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This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Portugal on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Portugal and Cyprus. 

Portugal: Policy Recommendations provided by the EU and the IMF from 2003 to 2008


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Portugal - 201418 articles out of 18.

Portugal - 201371 articles out of 71.

Portugal - 201233 articles out of 33.

2011 Portugal
2011-12-19 IMF completes second review under an EFF with Portugal, approves €2.9 billion disbursement
2011-11-16 Statement by the EC, ECB, and IMF on the Second Review Mission to Portugal
2011-11-10 Commission forecast for Portugal
2011-10-18 WSJ: Portugal unveils deep cuts
2011-06-07 Council recommendation on the National Reform Programme 2011 for Portugal
2011-05-13 Commission forecast for Portugal

Prior Years Reports

Portugal - 20102 articles out of 2.