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Since May 2010, the euro area Member States and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have been providing financial support to Greece in the context of a sharp deterioration in its financing conditions. The aim is to support the Greek government's efforts to restore fiscal sustainability and to implement structural reforms in order to improve the competitiveness of the economy, thereby laying the foundations for sustainable economic growth. More

This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Greece on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Greece and Cyprus. 

Task Force for Greece: supporting vital reforms for economic recovery and job creation

Greece: Policy Recommendations Provided by the EU and the IMF from 2003 to 2009 

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Greece - 20156 articles out of 6.

Greece - 201436 articles out of 36.

Greece - 2013107 articles out of 107.

2012 Greece
2012-12-27 Bank of Greece: Report on the recapitalisation and restructuring of the Greek banking sector
2012-12-21 WSJ: Greece's top banks need $36 billion boost
2012-12-18 WSJ: S&P lifts rating on Greece to 18-month high
2012-12-18 EIB approves €500 million for trade finance in Greece
2012-12-17 Supporting growth and jobs in Greece – Task Force for Greece quarterly report December 2012
2012-12-17 DG ECFIN: The Second Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece – First Review
2012-12-13 Kathimerini: Greece gets green light for crucial loans
2012-12-13 Eurogroup Statement on Greece - Second disbursement of €49.1 billion approved
2012-12-12 Reuters: Greece's lenders call bond buyback a success, endorse aid
2012-12-11 Kathimerini: Greece completes buyback, looks to next loan tranche
2012-12-03 Bloomberg: Greece offers €10 billion debt buyback to unlock aid
2012-11-30 Reuters: EU's Rehn says strong commitment to keep euro area together
2012-11-30 German Bundestag approves Greek aid package
2012-11-28 Reuters: Eurozone central banks may roll over their Greek bonds
2012-11-27 Vice-President Rehn's remarks on Greece at the Eurogroup press conference
2012-11-27 Eurogroup approves next disbursement to Greece
2012-11-27 Reuters: Eurozone debt forgiveness lies ahead in Greek mire
2012-11-26 Reuters: German hint of Greek debt relief raises euro hopes
2012-11-26 Statement on Greece by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde
2012-11-22 Statement by VP Rehn in the European Parliament - Europe stands by Greece
2012-11-21 FT: German doubts force rethink on Greece
2012-11-19 Reuters: Greece imposes spending controls to appease lenders
2012-11-13 VP Rehn's remarks on Greece at the Eurogroup press conference
2012-11-13 ECON Committee: Greece has done its part, say Greek ministers
2012-11-12 FT: Fund Greek debt buyback with asset sales
2012-11-12 FT: EU-IMF feud erupts over Greek debt
2012-11-12 FT: Greece battles to avert €5 billion default
2012-11-08 FT: Athens narrowly passes austerity bill
2012-11-07 WSJ: Greek lawmakers pass austerity deal
2012-11-05 WSJ: Europe, central bank spar over Athens aid
2012-11-05 Yanis Varoufakis: An emergency programme for Greece
2012-11-04 Kathimerini: Greek recession forecast seems optimistic
2012-10-27 Reuters: German finance minister rules out Greek debt haircut
2012-10-26 Telegraph: Greece faces €30 billion bill for two-year delay to meet bailout targets
2012-10-24 Reuters: Greece says it has been given more time on austerity
2012-10-18 Statement by the euro area Heads of State or Government on Greece
2012-10-17 Statement by the EC, ECB and IMF on Greece
2012-10-15 European Commission: One year of Task Force for Greece
2012-10-14 Reuters: Eurozone mulls new ways to cut Greek debt mountain
2012-10-13 Telegraph: Borg - Greece better off alone
2012-10-11 WSJ: IMF Lagarde seeks more time for Greece austerity
2012-10-09 Bloomberg: EU lauds Greek budget-cutting will, boosting aid prospects
2012-10-09 Chancellor Merkel: Germany intends to be a good partner
2012-10-08 Reuters: Greek finance minister says eurozone, IMF mull two-year extension for Greek bailout
2012-10-08 FT: Hedge funds tiptoe back into Greece
2012-10-05 Reuters: Merkel to visit Greece as money running out
2012-10-03 Kathimerini: Troika sticks to its guns in austerity talks
2012-10-03 WSJ: Greece, Troika remain apart on cuts
2012-09-27 Kathimerini: Altered austerity package gets first green light
2012-09-27 Reuters: Greece's other debt problem
2012-09-26 Kathimerini: PM approves austerity package, Stournaras to brief coalition leaders
2012-09-25 WSJ: Berlin seeks to push back new euro crisis aid requests
2012-09-21 Bloomberg: Greek leaders struggle with spending reductions
2012-09-21 IMF Statement on mission to Greece
2012-09-20 WSJ: Fight looms on Greek bailout
2012-09-18 Reuters: Juncker - Greece becoming more competitive, must stay in euro
2012-09-13 EIB strengthens its activity in favour of the Greek economy
2012-09-07 Press statement by EC President Van Rompuy following his meeting with Prime Minister of Greece, Antonis Samaras
2012-09-04 Greece sees its borrowing costs dip as new T-bill auction raises €1.14 billion
2012-09-04 Kathimerini: French nod on extension - Hollande says Athens could have two more years as Schäuble keeps heat on
2012-08-28 Kathimerini: Greece mulls T-bills to bridge extension funding gap
2012-08-27 BBC: German leaders dismiss call for Greek euro exit
2012-08-24 Reuters: Merkel and Hollande unite in tough message for Greece
2012-08-23 Kathimerini: T-bills provide a lifeline until October in Greece
2012-08-20 Bloomberg Businessweek: EU Leaders plan shuttle talks to bolster Greece
2012-08-08 Spiegel: The European Central Bank's discreet help for Greece
2012-08-05 Greece: Statement by European Commission, ECB & IMF
2012-08-02 European Commission welcomes Greek Government structural reform commitment
2012-08-01 FT: Greece agrees €11.5 billion spending cuts
2012-07-30 FT: Greek leaders seek to defer austerity cuts
2012-07-26 Statement by President Barroso following his meeting with Mr Antonis Samaras, Prime Minister of Greece
2012-07-26 ESMA publishes review of accounting treatment of Greek sovereign debt
2012-07-18 WSJ: Greek coalition sets austerity plan
2012-07-17 WSJ: Greece seeks bridge loan
2012-07-10 State aid: Commission approves prolongation of support scheme for credit institutions in Greece
2012-07-05 FT: Greece drops demand to ease bailout terms
2012-06-20 Fitch: Insurers less exposed than banks to Greek euro exit
2012-06-20 WSJ: Three Greek parties form coalition
2012-06-18 Reuters: Greek vote pulls Cyprus from precipice - for now
2012-06-13 Reuters: Eurozone discussed capital controls if Greece exits euro
2012-06-10 FT: Greek left seeks to exploit Spain bailout
2012-05-30 Council Recommendation on Greece's 2012 national reform programme
2012-05-29 Reuters: Europe treads a thin line on Greece
2012-05-27 FT: Greece warned of public finances collapse
2012-05-25 Guardian: Lagarde to Greeks - It's payback time: don't expect sympathy
2012-05-24 Reuters: EU urges Greece to stay in euro, plans for possible exit
2012-05-23 Euro area press lines on Greece
2012-05-23 Bloomberg: CIC's Jin says other countries may follow if Greece exits euro
2012-05-23 Statement by President Barroso following his meeting with Mr Panagiotis Pikrammenos, interim Prime Minister of Greece
2012-05-22 WSJ: Ex-premier to Greece - Stick to austerity
2012-05-18 IPE: The great Greek euro exit - ready when you are
2012-05-18 EP President Schulz's speech in Athens
2012-05-17 WSJ: Greece deserves credit, but debt's an issue
2012-05-16 Reuters: Euro twilight zone beckons for Greece
2012-05-16 WSJ: ECB urges Athens to remain in the bloc
2012-05-16 Bloomberg: If Greece quits euro, its ruin will be pointless
2012-05-16 FT: Greeks urged to run poll as euro vote
2012-05-16 WSJ: Insurers could see Greek exit wounds
2012-05-15 Bloomberg: Greece makes repayment on €435 million of bonds
2012-05-15 Bloomberg: Greek vote escalates crisis as Schäuble raises euro exit
2012-05-13 FT: Fear grows of Greece leaving euro
2012-05-11 Commission forecast for Greece
2012-05-10 DW: Spectre of Greek exit from eurozone emerges in Brussels
2012-05-09 Bloomberg: Greek leaders given bailout ultimatum
2012-05-09 Statement from EFSF regarding next disbursement to Greece
2012-05-09 Bloomberg: Greece euro exit debate goes public
2012-05-09 FT: Greek left attacks 'barbarous' austerity
2012-05-07 Reuters: Greece enters dangerous turmoil after election
2012-05-07 FT: Greece braces for a repeat of elections
2012-04-26 Kathimerini: EIB to revoke drachma clauses
2012-04-24 WSJ: Greek bank chief warns of a possible euro exit
2012-04-24 George A Provopoulos: The strategy for the Greek economy’s exit from the crisis – what is at stake?
2012-04-21 EIB inserts drachma clauses in loans to Greek firms
2012-04-19 Venizelos bids for more time
2012-04-18 Commission on growth and jobs for Greece
2012-04-04 CRE: Credit insurers give mixed response to Greek export risk
2012-03-29 The Second Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece
2012-03-27 Jörg Asmussen: Exchange of views on the economic and social crisis in Greece
2012-03-23 BILD interview with ECB President, Mario Draghi
2012-03-21 Greece promotes former banker to finance minister
2012-03-19 ISDA EMEA Determinations Committee: CDS auction relating to the Hellenic Republic
2012-03-18 WSJ: Greek deal highlights flaws in default swaps
2012-03-15 IMF Executive Board approves €28 billion arrangement under Extended Fund Facility for Greece
2012-03-15 Bloomberg: Greek bonds signal $2.6 billion payout on credit default swaps
2012-03-12 FT: Few hedge funds gain in Greek bond saga
2012-03-09 EP President Martin Schulz welcomes Greek debt swap deal
2012-03-09 Greece: OECD's Gurría welcomes successful debt reduction outcome
2012-03-09 Statement by Jean-Claude Juncker on the second Greek adjustment programme
2012-03-09 ISDA EMEA Determinations Committee: Restructuring credit event has occurred with respect to the Hellenic Republic
2012-03-09 Statement by IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, on Greece
2012-03-08 ECB: Eligibility of bonds issued or guaranteed by the Greek government in Eurosystem credit operations
2012-03-08 FT: Greece secures €206 billion debt swap
2012-03-08 Bloomberg: 60 per cent of Greek bondholders committed to debt swap
2012-03-07 FTAdviser: Athens issues threat to bond holdouts
2012-03-06 President Barroso sent a letter to Greek Prime Minister Papademos
2012-03-05 FT: Athens enjoys bond swap boost
2012-03-01 FT: Greek parliament backs healthcare cuts
2012-03-01 FT: Eurozone delays half of Greece’s funds
2012-03-01 ISDA statement regarding Greece
2012-03-01 Commission welcomed Greek commitment to ensure independent and reliable statistics
2012-02-28 ECB: Eligibility of Greek bonds used as collateral in Eurosystem monetary policy operations
2012-02-27 S&P downgrades Greece to SD (Selective Default)
2012-02-23 FT: Athens told to change spending and taxes
2012-02-22 WSJ: Debt deal may leave Greece on short end
2012-02-22 Reuters: Fitch downgrades Greece on debt swap plan
2012-02-22 Greece signs international tax agreement to tackle tax evasion
2012-02-22 WSJ: Greek Parliament debates debt deal amid protests
2012-02-21 FT: Greece races to meet bailout demands
2012-02-21 WSJ: Europe reaches a Greek deal
2012-02-21 Greece: OECD's Gurría welcomes support package
2012-02-20 FT: Central bank aid sought in Greek bailout
2012-02-20 Reuters: Greek debt load may get heavier, eurozone study says
2012-02-18 WSJ: IMF said to give less for Greek bailout
2012-02-17 Bloomberg: ECB is said to swap Greek bonds for new debt to avoid any enforced losses
2012-02-16 FT: Athens faces tough bailout terms
2012-02-16 WSJ: Optimism grows for Greek accord
2012-02-15 Bloomberg: Greek president slams German insults as talks stall
2012-02-15 Reuters: Greece battles to salvage bailout package
2012-02-14 WSJ: Europe struggles over Greek details
2012-02-14 FT: EU moves on Greek debt swap
2012-02-14 FT: EU divisions threaten aid for Greece
2012-02-13 Bloomberg: European leaders confident in Greece meeting bailout demands
2012-02-13 FT: Greek cabinet reshuffle expected
2012-02-13 FT: Athens passes demanded austerity bill
2012-02-10 FT: Eurozone dismisses Greek budget deal
2012-02-09 FT: New Greek demands threaten debt deal
2012-02-09 Reuters: Greeks fail to strike deal to take to Brussels
2012-02-08 FT: Greece misses bailout deadline
2012-02-08 FT: Pension cuts stall Greek austerity talks
2012-02-08 Ricardo Hausmann: Ireland can show Greece a way out of the crisis
2012-02-08 FN: ECB to make concessions on Greek debt
2012-02-07 FT: Greece bailout funds could be split
2012-02-07 WSJ: Greek talks resume amid strike
2012-02-05 WSJ: Greece weighs spending cuts as bailout talks edge towards deal
2012-02-05 FT: Greece takes step closer to default
2012-02-01 WSJ: Germany insists on Greek budget controls
2012-01-31 Bloomberg: EU nears confrontation over Greek rescue
2012-01-29 FT: Greek fury at plan for EU budget control
2012-01-25 Bloomberg: Davos delegates say EU needs to show resolve as split over Greece persists
2012-01-24 FT: ECB under pressure over Greek bond hit
2012-01-24 Reuters: Eurozone ministers reject private bondholders' Greece offer
2012-01-22 FT: Greek bondholders draw line in the sand
2012-01-21 FT: Holders face bigger losses on Greek debt
2012-01-19 FT: Greek PM urges backing for reforms
2012-01-18 FT: Greek bond talks edge closer to deal
2012-01-15 FT: Greece's creditors seek end to deadlock
2012-01-13 FT: Greek debt default threat grows
2012-01-11 FT: Greece's private sector deal unlikely to be final act
2012-01-10 Reuters: Hedge funds lock horns with IMF on Greek debt
2012-01-09 Reuters: Merkel, Sarkozy press for quick Greek solution

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