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This section will contain all comments - EU official; Troika reports and news reports. It will include Country Specific Recommendations (from end-May Commission recommendations and July 11 Council Decision). Relevant pages from Commission Spring and Autumn economic forecasts to be included.

DG ECFIN on Cyprus


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Cyprus - 20151 articles out of 1.

Cyprus - 201410 articles out of 10.

Cyprus - 2013114 articles out of 114.

2012 Cyprus
2012-12-18 Kathimerini: Cyprus says financing secured, no danger of default
2012-12-13 Eurogroup Statement on Cyprus
2012-12-10 Spiegel: De facto loss of sovereignty - Cyprus makes big concessions for bailout
2012-12-03 Statements by Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker and VP Rehn on Cyprus
2012-11-30 Bloomberg: Cyprus, Troika agree bailout terms, ECB Demetriades says
2012-11-23 Statement by the EC, ECB and IMF on the mission to Cyprus - Eurogroup to discuss results on 3 December
2012-11-22 Reuters: Cyprus close to a bailout deal with EU/IMF
2012-11-12 EUobserver: Cyprus bailout only next year, Germany says
2012-11-05 Spiegel: EU aid for Cyprus a political minefield for Merkel
2012-10-17 Reuters: Cyprus expects swift start to bailout talks
2012-10-17 S&P: Long-term rating on Cyprus lowered to 'B' on increased external and fiscal risks; still on watch negative
2012-10-04 Bloomberg: Cyprus said to seek €11 billion in fifth European bailout
2012-10-03 Reuters: Cypriot president rejects bailout with privatisations
2012-09-21 Reuters: Cyprus could ditch euro if bailout terms unbearable
2012-09-03 WSJ: Cyprus to present plan to cut deficit
2012-08-06 Bloomberg: Cyprus may need more bailout cash for banks, public finances
2012-06-19 Bloomberg: Cyprus said to face Europe pressure for $13 billion aid
2012-06-13 Moody's downgrades Cyprus's government bond ratings to Ba3 from Ba1; on review for further downgrade
2012-06-11 WSJ: Cyprus to become fifth eurozone nation seeking bailout
2012-06-03 FT: Cyprus closer to seeking EU bailout
2012-05-30 Council Recommendation on the National Reform Programme 2012 of Cyprus
2012-05-28 Speech by President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, to the Parliament of Cyprus
2012-05-11 Commission forecast for Cyprus

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Cyprus - 20113 articles out of 3.

Cyprus - 20101 articles out of 1.