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Brexit - 2019463 articles out of 463.

Brexit - 2018454 articles out of 454.

2017 Brexit
2017-12-30 Business Insider: Nomura: Shifting public opinion could force the UK into a 2nd Brexit referendum in 2018
2017-12-27 Financial Times: Goldman Sachs eyes Dublin for European asset management unit
2017-12-21 Brexit sectoral analyses published by Committee on Exiting the EU
2017-12-20 The Guardian: Lib Dems call for second EU referendum in December 2018
2017-12-20 Brexit: European Commission recommends draft negotiating directives for next phase of the Article 50 negotiations
2017-12-20 Bloomberg: Centuries-old Gibraltar dispute threatens Brexit progress
2017-12-19 Fed Trust: Brexit is a blank sheet of paper that can never be filled in
2017-12-19 Financial Times: May to water down plan to enshrine Brexit day in law
2017-12-18 The Guardian: UK cannot have a special deal for the City, says EU's Brexit negotiator
2017-12-17 UK sanctions policy faces uncertain future, warns Committee
2017-12-17 European Council (Art. 50) guidelines for Brexit negotiations
2017-12-14 La Libération: Deciphering the Brexit deal
2017-12-14 Agreement on standstill transitional arrangements between UK and EU27 is now urgent
2017-12-13 Financial Times: Banks set to move fewer than 4,600 City jobs over Brexit
2017-12-13 Statement by Michel Barnier at the plenary session of the Parliament on the state of play of the Article 50 negotiations with the UK
2017-12-13 Paul N. Goldschmidt: Brexit: Sufficient progress? An agreement full of contradictions!
2017-12-12 Main results of the General Affairs Council (Art. 50)
2017-12-12 Financial Times: Theresa May faces Europhile revolt on EU withdrawal bill
2017-12-11 The Guardian: Brexit: City of London will lose 10,500 jobs on day one, says EY
2017-12-11 PM statement on EU negotiations
2017-12-11 Commercial Risk Europe: Liberty Specialty Markets moves UK insurer to Luxembourg
2017-12-10 BBC: David Davis wants 'Canada plus plus plus' trade deal
2017-12-08 House of Commons: UK border could be exposed from first day of Brexit
2017-12-08 Brexit: European Commission recommends sufficient progress to the European Council (Article 50)
2017-12-07 UK Lords' EU Committee publishes report on Brexit: deal or no deal
2017-12-05 Andrew Duff: Brexit: Launching Satellite Britain
2017-12-04 POLITICO: UK and EU fail to reach Brexit deal after crunch Brussels meeting
2017-12-03 The Guardian: Brexit puts special rights for Irish citizens in UK ‘at risk’
2017-12-03 The Guardian: Tony Blair confirms he is working to reverse Brexit
2017-12-02 Nicola Sturgeon: To limit the harm done by Brexit, stay in the EU single market
2017-12-01 Prospect Magazine: Brexit: When the banks leave
2017-12-01 The Times: Brexit not a threat to peace deal, says Foster
2017-11-30 TAZ: London's loss is Frankfurt's gain
2017-11-25 Ivan Rogers: The inside story of how David Cameron drove Britain to Brexit
2017-11-23 Stephen Collins: Government needs to be more honest about prospect of hard Border
2017-11-23 The Guardian: Irish report shows lack of respect in EU for UK's handling of Brexit
2017-11-23 Commercial Risk Europe: Standard Club second P&I insurer to announce Dublin Brexit subsidiary
2017-11-21 The Guardian: Rule of law in UK at risk after Brexit, says former supreme court president
2017-11-21 Bloomberg: Brexit-hit banks to start moving staff abroad in early 2018
2017-11-21 Financial Times: EU and UK aim to strike Brexit divorce deal within 3 weeks
2017-11-20 BBC: German business grouping calls for UK to remain in EU
2017-11-20 Main results - General Affairs Council (Art. 50)
2017-11-20 EBA welcomes Council decision on its relocation
2017-11-20 Invest Europe: Global investors set to increase investment in Europe
2017-11-17 David Davis' update to the House of Commons on EU negotiations
2017-11-17 European Union (Withdrawal) Bill report released
2017-11-17 Ian Blackford: Scots ‘will not be dragged out of EU’
2017-11-17 Remarks by President Donald Tusk after the informal meeting of EU heads of State or government in Gothenburg
2017-11-16 Die Presse: In search of an exit without a compass
2017-11-16 The Telegraph: JP Morgan begins telling UK staff being relocated to the EU
2017-11-16 The Guardian: Netherlands told to prepare for a no-deal 'chaos scenario'
2017-11-14 Joe Egerton: Fixing the exit date: A terrible gamble
2017-11-14 Bloomberg: Deutsche Bank needs Brexit clarity by early 2018 - Matherat
2017-11-14 POLITICO: Bill to enshrine Brexit deal in law not enough for Tory rebels
2017-11-13 Gideon Rachman: Brexit Britain is at Europe’s mercy
2017-11-12 Financial Times: May’s Brexit transition ‘impossible to achieve’, says Starmer
2017-11-12 POLITICO: Brexit Britain is in denial over immigration
2017-11-12 Financial Times: Ireland dispute stokes concerns about no deal on Brexit
2017-11-11 The Times: EU wants to split Northern Ireland from Britain
2017-11-10 Bloomberg: Brexit dilemma hurtles toward Ireland: to veto or not
2017-11-10 Speech by Michel Barnier and David Davis following the sixth round of Article 50 negotiations
2017-11-10 Financial Times: UK Brexit minister insists Northern Ireland must leave customs union
2017-11-10 Financial Times: UK can ignore Brexit and stay in EU, Article 50 official says
2017-11-09 Brexit: EP outlines its red lines on latest UK citizens’ rights proposals
2017-11-09 Financial Times: EU gives UK up to 3 weeks to make Brexit bill offer
2017-11-09 The Telegraph: Brexit talks thrown into chaos after Ireland makes fresh border demands in leaked document
2017-11-09 Theresa May: I am determined to give our country the best possible Brexit
2017-11-09 Speech by Michel Barnier at the "Obbligati a crescere – l'Europa dopo Brexit" conference, Rome
2017-11-07 Bloomberg: Paris, Frankfurt try to grab lucrative legal action from London
2017-11-07 Financial Times: Wall Street warns Trump team of Brexit ‘point of no return’
2017-11-07 The Guardian: EU warns UK it has less than a month to make concessions
2017-11-07 Department for Exiting the EU: More detail provided on new settled status for EU citizens
2017-11-07 Andrew Duff: Brexit: Terra Nova to explore together
2017-11-06 UK Government's initial proposals for scrutiny of Brexit-related delegated legislation inadequate
2017-11-06 Financial Times: Dublin calls for 5-year Brexit transition period
2017-11-04 The Guardian: UK has conceded on cut-off date for EU nationals, say Brussels sources
2017-11-02 Fed Trust: “Hard Brexit or no Brexit?”, that is the question
2017-11-02 La Croix: Belgium's new English-language commerce court
2017-10-31 The Times: Quick deal on Brexit vital, warn chiefs of HSBC and Goldman Sachs
2017-10-31 Financial Times: Brexit deal will favour EU on money, says Davis
2017-10-26 The Irish Times: Brexit transition could take up to five years, says Enda Kenny
2017-10-26 The Guardian: Brexit transition period likely to be limited to 20 months, EU officials say
2017-10-26 UK Government responds to Brexit: the EU data protection package report
2017-10-25 Financial Times: David Davis says UK expects to strike post-Brexit transition deal by early 2018
2017-10-24 The Guardian: Transitional Brexit deal must be agreed this year, City warns government
2017-10-24 Report by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on October European Council meetings and presentation of the Leaders' Agenda
2017-10-22 The Guardian: UK emigrants permitted to stay in Spain in event of no-deal Brexit
2017-10-20 Project Syndicate: How money could unblock the Brexit talks
2017-10-20 Verfassungsblog: The Irony of Brexit for immigration control
2017-10-20 European Council (Art. 50) conclusions
2017-10-20 The Times: David Davis draws up plans for no deal on Brexit talks
2017-10-20 Financial Times: EU leaders demand May makes ‘firm and concrete’ Brexit divorce offer
2017-10-19 The Irish Times: The no-deal scenarios
2017-10-18 POLITICO: Antonio Tajani slams Theresa May’s €20B offer as ‘peanuts’
2017-10-17 TheCityUK: Value of a transition deal disappearing by the day
2017-10-17 Reuters: Chance of 'no deal' Brexit rises to 1-in-4 - JPMorgan
2017-10-17 The Guardian: Time running out for Brexit transition deal, Bank of England warns
2017-10-17 Financial Times: Citigroup picks Luxembourg for EU private banking hub
2017-10-16 Bloomberg: Germany drafts outline of EU-UK ties post-Brexit, paper shows
2017-10-16 The Guardian: Ministers warned of constitutional crisis risk over EU withdrawal bill
2017-10-14 Paul N. Goldschmidt: The Brexit Process is stalling! It is high time to be thinking “out of the Box”.
2017-10-13 The Times: Britain must pay EU debts to avoid Brexit cliff edge, warns Juncker
2017-10-12 Financial Times: EU leaders to block Brexit transition talks at this month’s summit
2017-10-12 Press statement by Michel Barnier and David Davis following the fifth round of Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom
2017-10-12 The Guardian: Unimaginable for UK to leave EU without a deal, says IMF chief
2017-10-12 Bloomberg: Brexit talks deadlocked as both sides prepare for cliff edge
2017-10-11 The Telegraph: International banks could decide to move City jobs early next year, warns Treasury official
2017-10-11 Financial Times: Europe will be big Brexit winner, says German economics minister
2017-10-10 Address by President Donald Tusk to the European Committee of the Regions
2017-10-09 UK PM statement on leaving the EU
2017-10-08 BBC: 'No deal' planning is well under way, says minister
2017-10-08 The Guardian: Brexit uncertainty cools foreign interest in UK buyouts
2017-10-08 Bloomberg: RBS head says banks need Brexit transition details by early 2018
2017-10-06 Institute for Government: Dispute resolution after Brexit
2017-10-05 Le Figaro: We (also) want our money back
2017-10-04 The Guardian: EU transition deal is needed quickly to stop City firms leaving UK, says Bank official
2017-10-04 OMFIF: UK should expect no help from Germany
2017-10-03 European Parliament: Brexit: tangible progress still needed on withdrawal terms
2017-10-03 Andrew Duff: Brexit: Sufficient unto the day
2017-10-03 Paul N. Goldschmidt: “Brexit” - The Trap of the Transition Period!
2017-10-02 Bloomberg: As Brexit transition tears Tories, one deal maybe not enough
2017-10-02 Bloomberg: Banks’ Brexit moving costs are seen topping $500 million each
2017-09-29 The Guardian: Britons in EU hail May’s ‘big step forward’ on residency rights
2017-09-28 Lords Select Committee: Parliament not Ministers should decide level of scrutiny of Brexit secondary legislation
2017-09-28 Press statement by Michel Barnier and David Davis following the fourth round of Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom
2017-09-27 InFacts: What Macron’s speech means for Brexit
2017-09-27 Bloomberg: Brexit drags UK below Turkey and Poland in expatriate ranking
2017-09-26 Financial Times: Quiet drift of banking jobs to the EU27 is already under way
2017-09-26 Brexit: deal or no deal - UK Lords' EU Committee launches inquiry
2017-09-26 Remarks by President Donald Tusk after his meeting with Prime Minister of the UK Theresa May
2017-09-26 Bloomberg: Brexit negotiators fight over rising EU bill as liabilities grow
2017-09-25 The Guardian: Davis and Barnier at odds over Brexit bill and transition period
2017-09-25 The Guardian: EU citizens will not be fingerprinted or need ID cards, say officials
2017-09-24 The Telegraph: Immigration to fall by hundreds of thousands as the UK becomes less attractive
2017-09-23 Bloomberg: Davis says top EU court jurisdiction to end when UK exits
2017-09-23 The Guardian: Britons in EU tell May: 'Don't throw us under Brexit bus'
2017-09-23 La Stampa: Italy's priorities for Brexit
2017-09-22 UK PM's Florence speech: a new era of cooperation and partnership between the UK and the EU
2017-09-22 Bloomberg: May hit by credit rating blow as she reboots UK Brexit plan
2017-09-22 POLITICO: Michel Barnier’s private Brexit road show
2017-09-22 Bloomberg: A Trump-led Brexit wouldn't be glorious
2017-09-21 The Telegraph: Civil servants 'highlighting Brexit concerns in official emails to guard against Chilcot-style inquiry'
2017-09-20 UK Government responds to Brexit: devolution report
2017-09-20 The Guardian: Northern Ireland could stay in customs union after Brexit – Verhofstadt
2017-09-19 Financial Times: Theresa May prepares €20bn EU budget offer
2017-09-16 The Independent: Admit where Britain needs the EU, Brussels chiefs warn ahead of Theresa May's Florence speech
2017-09-15 Financial Times: Keep the rest of the world in view while negotiating Brexit
2017-09-15 The Times: France and Germany want right to pause free movement ‘for years’ over terror and migration fears
2017-09-14 Financial Times: Merkel’s message to Theresa May: Brexit means Brexit
2017-09-14 Spiegel: A storm brewing in Brussels
2017-09-13 Tony Blair: We don't have to leave the EU to control immigration
2017-09-12 Department for Exiting the European Union: Brexit legislation passes Second Reading
2017-09-11 Commercial Risk Europe: Chubb chooses Paris as post-Brexit EU headquarters
2017-09-09 CEPS: Brexit transitional period: The solution is Article 50
2017-09-09 The Telegraph: Leaked memo from City's Brexit envoy reveals ‘sobering’ analysis of EU stance
2017-09-08 Open Europe: How the German elections may affect Brexit
2017-09-08 POLITICO: Why Berlin won’t come to UK’s rescue on Brexit
2017-09-08 UK Finance and AFME publish paper on need for Post-Brexit Contractual Certainty
2017-09-07 POLITICO: MEPs propose cut in their ranks after Brexit
2017-09-07 The Economist: A hung Parliament means problems for Brexit-related laws
2017-09-07 European Commission publishes guiding principles on Ireland and Northern Ireland
2017-09-07 Irish Examiner: UK citizens face second-class status under Brexit, barristers warn
2017-09-07 POLITICO: European Parliament leaders decry ‘lack of clarity’ on Brexit from UK
2017-09-06 Brexit fundamentally challenges constitutional balance between Parliament and Government
2017-09-05 POLITICO: European Parliament slams UK’s Brexit stance on citizens’ rights
2017-09-05 The UK in a changing Europe: Brexit necessitates an agreement-plus for Northern Ireland
2017-09-05 Andrew Duff: Brexit: Dealing with withdrawal symptoms
2017-09-05 Bloomberg: UK Labour party will try to amend May's Brexit legislation
2017-09-05 The Guardian: Leaked document reveals UK Brexit plan to deter EU immigrants
2017-09-05 Financial Times: Brussels has no clear vision for Brexit, City envoy says
2017-09-05 Secretary of State update to the House of Commons on EU negotiations
2017-09-04 Business Insider: Morgan Stanley says there is a 10% chance that Brexit won't actually happen
2017-09-04 POLITICO: Irish foreign minister takes swipe at UK’s Brexit proposals
2017-09-04 Bloomberg: Top EU official says Britain was ‘stupid’ to vote for Brexit
2017-09-03 Bloomberg: UK Brexit chief dismisses 50 billion pounds EU payment reports
2017-09-02 Financial Times: Vince Cable raises doubts about Brexit ever happening
2017-09-02 The Guardian: Don’t be fooled: Brexit Britain wants a deal. Europe just wants a clean break
2017-09-01 LSE: Is EU talent being chased away from the UK by Brexit?
2017-08-31 The Irish Times: Why Little England Brexiteers miss the point of the European Union
2017-08-31 Michel Barnier: ‘No decisive progress’ on key Brexit issues
2017-08-28 Bloomberg: Brexit is beginning to look like no Brexit
2017-08-28 Charles Grant: The real problem with Brexit talks is there are hardliners on both sides
2017-08-27 Peter Mandelson: Labour exposes the false promises of Britain’s exit
2017-08-25 OMFIF: Brexit's unanswered questions
2017-08-25 Die Presse: Living in the era of ignorance
2017-08-24 Financial Times: UK assures on ‘close’ EU data protection laws after Brexit
2017-08-24 POLITICO: UK’s data flows under EU surveillance
2017-08-21 ISDA: Brexit – CCP location and legal uncertainty
2017-08-21 Department for Exiting the EU: Position papers published ahead of third round of negotiations
2017-08-20 The Guardian: UK hopes of autumn trade talks 'will be dashed', says Slovenian PM
2017-08-20 Financial Times: Davis proposes post-Brexit dispute mechanism on EU relations
2017-08-18 The Times: Australia wants equal Brexit rights for its immigrants
2017-08-17 Bloomberg: UK said to plan visa-free travel for Europeans after Brexit
2017-08-17 Financial Times: A short transition can help Britain make the best of Brexit
2017-08-16 Sky News: Next phase of Brexit talks 'likely delayed' to December
2017-08-15 Department for Exiting the EU: Future customs arrangements: a future partnership paper
2017-08-09 David Davis reports on second round of Brexit negotiations
2017-08-04 The Times: Watchdog ‘failing to ready firms for Brexit’
2017-08-01 The Independent: UK will not become tax haven after Brexit, says Philip Hammond
2017-08-01 Financial Times: London trading centres put Brexit plans into action
2017-08-01 Financial Times: Brexit set to raise UK banks’ costs 4% and capital needs 30%
2017-08-01 Nick Clegg: Shape the contours of Brexit Britain’s final destination
2017-08-01 23 cities offer to host UK-based EU agencies
2017-07-30 Financial Times: MUFG eyes Amsterdam as post-Brexit EU base
2017-07-29 Vince Cable: Brexit transition would be a ‘massive car crash in slow motion’
2017-07-28 The Guardian: Labour can stop Brexit – but only with fresh vote, says Sadiq Khan
2017-07-27 Financial Times: Philip Hammond seeks ‘off-the-shelf’ Brexit transition
2017-07-27 The Independent: Ireland 'demanding sea border with UK after Brexit'
2017-07-26 The Guardian: EU must change stance to protect citizens' rights, say Lib Dems
2017-07-25 Guy Verhofstadt: Brexit talks must make progress on all fronts before next phase
2017-07-25 Financial Times: Japan’s Mizuho joins rival banks eyeing Frankfurt as post-Brexit hub
2017-07-25 Bloomberg: Sovereign wealth funds ‘ring-fence’ UK assets ahead of Brexit
2017-07-24 Bloomberg: The UK's Brexit bill shouldn't derail talks
2017-07-24 Bloomberg: Frankfurt's mixed Brexit blessing
2017-07-24 EPC: Reality bites: the Brexit negotiations seen from the other side of the Channel
2017-07-23 Financial Times: MarketAxess chooses Amsterdam as EU base after Brexit
2017-07-23 Financial Times: Europe’s top private banks boost UK operations
2017-07-23 Wolfgang Munchau: An exit from Brexit would prove a messy affair
2017-07-22 Scottish Centre on European Relations: Smoke and Mirrors of a Brexit Transition Deal: 10 Key Questions
2017-07-21 House of Lords Liaison Committee: First Informal Brexit Liaison Group held
2017-07-21 Bloomberg: Bank of America chooses Dublin for main EU hub after Brexit
2017-07-20 Financial Times: Deutsche Bank tells staff it is preparing for the ‘worst outcome’ from Brexit
2017-07-20 The Irish Times: Brexistential crisis
2017-07-20 The Guardian: Cabinet accepts Brexit transition will mean years of free movement
2017-07-20 UK in a Changing Europe: Cost of no Brexit deal will be “widespread, damaging and pervasive” leading academics find
2017-07-20 Department for Exiting the European Union: Joint technical note on the comparison of EU-UK positions on citizens' rights
2017-07-20 House of Lords' European Union Committee: Transcripts of Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt evidence
2017-07-20 FedTrust: No good choices for the British government in the Brexit negotiations
2017-07-20 Bloomberg: Morgan Stanley picks Frankfurt for its new EU trading hub
2017-07-19 Brexit 'a fundamental challenge' to the future of the UK say Lords
2017-07-18 The Guardian: 'City will have to launch Brexit plans if there is no transitional deal' - FCA
2017-07-18 Financial Times: Why a short-term transition deal is no easy Brexit solution
2017-07-18 Financial Times: Author of Article 50 calls for Brexit to be stopped
2017-07-18 Bloomberg: Theresa May launches business group to build trust over Brexit
2017-07-17 Tony Blair: Europe willing ‘to accommodate Britain’
2017-07-17 Reuters: Time running out to prevent banks' Brexit exodus - City of London boss
2017-07-17 Politics: Brexit's toll on foreign policy: Losing our reputation day after day
2017-07-17 Bloomberg: Citigroup chooses Frankfurt as new European trading hub
2017-07-17 The Guardian: Big majority of Labour members 'want UK to stay in single market'
2017-07-16 Financial Times: France wants hardest Brexit, says City envoy to EU
2017-07-13 Department for Exiting the European Union: The Repeal Bill
2017-07-13 The Guardian: Labour threatens to defeat Theresa May over 'great repeal bill'
2017-07-13 Scottish Government and Welsh Government statement on EU (Withdrawal) Bill
2017-07-13 El Mundo: The King's speech
2017-07-12 POLITICO: Berlin advises UK to ‘do your homework’ on Brexit
2017-07-11 POLITICO: No ‘softening’ of UK’s Brexit position, says David Davis
2017-07-11 The Guardian: David Davis: transitional period may be needed during Brexit
2017-07-11 Bloomberg: May's Northern Irish ally pushes for U.K. single market exit
2017-07-11 Financial Times: UK has no plan B if Brexit talks fail, insists Boris Johnson
2017-07-11 Reuters: Brexit Brits won't be sent back, Merkel says
2017-07-11 CEPS: The Irish border as a customs frontier after Brexit
2017-07-11 Süddeutsche Zeitung: The UK's identity crisis
2017-07-11 LSE: ‘Bloody difficult’ Britain has already blown its chances of a good deal from the EU27
2017-07-10 Financial Times: Dublin is top destination for financial groups post-Brexit
2017-07-10 EurActiv: UK offer is far from what citizens are entitled to
2017-07-10 Bloomberg: Paris insists battle for Brexit jobs isn’t over as Dimon visits
2017-07-10 Bloomberg: U.K. says EU Court may hold sway for ‘limited’ transition
2017-07-10 Open Europe: EU and UK have already started to soften their positions in Brexit negotiations
2017-07-07 Bloomberg: Davis pushed May to guarantee EU citizens rights
2017-07-07 Bloomberg: Hammond says it would be ‘madness’ for UK to reject close EU ties
2017-07-07 Les Echos: Straight-talking Barnier ready for negotiations
2017-07-05 The Guardian: Lord chief justice urges enforceability of EU rulings in UK post-Brexit
2017-07-05 Financial Times: A diminished Britain must be realistic about the Brexit talks
2017-07-05 Financial Times: Labour party calls on May to drop ECJ ‘red line’
2017-07-03 Financial Times: The door is open to a Brexit deal on freedom of movement
2017-07-03 Hedgeweek: Over 75 per cent of UK fund managers frustrated by lack of Brexit consultation
2017-07-02 The Guardian: May's Brexit plan could hit rights of Britons abroad, campaigners tell EU
2017-07-01 ICAEW: Good for UK, good for Europe
2017-06-30 El Mundo: Spanish frustrated after May's offer for EU citizens
2017-06-30 ECJ President: UK firms will be ‘begging’ for court’s jurisdiction after Brexit
2017-06-29 BBC News: UK expats in Spain outnumber Spanish in UK
2017-06-29 Financial Times: Jeremy Corbyn is a Brexit bystander
2017-06-28 CBR: The role of gravity models in estimating the economic impact of Brexit
2017-06-27 Egmont Institute: Why the future role of the European Court of Justice is a tricky topic for Brexit
2017-06-27 Bloomberg: Brexit to bring 'enormous' legal challenges, top UK judge says
2017-06-27 Bloomberg: Can the City survive?
2017-06-27 CER: Britain prepares to deliver soft Brexit
2017-06-26 Institute for Government: Questions over future of UK legal system after Brexit
2017-06-26 PM Commons statement on European Council
2017-06-26 UK government publishes proposals on rights of EU citizens
2017-06-26 Reuters: EU insurance contracts should stay in place post-Brexit - Lloyd's of London
2017-06-23 Bloomberg: Frankfurt emerges as biggest banking winner after Brexit
2017-06-23 Financial Times: Majority of new Conservative MPs backed UK to remain in EU
2017-06-22 The Irish Times: Eastern states want soft Brexit
2017-06-22 Tagesspiegel: What Strategy for Germany?
2017-06-22 EUROPP: Shaped by pragmatism: What the Czechs want to get out of Brexit
2017-06-22 European Council: Decision on the procedure for relocation of EU agencies currently located in the UK
2017-06-21 Open Europe: What does the Queen’s Speech mean for Brexit?
2017-06-21 Sky News: No deal Brexit unacceptable, 30 Tory MPs tell Number 10
2017-06-21 UK in a Changing Europe: EU referendum: one year on
2017-06-21 The Guardian: Macron pledges pragmatism and cooperation with post-Brexit Britain
2017-06-20 Financial Times: New EU laws make UK’s complex Brexit ever more difficult
2017-06-20 Financial Times: Chancellor seeks interim associate customs union
2017-06-20 Financial Times: Brexit forces some US banks to consider shifting funds out of UK
2017-06-20 PIIE: Forget about Brexit, focus on the euro area future
2017-06-19 Joint statement by the Department for Exiting the European Union and the European Commission
2017-06-19 Bruegel: Brexit and the future of the Irish border
2017-06-18 Bloomberg: Goldman to double Frankfurt staff on Brexit, Europe head says
2017-06-18 Bloomberg: UK welcome to return to EU, Verhofstadt tells Welt am Sonntag
2017-06-16 Financial Times: Bankers say election result will not affect Brexit job moves
2017-06-15 Andrew Duff: What now? Options for Brexit - And a cry for help
2017-06-14 The Guardian: Perks will stop if UK ends up staying in EU, says Guy Verhofstadt
2017-06-14 OMFIF: Brexit: a dreadful experiment
2017-06-13 Financial Times: David Cameron calls on Theresa May to embrace ‘softer’ Brexit
2017-06-13 POLITICO: Macron: ‘Door still open’ for UK if it changes mind on Brexit
2017-06-12 Financial Times: No time to waste in Brexit talks, Michel Barnier warns UK
2017-06-12 BBC: UK election result 'may delay Brexit talks'
2017-06-12 ACCA comments on UK general election 2017
2017-06-09 WAZ: Germany reacts to the results
2017-06-09 OMFIF: Time for UK to practise humility
2017-06-09 SPIEGEL: Europeans 'must learn world affairs'
2017-06-09 NCR: Further instability could lead to Hard Brexit
2017-06-09 POLITICO: Theresa May under pressure as UK returns a hung parliament
2017-06-09 Financial Times: EU reacts with consternation to UK election as Brexit talks loom
2017-06-09 Bloomberg: Four ways the General Election result could impact Brexit
2017-06-08 Le Monde: Voters favour domestic issues over complicated Brexit
2017-06-06 Financial Times: EU negotiators steeled for post-election Brexit crisis
2017-06-06 Financial Times: QBE sets up Brussels base in blow to Dublin
2017-06-06 Commercial Risk Europe: RSA chooses Luxembourg for new EU base
2017-06-05 City AM: Sovereign investors snubbing post-Brexit Britain in favour of Germany and the US
2017-06-02 UK in a Changing Europe: The manifestos uncovered
2017-06-01 FedTrust: After the election comes the painful Brexit reality
2017-05-30 Andrew Duff: Brexit: time for Plan B
2017-05-30 Financial Times: EU residency rights should be upheld, says ECJ adviser
2017-05-30 Bloomberg: EU demands for citizens ‘ridiculously high,’ UK’s Davis says
2017-05-29 Money Week: What the party manifestos say about Brexit
2017-05-29 POLITICO: No quick Brexit, says EU
2017-05-28 Financial Times: Europe cannot rely on US and faces life without UK, says Merkel
2017-05-25 Bloomberg: UK must honor EU obligations in Brexit, Germany's Spahn says
2017-05-23 Financial Times: Brussels sets rules for Brexit regulatory agencies fight
2017-05-22 Council (Art 50) authorises the start of Brexit talks and adopts negotiating directives
2017-05-19 Ireland’s commitment to EU membership undiminished by Brexit
2017-05-19 El Mundo: The winners and losers of Brexit
2017-05-18 The Guardian: Brexit talks could collapse over UK divorce bill, says EU negotiator
2017-05-18 Bloomberg: May seeks voters' permission to walk away from Brexit deal
2017-05-18 European Parliament: Brexit and the EP: what does it mean for free movement?
2017-05-18 Brexit Weekly
2017-05-17 Report by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on the Special European Council (Art. 50) of 29 April
2017-05-16 Bloomberg: Brexit talks can't be secret, EU says in transparency push
2017-05-15 Andrew Duff: Brexit: Avoiding the vortex
2017-05-15 Bloomberg: EU tightens Brexit negotiating language as positions harden
2017-05-15 The Times: Scotland may rejoin EU in stages, says Nicola Sturgeon
2017-05-14 Financial Times: Banks braced for ‘hundreds of millions’ in Brexit costs
2017-05-12 EurActiv: An outside-the-box solution to Brexit and the Strasbourg seat
2017-05-11 Financial Times: EU’s Barnier: Ireland’s interest will be the Union’s interest
2017-05-11 Brexit: MEPs want EU and UK to take care of citizens’ rights first
2017-05-11 Bloomberg: UK needs to wake up to Brexit dangers, top EU lawmaker warns
2017-05-11 Bloomberg: Barclays CEO says London financial firms can work around Brexit
2017-05-11 Brexit Weekly
2017-05-09 LSE: What Macron’s victory means for Brexit
2017-05-09 Financial Times: Britain need not slam its doors to limit migration
2017-05-09 CER: A Prime Minister unshackled
2017-05-08 Reuters: Banks planning to move 9,000 jobs from Britain because of Brexit
2017-05-08 Reuters: Paris to redouble efforts to attract Brexit banks after Macron win
2017-05-07 Financial Times: Brexit could be a corporate governance car crash in slow motion
2017-05-07 Guy Verhofstadt: We can deliver a Brexit deal that works for all
2017-05-05 POLITICO: Emmanuel Macron will be ‘tough’ on Brexit, says key adviser
2017-05-05 Bloomberg: Barnier sets stage for thorny Brexit talks on citizens' rights
2017-05-05 El País: A familiar face on the Brexit scene
2017-05-05 La Libre Belgique: May's war against Brussels
2017-05-04 The Guardian: Brexit talks uncertainty 'leaves 45% chance of no deal', says article 50 author
2017-05-04 IfG: Implementing Brexit: Immigration
2017-05-03 Financial Times: Standard Chartered picks Frankfurt for post-Brexit EU subsidiary
2017-05-03 The Telegraph: Belgian finance minister warns EU: change or die
2017-05-03 Speech by Michel Barnier at the press conference on the adoption of the Commission's recommendation on draft negotiating directives
2017-05-03 Bloomberg: JPMorgan to move hundreds of staff to three EU offices on Brexit
2017-05-02 Carnegie Europe: Brexit and the Irish Question
2017-05-02 Irish Government Statement on Brexit Preparations
2017-05-01 Financial Times: UK hits out at European Commission after Brexit meeting leak
2017-04-29 Remarks by President Tusk on the Special European Council (Art.50)
2017-04-29 European Council (Art. 50) guidelines for Brexit negotiations
2017-04-27 Bloomberg: Merkel warns against UK ‘illusions’ in hard-line Brexit speech
2017-04-27 Joergen Oerstroem Moeller: Five Scenarios for Brexit – With Only One Good Outcome
2017-04-26 Financial Times: Deutsche Bank executive warns thousands of UK roles at Brexit risk
2017-04-26 OMFIF: May’s high-stakes gamble
2017-04-26 Richard Corbett, MEP (Labour): Article 50 notification can be reversed by UK
2017-04-25 Fed Trust: The Brexit Election will not make Brexit easier for Mrs. May
2017-04-25 New Financial: ‘What the rest of the EU thinks about Brexit & The City of London’
2017-04-23 Bloomberg: May faces rough ride from France on Brexit if Macron wins vote
2017-04-22 Guy Verhofstadt: Don’t believe Theresa May. The election won’t change Brexit one bit
2017-04-21 Bloomberg: JPMorgan, Bank of America still see `Hard Brexit' after election
2017-04-20 Financial Times: Brussels starts to freeze Britain out of EU contracts
2017-04-20 The Guardian: Germany needs a strong EU. Why would it allow Britain an easy Brexit?
2017-04-20 Tajani in London: “Citizens deserve certainty regarding their post-Brexit future”
2017-04-20 Antonio Tajani: UK would be welcomed back if voters overturn Brexit
2017-04-20 Bloomberg: Brexit will be so painful no one will follow, Finland says
2017-04-20 Bloomberg: EU toughens Brexit stance in sign UK vote won’t alter approach
2017-04-20 The Irish Times: Irish officials see possible upside in snap UK election
2017-04-18 Tony Blair: The damage will be huge if we end up with 'Brexit at any cost'
2017-04-18 ACCA: Policymakers must return to the principles of business law as they navigate Brexit
2017-04-17 CER: Berlin to the rescue? A closer look at Germany's position on Brexit
2017-04-11 Financial Times: The pro-European hard Brexit dream
2017-04-11 City A.M.: UK banks seeking post-Brexit licence in Europe face six month wait
2017-04-07 House of Commons: UK must still debate EU issues up until Brexit
2017-04-06 Bruegel: EBA relocation should support a long-term ‘twin peaks’ vision
2017-04-05 Statement by Michel Barnier at the plenary session of the European Parliament
2017-04-05 MEPs agree on key conditions for approving UK withdrawal agreement
2017-04-04 City AM: Frankfurt lobby group expects thousands to move there as interest in the German city rises as a result of Brexit
2017-04-04 The Telegraph: Jamie Dimon admits 'not many' JP Morgan jobs will leave UK in major Brexit U-turn
2017-04-04 The Independent: Theresa May’s timeline for EU talks is unrealistic, warns Germany’s foreign minister
2017-04-04 Bloomberg: Brexit won't hurt London bankers at top Norway lender, CEO says
2017-04-04 Financial Times: Gazprom reviews London operations after Brexit
2017-04-04 Financial Times: Singapore is not quite what Brexiteers think it is
2017-04-02 The Guardian: Spain drops plan to impose veto if Scotland tries to join EU
2017-04-01 Financial Times: The single market offers the UK a way to regain balance
2017-03-31 Remarks by President Donald Tusk on the next steps following the UK notification
2017-03-31 Financial Times: EU officials set sights on ‘orderly withdrawal’
2017-03-30 The Great Repeal Bill: White Paper
2017-03-30 Bundeskanzlerin: The British and the EU should "remain close partners"
2017-03-30 Commercial Risk Europe: Lloyd’s chooses Brussels as EU hub
2017-03-30 Le Monde: A French Q&A on Brexit
2017-03-30 BIBA calls for urgent progress with new EU free trade agreement as Article 50 is invoked
2017-03-30 Carnegie Europe: Germany after Brexit
2017-03-30 Le Soir: Tusk: "We miss you already."
2017-03-30 Berliner Zeitung: EU to find its balance again
2017-03-29 Financial Times: Theresa May pulls the Article 50 trigger, gently but firmly
2017-03-29 Prime Minister’s letter to Donald Tusk triggering Article 50
2017-03-29 Statement by the European Council (Art. 50) on the UK notification
2017-03-29 European Parliament: Brexit: MEPs set out conditions for approving UK withdrawal agreement
2017-03-29 FRC publishes Plan & Budget and Levies for 2017/18
2017-03-29 Reuters: Brexit comes with conditions but can be reversed: EU parliament
2017-03-28 Financial Times: European Parliament leaders sound warning on Brexit consequences
2017-03-28 POLITICO: German businesses to leave UK after Brexit
2017-03-27 Financial Times: The inconvenient truth about EU regulation
2017-03-27 EPC: Brexit: how to manage the talks and the transition
2017-03-27 Financial Times: Angela Merkel toughens her position on Brexit
2017-03-27 POLITICO: Spain to Scotland: You’re not special
2017-03-24 Verfassungsblog: After Article 50 and Before Withdrawal: Does Constitutional Theory Require a General Election in the UK Before Brexit?
2017-03-23 Open Europe: The Netherlands just issued two friendly reports on Brexit
2017-03-22 Commons Justice Committee: Brexit: negotiating priorities for justice system
2017-03-22 Michel Barnier: The conditions for a successful negotiation with the UK
2017-03-21 Financial Times: Frankfurt takes early lead in Brexit race to poach City jobs
2017-03-21 The Guardian: Goldman Sachs to move hundreds of staff out of London due to Brexit
2017-03-21 Remarks by President Donald Tusk before the EU-Japan Leaders' meeting
2017-03-20 Department for Exiting the European Union: Article 50 to be triggered on 29 March
2017-03-20 IfG: Legislating Brexit
2017-03-17 Bloomberg: UK consumer spending to slow sharply in coming years, PwC says
2017-03-16 Reuters: Poland aims to be winner in Brexit battle for banking jobs
2017-03-15 Report by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on the European Council and the informal meeting
2017-03-15 Financial Times: European Parliament signals tough line on Brexit
2017-03-14 NIESR: Hard Brexit and #Indyref2
2017-03-14 Bloomberg: Bank of America likely to choose Dublin for main EU base after Brexit
2017-03-14 Bloomberg: Konnichiwa Amsterdam: Japan banks seek new home after Brexit
2017-03-14 Bloomberg: EU could force May to wait until June to start Brexit talks
2017-03-13 Bloomberg: UK Parliament gives Theresa May permission to start Brexit
2017-03-12 Commons' Foreign Affairs Committee: Article 50: 'Dereliction of duty' to fail to plan for 'no deal'
2017-03-09 LSE: The Commission’s White Paper on the Future of Europe – a case of what might have been…
2017-03-09 EPC: What kind of divorce: a clean, hard Brexit or a messy, confrontational Brexfast?
2017-03-09 Bloomberg: German Brexit memo stresses EU unity will be paramount in talks
2017-03-09 Financial Times: Nicola Sturgeon eyes autumn 2018 for new Scottish independence vote
2017-03-09 Financial Times: AIG to set up new base in Luxembourg to service EU business
2017-03-08 Luxembourg for finance: AIG chooses Luxembourg as its European hub outside the UK
2017-03-07 Financial Times: Spain and Poland plan ties with post-Brexit UK
2017-03-07 Lords' Constitution Committee: 'Great Repeal Bill' should not be used to avoid parliamentary scrutiny
2017-03-06 The Guardian: UK will have to give up all EU perks after Brexit, François Hollande warns
2017-03-06 Financial Times: Julius Baer eyes UK acquisition but puts London hub on hold
2017-03-06 EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee: Government should pursue preferential agreement with EU on future migration
2017-03-03 Bloomberg: Immigrants spur UK population growth, fueling Brexit debate
2017-03-03 Bloomberg: Paris hopes for Brexit bank jobs run up against Frexit fears
2017-03-03 POLITICO: EU watchdog pushes for transparent Brexit
2017-03-01 Government must ensure Gibraltar's voice is heard during Brexit say Lords
2017-03-01 UK must obey EU free movement laws until it leaves the EU, say MEPs
2017-02-28 ACCA: Spring Budget must be all about Brexit
2017-02-28 TheCityUK: Cities across UK host vital financial and related professional services hubs
2017-02-28 BCC: Put practicality, certainty at the heart of Brexit negotiations
2017-02-28 European Commission: EU equivalence decisions in financial services policy: an assessment
2017-02-27 The Guardian: City watchdog sounds alarm bells over hard Brexit
2017-02-27 Financial Times: Equivalence makes sense for the City and Europe
2017-02-27 CEPS: After the UK’s Brexit White Paper – What’s the next move towards a CFTA?
2017-02-27 Bloomberg: Ex-Premier Major warns May she can't deliver Brexit promises
2017-02-26 Financial Times: Financial executives sceptical on London’s future
2017-02-25 The Guardian: Hi-tech financial firms flee UK amid doubts over Brexit
2017-02-25 The Economist: Lower immigration could be the biggest economic cost of Brexit
2017-02-24 Andreas Dombret: The possible impact of Brexit on the financial landscape
2017-02-23 Bloomberg: UK banks' loss of EU passport a `major threat,' LSE study says
2017-02-23 Financial Times: ‘Virtual’ Ireland border seen as template for Brexit customs deal
2017-02-23 Andreas Dombret: The future of global economic cooperation - Brexit, Basel III and beyond
2017-02-23 Bloomberg: UK faces 60 billion-euro Brexit bill, Austrian leader says
2017-02-23 PIIE: The City of London after Brexit
2017-02-23 House of Lords Constitution Committee: Fast-tracking of Brexit Bill should not set a precedent
2017-02-23 Policy Network: Britain and Europe: A new entente
2017-02-23 Peter Praet: Creating stability in an uncertain world
2017-02-22 Financial Times: Former UK top diplomat warns EU will oppose specific Brexit deals
2017-02-22 Bloomberg: Brexit to hit jobs, wealth and output for years to come, economists say
2017-02-22 Jean-Claude Juncker: UK faces hefty Brexit bill
2017-02-21 The Guardian: Losing banking jobs to EU 'threatens financial stability across Europe'
2017-02-21 PIIE: To make the best of Brexit, the European Union needs to beef up ESMA
2017-02-21 Financial Times: BoE deputy hits back at EU threats over euro clearing
2017-02-21 Financial Times: Brexit casts doubt over rating agencies’ future in London
2017-02-20 The Guardian: Divide and rule tactics could leave UK without deal, say EU politicians
2017-02-20 IRSG Paper on CCPs post-Brexit
2017-02-20 The Guardian: 'No deal' Brexit would mean £6bn in extra costs for UK exporters
2017-02-19 Financial Times: Brussels focuses on UK’s €60bn exit bill before trade talks
2017-02-19 Peter Mandelson: The entire British public, not just the Brexiteers, deserve a vote on the terms of Brexit
2017-02-19 Financial Times: Insurers warned of risks to not completing Brexit plans
2017-02-18 The Guardian: EU citizens living in the UK could face legal limbo after Brexit
2017-02-17 Bruegel: The Brexit bill: uncertainties in the estimate of EU pension and sickness insurance liabilities
2017-02-17 Bloomberg: Blair urges Brexit opponents to rise up and fight to stay in EU
2017-02-17 CEPS: Brexit and the Asset Management Industry
2017-02-16 Bloomberg: UK said to plan Brexit trigger close to EU summit in early March
2017-02-16 Financial Times: Turkey border gridlock hints at pain to come for Brexit Britain
2017-02-16 ACCA: Accountants will be in demand during Brexit process
2017-02-16 Bloomberg: Italy forms task force to lure financial firms after Brexit
2017-02-16 The Guardian: French senate report says UK must not be better off after Brexit
2017-02-16 Hedgeweek: AIFMD passport no longer seen as the ‘silver lining’
2017-02-14 Bruegel: The UK’s Brexit bill: could EU assets partially offset liabilities?
2017-02-13 Reuters: Lloyds Bank closes in on Berlin as post-Brexit EU hub
2017-02-13 Financial Times: UK must wake up to risks of LSE/Deutsche Börse exchange deal
2017-02-13 Tajani: The ‘UK will always be a European country’
2017-02-13 Oettinger: Brexit could cost Germany €1 billion
2017-02-13 The Telegraph: Finance firms keen to keep staff in Britain post-Brexit
2017-02-11 The Economist: The multi-billion-euro exit charge that could sink Brexit talks
2017-02-11 RTE: Juncker fears Britain could divide EU over Brexit talks
2017-02-10 Brexit transitional deal will lock UK into EU court, says Verhofstadt
2017-02-10 Bloomberg: UK can only cut EU migration by 50,000 a year, study suggests
2017-02-10 BBC: Germany warns the City over Brexit risk
2017-02-09 Andrew Duff: Brexit: the launch of Article 50
2017-02-09 Bruegel: Brexit and the European financial system
2017-02-09 City AM: "Our aim certainly is not to punish the UK," insists Brussels' financial services commissioner
2017-02-09 BBC News: Bank warns 'lax financial rules' are a route to failure
2017-01-31 Anneliese Dodds MEP: Brexit: A new deal for financial services
2017-01-31 CEP: "Ukraine Plus" as a Model for Brexit
2017-01-31 POLITICO: Germany rated best for business post-Brexit
2017-01-31 TheCityUK hails opportunity for trade and investment policy reset
2017-01-31 The Times: May will trigger Brexit on March 9
2017-01-31 The Guardian view on Trump and Brexit: Britain faces the worst of both worlds
2017-01-31 LSE: How international regulatory cooperation can ease a ‘hard’ Brexit
2017-01-31 The Telegraph: Warning that 'land grab' for London's financial services could backfire on EU
2017-01-30 BCC International Trade Survey: Europe to remain key export market despite Brexit vote
2017-01-30 NIESR: No free lunch for global Britain
2017-01-30 Financial Times: Germany will not ease rules to lure bankers after Brexit, warns BaFin
2017-01-30 Financial Times: Donald Trump is a disaster for Brexit
2017-01-29 Financial Times: Post-Brexit Britain cannot just copy out EU laws
2017-01-29 Financial Times: Goldman presses May to protect City post-Brexit
2017-01-29 Irish Independent: Bank of China in post-Brexit talks to swap UK for Dublin
2017-01-28 POLITICO: US, Britain to begin preliminary trade talks
2017-01-27 NIESR: Will new trade deals soften the blow of hard Brexit?
2017-01-26 Department for Exiting the European Union: Article 50 Bill process begins
2017-01-26 CER: Britain's economy: enjoy the calm before the storm
2017-01-26 UK Government response to Brexit: parliamentary scrutiny report
2017-01-26 Commercial Risk Europe: UK insurers’ financial strength ratings likely to survive Brexit: AM Best
2017-01-25 Andrew Duff: How does Europe now see Brexit?
2017-01-25 Financial Times: Private equity looks to Luxembourg for access to single market
2017-01-25 Bloomberg: EU says UK Banks must retain its standards to keep access
2017-01-24 City AM: London must lose clearing crown after hard Brexit, warns BlackRock boss
2017-01-24 Financial Times: Supreme Court rules MPs must vote on triggering Brexit
2017-01-24 Speech by the President of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, at The Future of Europe event
2017-01-23 Bloomberg: EU courting of London banks may derail 5-year Tobin tax push
2017-01-23 The Guardian: Financial firms in talks with Amsterdam over relocation from London
2017-01-23 Bloomberg: May set to defy EU by opening pre-Brexit global trade talks
2017-01-23 UK economy set for a ‘hard rebalancing’ says EY ITEM Club
2017-01-23 TheCityUK: The EU's Third Country Regimes and Alternatives to Passporting
2017-01-22 Wolfgang Münchau: Europe will pay unless the Brexit deal is a fair one
2017-01-22 Financial Times: ECB steps up warning on UK euro clearing after Brexit
2017-01-21 The Economist: Doing Brexit the hard way
2017-01-20 Bloomberg: Bankers worry post-Brexit transition won’t be long enough
2017-01-20 Investment & Pensions Europe: Global asset owners bracing for Brexit impact
2017-01-19 Financial Services Negotiating Forum: Euro Clearing and Brexit - The Practitioners' View
2017-01-19 Commercial Risk Europe: May’s Brexit speech will not stop Lloyd’s search for new home in Europe
2017-01-19 Commercial Risk Europe: Interest rising in Malta as onshore option for UK insurers post Brexit
2017-01-18 Bloomberg: The risks of ‘Brexit means Brexit’
2017-01-17 The Guardian view on Theresa May and Brexit: a reality check tinged with fantasy
2017-01-17 ACCA: UK business confidence drops to second lowest level since 2011
2017-01-17 TheCityUK responds to PM speech
2017-01-17 The Economist: Theresa May confirms: Britain is heading for Brexit Max
2017-01-17 Bloomberg: HSBC CEO says bankers generating 20% of London revenue may move
2017-01-17 The government's negotiating objectives for exiting the EU: PM speech
2017-01-17 Open Europe responds to Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech
2017-01-17 Financial Times: Theresa May warns UK will walk away from ‘bad deal’
2017-01-17 LSE: Theresa May’s speech: The Prime Minister has set the wrong course on Brexit
2017-01-16 Bloomberg: Seven Brexit strategies UK’s May could use to cut EU unity
2017-01-16 Bloomberg: IMF raises UK growth forecast for 2017, reversing previous cut
2017-01-15 Die Welt: Philip Hammond issues threat to EU partners
2017-01-15 YouGov: Poll shows Leave voters not prepared to have their family finances affected by Government prioritising immigration over the economy
2017-01-15 Reuters: Trump says Brexit to be 'a great thing', wants quick trade deal with UK
2017-01-13 The Guardian: EU negotiator wants 'special' deal over access to City post-Brexit
2017-01-12 Exiting the European Union Committee: Government urged to give Parliament vote on Brexit deal
2017-01-12 IW Köln: German firms relaxed in view of upcoming Brexit
2017-01-12 Financial Services Negotiating Forum: Examining Regulatory Equivalence
2017-01-12 TheCityUK: Brexit and UK-Based financial and related professional services
2017-01-10 Bloomberg: Paris eyes luring 20,000 bankers from London amid Brexit rupture
2017-01-10 Bloomberg: LSE CEO Sees Brexit Risking 232,000 Jobs, Market Stability
2017-01-10 ORB: UK increasingly likely to prefer control over immigration than access to free trade
2017-01-09 Bloomberg: Merkel says UK must observe four freedoms in EU unity call
2017-01-09 Civitas: Mitigating the impact of tariffs on UK-EU trade
2017-01-09 House of Commons: Statistics on UK-EU trade
2017-01-08 The Guardian: As a trade negotiator, I’m shocked at Brexiters’ ignorance
2017-01-07 The Economist: The “WTO option” for Brexit is far from straightforward
2017-01-07 Bruegel: The United States dominates global investment banking: does it matter for Europe?
2017-01-06 Financial Times: Bank of England’s Haldane admits crisis in economic forecasting
2017-01-05 CBR: The Macro-Economic Impact of Brexit: Using the CBR Macro-Economic Model of the UK Economy (UKMOD)
2017-01-05 VoxEU: The economic impact of Brexit-induced reductions in migration to the UK
2017-01-04 Open Europe: UK Ambassador to EU unexpectedly resigns and warns of short supply of negotiating experience in Whitehall
2017-01-02 City AM: London Stock Exchange poised to announce crucial sale of French clearing arm

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