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This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Spain on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Spain and Cyprus. 

This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Spain on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Spain and Cyprus. 

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Spain - 20151 articles out of 1.

Spain - 201416 articles out of 16.

Spain - 201366 articles out of 66.

2012 Spain
2012-12-26 The FROB implements the recapitalisation of all of the Group 1 banks
2012-12-19 Bloomberg: Spain's $185 billion restructuring test for Rajoy cleanup
2012-12-12 Reuters: Spain plans deeper pension reform to meet EU demands
2012-11-29 OECD: Spain has embarked on the path to recovery, but must continue with reforms
2012-11-28 State aid: Commission approves restructuring plans of Spanish banks BFA/Bankia, NCG Banco, Catalunya Banc and Banco de Valencia
2012-11-26 Reuters: Catalan election weakens bid for independence from Spain
2012-11-20 DG ECFIN Economic Paper: Sovereign debt sustainability scenarios based on an estimated model for Spain
2012-11-15 La Moncloa: Spanish Government approves urgent measures to protect most vulnerable mortgage debtors
2012-11-14 Statement by VP Rehn on Spain's compliance with the Council EDP Recommendation
2012-11-12 Spanish finance minister quizzed by EP economics committee
2012-11-05 Luis de Guindos: Spain's future is bright
2012-11-04 Reuters: ECB says checking status of loans made to Spanish banks
2012-11-01 ESMA publishes its opinion on the emergency measure by the Spanish CNMV under the Short Selling Regulation
2012-11-01 CNMV extends Spain's short-selling ban for three months
2012-10-31 BBVA: Economic outlook - Spain Q3 2012
2012-10-29 Reuters: Politics puts Italy, Spain back in market focus
2012-10-29 WSJ: Spain's bad bank to buy up assets
2012-10-26 Statement by the EC and the ECB following the conclusion of the first review of the financial assistance programme for Spain
2012-10-26 IMF: Statement on the first financial sector monitoring mission to Spain
2012-10-24 Bloomberg: ECB said to push Spain's Bankia to swap junior debt for shares
2012-10-23 Bloomberg: Rajoy sees case for slowing Spain's austerity as economy shrinks
2012-10-17 WSJ: Spain aid hits obstacles
2012-10-16 Commission publishes report on the Financial Sector Adjustment Programme for Spain
2012-10-16 FT: Opposition wanes to Spanish aid request
2012-10-08 Bloomberg: Europe seeks to contain Spanish troubles
2012-10-04 IPE: INVERCO dismisses use of Spanish reserve fund for regional debt
2012-10-03 EU Commissioner Almunia on Spanish bank bailout: 'Nations must do what is needed to save Europe'
2012-10-03 EUobserver: Spanish regions agree to deficit plan
2012-09-28 BoS: Oliver Wyman estimates the Spanish banking system's capital needs at close to €60 billion
2012-09-28 EBA's statement on the publication of the Spanish stress test results
2012-09-28 European Commission statement on the publication of results of stress tests of Spanish banks
2012-09-28 ECB welcomes announcement by Spanish authorities on bottom-up stress test
2012-09-27 Comments by Vice-President Olli Rehn on the publication of Spanish Structural Reform Plan
2012-09-27 Reuters: Spanish rescue may throw crisis spotlight on Italy
2012-09-21 FT: EU in talks over Spanish rescue plan
2012-08-30 DW: Hollande, Rajoy call for action to cut borrowing costs
2012-08-19 WSJ: Spain seeks commitment from central bank on bond buys
2012-07-27 IMF Executive Board concludes 2012 Article IV consultation with Spain
2012-07-25 EU rushes to make ECB single bank watchdog in race for Spain
2012-07-25 State aid: Commission approves Spanish recapitalisation scheme for credit institutions
2012-07-24 Joint Statement by Ministers de Guindos of Spain and Schäuble of Germany on programme to strengthen Spanish banking sector
2012-07-23 FT: Spain and Italy resume short selling bans
2012-07-20 German Bundestag approves financial assistance for Spain
2012-07-19 WSJ: German lawmakers back aid for Spain
2012-07-17 Luis M Linde: Assessment of Spain’s economic situation
2012-07-15 FT: Merkel faces revolt over Spanish bank aid
2012-07-11 Reuters: Spain deepens austerity under European pressure
2012-07-10 European Council: Spain is given an extra year to correct its deficit
2012-07-02 Bloomberg: Spain overestimating bank profit risks seeking too little
2012-06-27 State aid: Commission approves state support for Spanish Bankia/BFA
2012-06-27 WSJ: OECD chief calls on leaders to protect Spain and Italy
2012-06-25 Statement by Vice President Olli Rehn on the request by Spain for financial assistance for recapitalisation of financial institutions
2012-06-25 Moody's downgrades Spanish banks
2012-06-24 FT: Spain asks for aid to recapitalise banks
2012-06-10 Paul N Goldschmidt: The rescue of Spanish banks - Proof of solidarity or act of self-protection?
2012-06-06 FT: Europe weighs up limited Spanish rescue
2012-05-14 FT: Spanish banks eye four-way merger
2012-05-13 Statement on Spanish banking reform by Commission Vice President Rehn
2012-04-27 Reuters: Spanish economy in huge crisis after credit downgrade
2012-04-27 Miguel Fernández Ordóñez: Recent developments in the Spanish economy
2012-04-26 S&P: Ratings on Spain lowered to 'BBB+/A-2' on debt concerns
2012-04-23 FT: Spain slides into recession, figures show
2012-04-19 Carles Boix: Spain needs a new deal for its regions
2012-04-18 Reuters: Weidmann says not ECB job to tackle Spain's problems
2012-04-18 Bloomberg: Spain joins France to seek $18 billion in bonds
2012-04-17 Bloomberg: Merkel offers Spain no respite as debt cuts seen as key
2012-04-16 Bloomberg: Euro area seeks bigger IMF war chest on Spanish concerns
2012-04-11 FN: Analysts won't rule out LTRO III as Spain spikes
2012-04-10 Miguel Fernández Ordóñez: Financial crises - impact and challenges for Spain
2012-04-10 FT: Spain's crisis exposes limits of ECB help
2012-04-10 FT: Spain and EU reject talk of bailout
2012-04-10 Bloomberg: Spain confronts crisis threat as Rajoy seeks deficit cuts
2012-04-04 Bloomberg: Rajoy says Spain in extreme difficulty as bond demand drops
2012-04-04 WSJ: Spain's fate in the hands of the ECB
2012-03-29 CRE: Spain's Insurance Compensation Consortium cracks down on claims conditions
2012-03-28 Reuters: Italy PM Monti downplays Spain contagion risk
2012-03-25 FT: Spain 'causing concern', Monti warns
2012-03-12 FT: Spain pressed to cut more from its budget
2012-03-08 WSJ: Spain tests Europe's resolve on deficits
2012-03-06 WSJ: Spain strikes budget deal with regions
2012-02-21 Bank of Spain Governor, Miguel Fernández Ordonez: Facing the crisis in Europe
2012-02-16 FT: Spain teeters on brink of recession
2012-02-13 OECD's Gurría welcomes Spain's reforms to strengthen finances and boost jobs
2012-02-02 Bloomberg: Spain to overhaul banks, clean up real estate
2012-01-17 Press remarks by European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy, following the meeting with Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy

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