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Portugal: Policy Recommendations provided by the EU and the IMF from 2003 to 2008


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Portugal - 201418 articles out of 18.

2013 Portugal
2013-12-20 Statement by the Eurogroup President on the recent ruling of Portugal's Constitutional Court
2013-12-16 Statement by the EC, ECB and IMF on the tenth review mission to Portugal
2013-12-02 Fitch Portuguese Bank Outlook: Bad debt rise to slow in 2014
2013-11-21 FT: Portugal - On the verge of a second bailout?
2013-11-21 ECFIN Occasional Paper: The Economic Adjustment Programme for Portugal - Eighth and Ninth Review
2013-11-19 EFSF Board of Directors approves €3.7 billion disbursement to Portugal
2013-11-18 Fitch: Portugal credit line more likely as debt stabilises
2013-11-13 BoP/da Silva Costa: Portugal - Progress on financial stability
2013-11-08 Portugal: IMF completes 8th & 9th reviews under an EFF arrangement, approves €1.91 billion disbursement
2013-11-06 European Commission meets the Portuguese Government
2013-11-05 Portugal: Autumn 2013 economic forecast - Tentative signs of a turnaround
2013-10-15 FT: Lisbon unveils tough budget in effort to avert new bailout
2013-10-03 Statement by the Commission, ECB and IMF on the eighth and ninth review mission to Portugal
2013-09-29 Reuters: Portuguese punish ruling party for bailout pain in local polls
2013-09-23 Simon Nixon: Portugal could be cooking up a storm
2013-09-16 Reuters: Portugal wants to end 'protectorate', could seek new loan - Portas
2013-08-29 FT: Court delivers blow to Portugal bailout programme
2013-08-01 Commission approves prolongation of Portuguese guarantee scheme
2013-07-30 Reuters: Portugal PM wins confidence vote, vows to meet bailout goals
2013-07-24 State aid: Commission finalises discussions on restructuring plans for Portuguese banks CGD, Banco BPI, BCP
2013-07-22 Reuters: Portugal PM vows to complete bailout, rebuild confidence
2013-07-22 Bloomberg: Portugal's Coelho wins backing from President to complete term
2013-07-16 Reuters: Portuguese politics may spoil European austerity recipe
2013-07-16 BoP: Projections for the Portuguese economy 2013-2014 - Economic Bulletin, summer 2013
2013-07-12 Reuters: Portugal's PM says committed to reaching cross-party deal
2013-07-11 Reuters: Portugal requests delay of bailout review due to crisis
2013-07-11 FT: Portugal president's call for national unity backfires
2013-07-10 Reuters: Portugal must avoid 'accidents' to exit bailout
2013-07-07 FT: Portugal PM promotes coalition partner to heal divisions
2013-07-05 BoP/da Silva Costa: Portugal's situation in the post-Troika period
2013-07-03 Reuters: Portugal's woes shine light on rest of eurozone periphery
2013-07-03 Banco de Portugal: Fiscal multipliers in a small euro area economy - How big can they get in crisis times?
2013-07-02 FT: Portugal's Passos Coelho pledges to stay as prime minister
2013-07-01 Reuters: Portugal finance minister resigns amid austerity fatigue
2013-06-27 State aid: Commission approves Portuguese Guarantee Scheme on EIB lending
2013-06-26 ECFIN Occasional Papers: The Economic Adjustment Programme for Portugal - Seventh Review, Winter 2012/2013
2013-06-24 Reuters: Portugal may need more easing on budget goals
2013-06-13 President Barroso meets President Cavaco Silva and announces agreement on EIB's funding for Portuguese SMEs
2013-06-12 IMF completes seventh review under an EFF arrangement with Portugal, approves €657.47 million disbursement
2013-06-05 Portugal - Annual GDP declines by 4 per cent
2013-05-27 Portugal deficit goals intact but new easing an option
2013-05-23 Reuters: Portugal rolls out tax incentive to boost investment
2013-05-14 Portuguese Government: Reform for economic growth and creation of jobs are the main priorities until June 2014
2013-05-14 Annual Report - The Portuguese Economy in 2012
2013-05-02 Remarks by Council President Van Rompuy after his meeting with Portuguese Prime Minister Coelho
2013-04-30 ECON Committee: Portugal economic reform efforts top agenda of EP delegation to Lisbon
2013-04-23 Reuters: Portugal plans gradual company tax cuts to revive economy
2013-04-23 Governo de Portugal: Strategy for growth, employment and industrial development
2013-04-18 WSJ: Portugal moves to keep bailout on track
2013-04-18 Statement by EC, ECB and IMF on staff visit to Portugal
2013-04-14 FT: Troika to assess Portugal's austerity plans
2013-04-08 Fitch: Portugal court ruling is potential setback to adjustment
2013-04-07 European Commission on Portugal: welcomes the Government’s re-commitment to fiscal targets after the Court decision
2013-04-07 FT: Portugal faces fresh cuts to spending
2013-04-05 Reuters: Portugal court rejects some government austerity measures
2013-03-27 Moody's affirms Portugal's Ba3 ratings and negative outlook
2013-03-26 Banco de Portugal publishes Spring 2013 Projections for the Portuguese Economy 2013-2014
2013-03-22 Vítor Gaspar: Adjusting in the euro area - Portugal as a Programme Country
2013-03-15 Statement by the EC, ECB and IMF on the Seventh Review Mission to Portugal
2013-03-15 Statement by VP Rehn on the seventh review mission to Portugal
2013-03-07 Bloomberg: Portugal rating outlook raised to stable by S&P on budget plan
2013-03-03 WSJ: Portugal to seek new bailout terms
2013-02-22 Commission Winter Forecast 2013 - Portugal
2013-02-14 FT: Portugal eyes full return to bond markets
2013-02-14 Portugal: GDP decreased 3.8 per cent in real terms in Q4/2012
2013-01-28 WSJ: Hedge funds help Portugal access international debt market
2013-01-16 IMF completes sixth review under an EFF arrangement with Portugal
2013-01-15 Banco de Portugal: Outlook for the Portuguese Economy 2012-2014
2013-01-14 Carlos da Silva Costa: The importance of strengthening European integration to ensure the success of the Portuguese adjustment
2013-01-07 IMF - Portugal: Rethinking the State—Selected expenditure reform options
2013-01-03 EUobserver: Portugal seeks court inquiry into unjust debt deal

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