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This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Italy on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Italy and Cyprus. 

This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Italy on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Italy and Cyprus. 

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Italy - 201413 articles out of 13.

Italy - 2013100 articles out of 100.

2012 Italy
2012-12-28 WSJ: Monti details his game plan for election
2012-12-14 Monti courted by EU chiefs to seek election to Italy post
2012-12-13 President Barroso: Statement following his meeting with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti
2012-12-10 Graham Bishop's Blog: Italy after Monti
2012-12-09 WSJ: Italy's Bersani: We will respect EU commitments
2012-11-25 WSJ: Italian party heads for runoff
2012-10-24 Bloomberg: Monti endorses radical policy stance as Italy prepares for vote
2012-10-09 Insurance Insight: Italy's GI sector weathers major changes
2012-10-01 IMF: Italy - Technical assistance report: The delega fiscale and the strategic orientation of tax reform
2012-09-25 OECD's Gurría urges Italy to maintain reform momentum
2012-09-08 Statement by EC President Van Rompuy after his meeting with Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti
2012-09-06 Statement by President Barroso prior to his meeting with Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti
2012-08-13 Francesco Giavazzi: Avoiding an Italian bailout - Why and how
2012-08-07 WSJ: Italian's job - Premier talks tough in bid to save euro
2012-07-31 FT: Hollande and Monti vow to protect euro
2012-07-19 Insurance Insight: Generali and Allianz among downgraded Italian insurers
2012-07-13 Moody's downgrades Italy's government bond rating
2012-07-11 WSJ: Italy faces war in economic revamp
2012-06-13 WSJ: Pressure mounts for Italy's Monti
2012-06-09 Bank of Italy/Visco: Economic and policy interconnections in the current crisis
2012-05-24 Bloomberg: Monti says Germany can be persuaded on eurobonds
2012-05-16 Consultation with Italy - concluding statement of the IMF mission
2012-04-30 FT: Italy to cut spending and avoid VAT rise
2012-04-18 WSJ: Italy slashes growth forecast
2012-04-16 Reuters: Italy's Monti loses his shine
2012-04-12 FT: Italy forced to pay higher yields on bonds
2012-02-18 Ignazio Visco: The sovereign debt crisis and the outlook for Italy
2012-02-15 Italian PM, Mario Monti, applauded in EP for his reform efforts
2012-02-06 Statement by OECD's Gurria after meeting Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti
2012-01-23 WSJ: Italy's Monti seeks to assure on debt effort
2012-01-16 FT: Monti seeks German help on borrowing

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