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This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Portugal on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Portugal and Cyprus. 

Portugal: Policy Recommendations provided by the EU and the IMF from 2003 to 2008


Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Portugal - 201418 articles out of 18.

Portugal - 201371 articles out of 71.

2012 Portugal
2012-12-14 WSJ: Portugal moves to cut corporate tax
2012-12-07 Portuguese Republic and EIB sign Portfolio State Guarantee for up to €2.8 billion
2012-11-28 FT: Portuguese PM keeps faith with austerity
2012-11-20 Portugal: 2012 Article IV consultation concluding statement of the IMF mission
2012-11-19 Statement by the EC, ECB and IMF on the Sixth Review Mission to Portugal
2012-11-19 Statement by VP Rehn on the conclusion of the Sixth Review Mission to Portugal
2012-10-24 IMF completes fifth review under an EFF arrangement with Portugal, approves €1.5 billion disbursement
2012-10-16 BBC: Portugal reveals tough 2013 budget
2012-10-09 EU's Rehn says markets calmer, Portugal to sell debt in 2013
2012-10-09 European Council: Portugal given an extra year to correct its deficit
2012-10-07 WSJ: Bond swap puts Portugal on path to recovery
2012-10-02 Council Recommendation with a view to bringing an end to the situation of an excessive government deficit in Portugal
2012-09-23 WSJ: Portugal gives ground on worker contributions
2012-09-16 FT: Discontent threatens Portugal's fiscal progress
2012-09-11 Statement by the EC, ECB and IMF on the fifth review mission to Portugal
2012-09-11 Statement by Vice President Rehn following the conclusion of the fifth review mission to Portugal
2012-08-10 EUobserver: Portuguese head breaks ranks, urges ECB bond-buying
2012-07-16 IMF completes fourth review under an EFF arrangement with Portugal, approves €1.48 billion disbursement
2012-07-11 WSJ: Portugal's leader won't soften austerity
2012-06-04 WSJ: Portugal wins plaudits from creditors
2012-06-04 Statement by the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF on the Fourth Review Mission to Portugal
2012-05-30 Council Recommendation on the National Reform Programme 2012 of Portugal / Delivering a Council opinion on Stability Programme of Portugal
2012-05-29 WSJ: Portuguese central bank warns on deposits
2012-05-15 WSJ: Portugal's progress won't guarantee funding
2012-05-11 Commission forecast for Portugal
2012-04-17 EU places €1.8 billion 26-year bond for Portugal
2012-04-04 IMF completes third review under an EFF arrangement with Portugal, approves €5.17 billion disbursement
2012-02-28 Statement by the EC, ECB, and IMF on the Third Review Mission to Portugal
2012-02-21 FT: Lisbon under pressure on bailout terms
2012-02-07 Portugal's economic future in limbo
2012-01-31 FT: Portuguese yields drop on ECB intervention
2012-01-31 FT: Portuguese debt looms over Europe
2012-01-25 FT: Portuguese bonds hit as traders fear default

Prior Years Reports

Portugal - 20116 articles out of 6.

Portugal - 20102 articles out of 2.