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ESMA Guideline: 17/18. Firms should ensure that staff giving information/investment advice about investment products, investment services or ancillary services that are available through the firm have the necessary knowledge and competence to (V II/III e) understand the impact of economic figures, national/regional/global events on markets and on the value of investment products...

This part of our service is designed to provide an overview of the principal economic events at EU/EZ level and NOT be a substitute for economic research forecasting the impact on financial markets.


Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2014 Economic Policies Impacting EU Finance
2014-12-18 ECB to publish accounts of monetary policy discussions from January
2014-12-18 Bloomberg: EU leaders to urge stepped-up fight against tax evasion
2014-12-17 European Parliament approves EU budgets for 2014 and 2015
2014-12-16 Reuters: Coeure sees 'large consensus' at ECB for more action
2014-12-09 ECOFIN meeting, 9 December 2014
2014-12-09 Investment Offensive for Europe: EU Task Force identifies 2,000 potential projects worth €1.3 trillion
2014-12-08 Reuters: Euro ministers tell France, Italy to trim budgets more
2014-12-08 Parliament and Council negotiators agree to EU budget deal
2014-12-03 Bloomberg: It's a lose-lose situation for the ECB
2014-12-02 European Voice: Moscovici defends giving France more time over budget
2014-11-30 Financial Times: The Juncker fund will not revive the eurozone
2014-11-29 European Voice: Payment deferred - the UK’s budget debt and the Parliament’s agenda
2014-11-28 Budget 2015: Commission makes new proposal to Parliament and Council
2014-11-28 Euractiv: France, Italy, Belgium promise reform to avoid sanctions
2014-11-27 European Commission: The EU's economic governance explained
2014-11-27 Bloomberg: Euro area confidence unexpectedly increases as ECB mulls action
2014-11-27 Bloomberg: Juncker investment plan questioned on capital, leverage
2014-11-26 European Commission launched Investment Offensive to boost jobs and growth
2014-11-25 European Parliament urges EU member states to pay up and do a deal
2014-11-25 Financial Times: ECB bond-buying: last action hero
2014-11-25 ECA: A landscape review of the risks to the financial management of the EU budget
2014-11-24 Bloomberg: How the EU plans to turn $26 billion into $390 billion
2014-11-19 IASB/Michel Prada: 'Accounting, markets and global economic growth'
2014-11-19 Reuters: EU still considering fining France over budget rules
2014-11-18 Financial Times: France warns EU investment fund will flop without ‘real money’
2014-11-18 Financial Times: Transcript of interview with ECB’s Peter Praet
2014-11-17 G20 leaders’ communiqué
2014-11-17 “No time for complacency”, Draghi tells economic and monetary affairs MEPs
2014-11-17 European Commission: EU budget talks to restart from a fresh Commission proposal
2014-11-16 Financial Times: Brussels weighs up options for €300bn investment funds
2014-11-14 ACCA and IMA: The accountancy profession needs a clear vision for the future
2014-11-12 European Commission: EU budget - Rule change to give more flexibility on exceptional adjustments to national contributions
2014-11-12 Euractiv: Pierre Moscovici rejects economic sanctions for member states
2014-11-12 Reuters: IMF says euro zone growth could be worse than expected
2014-11-12 Financial Times: An imperfect plan for fixing the next crisis
2014-11-11 European Commission: EU budget: first 2014, then 2015, say Budgets Committee MEPs
2014-11-09 Financial Times: The euro is in greater peril today than at the height of the crisis
2014-11-09 Reuters: Euro zone risks self-fulfilling loss of momentum - ECB's Coeure
2014-11-07 ECOFIN meeting, 7 November 2014
2014-11-06 European Voice: Deadline looms on EU’s budget for 2015
2014-11-05 EU Reform: A view from TheCityUK
2014-11-05 Financial Times: Almost €7bn of last year’s EU budget paid out improperly
2014-11-05 Financial Times: EU migrants contribute £20bn to Britain
2014-11-05 European Commission: 2014 Autumn Economic forecast - Slow recovery with very low inflation
2014-11-04 Financial Times: International Monetary Fund criticised over support for austerity
2014-11-04 Council of the EU: ECOFIN meeting background note
2014-11-02 Wall Street Journal: European Central Bank’s bond conundrum
2014-10-31 Project Syndicate: Getting investment in Europe right
2014-10-30 Bloomberg: Bank union appeal grows for Denmark as stress tests ease anxiety
2014-10-29 Wall Street Journal: ECB should not follow the bond-buying crowd, says Council member
2014-10-29 Bloomberg: EU transaction tax bid falters on revenue disagreement
2014-10-29 Financial Times: Largest economies must fix the eurozone
2014-10-28 European Commission: Statement by Vice-President Katainen on the Draft Budgetary Plans
2014-10-27 Financial Times: Europe must act now to avoid ‘lost decade’
2014-10-24 Reuters: EU's growth tsar tells Germany to invest more
2014-10-24 ECB: Danièle Nouy, interview with Hospodárske noviny
2014-10-21 Financial Times: Reform alone is no solution for the eurozone
2014-10-20 FEE's Briefing Paper on European Public Sector Accounting Standards (EPSAS)
2014-10-20 Bloomberg: ECB said to start asset purchase plan buying French covered debt
2014-10-13 Wall Street Journal: Will Juncker’s €300 billion plan close the euro investment gap?
2014-10-10 Bloomberg: Draghi clashes with Schaeuble over steps for Europe
2014-10-10 Reuters: Euro zone core must focus on investment - new EU growth tsar
2014-10-10 Financial Times: The world needs new tools to tame capital flows
2014-10-10 Mario Draghi: Recovery and Reform in the euro area
2014-10-10 Financial Times: How to break Europe’s economic taboos without shattering its union
2014-10-10 SNB's Danthine: Are central banks doing too much?
2014-10-07 International Monetary Fund: Global growth disappoints, pace of recovery uneven and country-specific
2014-10-07 Financial Times: We are trapped in a cycle of credit booms
2014-10-07 Reuters: ECB quietly pins its hopes on falling euro
2014-10-07 Wall Street Journal: Q&A With German Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann, opposing government bond purchases
2014-10-06 IMF supports reforms for more orderly sovereign debt restructurings
2014-10-05 Financial Times: If Europe insists on sticking to rules, recovery will be a dream
2014-10-03 Mario Draghi on ECB purchase plan and inflation
2014-10-03 IMF: New momentum can help global economy beat mediocre growth
2014-09-30 Financial Times: Mario Draghi pushes for ECB to accept Greek and Cypriot ‘junk’ loan bundles
2014-09-17 ECB: Draghi's 3 Pillars approach (Eurofi Speech)
2014-09-16 ECB: Interview with Benoît Cœuré, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB
2014-09-16 Eurogroup September Summit: Eurogroup moves ahead with structural reform agenda
2014-09-08 Spain: OECD praises its reform efforts
2014-08-14 Eurozone posts zero growth in Q2 2014
2014-08-13 ESMA advises Commission on creditworthiness assessment for sovereign debt
2014-07-17 Member states and MEPs gearing up for a fight over next year’s EU budget
2014-07-10 Draghi: More control over structural reforms at EU level
2014-07-09 Eurogroup meeting: July 7th highlights
2014-07-07 EC kicks off EU-wide interconnection of insolvency registers
2014-07-05 Commissioner De Gucht: TTIP defence
2014-06-27 European Voice: Little progress on country-specific recommendations
2014-06-20 ECOFIN: Six Member states leave the Excessive Deficit procedure
2014-06-12 EESC: TTIP - A challenge, but also an opportunity, for Europe
2014-06-02 EIM Economic - May 2014
2014-05-26 ECB/Mersch: Finance in an environment of downsizing banks
2014-05-15 Reuters: Firms may leave risk unprotected due to 'onerous' derivatives rules
2014-05-05 Commission's spring 2014 forecast: Growth becoming broader-based
2014-05-05 ECB/Mersch: Institutional overhaul of the euro area
2014-04-30 FT/Keohane: Stress tests in Europe
2014-04-29 Bloomberg: Draghi tells German lawmakers ECB bond-purchases unlikely
2014-04-24 ECB/Draghi: Monetary policy communication in turbulent times
2014-04-23 Almunia: Keeping the global playing field level
2014-04-22 Simon Wren-Lewis: The banks and austerity - A simple story of the last ten years
2014-04-22 Bloomberg: Draghi gauges Ukraine effect as ECB tackles low inflation
2014-04-17 Reuters: ECB hardliner Weidmann comes in from the cold as deflation threatens
2014-04-17 Bundesbank/Dombret: Europe - End of the crisis or crisis without end?
2014-04-15 ECB/Cœuré: Asset purchases as an instrument of monetary policy
2014-04-11 IMF press conference on Europe
2014-04-08 EIM Economic - March 2014
2014-04-04 House of Lords/EU Committee: Euro area crisis - an update
2014-04-03 OECD: Europe’s reforms beginning to pay off
2014-04-03 Rehn: Eurozone to grow in-line with recovery
2014-03-27 FT: Schäuble revives push for eurozone integration
2014-03-26 EP Study: The value of more Europe
2014-03-24 OECD forecasts during and after the financial crisis - A post mortem
2014-03-21 European Council Conclusions: European Semester / Savings taxation
2014-03-20 EP President Schulz on European Semester / Troika
2014-03-20 Tripartite Social Summit: EU leaders and social partners stress need to rebuild confidence in Europe
2014-03-11 OECD: Recovery continuing in G7 countries, but emerging economies are mixed
2014-03-07 ECB/Mersch: External corporate finance in the euro area
2014-03-05 Speaking points by VP Rehn at press conference on winter economic governance package
2014-03-04 EU Commission implements audit recommendations adequately, say EU Auditors
2014-03-03 Commissioner Barnier: Shaping a new, competitive Europe
2014-02-28 IMF: European integration, step by step
2014-02-26 ECFIN Economic Report: Hard work, and more - How to successfully conduct adjustment with official assistance
2014-02-25 EP: High-level group on EU "own resources" launched by EU institutions' three presidents
2014-02-25 European Commission Winter 2014 forecast: Recovery gaining ground
2014-02-21 OECD: Ambitious structural reforms can pave the return to strong and sustainable growth
2014-02-20 Competitiveness Council conclusions on Annual Growth Survey / State of the Single Market Integration / European Foundation
2014-02-18 ECOFIN Council conclusions on Annual Growth Survey / 2014 European Semester: Macro-economic and fiscal guidance to Member States
2014-02-18 Main results of the ECOFIN Council: EU Budget / Portugal EAP
2014-02-14 The Eiffel Group: For a Euro Community
2014-02-11 EIM Economic - January 2014
2014-02-11 EIM Budgetary - January 2014
2014-02-11 Economic crisis provides lessons for new approaches to forecasting, says OECD
2014-02-10 European Commission: Report shows how EU emerged from recession in 2013
2014-02-07 ECB/Mersch: Reviving growth in the euro area
2014-02-04 OENB/Nowotny: Future perspectives of the EMU
2014-02-04 German Council of Economic Experts: Working paper on Fiscal Compact
2014-01-31 VP Rehn: Keynote speech at the Committee of the Regions
2014-01-31 ECB/Cœuré: The structural aspects of euro area adjustment
2014-01-30 ECB/Cœuré: Is eurozone governance fit for purpose?
2014-01-28 Council of Europe: Better protection of social rights in times of austerity
2014-01-27 Statement by the French-German Economic and Financial Council (FGEFC)
2014-01-27 ECFIN: Economic and Monetary Union – Main Legal Texts 2014
2014-01-26 Simon Nixon: Europe can be optimistic—in the long term
2014-01-25 WEF 2014: Global economic outlook
2014-01-24 EPC/NotreEurope: The TTIP negotiations - A Pirandello play
2014-01-23 Parliamentarians call for more legitimacy in economic policy-making in the EU
2014-01-22 ECON Committee: Economic governance - Pressing need for legitimacy and social dimension
2014-01-22 Council agrees on own resources package
2014-01-21 TTIP: Commission to consult public on investor-state dispute settlement
2014-01-20 President Barroso appeals for compromise on bank resolution
2014-01-20 ECON/EMPL Committees: Success of European economic governance depends on parliamentary control
2014-01-20 EIM Economic - December 2013
2014-01-17 VP Almunia: Competition policy for the post-crisis world
2014-01-15 Plenary Session: Greek presidency of the EU - MEPs express concern over economic situation in Greece
2014-01-15 IMF/Lagarde: The global economy in 2014
2014-01-15 OECD/Ash: EU-US trade and investment talks - Why they matter
2014-01-09 DG ECFIN/Buti: A consistent trinity for the eurozone
2014-01-09 Greece takes up EU Presidency
2014-01-09 ECFIN's quarterly report on the euro area - December 2013
2014-01-05 Wolfgang Münchau: What euro crisis watchers should look for in 2014
2014-01-02 Reding/Rehn: Why we cannot let up in 2014

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