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Our ESG coverage includes specialist sub-categories for environmental and governance policies.

'Green finance' generally refers to the process of taking due account of environmental and social considerations when making investment decisions, leading to increased investment in longer-term and sustainable activities.

More specifically, environmental considerations refer to climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as the environment more broadly and the related risks (e.g. natural disasters). Social considerations may refer to issues of inequality, inclusiveness, labour relations, investment in human capital and communities.

The governance of public and private institutions, including management structures, employee relations and executive remuneration, plays a fundamental role in ensuring the inclusion of social and environmental considerations in the decision-making process.

All three components – environmental, social and governance (ESG) – are integral parts of sustainable economic development and finance.

In the EU's policy context green finance is understood as finance to support economic growth while reducing pressures on the environment and taking into account social and governance aspects. Green finance also encompasses transparency on risks related to ESG factors that may impact the financial system, and the mitigation of such risks through the appropriate governance of financial and corporate actors. European Commission Overview

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

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2010 Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)
2010-12-21 FRC priorities and funding proposals
2010-12-16 European Parliament own initiative report on corporate governance in financial services
2010-12-07 ACCA study about small businesses
2010-12-01 EFRAG published feedback statement on its proactive work
2010-11-27 Financial Reporting Review Panel published priorities for 2011/12
2010-11-22 ACCA published 'The Value Creation Model for Business: 2010 and Beyond'
2010-11-18 FRC highlights issues for audit committees and users of actuarial information
2010-11-18 IFRS Foundation enhances stakeholder representation in IFRS XBRL advisory committees
2010-11-15 ACCA about the 18th World Congress of Accountants 2010
2010-11-12 ACCA and CICPA signed a memorandum of understanding
2010-11-11 IFAC: summary of the World Congress of Accountants 2010
2010-11-08 Trustees publish consultation document on the future strategy of the IFRS Foundation
2010-11-08 IFAC position paper 'A Public Interest Framework for the Accountancy Profession' for public exposure
2010-11-04 ACCA welcomes new measures for the modernisation of the still too fragmented Single Market
2010-10-27 CESR comments on IAASB's consultation document on Assurance Reports on the Process to Compile Pro Forma Financial Information
2010-10-27 Commission consults on financial reporting on a country-by-country basis by multinational companies
2010-10-27 EuropeanIssuers’ comments on the SEC Concept release paper on the U.S. proxy system
2010-10-26 ECGI comments on governance and regulation of financial institutions
2010-10-26 FT: UK’s new Stewardship Code commented by Tony Jackson
2010-10-14 Global Filing Manual for eXtensible Business Reporting Language published by Interoperable Taxonomy Architecture
2010-10-13 IAASB published proposal on auditing complex financial instruments
2010-10-06 EFRAG paper on the IASB staff draft of the ED Financial Statement Presentation
2010-10-04 BCBS releases final document on principles for enhancing corporate governance
2010-09-30 EuropeanIssuers’ response to CESR’s consultation on development of pan-European acces to financial information
2010-09-24 NYSE published report on corporate governance
2010-09-24 CESR review identifies improvements in financial information throughout Europe in 2009
2010-09-22 AFME publishes a report on financial stability after the crisis
2010-09-10 EuropeanIssuers: Market standards on general meetings endorsed
2010-09-01 CEA responds to EC Green Paper on corporate governance and remuneration
2010-06-08 FSA consults on strengthening its requirements on competence and ethics for individuals carrying out retail activities
2010-06-02 Commission consultation on Green Paper on corporate governance in financial institutions
2010-05-28 ACCA responds to FRC's proposed changes to new UK Governance Code - FRC could have gone further
2010-05-28 The Financial Reporting Council issues new governance standards for listed companies
2010-05-25 Deutsche Börse published second corporate responsibility report
2010-05-13 IASB: Trustees publish report on the Second Part of the Constitution Review
2010-04-26 Trichet: Global governance is of the essence to improve decisively the resilience of the global financial system
2010-04-15 FEE Comment Letter on recognition of professional qualifications
2010-04-05 FSA’s corporate governance agenda – boards need better understanding of the firm’s risk appetite
2010-03-29 Japan's FSA: disclosure items concerning corporate governance
2010-03-29 BIS on public governance of central banks: an approach from new institutional economics
2010-03-17 Basel Committee issues principles for enhancing corporate governance
2010-03-17 EC plans for corporate governance in the financial sector
2010-03-08 FSA perspective on corporate governance
2010-03-08 XBRL: a matching challenge towards simplification
2010-02-23 IFAC global survey: international standards crucial to investor and financial stability
2010-02-15 NAPF: “Putting a stronger corporate governance culture into practice”
2010-02-09 Lord Myners: “one of the ironic failures of governance has been executive remuneration”
2010-01-29 FSA consults on effective governance standards within firms – follow-up on Walker review
2010-01-22 Commission report on corporate governance monitoring and enforcement practices
2010-01-20 Financial Reporting Council consults on stewardship code for institutional investors
2010-01-18 FEE Newsletter - January 2010
2010-01-12 Bank Provisioning and Reserving: A Comparison of Alternatives
2010-01-08 Key issues for management and auditors for the 2009 year-end financial reporting
2010-01-05 FEE comment on IASB ED on IFRS 7
2010-01-04 ACCA calls for improved dialogue between regulators and businesses in 2010

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