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Brexit - 2019463 articles out of 463.

Brexit - 2018454 articles out of 454.

Brexit - 2017594 articles out of 594.

2016 Brexit
2016-12-31 The Telegraph: Big business groups vow to make Brexit a success
2016-12-29 City AM: Major European states don't want to follow the UK's vote for Brexit, new poll shows
2016-12-27 Financial Times: Lloyds to set up European arm if UK loses access to single market
2016-12-27 ISDA Brexit FAQs
2016-12-26 The Bar Council Brexit Working Group: The Brexit papers
2016-12-25 The Guardian: Dozens of UK banks and financial firms 'looking at moving to Ireland'
2016-12-22 EurActiv: Future of EU trade deals in doubt after Singapore ruling
2016-12-20 House of Lords: Brexit: parliamentary scrutiny
2016-12-19 POLITICO: UK banks could sue EU, say lawyers
2016-12-18 Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland’s plan to protect its place in European single market
2016-12-16 CER: Customs union membership is no way out of the Brexit trap
2016-12-16 Financial Times: Japanese banks warn of leaving London without Brexit clarity
2016-12-16 House of Lords: Leaving the European Union: Machinery of Government Changes
2016-12-15 Schulz: “Let us have the courage to fight for the EU”
2016-12-15 Statement after the informal meeting of the 27 heads of state or government
2016-12-15 Commercial Risk Europe: France forecast to win Brexit business in 2017
2016-12-15 House of Lords: Transitional period for financial services vital following Brexit
2016-12-14 European Parliament: Grave consequences if Parliament is all but excluded from EU Brexit talks
2016-12-14 David Davis: No Brexit details until February
2016-12-14 Alexander Stubb: Which is the best Brexit option: soft, hard or cliff edge?
2016-12-14 Institute for Government: Whitehall’s preparation for the UK’s exit from the EU
2016-12-14 House of Lords: Brexit: acquired rights report published
2016-12-13 Financial Times: Full memo of David Davis meeting with the City
2016-12-13 Financial Times: Switzerland heads for EU immigration climbdown
2016-12-13 The Telegraph: Philip Hammond calls for 'soft Brexit' taking four years
2016-12-13 House of Lords: Brexit requires compromise between sovereignty and liberalising trade, report says
2016-12-13 Hedgeweek: Hedge fund managers becoming more upbeat about Brexit, says Preqin
2016-12-12 The Telegraph: European citizens living in UK should remain under jurisdiction of EU law after Brexit, radical new plan proposes
2016-12-12 The Guardian: Brexit will undermine London's legal standing, barristers warn
2016-12-12 Financial Times: Spain’s financial watchdog looks to lure London business to Madrid
2016-12-12 EU Select Committee: Brexit challenge needs new bilateral UK/Ireland agreement
2016-12-12 Bloomberg: EU calls for Brexit talks ‘swiftly’ after Article 50, draft says
2016-12-11 Financial Times: An equivalence deal on Brexit may be the best the City can get
2016-12-11 Financial Times: London backs Deutsche Börse and LSE over domicile
2016-12-10 The Guardian: Poll suggests public will not accept a Brexit that leaves them worse off
2016-12-09 EP Economic Governance Support Unit: Third-country equivalence in EU banking legislation
2016-12-09 EP Economic Governance Support Unit: Brexit: the United-Kingdom and EU financial services
2016-12-08 Financial Times: Theresa May on decision-making, Brexit and doing the job her way
2016-12-08 LSE: What Michel Barnier’s October 2018 timeline means for the Brexit negotiations
2016-12-08 Financial Times: Parliament endorses Brexit: what does the vote mean?
2016-12-07 Bloomberg: UK lawmakers back Theresa May’s March 2017 Brexit schedule
2016-12-06 The Guardian: UK will have less than 18 months to reach deal, says Commission's Brexit chief negotiator
2016-12-06 NIESR: Sharp fall in migration post Brexit could shrink GDP per capita by more than 3pc
2016-12-06 City of London Corporation: Financial Services sector makes its highest recorded tax contribution
2016-12-05 Financial Times: Liam Fox opens talks with WTO over terms of membership
2016-12-05 EurActiv: 275% increase in UK lawyers registering in Ireland after Brexit
2016-12-05 Philip Hammond and David Davis host financial services bosses for Brexit discussion
2016-12-05 Bloomberg: Norway seeks clarity on Brexit before making deal on UK trade
2016-12-04 Financial Times: Financial sector struggles to find common vision for Brexit
2016-12-03 Andrew Duff: Running Commentary II
2016-12-02 ALFI: Brexit - time for action
2016-12-01 Bloomberg: UK could stay in customs union after Brexit, trade aide says
2016-12-01 POLITICO: UK will consider paying to access EU single market
2016-12-01 The Guardian: European free trade area could be UK's best Brexit option, says judge
2016-12-01 Commercial Risk Europe: UK insurers lobby Brexit negotiations
2016-12-01 EFAMA's De Proft:Brexit already raising questions for EU regulation
2016-11-30 CEPS: Policy Uncertainty and International Financial Markets: The Case of Brexit
2016-11-30 The Telegraph: BoE's Carney warns EU faces financial drought if it cuts off UK overnight
2016-11-29 Financial Times: Could Article 127 be used to keep the UK in the single market?
2016-11-29 UK Government: Corporate governance reform
2016-11-29 Financial Times: City must apply EU rules to keep lead role, says eurogroup chief
2016-11-29 POLITICO: May’s pre-Brexit expats plan nixed by Merkel
2016-11-28 POLITICO: Hard Brexit to hurt almost all sectors of Brit economy - CEBR report
2016-11-28 ECB's Mario Draghi statement at the ECON Committee of the European Parliament hearing
2016-11-28 Financial News: Banks’ blueprints for Brexit
2016-11-27 Bloomberg: UK Lawmakers Demand Pre-Brexit Deal on EU Resident Rights
2016-11-27 The Guardian: Chance of an 'orderly' Brexit within two years is less than 50%, expert claims
2016-11-27 Financial Times: Mark Carney urges transitional Brexit deal
2016-11-27 Financial Times: Ireland’s central bank boosts staff for Brexit insurers
2016-11-25 John Major: Second Brexit referendum ‘perfectly credible’
2016-11-25 CEPS: Brexit and the Distribution of Power in the Council of the EU
2016-11-24 IBTimes: Donald Trump is a threat to European markets, warns European Central Bank
2016-11-24 Sky News: EU adopting three-tier approach to Brexit
2016-11-23 HM Treasury Autumn Statement 2016: Philip Hammond's speech
2016-11-22 City AM: The EU parliament's Brexit negotiator warns that talks must close by the middle of 2019
2016-11-22 Financial Times: UK trade deal far from top priority for Canada
2016-11-22 Financial Times: Brexit Britain faces threat of higher EU barriers
2016-11-21 Bertelsmann Stiftung: Brexit has raised support for the European Union
2016-11-21 Bloomberg: Brexit banks told to relax: ECB won’t give first-mover advantage
2016-11-21 City AM: Investor confidence in UK shares falls and "nervousness" is likely to grow around Brexit
2016-11-21 Wolfgang Schäuble: Britain can’t lower corporation tax
2016-11-21 CBI annual conference 2016: Prime Minister's speech
2016-11-20 POLITICO: Trump’s UK allies put Remain MPs in their sights
2016-11-20 Financial Times: ‘Many ways’ Brexit may go to EU courts, top ECJ judge says
2016-11-19 The Telegraph: Heavyweight Brexiteers among 60 Tory MPs to demand clean break from the EU
2016-11-18 Financial News: Deloitte mulls moving workers from UK
2016-11-17 Institute for Economic Affairs: Free to move - The costs & consequences of restrictions on migration
2016-11-17 Financial Times: Wolfgang Schäuble sets out tough line on Brexit
2016-11-17 Financial Times: Bankers predict Trump will not reshape regulatory agenda
2016-11-16 NatCen: Voters want UK to stay in the EU single market but be able to control immigration
2016-11-16 Speech by the President of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, at the UBS in London
2016-11-15 Financial Times: UK faces Brexit bill of up to €60bn as Brussels toughens stance
2016-11-15 Pricewaterhousecoopers: Economic prospects after Brexit
2016-11-14 EurActiv: EU membership must matter
2016-11-14 Mandelson: Hard Brexit will lead to £1.2 billion bombshell for British businesses
2016-11-14 ICAEW: Financial reporting in a post Brexit world
2016-11-14 Hitachi Capital: Businesses abandon £65.5bn of investments due to Brexit
2016-11-13 Financial Times: Losing euro-denominated clearing would cost London 83,000 jobs
2016-11-11 The Guardian: S&P predicts hard Brexit and fresh downgrade for UK
2016-11-11 The Guardian: Brexit leaves London-based banks facing 'nightmarish' choices
2016-11-10 Comments by ECB's Mersch at Financial Services summit
2016-11-10 Financial Times: London-only work visa plan laid out for Brexit Britain
2016-11-10 The UK in a changing Europe: Brexit and beyond: How the United Kingdom might leave the European Union
2016-11-10 Bloomberg: Post-Brexit London takes step forward with Shanghai stock link
2016-11-09 Paul Goldschmidt: Is it already too late for Europe?
2016-11-08 Financial Times: City of London lobby group wants ‘no change’ Brexit deal
2016-11-08 Institute for Fiscal Studies: Winter is Coming: the outlook for the public finances in the 2016 Autumn Statement
2016-11-07 Financial Times: Theresa May looks to reveal more Brexit detail within weeks
2016-11-07 Financial Times: Article 50 ruling ‘makes life more uncertain’ for business
2016-11-07 ChatHam House: Increasingly apart: Post-crisis growth trajectories in the UK and Eurozone
2016-11-07 House of Commons: Statement on Article 50
2016-11-07 Paul Goldschmidt: The Brexit negotiations
2016-11-06 Financial Times: EU reconsiders financial market access rules
2016-11-03 Joergen Oerstroem Moeller: How Brexit could poison the British political agenda for years
2016-11-03 Financial Times: City should welcome escape from burden of EU rules, says report
2016-11-03 Financial Times: High Court delivers blow to UK’s Brexit plans
2016-11-03 City AM: Losing access to the single market and passporting would be "calamitous" for the financial services sector, say MPs
2016-11-03 Verfassungsblog: The High Court’s Brexit Decision: A Lesson in Constitutional Law for the UK Government
2016-11-03 NIESR: A welcome decision from the MPC, but risks remain’
2016-11-03 Open Europe: What does the Article 50 ruling mean for the Government’s Brexit plans?
2016-11-03 BoE's Cunliffe: Challenges for financial markets
2016-11-03 Financial Times: Brexit ruling and BoE decision send pound surging
2016-11-03 Hedgeweek: Cyprus positions itself as post-Brexit partner to UK funds industry
2016-11-01 NIESR: The UK economy will grow 2% in 2016 before slowing to 1.4% in 2017
2016-11-01 The City UK: UK financial industry hits new trade surplus record
2016-10-31 Bank of England: Governor Mark Carney makes announcement on his term
2016-10-28 ESMA sets enforcement priorities for listed companies’ 2016 financial statements
2016-10-28 YouGov: “Hard” Brexit talk sees consumer confidence stumble
2016-10-27 NIESR: Nissan, Brexit and "industrial strategy"
2016-10-27 Bloomberg: Banks likely to lose passporting with Brexit, official says
2016-10-27 The Guardian: Sadiq Khan warns hard Brexit will cost millions of jobs across UK
2016-10-27 Bloomberg: BoE buys about 2 billion pounds of company debt in Brexit buffer
2016-10-27 Bloomberg: Danish ATP fund sees London banking ‘dismantled’ by Brexit
2016-10-26 Report by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on the European Council meeting
2016-10-26 The Independent: Philip Hammond faces £84 billion black hole in public finances without 'fiscal reset', economists warn
2016-10-25 Bloomberg: Britons happy to sacrifice trade for fewer foreigners, poll says
2016-10-24 City of London Corporation report: Regional Visas - A unique immigration solution?
2016-10-24 Financial Times: Wallonia’s stand on trade spells trouble for Brexit
2016-10-23 Financial Times: UK trade sector warns of Brexit customs disruption at borders
2016-10-22 Financial Times: Brexit threatens UK fund management’s global influence
2016-10-22 Financial Times: Britain and Europe share an interest in an amicable split
2016-10-22 The Economist: Brexit à la carte
2016-10-22 BBA's Anthony Browne: Brexit politicians are putting us on a fast track to financial jeopardy
2016-10-21 LSE: The Great ‘Repeal’ Act will leave Parliament sidelined and disempowered
2016-10-21 Bruegel: Beyond hard, soft and no Brexit
2016-10-21 CER: Sterling slump won't rescue the British economy
2016-10-21 Remarks by President Donald Tusk after the European Council meeting
2016-10-21 PubAffairs Bruxelles: A lose-lose game? The ‘Brexit effect’ in the UK and the EU
2016-10-20 Open Europe: How the UK’s financial services sector can continue thriving after Brexit
2016-09-27 Financial Times: A hard Brexit is far from inevitable
2016-09-27 World Economic Forum: What impact will Brexit have on the UK’s competitiveness?
2016-09-27 Bloomberg: Fox says UK will ‘uphold’ WTO Commitments after Brexit
2016-09-26 The Guardian: Brexit anxiety taking its toll on financial services sector, CBI finds
2016-09-26 Bloomberg: Most UK CEOs say they would consider moving after Brexit
2016-09-26 Euro area economy showed resilience after UK referendum, Mario Draghi tells MEPs
2016-09-26 Financial Times: Confidential report reveals Brexit threat to consumer banking
2016-09-25 Financial Times: City of London fears May government is shifting towards ‘hard’ Brexit
2016-09-25 Reuters: European firms offer Britain scant support in divorce talks
2016-09-25 Financial Times: City’s special relationship with EU finance system revealed
2016-09-24 The Telegraph: US bank bosses from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and BlackRock threaten Theresa May with relocation
2016-09-23 City AM: City finance jobs tumble after Brexit vote
2016-09-23 Open Europe: Political creativity needed for ambitious Brexit deal may be in short supply
2016-09-23 CER: Brexit Britain: The poor man of Western Europe?
2016-09-22 City AM: Lloyd's of London could announce Brexit restructure plans before Christmas
2016-09-22 CEPS: The Economics of Brexit: It’s not about the Internal Market
2016-09-22 Bloomberg: Banks said to plan for loss of euro clearing after Brexit
2016-09-22 Hedgeweek: Brexit allows Malta to consolidate UK relationship
2016-09-21 New Joint Forum Unites Leave and Remain
2016-09-20 Financial Times: ‘Significant’ Brexit risk for 5,500 UK groups using EU passporting - FCA
2016-09-20 Bloomberg: Brexit backer says bank freedom starts by embracing EU rules
2016-09-20 Bertelsmann Stiftung & Jacques Delors Institut: Repair and Prepare: Growth and the Euro after Brexit
2016-09-19 Financial Times: The City’s passport to a bright future outside the bloc
2016-09-19 Financial Times: Loss of passporting rights ‘manageable’ for the City – Moody’s
2016-09-19 The Guardian: Hard Brexit will cost City of London its hub status, warns Bundesbank boss
2016-09-19 EurActiv: Switzerland and EU head – politely – for the rocks
2016-09-19 CER: Brexit will make Britain's mediocre economic record worse
2016-09-19 CER: Why a hard Brexit looks likely
2016-09-18 September 2016 BIS Quarterly Review: Markets pass Brexit test
2016-09-18 Financial Times: MUFG adds to pressure on UK to engineer a soft Brexit
2016-09-16 Bloomberg: Hammond said to be ready to ditch EU Single-Market on Brexit
2016-09-15 Financial Times: US finance groups call for Brexit ‘transition period’
2016-09-15 Bruegel: Evidence on the future of financial services in the UK following the Brexit vote
2016-09-14 Andrew Duff: Brexit beyond the market: Towards a Treaty of London
2016-09-14 Commission sets up Task Force led by Michel Barnier as Chief Negotiator for the Preparation and Conduct of the Negotiations with UK
2016-09-13 House of Lords: Parliament should 'play a central role' in triggering Article 50
2016-09-12 Financial Times: A two-tier model to revive Europe
2016-09-09 Bloomberg: China, Japan could be among Asia's biggest winners from Brexit
2016-09-08 Open Britain: Stronger with Europe
2016-09-08 TheCityUK: The UK: Europe's financial centre
2016-09-07 CEPS: The Impact of Brexit on the EU Budget: A non-catastrophic event
2016-09-06 Bloomberg: Ermotti says UBS could move 30% of London staff on Brexit
2016-09-06 Exiting the European Union: Ministerial statement
2016-09-04 Financial Times: Policymakers should not dilute City of London regulation
2016-09-04 Open Europe: Japan weighs in on Brexit negotiations
2016-09-02 Financial Times: Fifth of City revenues could be hit by ‘hard Brexit’
2016-09-02 Andrew Tyrie: Giving meaning to Brexit
2016-09-02 Paul Goldschmidt: The negotiations over TTIP and Brexit
2016-09-01 The Guardian: Electoral reform campaigners slam ‘dire’ EU referendum debate
2016-09-01 Financial Times: Article 50 is not for ever and the UK could change its mind
2016-09-01 Bloomberg: Global banks said to seek special Brexit deal to keep status quo
2016-07-27 Open Europe: Priorities for the new Department for International Trade post-Brexit
2016-07-27 House of Commons: Absence of certainty on Brexit migration issues, says Committee
2016-07-26 CFS Survey: Financial Centre Frankfurt emerges as major winner of a Brexit
2016-07-25 Mark Boleat: The UK faces two critical trade-offs in determining its future EU relationship
2016-07-25 Financial Times: City of London eyes ‘equivalence’ as post-Brexit link with EU
2016-07-24 Wolfgang Münchau: The high price of Europe’s misguided pragmatism
2016-07-24 Guy Verhofstadt: “Parliament will block a deal that creates a new favourable status for the UK.”
2016-07-24 Financial Times: Brexit ‘stampede’ out of UK funds
2016-07-23 G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Communiqué
2016-07-22 EurActiv: Brexit - A very British drama, a very European challenge
2016-07-22 House of Lords: Parliament must have role in scrutinising Brexit, Committee reports
2016-07-22 Markit Flash UK Purchasing Managers’ Index
2016-07-22 Financial Times: Beazley plans Ireland base for European operations
2016-07-22 Financial Times: Elite crew to steer City through Brexit’s choppy waters
2016-07-21 ACCA: Brexit uncertainty is a key threat to fragile global business confidence
2016-07-21 Financial News: City unites for new bipartisan Brexit lobby
2016-07-21 Paul Goldschmidt: May Time or May…hem?
2016-07-19 Bruegel: Single market access from outside the EU: three key prerequisites
2016-07-19 IMF cuts global growth forecasts on Brexit, warns of risks to outlook
2016-07-19 ECFIN: The Economic Outlook after the UK Referendum: A first assessment for the Euro Area and the EU
2016-07-18 Policy Network: The impact of Brexit on the City and the British economic model
2016-07-18 Financial Times: City of London sees Brexit differently to new minister
2016-07-18 EY Item Club: Brexit fallout to hit UK economic growth
2016-07-17 Financial Times: How to make Brexit manageable
2016-07-17 The Guardian: Brexit impact is going to be horrible, says leading City fund manager
2016-07-15 IPE: UK pensions regulator seeks to calm trustees over Brexit volatility
2016-07-15 IN Facts: UK likely to miss out on giant new EU capital market
2016-07-14 Deutsche Bundesbank's Dombret: What does Brexit mean for European banks?
2016-07-14 Paul Goldschmidt: The European Union - a glimmer of hope!
2016-07-13 CEPS: Procedural steps towards Brexit
2016-07-12 IPE: UK pension funds vigilant of Brexit outcomes after initial ups, downs
2016-07-12 Martin Schulz: The EU must not treat the UK as a deserter – we can negotiate without rancour
2016-07-12 ACCA: UK finance profession sets out priorities for the new Prime Minister’s first 30 days in office
2016-07-12 Remarks by J.Dijsselbloem following the Eurogroup meeting
2016-07-12 FRC: Reminders for half-yearly and annual financial reports following the EU referendum
2016-07-12 EUROPP: Theresa May has two clear options on Brexit – neither of them easy
2016-07-11 Brookings: After Brexit, London can kiss fintech startup growth goodbye
2016-07-11 City AM: Over 1,000 barristers write to Cameron branding the Brexit outcome "not legally binding"
2016-07-11 OMFIF: Schadenfreude over British exit
2016-07-10 UK Parliament: Brexit vote could see defence budget reduced
2016-07-08 Hedgeweek: UK financial sector chronically unprepared for Brexit regulatory changes
2016-07-08 Remarks by President Donald Tusk after the EU-US leaders' meeting in Warsaw
2016-07-08 Financial Times: Brexcuses - A crib sheet for shifting blame if Brexit goes bad
2016-07-07 Guy Verhofstadt: Only more Europe can beat Europe’s nationalists
2016-07-07 Commercial Risk Europe: London insurers in talks to maintain EU passporting rights
2016-07-07 Financial Times: George Osborne pledges to safeguard City’s investment banks
2016-07-07 The AMF publishes its 2016 risk mapping
2016-07-06 Opening statement by Vice President Dombrovskis at the consultation with the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affair
2016-07-05 Martin Wolf: How Europe should respond to Brexit
2016-07-05 City AM: Post-Brexit passporting questions hang over fintech too
2016-07-05 VerfassungsBlog: Political Reductionism at its Best: the EU Institutions’ Response to the Brexit Referendum
2016-07-05 BCC: Business groups call for clear leadership and action following EU vote
2016-07-05 Bank of England: Financial Stability Report, July 2016
2016-07-05 Final remarks by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament plenary session
2016-07-05 Report by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on the European Council and the informal meeting of 27 EU leaders
2016-07-04 BBC: Standard Life suspends trading in UK property fund
2016-07-04 Financial Times: The 9 ways Brexit will affect foreign banks
2016-07-04 Lord Mayor of London: There’s no reason London can’t stay the number one global financial centre outside the EU
2016-07-04 VerfassungsBlog: Everything you need to know about Article 50 (but were afraid to ask)
2016-07-03 Paul Goldschmidt: The reform of the European Union or how to square the circle!
2016-07-02 Open Europe: Britain must think in grander terms to reach new European settlement
2016-07-02 The Economist: From folly to fragmentation
2016-07-01 PensionsEurope comments on the result of UK referendum on EU membership
2016-07-01 Reuters: ECB calls for urgent roadmap on Britain's plans to leave EU
2016-06-30 John McFarlane speech at TheCityUK Annual Conference 2016
2016-06-30 Bruegel: Lost passports: a guide to the Brexit fallout for the City of London
2016-06-29 Remarks by President Donald Tusk after the informal meeting of 27 EU heads of state or government
2016-06-29 Reuters: ECB happy to stay put after Brexit vote as markets regain poise: sources
2016-06-29 Commercial Risk Europe: No need for London and UK insurers to panic over Brexit
2016-06-29 Commercial Risk Europe: UK risk and insurance managers have battle ahead following Brexit
2016-06-29 IN Facts: No PM should invoke Article 50 without parliament’s approval
2016-06-28 The National Interest: Will Brexit Really Upset the Global Economy?
2016-06-28 Remarks by President Donald Tusk after the European Council meeting
2016-06-28 Bruegel: Losing “EU passport” would damage City of London
2016-06-28 MEPs call for swift Brexit to end uncertainty and for deep EU reform
2016-06-28 Martin Schulz: Prolonged uncertainty concerning Brexit would be in no-one’s interest
2016-06-28 Mark Boleat: Brexit was a blow but the City will still be the world’s financial hub
2016-06-28 Financial Times: The Norway option is the best available for the UK
2016-06-27 AFME comments on Commissioner Hill’s resignation
2016-06-27 EUROPP: Why the UK must trigger Article 50 immediately
2016-06-27 CEPS: Estrangement Day: The implications of Brexit for the EU
2016-06-27 Bruegel: Six lessons about “real” people, Brexit, and the EU
2016-06-27 Financial Times: Banks press regulators for Brexit clarity
2016-06-27 Financial Times: Passporting question looms large for banks in the UK
2016-06-27 LSE Commission on the Future of Britain in Europe: Financial regulation and the protection of Eurozone outs
2016-06-27 Investment & Pensions Europe: Jeremy Woolfe: The Brexit 'Schock' in Brussels
2016-06-26 Chris Grayling: We will make an orderly exit to ensure the City’s future
2016-06-25 Financial Times: Britain must not hold other EU states to ransom
2016-06-25 Bruegel: The UK / EU Separation: How Fast Does It Happen?
2016-06-25 Moody's: Negative outlook for UK Aa1 sovereign rating; EU’s Aaa stable rating affirmed
2016-06-25 European Commission Statement - Lord Hill
2016-06-24 ALFI: Comment from the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry on the outcome of the EU referendum
2016-06-24 EFAMA Statement on result of UK referendum on EU membership
2016-06-24 House of Lords: EU Committee Chairman comments on EU referendum result
2016-06-24 Financial Times: Brexit will reconfigure the UK economy
2016-06-24 House of Commons: EU referendum result—Chair's comment
2016-06-24 Joint statement by Schulz, Tusk, Rutte and Juncker on UK referendum outcome
2016-06-24 ECB is closely monitoring financial markets
2016-06-24 VoxEU: On the financial market consequences of Brexit
2016-06-24 Lord Ashcroft Polls: How the United Kingdom voted on Thursday… and why
2016-06-24 IFAC reaction to the outcome of the UK's EU referendum
2016-06-24 ACCA, FRC response to the outcome of the EU Referendum result
2016-06-24 BIS media statement on the outcome of the EU referendum in the United Kingdom
2016-06-24 Commercial Risk Europe: Risk managers urged to plug Brexit mitigation gap
2016-06-24 Philip Stephens: Brexit: a vote that changes everything
2016-06-24 Philippe de Schoutheete: Brexit: What to do and where to go now?
2016-06-24 Paul N. Goldschmidt: Waking up with a serious hangover!
2016-06-24 Statement from the Governor of the Bank of England following the EU referendum result
2016-06-24 Statement by Council President Donald Tusk on the outcome of the referendum in the UK
2016-06-24 AFME comments on the outcome of the EU Referendum
2016-06-24 ISDA Statement on UK Referendum Vote for Brexit
2016-06-24 EBF: Statement on result of UK referendum on EU membership
2016-06-24 Investment Association responds to EU referendum result
2016-06-24 PLSA responds to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union
2016-06-24 TheCityUK responds to the UK’s vote to leave the EU
2016-06-23 Andreas Dombret: Opt-in or opt-out? The future of the European Union in light of the UK referendum
2016-06-22 POLITICO: How Europe will break on Brexit
2016-06-22 EurActiv: Work for a better EU as you see it, or suffer a worse one
2016-06-22 EUROPP: The EU referendum has already hit the UK economy – here’s how it could recover after a remain vote
2016-06-22 Speech by the President of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem
2016-06-22 BBC: More than 1,280 business leaders sign letter against Brexit
2016-06-21 British Influence: Brexit - the Commonwealth Dimension
2016-06-21 OECD: The UK’s heart is wobbling but there are good reasons to Remain in the Union
2016-06-21 David Cameron: An abject, self-imposed humiliation awaits if this proud, important country walks away
2016-06-21 IMF: Uncertainty clouds the United Kingdom’s economic prospects
2016-06-21 ECB ready for contingencies following UK referendum, Mario Draghi tells MEPs
2016-06-20 Financial Times: Brexit would end City’s dominance of euro trading
2016-06-20 VoxEU: Brexit - The potential for a financial catastrophe and long-term consequences for the UK financial sector
2016-06-20 George Soros: The Brexit crash will make all of you poorer – be warned
2016-06-19 The Guardian view on the economics of Brexit: running wild risks is not British
2016-06-18 VoxEU: The pound and the macroeconomic effects of Brexit
2016-06-16 British Influence: Brexit - the Irish Dimension
2016-06-16 Donald Tusk: "the UK outside the EU will be distinctly weaker"
2016-06-16 Remarks by J.Dijsselbloem following the Eurogroup meeting
2016-06-15 Financial Times: Alternative EU trade models not in your interest, UK warned
2016-06-15 The New York Times: ‘Brexit’ Plan for the Financial World? Cross Your Fingers
2016-06-15 Financial Times: Economists’ rare unity highlights peril of Brexit
2016-06-15 The Guardian: Bank shares would fall sharply after Brexit, City analysts warn
2016-06-15 CEBR: Brexit, exports and jobs
2016-06-14 VoxEU: Fear of Brexiting: Recent perspectives on the economics of the UK-EU relationship
2016-06-14 The National Interest: 5 Hard Truths about Brexit
2016-06-14 EUROPP: Scenarios of a new UK-EU relationship: A ‘Bremain’
2016-06-13 Mark Boleat: Britain must not turn its back on its friends and allies by leaving the EU Single Market
2016-06-10 SPIEGEL Interview with Wolfgang Schäuble: 'Britain Is a Leading Nation'
2016-06-09 The Guardian: Citigroup warns staff of Brexit jobs risk
2016-06-09 EUROPP: Scenarios of a new UK-EU relationship: A ‘harsh’ Brexit
2016-06-09 City AM: Losing the EU financial services “passport” would be a disaster for the UK economy
2016-06-09 The Telegraph: Brexit might trigger run on Britain's record financial debts, S&P warns
2016-06-09 EUROPP: Scenarios of a new UK-EU relationship: A ‘soft’ Brexit
2016-06-09 Financial Times: Brexiteers’ idea of unilateral free trade is a dangerous fantasy
2016-06-08 Commercial risk: Risk managers urged to plan for Brexit risks
2016-06-08 INET Oxford: How did the UK economy do since joining the EU?
2016-06-07 LSE Commission on the Future of Britain in Europe
2016-06-07 Financial Times: Economic and trade uncertainty is the biggest Brexit threat
2016-06-07 Pew Research Center: Euroscepticism Beyond Brexit
2016-06-07 Hitachi boss says Brexit would 'force rethink' of UK operations and jobs
2016-06-07 Britain Stronger in Europe: The EU's Single Market is vital for Britain's national prosperity
2016-06-06 Bruegel: With Brexit London would lose business as a global financial centre
2016-06-06 Britain “punches above its weight” in Brussels negotiations, says City’s research
2016-06-06 Reuters: World trade chief says post-Brexit 'WTO option' may be unfeasible for UK
2016-06-05 Financial Times: Asset managers Brexit-proof funds
2016-06-05 Financial Times: Banks train staff to answer Brexit queries
2016-06-03 Bruegel: Berlin and Paris need a strategy for Brexit
2016-06-03 David Miliband—our financial services will be at risk if we leave the EU
2016-06-03 JP Morgan boss: up to 4,000 jobs could be cut after Brexit
2016-06-01 Speech by President Donald Tusk at the European Business Summit
2016-06-01 Sajid Javid: The flaws in the alternative to the single market
2016-06-01 Global economy stuck in low-growth trap: Policymakers need to act to keep promises, OECD says in latest Economic Outlook
2016-05-31 Bruegel: Brexit debate ignores UK’s privileged position in Europe
2016-05-31 UK voters leaning towards Brexit, Guardian poll reveals
2016-05-31 Financial Times: Britain lacks the skills to go solo on trade deals
2016-05-30 Bruegel: The three dangers of Brexit
2016-05-28 The Guardian: Economists overwhelmingly reject Brexit in boost for Cameron
2016-05-27 Financial Times: EU regulator warns Brexit is a threat to UK funds
2016-05-27 CEP: 'Economists For Brexit' - A critique
2016-05-26 UK House of Commons: Northern Ireland and the EU referendum key issues
2016-05-26 Euler Hermes research: Brexit could spark sharp rise in UK & EU insolvencies
2016-05-26 ESMA's Maijoor speech at Financial News 20th Anniversary
2016-05-25 IFS: Brexit could add two years to austerity
2016-05-24 Financial Times: Brexit fear hits foreign direct investment
2016-05-23 Lord Hill: "UK financial services: better off in the EU and the Single Market"
2016-05-23 HM Treasury analysis: the immediate economic impact of leaving the EU
2016-05-23 CEPS: A last testament
2016-05-22 Financial Times: Brexit can only damage UK’s financial colossus
2016-05-22 David Cameron and George Osborne: Brexit would put our economy in serious danger
2016-05-19 SUERF: Ten Myths in the Brexit Debate
2016-05-19 Project Syndicate: Brexit and New Europe
2016-05-19 Financial Times: BoE’s Vlieghe calls for Brexit rate cuts
2016-05-19 ComRes EU referendum poll: Remain stays ahead while economy jumps in importance
2016-05-18 YouGov: EU referendum poll - Remain lead at four
2016-05-17 Financial Times: Upcoming UK vote on EU lifts sterling insurance cost
2016-05-16 Fitch: Brexit would increase downside risks to EU sovereigns
2016-05-16 Paul Goldschmidt: The E.U - the U.S.A. – the TTIP – NATO
2016-05-15 Financial Times: What Brexit means for defence and diplomacy
2016-05-13 BBC: IMF says Brexit 'pretty bad to very, very bad'
2016-05-13 The Guardian: Why Brexit would be the perfect gift for Vladimir Putin
2016-05-12 The Telegraph: French finance minister Sapin warns of banker flight from the City in event of Brexit
2016-05-12 The Guardian: Brexit could lead to recession, says Bank of England
2016-05-12 Commercial Risk Europe: London insurers express grave concerns for Brexit
2016-05-11 OMFIF: Concern over loss of passports
2016-05-11 City AM: EU businesses say Brexit will hurt them - but they want a tough stance in any post-Brexit trade negotiations
2016-05-11 Reuters: Brexit would cost financial firms 17 billion pounds, study says
2016-05-11 The Independent: NIESR warns of Brexit 'shock' to UK economy
2016-05-11 Brexit would mean double blow for CEE: shock then EU break-up threat
2016-05-10 Gordon Brown says 'we need to lead Europe, not leave it'
2016-05-10 BCC EU Survey: Business vote tightens as referendum campaign heads to the finish line
2016-05-10 Reuters: ECB asks euro zone banks to detail Brexit plans
2016-05-09 City AM: Ready for a Brexit? Most businesses are not, but financial services firms are ahead of the game
2016-05-09 Chatham House: Britain, the EU and the Sovereignty Myth
2016-05-09 IoD publishes wide-ranging survey of business views on EU referendum
2016-05-09 Laburnum Consulting: The UK’s Referendum - A failure to engage
2016-05-09 Financial Times: Global banks turn more wary on UK over Brexit economic fallout
2016-05-09 George Osborne: ‘Tens of thousands of jobs will go’ in the City if UK leaves EU
2016-05-06 Financial Times: Most EU citizens in UK would not meet work visa rules, data show
2016-05-05 Vox EU: The FDI premium from EU membership
2016-05-05 The Telegraph: Is losing the City of London really a price worth paying for Brexit?
2016-05-04 City AM: Brexit would mean higher inflation and more quantitative easing
2016-05-04 Financial Times: A risible case for Brexit based on dubious data
2016-05-04 Financial Times: Brexit blamed for surge in uncertainty
2016-05-04 House of Lords: EU withdrawal would be complex and daunting, Committee finds
2016-05-03 Peter Mandelson: Why is the Brexit camp so obsessed with immigration? Because that’s all they have
2016-05-03 Alistair Darling: leaving EU could put £250bn of UK export trade at risk
2016-05-03 City AM: Brexit concerns increasingly weighing on the minds of business owners
2016-05-02 PIIE: Brexit Scenarios for June 24
2016-04-29 Policy Network: Can there really be a ‘new settlement’ between Britain and Europe?
2016-04-28 Reuters: EU would divorce UK before any new relationship
2016-04-28 Financial Times: Bank of England governor says Brexit risks higher prices and lower growth
2016-04-28 EurActiv: Brexit a threat to London’s FinTech dominance, industry says
2016-04-28 Franz Nauschnigg: Economic consequences of Brexit - Austria and Switzerland as potential counterfactuals
2016-04-28 The Guardian: Brexit fears putting overseas firms off UK commercial property, says report
2016-04-28 CTEI: Brexit - Impacts on UK and EU Trade
2016-04-28 David Cameron and Brendan Barber: On Europe even we can agree: for British workers it’s better in
2016-04-28 CER: The seven blunders: Why Brexit would be harder than Brexiteers think
2016-04-27 VoxEU: Rich countries can benefit from EU membership
2016-04-27 OECD study finds Britons will be paying a heavy “Brexit tax” for many years if UK leaves EU
2016-04-27 Financial Times: Arguments for Brexit do not add up
2016-04-26 Theresa May’s speech on Brexit
2016-04-26 UK House of Commons: Committee unanimously agrees EU referendum analysis
2016-04-25 Bruegel: Understanding HM Treasury’s Brexit analysis
2016-04-24 The Guardian: Britons may need visa to visit Europe post-Brexit, says justice minister
2016-04-24 Paul Goldschmidt: The British Referendum
2016-04-24 Laburnum Consulting: The UK’s Referendum - the search for facts
2016-04-23 The New York Times: Boris Is Bad Enough
2016-04-22 OMFIF: Why Europe needs Britain
2016-04-22 City AM: Seven Brexit myths debunked by economists at Berenberg
2016-04-22 The Telegraph: Barack Obama: As your friend, let me say that the EU makes Britain even greater
2016-04-22 Financial Times: Barack Obama’s decisive intervention in the Brexit campaign
2016-04-21 The economic consequences of leaving the EU: The final report of the CER Commission
2016-04-20 Deutsche Welle: Brexit survey - UK should stay in EU
2016-04-20 Bloomberg: Euro-Dollar volatility tumbles ahead of Brexit vote: analysis
2016-04-20 OMFIF: Brexiteers peddling false hopes
2016-04-20 Open Europe: A common British-Polish vision for EU reform in the event of Remain
2016-04-20 EurActiv: Majority of Swedes want to leave EU in case of Brexit
2016-04-19 The Telegraph: City of London would take hit from Brexit, warns Mark Carney
2016-04-19 VoteWatch: Would Brexit Matter? The UK’s Voting Record in the Council and European Parliament
2016-04-18 HM Treasury analysis: the long-term economic impact of EU membership and the alternatives
2016-04-15 The Independent: Bank of England issues stark Brexit warning as former Chancellor warns of 'dark clouds'
2016-04-15 Bloomberg: G-20 says growth risks are stabilizing as shock of Brexit looms
2016-04-15 OMFIF: Awakening for Europe’s believers
2016-04-15 YouGov: Feeling it in the purse could spell victory in the Referendum campaign
2016-04-14 Financial Times: Why the Brexit crowd wants to silence Obama
2016-04-14 Financial Times: City’s status as financial hub at risk from Brexit vote, says Cryan
2016-04-14 TheCityUK: EU exit could put at risk up to 100,000 jobs in financial services by 2020
2016-04-14 Paul Goldschmidt: The British Referendum
2016-04-13 Financial Times: European business warns against Brexit
2016-04-13 OMFIF: Polish euro threat if Brits say No
2016-04-13 Open Europe: Where next? A liberal, free-market guide to Brexit
2016-04-12 OMFIF: Cameron’s unsatisfactory deal
2016-04-12 The Guardian: Brexit would not bring about better deal on trade – Lord Hill
2016-04-12 EurActiv: Graf Lambsdorff: EU ‘clearly went too far’ in Brexit concessions
2016-04-12 POLITICO: Martin Schulz - Brexit could trigger ‘implosion’ of EU
2016-04-12 The Guardian: IMF says Britain leaving the EU is a significant risk
2016-04-11 Mark Boleat: Too often it’s the UK – not Brussels – to blame for the costly burden of regulation
2016-04-11 Cologne Institute for Economic Research: Economic damages of a Brexit underestimated
2016-04-11 David Miliband: Why Brexit would be nothing less than an act of political arson
2016-04-08 HM Government: Why the Government believes we should remain
2016-04-08 City AM: City of London Corporation chief in Brexit warning to the capital's fintech sector
2016-04-07 Financial Times: Brexit would gravely weaken both UK and Europe, says Major
2016-04-07 CEPS: Britain’s Future in Europe - The known Plan A to remain or the unknown Plan B to leave
2016-04-05 The Telegraph: 'Project Fear' working as poll shows Remain taking a narrow lead
2016-04-05 Yanis Varoufakis: Why we must save the EU
2016-04-04 Reuters: Greece’s problems could become Britain’s
2016-04-04 City AM: European businesses believe it is in UK's best interest to remain in the EU
2016-04-04 VoxEU: The consequences of Brexit for UK trade and living standards
2016-04-04 Financial Times: Jeremy Corbyn could hold the key to a Remain EU referendum vote
2016-04-04 David Cameron: Britain's choice: economic security with the EU, or a leap into the dark
2016-04-04 City AM: Brexit vote would be bad for business, say two-thirds of insurers
2016-04-04 AMAFI's De Lauzun warns against UK leaving the European Union
2016-04-04 The Telegraph: Vote for Brexit would lead to 'implosion' of the continental bloc, warns LSE chief
2016-04-04 The Guardian: UK finance chiefs delay hiring and investment as Brexit tops risk list
2016-04-03 Financial Times: Sterling fears mount as Britain nears vote on EU
2016-04-01 Reuters: Brexit risks taking multi-trillion euro trading from London
2016-04-01 Reuters: Britain's 'in' and 'out' EU campaigns level
2016-04-01 Financial Times: A British breakaway would hurt its European partners
2016-04-01 Handelsblatt: Morgan Stanley CEO Warns of ‘Considerable’ Impact of Brexit
2016-03-30 City AM: EU referendum could explain "exodus from investment funds"
2016-03-30 UK Parliament: Government should focus on positive vision for future EU reform
2016-03-30 Financial Times: The Brexiteers’ magical thinking on global trade
2016-03-29 Financial Times: Bank of England says Brexit carries risk of credit crunch
2016-03-26 The Economist: Unfavourable trade winds
2016-03-25 IN Facts: The Brexit camp’s own goal
2016-03-24 British Influence: Future UK Trade Patterns - Fantasy & Reality
2016-03-24 British Influence: Euro ins and Euro outs - The UK Renegotiation Agreement
2016-03-23 City AM: The economic case against Brexit is stacking up fast - A vote to leave is a vote for a less prosperous Britain
2016-03-22 LSE: The question is not whether Brexit will cost the UK in economic terms but how much
2016-03-22 Moody's: Brexit poses manageable credit challenges for UK and EU
2016-03-21 City AM: Two out of five small and medium-sized businesses back Brexit, says Zurich
2016-03-19 John Major: Voting to leave will poison Europe and divide West
2016-03-18 OMFIF: Time for two Europes
2016-03-18 LSE: The City and the EU - There are clear divisions in the UK’s financial services sector over a Brexit
2016-03-17 Bruegel: The UK’s sovereignty myth
2016-03-17 Wall Street Journal: Some see slow road out of Europe for UK
2016-03-16 The Guardian: The idea of Brexit is pure Project Fantasy. But the dangers are very real
2016-03-16 EurActiv: Brexit - What would it mean for UK trade?
2016-03-15 Open Europe: What could the EU-Canada free trade deal tell us about Brexit?
2016-03-15 The Evening Standard/Lord Hill: Brexit risks ruling us out of our best market
2016-03-14 City AM: City consultants issue stark warning over Brexit-induced uncertainty
2016-03-14 EurActiv: Majority of French back holding ‘Frexit’ referendum
2016-03-13 Financial Times: Ireland prepares for Brexit fund influx
2016-03-11 British companies 'could be forced out of business' by Brexit, says Oxford University
2016-03-10 Telegraph: Brexit would be damaging for EU-Commonwealth relations, says former Maldives president
2016-03-10 TheCityUK: A practitioner's guide to Brexit
2016-03-10 EurActiv: ECB questions banks over ‘Brexit’ preparations
2016-03-08 The Independent: Gibraltar Chief Minister warns Spain 'could pounce' if UK votes for Brexit
2016-03-08 BoE: The economic and financial costs and benefits of UK's EU membership - letter by Mark Carney
2016-03-08 POLITICO: 5 options for post-Brexit trade with Europe
2016-03-07 City AM: Why the City of London Corporation was right to come out in favour of EU membership
2016-03-07 The Telegraph/Cummings: Why Brexit risks weakening all our financial services
2016-03-06 The Guardian: Brexit would damage EU and UK 'politically and economically'
2016-03-06 Paul Goldschmidt : The ECB is a convenient scapegoat!
2016-03-03 Bruegel: Fog in the Channel - Brexit through the eyes of international trade
2016-03-03 City of London Corporation backs remaining in the European Union
2016-03-03 POLITICO: Emmanuel Macron: France would send migrants to UK after Brexit
2016-03-03 Policy Network: Britain's special status in Europe
2016-03-03 Financial Times: European leaders and businesses line up against Brexit
2016-03-03 The New York Times: Britain Needs Europe
2016-03-02 Greater London Authority: London - the global powerhouse
2016-03-02 UK Government: Alternatives to membership - possible models for the UK outside the EU
2016-03-02 Bloomberg: How `Brexit' puts European institutions at risk of downgrade
2016-03-02 VoxEU: The implications of Brexit for the rest of the EU
2016-03-01 Peter Mandelson says Leave campaigners are "trying to sell people a fantasy" in major speech
2016-03-01 Financial Times: BlackRock warns of economic dangers of Brexit
2016-02-29 UK Government: The process for withdrawing from the European Union
2016-02-29 Federal Trust / Tim Oliver: Why the EU Referendum will not be the end of the story
2016-02-29 Reuters: UBS warns Sterling would fall to parity vs euro after Brexit vote
2016-02-28 Financial Times: Europe enters the age of disintegration
2016-02-27 BBC: G20 says UK EU exit would be global economy 'shock'
2016-02-26 The Independent: Brexit voters more likely to turn out in force
2016-02-26 VoxEU: The Brexit question will increase financial market volatility
2016-02-25 The Guardian: Brexit vote would affect UK's top credit score, says Standard & Poor's
2016-02-25 IN Facts: UK doesn’t send EU £350m a week or £55m a day to the European Union
2016-02-24 City AM: London firms say the Single Market is the capital's biggest economic asset
2016-02-24 The Independent: Britain is deeply Eurosceptic but will still decide to stay, says poll
2016-02-23 Bloomberg: Goldman Sachs, HSBC back Cameron push to keep U.K. in EU
2016-02-23 PIIE: The Odds Remain against a Brexit
2016-02-23 CEPS: The Final Brexit Question - The known Plan A to remain or the unknown Plan B to leave
2016-02-22 Carnegie Europe: Britain Propels a Two-Speed Europe
2016-02-22 BBC: Pound hits lowest level against dollar since 2009
2016-02-22 CEPS: The EU deal to avoid Brexit - Take it or leave
2016-02-22 City AM: Britain should vote to leave the EU to take back control of our laws
2016-02-22 Moody's warns Brexit would risk UK's credit rating
2016-02-22 UK Parliament: David Cameron statement on the European Council
2016-02-22 The Telegraph: Stay in the EU, say British businesses
2016-02-22 Financial Times: Brexit is the last thing City banks need
2016-02-22 The Telegraph/ Boris Johnson: There is only one way to get the change we want – vote to leave the EU
2016-02-22 Paul Goldschmidt: It would be disastrous to wait passively for the outcome of the British Referendum!
2016-02-21 Financial Times: Concessions to Britain will create a two-tier Europe
2016-02-21 Financial Times: Brexit - uncertainty mounts for foreign bond buyers
2016-02-21 Financial Times: David Cameron finally makes the case against Brexit
2016-02-20 BBC: How does EU deal affect UK's position outside the eurozone
2016-02-20 The Guardian: Cameron’s deal is the wrong one - but Britain must stay in Europe
2016-02-19 European Council: A new settlement for the UK in the EU
2016-02-18 Commercial Risk Europe: Brexit would hurt UK insurers and European rivals in London
2016-02-18 City AM: Brexit will cause carnage for UK fund managers - leaving them without access to the UCITS passport regulation
2016-02-18 Investment Europe: Loss of passporting rights could halve UK exports
2016-02-17 BCC: Business voting intentions harden as PM seeks final deal
2016-02-17 Paul Goldschmidt: The stakes of the Summit are not necessarily those that come to mind!
2016-02-17 Financial Times: Business groups up the ante in Brexit battle
2016-02-17 Invitation letter by President Donald Tusk to the members of the European Council
2016-02-16 UK Parliament: Report on EU foreign and security strategy published
2016-02-16 Bloomberg: Brexit to Put £466 Billion of UK Trade at Risk, Study Says
2016-02-16 Reform of UK membership: “Parliament will do the utmost to support the compromise”
2016-02-15 ComRes/ITV News: Big rise in those who want Britain to leave EU
2016-02-15 Bertelsmann Stiftung: British and German companies regard Brexit as a threat
2016-02-15 The Guardian: UK better in reformed Europe, says HSBC chair
2016-02-15 European Council: Remarks by President Donald Tusk after his meeting in Bucharest with President Klaus Iohannis of Romania
2016-02-14 Financial Times: The City of London gains nothing from leaving the EU
2016-02-12 Reuters: Britain's economy will be worse off if it leaves the EU
2016-02-12 City AM: Ignore EU scaremongers: Why Britain would thrive post-Brexit
2016-02-11 Reuters: BoE's Cunliffe does not expect UK to join EU banking union
2016-02-11 Open Europe: Leaked UK-EU deal reveals EU leaders only willing to discuss narrow British exceptionalism rather than EU-wide reform
2016-02-11 ACCA: CCAB calls for informed debate on EU Reform
2016-02-11 Financial Times: Britain locked in battle with France and Germany over City rules
2016-02-11 Policy Network: The risk of Brexit: an opportunity for the EU?
2016-02-10 City AM: Bad EU regulations hold the City back: We need more influence over policy
2016-02-10 City AM: Firms must state Brexit risk audit regulator warns, as earnings season approaches
2016-02-10 EurActiv: EU’s founding members seek ‘more Europe’, even if it is smaller
2016-02-10 Federalists:Improving the efficiency, democracy and legitimacy of the EU institutions within the current Treaties: possibilities and limits
2016-02-09 Financial Times: British regulators yet to ask banks to assess Brexit impact
2016-02-09 Financial Times: The battle over Brexit matters to the world
2016-02-09 BBC: UK renegotiation would be 'legally binding'
2016-02-08 City AM: London First says Brexit would cost London £13.9bn
2016-02-08 IN Facts: Britain isn’t marginalised in EU
2016-02-05 Financial Times: Britain still has an important role to play in Europe
2016-02-05 The Guardian/Varoufakis: The EU no longer serves the people – democracy demands a new beginning
2016-02-05 EurActiv: Holding the EU together with the threat of disintegration
2016-02-05 EurActiv: ‘Facilitating Coexistence’: the endgame for Brexit
2016-02-05 Reuters: Campaign for 'Brexit' takes 9-point lead
2016-02-04 Financial Times: It hurts some to admit it but Europe needs Britain
2016-02-04 The Telegraph/Ruparel: Britain's relationship with Europe has taken a big step in the right direction
2016-02-04 Paul Goldschmidt: Much ado about “not much”
2016-02-04 Financial Times: EBA head warns on Brexit consequences
2016-02-04 New York Times: Everyone Loses if Britain Exits the E.U.
2016-02-04 City AM: Goldman Sachs says Brexit could cause sterling to plummet by 20 per cent
2016-02-03 ING: The shock from Brexit
2016-02-03 Financial Times: David Cameron has struck a flimsy deal with the EU
2016-02-03 Financial Times: Brexit deal - would City safeguards have stopped bonus cap?
2016-02-03 City AM: Brexit would make red tape worse but lawyers are not doing very much in advance to prepare
2016-02-03 City AM: David Cameron pressed from every side of the House of Commons over EU reforms during Prime Minister's Questions
2016-02-03 City AM: Cameron’s EU deal just doesn’t go far enough - and Donald Tusk’s letter is little more than a press release
2016-02-03 Commission President Juncker: Preparation of the European Council meeting of 18 and 19 February
2016-02-02 Reuters: EU proposals give UK more autonomy on financial rules
2016-02-02 BBC: Draft EU deal - What Cameron wanted and what he got
2016-02-02 Open Europe responds to proposed EU Reform package
2016-02-02 TheCityUK responds to Council President Donald Tusk’s proposal for a new settlement for the UK within the EU
2016-02-02 Letter by President Tusk to the Members of the Council on his proposal for a new settlement for the UK within the EU
2016-02-01 The Telegraph: Bremmer on Brexit - Why Britain, reluctantly, is likely to vote to stay in the EU
2016-02-01 Bloomberg: Europe's biggest exchange warns `Brexit' may spur London exodus
2016-02-01 Bloomberg: Here's what happens to the UK Economy in a `Brexit' scenario
2016-01-31 Financial Times: Brexit vote is Russian roulette, says Axa chief
2016-01-28 Financial Times: Chinese turmoil teaches three basic truths about Brexit
2016-01-28 City AM: Business is better off in the EU – now it’s time to say so
2016-01-28 YouGov: 4 point lead for 'Leave' in EU referendum
2016-01-27 Financial Times: Ireland fears ‘major impact’ from Britain’s EU exit
2016-01-26 The Telegraph: 'Devastating' Brexit will consign Europe to a second rate world power, warns Deutsche Bank
2016-01-26 The Guardian: Mark Carney fears Brexit would leave UK relying on 'kindness of strangers'
2016-01-25 Britain is Stronger in Europe: Report on Single Market
2016-01-25 The Telegraph: Why there is no single business view on Brexit
2016-01-25 Bloomberg: Britain's stock market darlings have it all to lose in `Brexit'
2016-01-25 YouGov: Small business owners more eurosceptic than big business
2016-01-23 City AM: IMF director Christine Lagarde says Brexit is one of two big concerns for the world economy
2016-01-22 The Independent: ‘Self-inflicted wound’ of EU vote could drive UK back into recession, says Adam Posen
2016-01-22 Financial Times: Group of 300 senior lawyers push for Britain to stay in Europe
2016-01-21 The Guardian/Timothy Garton Ash: Whether Brexit or Bremain, fear will triumph over fear
2016-01-21 Investment Week: Invesco Perpetual's Mustoe: Sterling could fall further on Brexit fears
2016-01-21 Reuters: Wall Street weighs into Britain's EU referendum - Goldman, JPMorgan back 'in' campaign
2016-01-19 Report by Council President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on the outcome of the December European Council
2016-01-19 Reuters: British funds body warns Brexit would bring 'massive disruption'
2016-01-18 Remarks by Council President Donald Tusk after his meeting with President of Poland Andrzej Duda
2016-01-18 OMFIF: Light in the multicurrency tunnel
2016-01-18 BBC/David Cameron: There's 'a good case' for new UK sovereignty law
2016-01-18 The Telegraph: Brexit will trigger collapse of EU, warns Poland
2016-01-17 Financial Times: UK benefit reform demands appeal to rest of EU
2016-01-17 The Guardian/Nicky Morgan: Britain’s future must lie within a reformed Europe
2016-01-16 The Telegraph: The EU must know we're prepared to quit
2016-01-16 Paul Goldschmidt: “Brexit” - The E.U. and the U.K. are both making hazardous bets!
2016-01-14 Bloomberg: Chairmen of BT and Barclays Say ‘Brexit’ Talk Damages Britain
2016-01-14 The Telegraph: Chris Grayling calls EU 'disastrous' for Britain in clearest signal yet he plans to back Leave campaign
2016-01-14 MEPs quiz Commission's chief negotiator on progress ahead of UK referendum
2016-01-14 Reuters: Don't mention the Brexit: EU bans Plan B studies
2016-01-14 OMFIF: Why Europe needs to resolve euro trilemma
2016-01-14 EurActiv: House of Lords warned EU will punish UK if it votes for Brexit
2016-01-12 Financial Times: Brexit is the easy bit
2016-01-12 City AM: Don’t ignore the City in the great Brexit debate
2016-01-12 EurActiv: Midterm EU budget review falls victim to UK referendum
2016-01-11 Financial Times: Trading false promises for a post-Brexit Britain
2016-01-11 POLITICO: City goes silent on Brexit
2016-01-10 POLITICO: Cameron: Brexit ‘is not the right answer’
2016-01-08 The Guardian: Cameron could extend tax credits ban to British expats to reach EU deal
2016-01-07 Policy Network: Neither settled nor secure: Britain after Brexit
2016-01-07 EurActiv: Cameron Brexit proposals get mixed reception in Berlin and Budapest
2016-01-07 Evening Standard/ Nick Clegg: My birthday wish is that we win the debate for staying in the EU
2016-01-07 Financial Times: A vote for Brexit is a leap into the abyss
2016-01-07 Financial Times: Bankers sound alarm bells over Brexit consequences
2016-01-05 SPIEGEL: Brexit Danger - The EU Strategy to Keep Britain from Leaving
2016-01-05 BBC: UK Government ministers will be able to campaign for either side on EU referendum
2016-01-05 The Guardian/Verhofstadt: Putin will be rubbing his hands at the prospect of Brexit
2016-01-04 The Telegraph: Brexit risk is nearly 50%, warns Societe Generale
2016-01-04 BBC: UK business support for EU membership falls
2016-01-03 The Guardian/Ulrich Speck: We’ll miss you if Britain leaves the EU – and you’ll be diminished, too
2016-01-03 Financial Times: Membership of reformed EU seen as vital to economic security
2016-01-03 Reuters: Poland wants Britain's help over NATO troops in Brexit talks

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