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In 1979, Jean-Dominique Giuliani  started work for the international relations department of the Ministry of Agriculture. Two years later he joined the Centrist Union at the Senate as Secretary General. He remained at this post until 1992. He then became the principal private secretary to the President of the Senate, René Monory until 1998. He was appointed 'Maître des Requêtes' at the 'Conseil d’État' in 1995. He resigned from this position to dedicate himself fully to his work for the President of the Senate. 

Jean-Dominique Giuliani joined the general directorate of the Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS Sofres) and in 2001 he created his own international consulting group: J-DG.COM International Consultants of which he is chairman. Since 2000 he has chaired the Robert Schuman Foundation, a well known French think-tank which works towards promoting Europe and studies on Europe. More

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