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Capital Markets Union: The objectives

  • develop a more diversified financial system complementing bank financing with deep and developed capital markets

  • unlock the capital around Europe which is currently frozen and put it to work for the economy, giving savers more investment choices and offering businesses a greater choice of funding at lower costs

  • establish a genuine single capital market in the EU where investors are able to invest their funds without hindrance across borders and businesses can raise the required funds from a diverse range of sources, irrespective of their location

Source: European Commission (more explanation here)

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Capital Markets Union - 2022116 articles out of 116.

Capital Markets Union - 2021110 articles out of 110.

Capital Markets Union - 2020116 articles out of 116.

Capital Markets Union - 2019138 articles out of 138.

Capital Markets Union - 2018128 articles out of 128.

Capital Markets Union - 201792 articles out of 92.

Capital Markets Union - 201675 articles out of 75.

Capital Markets Union - 2015141 articles out of 141.

Capital Markets Union - 201453 articles out of 53.

2013 Capital Markets Union
2013-12-16 WSJ: CFTC is poised to expand its reach overseas
2013-12-13 IOSCO issues final report on regulatory issues raised by changes in market structure
2013-12-09 AFME: The negative implications of the EBA's proposed approach to securitisation and the LCR
2013-12-09 Brousseau, Chailloux & Durré: The Libor scandal - What's next? A possible way forward
2013-12-07 Die Welt: BaFin wants bigger government role in setting market benchmarks
2013-11-29 ESBG position on Commission's benchmark proposal
2013-11-28 FTSE: European investors concerned about dark pool trading cap
2013-11-15 ESMA Risk Dashboard No 4 2013
2013-11-13 Fitch: Europe investors see challenges for Basel III securities
2013-11-05 Resolution authorities call for uniform derivatives contracts language
2013-11-04 Reuters: EU lawmakers pledge speedy Libor reform, scope debated
2013-10-30 IOSCO urges implementation of principles for financial benchmarks
2013-10-23 Regulatory Reform: EP demands CCPs act in the general public interest
2013-10-14 Consob publishes its three-year strategic plan
2013-09-27 ECB establishes new framework for assessment of securities settlement systems and links
2013-09-20 Commodity trading houses face questions over systemic risk
2013-09-19 FN: Industry calls for European regulatory impact assessment
2013-09-18 ICMA: European repo market recovers as banks return to the market for funding
2013-09-18 IOSCO confirmed as the key global reference point for securities regulation
2013-09-09 ECB modifies loan-level reporting requirements for some asset-backed securities
2013-07-15 Reuters: CME wants out of US SEC's plan to reduce trading glitches
2013-06-25 FSMA publishes its 2012 annual report
2013-06-24 Commission approves acquisition of NYSE Euronext by InterContinental Exchange
2013-06-17 Bloomberg: EU said to raise no objections to ICE takeover of NYSE Euronext
2013-06-11 BoE/Hauser: The future of repo - Too much or too little?
2013-06-10 ESMA seeks new members for its Securities Markets Stakeholders Group
2013-06-03 IntercontinentalExchange stockholders approve acquisition of NYSE Euronext
2013-05-16 ICMA submits comments to IOSCO regarding principles for benchmarks
2013-05-13 Spiegel: Violation of Treaties - Berlin wary of ECB plan to help southern Europe
2013-05-02 SEC proposes rules for cross-border security-based swap activities
2013-04-30 NYSE Euronext launches the SME marketplace
2013-04-15 ESMA finds divergence in national supervision of money market funds
2013-04-10 ICMA publishes 2013 legal opinions on global master repo agreement
2013-04-08 ICMA: Economic importance of the Corporate Bond Markets
2013-04-03 IPE: No further plans to regulate repo market, says ESMA chairman
2013-04-01 CFTC approves final regulations governing exemption from required clearing for inter-affiliate swaps
2013-03-28 Bloomberg: CME pushes for more European business before new exchange
2013-03-21 IOSCO consults on regulatory issues raised by changes in market structure
2013-03-19 FT: Derivatives sector urges wider IOSCO role
2013-03-19 ECB/Mersch: Closing remarks at the ECB/EU Commission conference on "Post-trade harmonisation and financial integration in Europe"
2013-03-18 GFMA response to the Consultative Document on Revisions to the Basel Securitisation Framework
2013-03-11 IOSCO publishes responses to Financial Benchmark Consultation
2013-03-08 Commission publishes summary of replies to consultation on non-bank financial institutions
2013-02-28 IOSCO identifies non-signatories to the MMoU on the exchange of information
2013-02-19 FT: Securitisation finds new support in Europe
2013-02-14 ESMA issues first risk report on EU securities market
2013-02-13 EP: Report on improving securities settlement in the EU and on CSDs
2013-02-11 ICMA response to ESMA-EBA's joint consultation on "Principles for Benchmark Setting Processes in the EU"
2013-02-11 ICMA submits comments regarding benchmarks to IOSCO
2013-02-08 Statement by Commissioner Barnier on interbank interest rate benchmarks
2013-02-08 Commission publishes summary of contributions to its public consultation on benchmarks
2013-02-07 FT: NYSE pushes for shorter disclosure period
2013-02-06 EACT/Raeburn: So ECON went and did it - What should the real economy be thinking?
2013-01-21 IOSCO publishes Suitability Requirements for Distribution of Complex Financial Products
2013-01-18 CME Group: Lack of regulatory clarity driving uncertainty
2013-01-11 IOSCO consults on financial benchmarks

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