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Our ESG coverage includes specialist sub-categories for environmental and governance policies.

'Green finance' generally refers to the process of taking due account of environmental and social considerations when making investment decisions, leading to increased investment in longer-term and sustainable activities.

More specifically, environmental considerations refer to climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as the environment more broadly and the related risks (e.g. natural disasters). Social considerations may refer to issues of inequality, inclusiveness, labour relations, investment in human capital and communities.

The governance of public and private institutions, including management structures, employee relations and executive remuneration, plays a fundamental role in ensuring the inclusion of social and environmental considerations in the decision-making process.

All three components – environmental, social and governance (ESG) – are integral parts of sustainable economic development and finance.

In the EU's policy context green finance is understood as finance to support economic growth while reducing pressures on the environment and taking into account social and governance aspects. Green finance also encompasses transparency on risks related to ESG factors that may impact the financial system, and the mitigation of such risks through the appropriate governance of financial and corporate actors. European Commission Overview

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

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2020 Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)
2020-11-06 IPE: IASB urged to add projects on pensions accounting, sustainability reporting
2020-06-15 Insurance Europe: Insurers respond to EC consultation on Non-Financial Reporting Directive
2020-06-13 ALFI responds to EU Commission consultation on NFRD review
2020-05-08 Deloitte: Collections of COVID-19 resources
2020-04-29 Accountabcy Europe: Sustainable Finance Update March - April
2020-04-28 WWF: EU's bank recovery billions must be green - NGOs
2020-04-27 EU Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance: Sustainable recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic requires the right tools
2020-04-27 IA outlines shareholder expectations on executive pay in light of COVID-19
2020-04-27 ACCA: Covid-19 Global Survey: Covid-19 having significant impact on the world’s auditors
2020-04-24 European Commission: Consultation on the renewed sustainable finance strategy
2020-04-24 OECD: An Inclusive, Green Recovery is Possible: The Time to Act is Now
2020-04-21 EU COVID-19 recovery plan must be green and ambitious, say MEPs
2020-04-21 EURACTIV: Timmermans promises green recovery to EU lawmakers
2020-04-20 TCFD to-do list: How do I know I’ve met the TCFD recommendations?
2020-04-17 Regulation and sustainability: SSE launches new database; IOSCO launches new report
2020-04-17 GRI: We need a green transition after COVID-19
2020-04-15 Sustainable finance: Council adopts a unified EU classification system
2020-04-15 GREEN RECOVERY REBOOT & REBOOST our economies for a sustainable future: Call for mobilisation
2020-04-14 Bloomberg: ESG Is Increasingly Important in Credit Ratings, Moody’s Says
2020-04-10 Politico: EU to push green finance, rules-based trade at international talks
2020-04-08 Commission Cconsultation on the renewed sustainable finance strategy
2020-03-31 UN Sustainable Development Goals – better assessment to deliver the decade of action, says ACCA
2020-03-17 ECA looks into the EU’s fight against disinformation
2020-03-12 European Commission: New Circular Economy Action Plan
2020-03-10 European Commission: A new Industrial Strategy for a globally competitive, green and digital Europe
2020-03-09 Sustainable finance: TEG final report on the EU taxonomy
2020-03-04 European Commission proposes European Climate Law and consults on the European Climate Pact
2020-02-27 BIS's Lagarde: Climate change and the financial sector
2020-02-26 IPE: Asset owners offered EU taxonomy ‘compliance pre-screening’ tool
2020-02-20 EESC side by side with the European Commission in promoting Europe's green future
2020-02-06 ESMA sets out its strategy on sustainable finance
2020-01-28 European Commission: Executive Vice President Timmermans' remarks at the Conference on the first European Climate Law
2020-01-28 IIF & EBF: Global industry survey finds firms seek alignment on climate risk analysis, measurement, and disclosure approaches
2020-01-21 WBCSD: First self-assessment framework to measure business’ circular performance
2020-01-20 BIS: The green swan: Central banking and financial stability in the age of climate change
2020-01-15 Bruegel: European green finance is expanding, a discount on bank capital would discredit it

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