anyone were convinced that the UK should leave the EU, [Tusk's ]]> February 2016