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2019 Brexit
2019-12-30 The Irish Times: Johnson will abandon pledge on Brexit transition period - Hogan
2019-12-27 BBC: Brexit: EU chief says 2020 trade talks deadline may need to be extended
2019-12-26 The Guardian: Post-Brexit UK always welcome back in EU, says Timmermans
2019-12-26 Financial Times: UK at ‘end of queue’ for data deal with Brussels
2019-12-23 EurActiv: EU charts path for ‘challenging’ post-Brexit UK deal
2019-12-23 Joschka Fischer: Toward a privileged EU-UK partnership
2019-12-20 The Guardian: Brexit: MPs pass withdrawal agreement bill by 124 majority
2019-12-19 Financial Times: Sturgeon sets out case for new Scottish independence poll
2019-12-19 LSE: Between model and martyr: it’s in the EU’s interest for Brexit to go badly – but not too badly
2019-12-18 The Independent: European parliament could block Brexit deal over Boris Johnson’s treatment of EU citizens, Guy Verhofstadt says
2019-12-18 BBC: General election 2019: Blair attacks Corbyn's 'comic indecision' on Brexit
2019-12-17 John Ryan: Why a post-Brexit US-UK trade deal is under threat from the Irish-American lobby
2019-12-17 BBC: Brexit bill to rule out extension to transition period
2019-12-16 Financial Times: Britain says EU trade deal will be brokered by end of 2020
2019-12-16 POLITICO: David Davis: UK will diverge from EU trade rules
2019-12-15 Financial Times: The EU must rethink its approach to UK trade talks
2019-12-15 The Guardian: UK not 'match fit' for Brexit talks, says former May aide
2019-12-15 The Guardian: Johnson is warned his big win will not speed up Brexit deal
2019-12-14 The Independent: Battle for UK to remain in the EU is now lost and rejoining won't be prospect for 20 years, admits Lord Heseltine
2019-12-13 POLITICO: EU ‘ready’ for trade talks after UK election, says Charles Michel
2019-12-13 European Council (Art.50) conclusions
2019-12-13 The Guardian: UK must be loyal on standards in return for market access – Macron
2019-12-13 The Guardian: Boris Johnson wins huge majority on promise to 'get Brexit done'
2019-12-12 LSE: High hopes, long odds - On the false promises of Brexiteer deals with the EU and US
2019-12-12 John Ryan: British exceptionalism causes Brexit conundrum
2019-12-11 The Independent: Brexit will not get done by 2021, EU chief negotiator admits in leaked recording that blows hole in Boris Johnson promise
2019-12-11 POLITICO: Berlin says a ‘standard’ EU-UK trade deal can be done in 2020
2019-12-10 New Europe: Johnson calls for “ripping up” the EU rule book
2019-12-09 Bloomberg: Remainers’ dreams are dying in Boris Johnson’s Brexit election
2019-12-09 Business Insider: Study finds broadcast coverage of the UK election has aligned 'most closely' with Boris Johnson's agenda
2019-12-09 Financial Times: Boris Johnson’s vow to implement Brexit deal by December 2020 in doubt
2019-12-09 City AM: Jo Swinson admits revoking Article 50 'doesn't look likely' as Lib Dems unveil second ref plan
2019-12-06 The Guardian: EU distances itself from Johnson’s timetable for post-Brexit trade deal
2019-12-06 CNN: Top British diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall quits with searing Brexit critique
2019-12-06 The Guardian: Leaked Brexit paper negates PM's Northern Ireland claims – Corbyn
2019-12-05 The Guardian: Brexit is one of the most spectacular mistakes in EU history, says Tusk
2019-12-02 Project Syndicate: The UK and the EU should prevent mutual assured damage
2019-12-01 The Guardian: Johnson ‘will have to call second referendum if he fails to win majority’
2019-11-26 Financial Times: UK falls in diplomatic rankings despite ‘Global Britain’ vision
2019-11-26 Financial Times: Michel Barnier pledges to prioritise UK trade deal post-Brexit
2019-11-26 Federal Trust: The Brexit Election: Not all outcomes are equally bad
2019-11-25 Financial Times: Lib Dems fear promise to reverse Brexit has backfired
2019-11-25 The Guardian: Johnson sowing seeds of 'biggest Brexit crisis yet', warns Sir Ivan Rogers
2019-11-24 POLITICO: UK Conservatives launch manifesto with promise of speedy Brexit
2019-11-24 Financial Times: Paris promises ‘unique’ trade deal if UK agrees to play fair
2019-11-22 Financial Times: Labour’s Brexit plans will keep UK closely aligned with EU
2019-11-22 Open Europe: What would a ‘No Deal’ after the transition period look like?
2019-11-20 POLITICO: Lib Dems launch ‘stop Brexit’ manifesto ahead of UK general election
2019-11-19 Financial Times: An inflexible Brussels is damaging its own interests over Brexit
2019-11-18 Gordon Brown: We are becoming a United Kingdom in name only. Politicians must heal the divide
2019-11-18 The Guardian: Boris Johnson is deluded if he thinks he can ‘get Brexit done’ in a hurry
2019-11-16 The Guardian: Voters have choice of Tory no-deal Brexit or second referendum, says David Gauke
2019-11-16 The Telegraph: Boris Johnson: 'Every Tory election candidate has pledged to back my Brexit deal'
2019-11-15 Boris Johnson: ‘Bags of time’ to negotiate post-Brexit EU relationship
2019-11-14 Chatham House: Boris Johnson could emulate Donald Trump’s election victory
2019-11-14 European Commission launches infringement proceedings against the UK following its failure to name a candidate for EU Commissioner
2019-11-14 Joergen Oerstroem Moeller: Brexit: British General Elections and What next?
2019-11-13 Financial Times: Former Conservative minister warns risk of no-deal Brexit remains
2019-11-11 The Guardian: Boris Johnson set to break pledge not to nominate EU commissioner
2019-11-11 The Guardian: Brexit party will not contest 317 Tory-won seats, Farage says
2019-11-07 Financial Times: Friends and enemies: France is a big loser from Brexit
2019-11-07 BBC: General election 2019: Liberal Democrats, Greens and Plaid Cymru agree pact
2019-11-07 Chatham House: Why Britain’s 2019 election is its most unpredictable in recent history
2019-11-06 John Bercow: Brexit is UK's biggest mistake since second world war
2019-11-06 City AM: EU tells Boris Johnson to propose new commissioner
2019-11-06 Martin Kettle: It’s not just Britain that’s breaking up, Europe is too Martin Kettle
2019-11-05 EurActiv: Barnier sees difficult talks on post-Brexit trade deal
2019-11-04 The Guardian: Boris Johnson apologises to Tory members for deadline extension
2019-11-03 Tony Blair: save Britain by supporting moderate MPs
2019-11-03 Financial Times: SNP focuses on independence over Brexit as it targets Scotland landslide
2019-11-03 Financial Times: There is no such thing as a ‘clean break’ Brexit
2019-11-03 The Times: Nigel Farage: the Tories have offered to make me a peer twice — I won’t be bought off with baubles
2019-11-01 BBC: General election 2019: Nigel Farage wants election 'alliance' with Tories
2019-11-01 Financial Times: Brexit has lowered the bar for election victory, study finds
2019-11-01 POLITICO: Tory divisions gave Brussels the edge in Brexit talks, researchers say
2019-10-30 The Independent: No-deal Brexit still possible, EU's Michel Barnier warns
2019-10-30 The Guardian: Brexit: Parliament breaks deadlock with vote for 12 December election
2019-10-28 Financial Times: Britain and Russia are Europe’s odd couple
2019-10-28 BuzzFeed News: A leaked report revealed People’s Vote was told it needed a “clean slate” of key staffers to end a “culture of mistrust”
2019-10-28 POLITICO: EU agrees to January 31 Brexit extension
2019-10-27 The Independent: Brexit: Former chancellor Philip Hammond backs bid to keep UK in customs union
2019-10-24 The Independent: EU president Juncker says Boris Johnson lied during Brexit referendum
2019-10-24 The Independent: Brexit: UK will choose to rejoin EU after making 'colossal mistake' of leaving, says John Major
2019-10-24 The Guardian: David Miliband: Brexit is wrecking British democracy
2019-10-23 Financial Times: Boris Johnson wins Brexit deal vote but is thwarted on deadline
2019-10-23 POLITICO: Boris Johnson rejects case for Brexit extension
2019-10-22 LSE: The impact of Brexit on the politics and policies of the European Union
2019-10-22 Fondation Robert Schuman: Brexit: a new agreement and further uncertainties
2019-10-21 Financial Times: Brexiternity: The Uncertain Fate of Britain, by Denis MacShane
2019-10-21 POLITICO: UK MPs force Boris Johnson to seek a Brexit extension
2019-10-20 Financial Times: Brussels believes it is now time to move on with Brexit
2019-10-20 Financial Times: Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal brings a united Ireland closer
2019-10-20 Financial Times: Labour to try to add new referendum to Brexit deal
2019-10-18 Report and concluding remarks by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on European Council meetings
2019-10-17 European Council (Art. 50) conclusions
2019-10-17 Financial Times: EU and UK reach agreement on Brexit deal
2019-10-16 POLITICO: Johnson tells ministers ‘we’re not there yet’ on Brexit deal
2019-10-16 EurActiv: Boris Johnson Brexit deal must go to people to pass parliament, say lawmakers
2019-10-15 Financial Times: Nicola Sturgeon calls for second independence vote in 2020
2019-10-15 Institute for Government: No-deal Brexit would be high-stakes gamble with the Union
2019-10-15 Main results - General Affairs Council (Art. 50)
2019-10-14 POLITICO: Queen’s speech: Brexit top priority for UK government
2019-10-14 The Guardian: No time left for Brexit deal before EU summit, says Finnish PM
2019-10-14 The Guardian: Boris Johnson wins more backing from MPs for Brexit deal
2019-10-13 The Guardian: EU ready to grant Brexit extension in build-up to key summit
2019-10-12 The Guardian: Support grows for a new Brexit poll amid fears over Johnson’s plan
2019-10-12 The Guardian: Keir Starmer: Labour will stop no-deal Brexit 'whatever it takes'
2019-10-11 POLITICO: Michel Barnier recommends intensifying Brexit talks
2019-10-10 BBC: Brexit: Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar 'can see pathway to a deal'
2019-10-09 The Times: ‘Many’ Tory MPs to quit if it comes to no‑deal Brexit
2019-10-09 The Guardian: Brexit talks in Brussels between EU and UK come to a halt
2019-10-09 The Sun: Boris Johnson plans to tell Queen she can’t sack him even if he loses no confidence vote
2019-10-09 Financial Times: Scottish court delays decision over Brexit extension letter
2019-10-08 New Europe: Sassoli: UK’s Brexit proposals are not immediately operable, long way from something European Parliament could agree to
2019-10-06 Paul Goldschmidt: The UK and the EU must bring “Brexit” to a final conclusion now!
2019-10-06 Financial Times: The EU should think twice before rejecting Boris Johnson’s proposal
2019-10-06 The Guardian: Macron gives Johnson until end of week to overhaul Brexit plan
2019-10-05 BBC: Brexit boosting independence support, Plaid Cymru MP claims
2019-10-03 European Parliament: Brexit: recent UK proposals do not offer the safeguards the EU and Ireland need
2019-10-02 Financial Times: Germany and France brace for another Brexit delay
2019-10-02 The Guardian: Brexit: dismay in Brussels as Boris Johnson finally reveals plan
2019-10-01 UK in a Changing Europe: Will a no deal Brexit lead to the break-up of the UK?
2019-09-29 The Guardian: 'It's gloomy': EU unlikely to change position, says senior German MP
2019-09-29 Financial Times: UK lacks leadership to sort Brexit, says Finnish PM
2019-09-28 The Guardian: Michel Barnier: Boris Johnson’s behaviour has ‘limited the chance’ of a Brexit deal
2019-09-27 EurActiv: EU’s Juncker says Britain will be responsible if no Brexit deal
2019-09-25 The Guardian: UK told it must table proposals for Irish backstop by next week
2019-09-24 POLITICO: Michel Barnier: ‘No reason’ for optimism in Brexit talks
2019-09-24 Financial Times: Labour backs off immediate no-confidence vote
2019-09-24 The Guardian: Johnson's suspension of parliament unlawful, supreme court rules
2019-09-23 Financial Times: Record numbers of UK lawyers register in Ireland
2019-09-23 The Guardian: EU's chief negotiator calls Johnson's backstop solution 'unacceptable'
2019-09-20 Sky News: Jean-Claude Juncker: 'We can have a deal' and 'Brexit will happen'
2019-09-20 Financial Times: UK Brexit plans fail all basic backstop tests, warns EU
2019-09-19 Financial Times: EU foresees a US-UK axis after Brexit
2019-09-17 The Guardian: EU given Brexit draft with backstop scrubbed out, UK sources admit
2019-09-17 Jeremy Corbyn: Only Labour will give the people a final say on Brexit
2019-09-16 The Guardian: Johnson: no transition period extension if Brexit deal is struck
2019-09-16 The Guardian: Cameron: Johnson said leave campaign would lose minutes before backing it
2019-09-16 IB Times: EU downbeat after Johnson-Juncker Brexit talks
2019-09-15 The Guardian: Lib Dems pledge to revoke Brexit without referendum
2019-09-15 The Times: Hardliners may back Boris ‘Hulk’ Johnson’s new deal
2019-09-12 EurActiv: Irish backstop must be part of Brexit deal, says EU Parliament chief
2019-09-11 The New York Times: Scottish court rules Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament illegal
2019-09-09 The Guardian: No-deal Brexit will not be clean break, Irish PM warns Boris Johnson
2019-09-07 The Guardian: Boris Johnson 'will be forced from power if he defies no-deal law'
2019-09-06 Financial Times: £9bn pulled from UK company funds since Brexit vote
2019-09-06 Financial Times: EU loses patience with the quarrelsome British
2019-09-05 Bloomberg: Ireland wants a Brexit deal but not at any price, Varadkar warns
2019-09-05 Deutschlandfunk: Lessons for Democracy
2019-09-04 Financial Times: EU signals it is open to Brexit extension — if UK asks for one
2019-09-04 The Independent: Cross-party group of 40 MEPs sign pledge to work together to keep EU membership on the table
2019-09-04 POLITICO: Boris Johnson loses control
2019-09-04 City AM: Michel Barnier: Irish backstop is best solution we can offer UK
2019-09-04 UK in a Changing Europe: No deal will lead to prolonged and severe political and economic uncertainty
2019-09-04 Le Monde: "British friends, do not leave us!"
2019-09-03 The Guardian: Boris Johnson to seek election after rebel Tories deliver Commons defeat
2019-08-28 The Guardian: Boris Johnson asks Queen to suspend parliament
2019-08-23 Department for Exiting the EU: The UK will not nominate a new Commissioner to the EU
2019-08-09 The Independent: No-deal Brexit could trigger deadly clashes between fishermen, experts warn
2019-08-05 The Guardian: Brexit will happen on 31 October 'whatever the circumstances' - No 10
2019-08-05 The Guardian: Boris Johnson has no intention of renegotiating Brexit deal, EU told
2019-08-02 The Guardian: Tory rebels threaten Boris Johnson after majority cut to one
2019-08-01 The Guardian: UK less able to cope with hard Brexit than it was in spring, say officials
2019-07-31 The Guardian: We'll block trade deal if Brexit imperils open Irish border, say US politicians
2019-07-30 Financial Times: Johnson plans ‘boosterism’ to ease Brexit pain
2019-07-29 Institute for Government: Preparing Brexit: No Deal
2019-07-28 Financial Times: The EU must prepare for a no-deal Brexit
2019-07-26 The Guardian: We have been forgotten by Boris Johnson, say Britons in Europe
2019-07-24 Financial Times: French minister says Paris ready if Johnson goes for no-deal Brexit
2019-07-24 Bloomberg: The great purge: Boris Johnson culls cabinet to make his Brexit mark
2019-07-24 EPC: No-deal Brexit may be the only way out for Boris Johnson
2019-07-24 POLITICO: Boris Johnson pledges to leave the EU on October 31: ‘No ifs, no buts’
2019-07-24 Brexit: An orderly exit is in the interests of both parties
2019-07-23 The Guardian: Brussels greets Boris Johnson victory by rejecting Brexit plans
2019-07-23 The Guardian: Boris Johnson elected new Tory leader
2019-07-22 Bloomberg: BOE’s Haldane says Brexit undermining work to boost UK economy
2019-07-21 The Guardian: Change in No 10 will not alter Brexit reality, warns Irish deputy PM
2019-07-21 Paul Goldschmidt: “Brexit”: “No deal is now practically unavoidable
2019-07-21 The Guardian: Philip Hammond to quit government if Boris Johnson becomes PM
2019-07-20 Financial Times: Scotland leads the charge against a no-deal Brexit
2019-07-19 POLITICO: Merkel: Brexit backstop stays unless Irish border alternative found
2019-07-19 The Guardian: Brussels to offer Boris Johnson extension on no-deal Brexit
2019-07-18 BBC: Michel Barnier says UK 'will have to face consequences' in event of no deal
2019-07-18 Bloomberg: Boris Johnson says US trade deal won't be forged quickly
2019-07-18 The Guardian: Ursula von der Leyen: hard Brexit would be massive blow for both sides
2019-07-18 The Guardian: Gordon Brown: 'Boris Johnson could be UK's last prime minister'
2019-07-18 Financial Times: Brexit turmoil deters top candidates for BoE governor’s job
2019-07-17 BuzzFeed: The People’s Vote campaign is at war over whether it should back remaining in the EU
2019-07-15 Bloomberg: Brexit talks get more hostile as EU considers sweeteners to deal
2019-07-15 The Guardian: Hunt and Johnson: the backstop is dead and can't be in any EU deal
2019-07-14 BBC: Philip Hammond warns UK will lose control in no-deal scenario
2019-07-12 Financial Times: US-UK relations: strains in the ‘greatest alliance’
2019-07-10 The Guardian: Ursula von der Leyen signals she will not reopen Brexit talks
2019-07-09 BBC: Labour to back Remain as it calls for a new EU referendum
2019-07-09 Bloomberg: UK seeks Brexit concessions, saying Dublin has the most to lose
2019-07-09 Federal Trust: The Brexit revolution eats its Conservative parents
2019-07-04 The Guardian: No-deal Brexit risks breaking up UK, warns Theresa May
2019-07-04 El Español: Brexit, so what?
2019-07-02 Institute for Government: Northern Ireland risks being collateral damage in the Conservative leadership contest
2019-06-27 City AM: Japanese firms ‘very concerned’ about prospect of no-deal Brexit, warns foreign minister
2019-06-27 Bloomberg: May warns Tory rivals she could vote to stop a no-deal Brexit
2019-06-25 BBC: Brexit: Survival of UK in doubt, Gordon Brown warns
2019-06-20 The Irish Times: EU has run out of patience with the UK over Brexit – Varadkar
2019-06-20 BBC: Brexit would 'diminish' UK, says Dutch PM Mark Rutte
2019-06-20 Bloomberg: Johnson and Hunt go head-to-head in race to be next UK leader
2019-06-19 The Times: Jeremy Corbyn to back second Brexit referendum
2019-06-18 Bloomberg: Lying politicians leading UK to no-deal Brexit, ex-envoy says
2019-06-16 The Telegraph: Conservative donors open secret talks with Nigel Farage on general election pact to save Brexit
2019-06-13 Bloomberg: EU warns over future ties if next UK premier withholds bill
2019-06-13 POLITICO: Boris Johnson takes commanding lead in Tory leadership race
2019-06-13 The Times: Boris Johnson ‘won’t rule out suspending parliament’
2019-06-12 The Guardian: Brexit ‘shambles’ has ruined UK reputation, says senior diplomat
2019-06-12 BBC: MPs reject Labour plan for no-deal vote
2019-06-09 The Guardian: Boris Johnson threatens to hold back Brexit ‘divorce’ payment to force a deal
2019-06-07 City AM: Theresa May officially resigns as Tory leadership contest begins
2019-06-06 LSE: What Brexit has taught Italy about its own prospects of leaving the EU
2019-06-05 Financial Times: UK’s no-deal debate ignores the EU
2019-06-03 Fondation Robert Schuman: A more United European Union to confront the challenges of a less secure world
2019-06-02 BBC: Sam Gyimah backs further referendum in Tory leadership bid
2019-06-02 The Times: Donald Trump interview: send in Nigel Farage and go for no-deal Brexit, says president
2019-05-30 The Guardian: EU chief negotiator blames Brexit on 'nostalgia for the past'
2019-05-30 IN Facts: Flattering Trump is no substitute for close EU partners
2019-05-30 Bloomberg: UK business warns candidates for Prime Minister to avoid no-deal Brexit
2019-05-29 The Guardian: Scottish government publishes independence referendum bill
2019-05-28 The Guardian: Hunt: push for no-deal Brexit would be 'political suicide'
2019-05-28 The Guardian: Corbyn backs referendum on Brexit deal after EU election exodus
2019-05-27 POLITICO: Nigel Farage says Brexit Party will fight next general election
2019-05-27 Bloomberg: Brexit tears up British politics as Farage tops EU election poll
2019-05-26 The Guardian: Brexit: top Tories would bring down any PM who backs no deal
2019-05-24 YouGov: Boris is Britons’ best bet for PM
2019-05-24 EU-Rope: The EU election: Remain blew it
2019-05-24 POLITICO: Theresa May steps down in emotional Downing Street speech
2019-05-21 Bloomberg: May’s desperate gamble on a new Brexit referendum falls flat
2019-05-20 The Guardian: No-deal Brexit would be a betrayal, says Philip Hammond
2019-05-19 The Independent: Brexit: Revoke Article 50 as no time left for second referendum, says Change UK
2019-05-17 POLITICO: Brexit talks between Conservatives and Labour collapse
2019-05-16 The Guardian: Boris Johnson confirms he will bid for Tory leadership
2019-05-16 The Guardian: May agrees to set her exit date after Brexit bill vote
2019-05-15 Financial Times: Labour warns Theresa May it will not back Brexit deal in crunch vote
2019-05-15 EUROPP: Understanding the enhanced role of the European Parliament in the Brexit negotiations
2019-05-15 POLITICO: Britain divides but doesn’t rule
2019-05-14 Bloomberg: May to bring Brexit deal back to Parliament at start of June
2019-05-13 EPC: The EU’s governance of Brexit and its impact on the negotiations
2019-05-12 Bloomberg: No-deal Brexit risk bigger than firms think, business chief says
2019-05-12 The Guardian: Keir Starmer: Brexit deal unlikely to pass without confirmatory poll
2019-05-12 The Guardian: Brexit talks will tie up Whitehall for years, top UK diplomat warns
2019-05-10 The Guardian: Donald Tusk: chance of Brexit being cancelled could be 30%
2019-05-10 The Guardian: Backstop still needed if May departs, Irish foreign minister says
2019-05-08 Financial Times: UK and Ireland agree to maintain common travel area after Brexit
2019-05-08 Financial Times: EU elections may turn Brexit on its head
2019-05-07 Financial Times: UK to hold European elections on May 23
2019-05-07 Bloomberg: EU’s Juncker says he regrets staying quiet about Brexit ‘lies’
2019-05-07 Bloomberg: Baillie Gifford opens sales office in Frankfurt ahead of Brexit
2019-05-07 Federal Trust: The very odd couple: Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn
2019-05-03 The Guardian: Grounds for hope in customs union talks with Labour, says Hunt
2019-05-02 The Guardian: More than 600,000 EU citizens apply for UK settled status
2019-04-20 Financial Times: Juncker questions UK staying in single market
2019-04-17 POLITICO: Nancy Pelosi: No US-UK trade deal if Brexit risks Good Friday accord
2019-04-16 Report by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on the Special European Council (Art. 50) meeting on 10 April
2019-04-15 Bloomberg: London finance job openings halve in two years on Brexit jitters
2019-04-15 Financial Times: Germany warns Britain cannot have further Brexit extension
2019-04-13 The Guardian: Brexit: pro-EU parties to use European elections as 'soft referendum'
2019-04-11 Bloomberg: Santander to move 30 staff to Spain in no-deal Brexit plan
2019-04-11 European Council decision taken in agreement with the United Kingdom, extending the period under Article 50 TEU
2019-04-10 The Guardian: UK risks losing European commissioner role over Brexit delay
2019-04-10 POLITICO: EU leaders agree Brexit will be delayed again
2019-04-09 The Telegraph: Philip Hammond suggests MPs could revoke Article 50 to prevent no deal sinking the value of pound
2019-04-08 VoxEU: Austerity caused Brexit
2019-04-08 Bloomberg: London Stock Exchange readies hard Brexit move for stock trades
2019-04-08 The Telegraph: Theresa May to consider giving MPs vote on second referendum in bid to break Brexit deadlock with Labour
2019-04-08 The Guardian: UK poised to embrace authoritarianism, warns Hansard Society
2019-04-07 Financial Times: Britain’s insurgent parties gear up for European elections
2019-04-06 The Guardian: France, Spain and Belgium 'ready for no-deal Brexit next week'
2019-04-05 POLITICO: ‘Flextension’ and just tension in Brussels as UK requests another Brexit delay
2019-04-04 Bloomberg: UK Parliament acts to block a potentially chaotic no-deal Brexit
2019-04-03 Statement by President Juncker on the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union at the European Parliament's plenary session
2019-04-02 The Guardian: No guarantee EU would grant long article 50 extension, says Macron
2019-04-02 Bloomberg: Rutte says no-deal now probable as EU sets terms of Brexit delay
2019-04-02 Andrew Duff: Brexit: Decoupling the Political Declaration
2019-04-01 New York Times: UK Parliament votes down alternative Brexit deals
2019-04-01 Charles Grant: Remainers, take note: much of Europe just wants to excise the British cancer
2019-03-31 Bloomberg: Canaccord to cut London jobs as Brexit hurts capital markets
2019-03-29 Bloomberg: EU sees no-deal Brexit more likely than a long delay
2019-03-28 The Guardian: EU moves into crisis mode as it plans for no-deal Brexit
2019-03-28 Pravda: Slovak Lex Brexit
2019-03-27 Financial Times: Theresa May offers to quit in push to get Brexit deal passed
2019-03-27 Financial Times: Brexit is part of a wider European struggle
2019-03-27 The Guardian: Brexit extension could be until 31 March 2020, EU documents reveal
2019-03-27 The Guardian: Government rejects Brexit petition to revoke article 50 signed by 5.8 million people
2019-03-26 UK Parliament: Immigration Bill strips EU citizens in UK of rights after Brexit
2019-03-25 Brexit preparedness: EU completes preparations for possible “no-deal” scenario on 12 April
2019-03-25 Public Law for Everyone: Revoking Article 50: Legislating to take a no-deal Brexit off the table
2019-03-25 Bloomberg: Theresa May wields threat of ‘slow Brexit’ in final bid for support
2019-03-25 House of Lords: The Brexit paradox: UK will need to increase its presence in Brussels significantly
2019-03-25 The Guardian: MPs seize control of Brexit process by backing indicative votes amendment
2019-03-24 Business Insider: Brexit trade deals will be worse than current EU deals, says Liam Fox's former trade chief
2019-03-23 POLITICO: Anti-Brexit march attracts 1 million, say organizers
2019-03-23 The Independent: Brexit is ruining Britain’s reputation in Europe
2019-03-22 The Guardian: Secret Cabinet Office document reveals chaotic planning for no-deal Brexit
2019-03-21 Brexit: European Council adopts decision extending the period under Article 50
2019-03-20 EPRS - Brexit: Understanding the withdrawal agreement and political declaration
2019-03-20 POLITICO: Donald Tusk: No Brexit extension without green light for deal
2019-03-20 The Independent: Brussels opposes Theresa May request for Brexit extension until 30 June but will accept long delay
2019-03-19 Financial Times: Theresa May weighs third Commons Brexit vote despite Speaker’s ruling
2019-03-19 Bloomberg: May prepares to seek long Brexit delay as speaker scuppers plans
2019-03-19 Brexit: Council adopts a series of contingency measures for a "no-deal" scenario
2019-03-18 Federal Trust: Brexit: "No deal" is still on the table
2019-03-18 Evening Standard: UK ‘could be refused extension if PM fails to get Commons agreement’
2019-03-17 Wolfgang Münchau: A long Brexit delay spells danger for the EU
2019-03-17 The Guardian: UK bankers on standby as City readies no-deal contingency plans
2019-03-15 The Guardian: No long Brexit delay without election of British MEPs, says leaked paper
2019-03-14 BBC: MPs vote by a majority of 211 to seek delay to EU departure
2019-03-13 BBC: MPs vote to reject no-deal Brexit
2019-03-13 POLITICO: Michel Barnier: Brexit extension ‘for what?’
2019-03-13 Financial Times: Theresa May’s Brexit deal is dead — MPs must now take over
2019-03-13 BBC: Brexit: MPs reject Theresa May's deal for a second time
2019-03-12 The Guardian: Donald Tusk: UK must have a credible reason to delay Brexit
2019-03-12 Bloomberg: UK business cries ‘enough’ as yet another Brexit deal fails
2019-03-12 The Times: EU planning for year-long extension, diplomats say
2019-03-12 The Guardian: May wins ‘improved’ Brexit deal but it may not be enough for MPs
2019-03-11 House of Commons: Technical solution to border possible with trust and goodwill, finds Committee
2019-03-11 Remarks by President Jean-Claude Juncker at the joint press conference with UK Prime Minister Theresa May
2019-03-11 Kevin Rudd: Think the Commonwealth can save Brexit Britain? That’s utter delusion
2019-03-10 Bloomberg: French minister says decision, not more time, needed for Brexit
2019-03-10 The Telegraph: Minister claims 'only two' Cabinet members support Theresa May as she faces growing pressure to quit over Brexit
2019-03-10 Wolfgang Münchau: Norway shows the UK a better way to Brexit
2019-03-08 Open Europe: Under which conditions would the EU27 agree to an Article 50 extension?
2019-03-07 Philip Stephens: After Brexit, Britain will be a rule-taker
2019-03-07 ESMA sets out its approach to several MiFID II/MiFIR and BMR provisions under a no-deal Brexit
2019-03-05 David Miliband: As foreign secretary I argued against an EU referendum. Now I back one
2019-03-05 Financial Times: Brexiters are refusing to accept their victory
2019-03-04 New Europe: German parliament objects to Article 50 delay that goes beyond May
2019-03-04 The Guardian: May 'did not understand EU when she triggered Brexit'
2019-03-03 Business Insider: The City of London is finally starting to believe that the UK will avoid a no-deal Brexit
2019-03-03 Tony Blair: Europe can only give us more time if we have a clear Brexit plan
2019-03-01 ESMA to recognise the UK Central Securities Depository in the event of a no-deal Brexit
2019-03-01 The Guardian: Barnier 'working on legal add-on' to Brexit deal to help May
2019-03-01 The Guardian view on delaying Brexit: time to take part in the EU elections
2019-03-01 Chatham House: The UK's European diplomatic strategy for Brexit and beyond
2019-03-01 The Guardian: Labour could let May's Brexit deal pass in return for second referendum
2019-02-28 The Guardian: Any extension of article 50 must be a one-off, Brussels to insist
2019-02-28 The Guardian: France will block Brexit delay without 'new choice' by UK
2019-02-28 Philip Stephens: Britain has a chance to think again on Brexit
2019-02-27 Financial Times: Jacob Rees-Mogg softens position on Theresa May’s Brexit deal
2019-02-26 Martin Wolf: A second Brexit referendum is now essential
2019-02-26 EPC: Extending Article 50: One step too far for the EU?
2019-02-26 The Economist: Labour and the Tories change tactics on Brexit
2019-02-25 Bloomberg: UK's Theresa May to consider delay to Brexit date
2019-02-25 The Telegraph: Government planning to pay billions to Brussels – even in event of no-deal Brexit
2019-02-25 The Guardian: UK faces chaotic Brexit or extension of article 50, says Donald Tusk
2019-02-25 The Guardian: Jeremy Corbyn: we’ll back a second referendum to stop Tory no-deal Brexit
2019-02-24 The Guardian: Theresa May delays meaningful vote on final Brexit deal
2019-02-24 The Guardian: Brexit could be delayed until 2021, EU sources reveal
2019-02-22 The Guardian: Theresa May must go in three months, cabinet ministers say
2019-02-22 The Guardian: Michel Barnier says there is high chance of 'accidental' no-deal Brexit
2019-02-21 The Guardian: Theresa May faces ministerial revolt over no-deal Brexit
2019-02-20 Jo Johnson: Politicians must stand up for the City of London after Brexit
2019-02-20 Vox EU: Brexit and the Irish border issue
2019-02-18 Bloomberg: Seven UK Labour MPs quit party in Brexit split with Corbyn
2019-02-18 Financial Times: EU says UK will struggle to match its free trade deals
2019-02-16 The Guardian: Remainers plan mass march and key vote in last days before Brexit
2019-02-15 Bloomberg: Pro-Brexit Tories willing to accept five-year limit on backstop
2019-02-15 New York Times: How a ‘no-deal’ Brexit could open a path to Irish unity
2019-02-14 Financial Times: Dutch PM warns of ‘devastating’ impact of no-deal Brexit on UK
2019-02-14 Financial Times: EU businesses urge clean break from UK or long Brexit delay
2019-02-13 ESMA's Maijoor: Brexit – the regulatory challenges
2019-02-11 POLITICO: Theresa May extends Brexit olive branch to Labour
2019-02-11 EurActiv: ‘Something has to give,’ Barnier tells Brexit Britain
2019-02-11 Bloomberg: No-deal Brexit would be like an ‘atomic bomb,’ Maltese minister says
2019-02-10 Financial Times: Brexit goes to the brink
2019-02-10 The Times: Labour’s no-deal Brexit ambush
2019-02-09 The Guardian: Back May’s deal, then hold people’s vote: plan to end Brexit deadlock
2019-02-08 BBC: Brexit: 'Very real' chance of Irish unity poll if no deal
2019-02-07 New York Times: EU rebuffs May’s new Brexit demand, but promises more talks
2019-02-07 Financial Times: UK draws up secret plan to boost economy after no-deal Brexit
2019-02-07 Il Sole 24 Ore: Brexit and new challenges for EU
2019-02-07 The Guardian: Brexit deal may not be put to MPs until late March, officials say
2019-02-06 Remarks by President Donald Tusk after his meeting with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar
2019-02-06 CER: Can the UK extend the Brexit deadline?
2019-02-05 FCA approach to MiFID transparency calculations
2019-02-05 ESMA sets out use of UK data in ESMA databases under a no-deal Brexit
2019-02-04 Bloomberg: Merkel, Japan's Abe seek to avoid chaos from no-deal Brexit
2019-02-02 The Independent: Brexit: Whitehall officials begin ‘serious work’ on UK staying in EU customs union as way to rescue deal
2019-02-01 Financial Times: Weak EU economies will push for Brexit deal, asserts Liam Fox
2019-02-01 Bloomberg: UK’s Hammond says Brexit delay is possible if new deal reached
2019-02-01 Federal Trust: Brexit: Will Parliament decide in February what it failed to decide in January?
2019-01-31 Bloomberg: Brexit Irish border fears spur warning on US-UK trade talks
2019-01-31 Financial Times: The EU cannot rescue Britain from Brexit chaos
2019-01-31 Post: Brexit made the EU stronger
2019-01-31 Project Syndicate: The EU needs a Brexit endgame
2019-01-31 The Guardian: EU fears short article 50 extension will mean no-deal Brexit in June
2019-01-30 The Independent: EU would rather no-deal Brexit than abandon Irish backstop, Theresa May told
2019-01-29 BBC: Brexit: MPs back May's bid to change deal
2019-01-29 BBC: Brexit: David Miliband puts case for new referendum
2019-01-29 UK Government publishes list of Brexit-related treaties
2019-01-28 The Guardian: Northern Ireland business leaders press MPs to back Brexit deal
2019-01-28 The Guardian: No-deal Brexit: UK firms 'praying' for article 50 extension, says KPMG
2019-01-28 The Guardian: Risk of no-deal Brexit ‘very high’, says key EU negotiator
2019-01-28 Huffington Post: A no-deal Brexit would be a betrayal of Leave voters
2019-01-27 POLITICO: Marine Le Pen backs Britain’s membership in ‘reformed’ EU
2019-01-27 The Sun: Theresa May ‘privately told Cabinet ministers she will rule out No Deal’
2019-01-26 The Guardian: Ireland dismisses suggestion it should quit EU and join UK
2019-01-26 The Guardian: Juncker warns May: permanent customs union is price for revisiting backstop
2019-01-26 POLITICO: Guy Verhofstadt: UK cross-party effort could stop Brexit
2019-01-26 The Guardian: UK firms plan mass exodus if May allows no-deal Brexit
2019-01-25 Sky News: Queen calls for 'coming together to seek out common ground' as MPs battle over Brexit
2019-01-25 The Independent: No-deal Brexit would ruin UK's chances of getting any free trade deals, Irish PM Varadkar warns
2019-01-25 POLITICO: Le Maire: Up to Britain to find a way through Brexit impasse
2019-01-25 The Guardian: French firms with UK ties told to look for alternatives as Brexit looms
2019-01-25 Bloomberg: Yellow vest fears steer Macron against no-deal Brexit
2019-01-25 The Guardian: Jeremy Corbyn ally dents Labour hopes of push for second referendum
2019-01-25 The Guardian: No-deal Brexit will disrupt UK economy, says Philip Hammond
2019-01-24 Euronews: No deal may be better than extending Brexit negotiations: Lithuanian president
2019-01-24 POLITICO: European Parliament would veto Brexit deal without backstop, say MEPs
2019-01-23 Bloomberg: UK Parliament moves closer to stopping a no-deal Brexit
2019-01-23 Financial Times: If parliament cannot resolve Brexit, a new referendum is needed
2019-01-23 The Guardian: No-deal Brexit 'poses threat to global stability' – CBI head
2019-01-22 Bloomberg: EU presses Ireland for no-deal Brexit border plan, source says
2019-01-22 UK in a Changing Europe: New report reveals Brexit identities stronger than party identities
2019-01-20 The Guardian: No 10 hits out at MPs trying to delay article 50 to avert no deal
2019-01-20 Financial Times: The self-fulfilling prophecy of a no-deal Brexit
2019-01-20 Bloomberg: EU is split over delaying Brexit by as much as a year, diplomats say
2019-01-20 Paul N. Goldschmidt: “Brexit”: Breaking the deadlock!
2019-01-19 The Guardian: Ministers agree to consider Lib Dem plans for new referendum
2019-01-19 Bloomberg: Merkel warns EU compromise is needed to avert harmful Brexit
2019-01-18 Financial Times: UK can delay Brexit without holding Europe elections, say lawyers
2019-01-17 Financial Times: France launches contingency plans for hard Brexit
2019-01-17 LSE: New tricks for an old hand: Getting Brexit through Parliament
2019-01-17 Financial Times: Business groups call for politicians’ consensus on Brexit plan B
2019-01-17 The Guardian: Philip Hammond tells business no-deal Brexit will be stopped
2019-01-17 The Guardian: More than 170 business leaders join call for second Brexit referendum
2019-01-17 The Guardian: Checks on both sides of Irish border ‘mandatory under no-deal Brexit’
2019-01-17 Financial Times: Chaotic Brexit would shake German business, industry group warns
2019-01-17 La Nouvelliste: Say goodbye to special treatment
2019-01-16 The Guardian: Labour MPs declare support for second Brexit referendum
2019-01-16 The Guardian: Markets expect Brexit to be delayed, Bank of England governor says
2019-01-16 The Guardian: Germany and France signal willingness to delay Brexit
2019-01-16 Speeches by Frans Timmermans and Michel Barnier at the Plenary session of the EP on the occasion of the debate on Brexit
2019-01-16 Bloomberg: Radical changes needed to secure Brexit, EU tells May
2019-01-15 Bloomberg: May loses Brexit vote in landslide, faces confidence vote
2019-01-14 The Telegraph: Remainers unite to call for second Brexit poll - on Theresa May's deal or staying in EU
2019-01-14 Financial Times: EU letter seeks to reassure UK on Irish border backstop
2019-01-14 Bruegel: The implications of no-deal Brexit: is the European Union prepared?
2019-01-13 The Independent: More than 100 MEPs from every corner of EU sign heartfelt letter asking British people to reconsider Brexit
2019-01-13 The Guardian: EU preparing to delay Brexit until at least July
2019-01-13 Sadiq Khan: If May stays at No 10, I’m starting Project Hope, the positive case for remain
2019-01-12 The Independent: Article 50 set to be extended even if Theresa May wins vote on Tuesday, senior ministers admit
2019-01-11 Chatham House: A no-deal Brexit would be a geopolitical crisis
2019-01-11 ITV News: Blocking Brexit could 'open door to extremist political forces', Grayling warns
2019-01-11 The Guardian: Japanese bank blames Brexit for move to Amsterdam
2019-01-11 Vox EU: Breaking the Brexit impasse: Achieving a fair, legitimate and democratic outcome
2019-01-11 Commercial Risk Europe: AXA moving international risk and reinsurance ops to Ireland
2019-01-10 BBC: Japan's PM says 'wish of whole world' to avoid no-deal
2019-01-09 LSE: Brexit: On being more or less semi-detached
2019-01-08 EPC: Brexit: How the Political Declaration can rescue the Withdrawal Agreement
2019-01-08 The Daily Telegraph: British officials 'putting out feelers' with EU for Article 50 extension
2019-01-08 The Times: Business group ready to back new vote
2019-01-07 The Independent: More than 200 MPs urge May to rule out no deal as Johnson dismisses ‘downright apocalyptic’ warnings
2019-01-07 The Guardian: UK must have second EU referendum, Chris Patten to say
2019-01-07 POLITICO: No-deal is closest to UK voters’ idea of Brexit, says Boris Johnson
2019-01-06 Peter Mandelson: Theresa May’s Brexit plan reduces us to beggars in Brussels — we need another vote
2019-01-02 Insurance Journal: Chubb European Group completes redomicile to France in preparation for Brexit

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