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Welcome to my articles

My articles and videos are an integral part of our services to our Friends and full details of our services are here. My blog of the Highlights of my Week  has become a very popular part of my services.

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Graham's Articles - 202111 articles out of 11.

Graham's Articles - 20208 articles out of 8.

Graham's Articles - 201912 articles out of 12.

Graham's Articles - 201817 articles out of 17.

2017 Graham's Articles
2017-12-19 Completing Banking Union: Eurobills as an Easy Step
2017-11-21 Likelihood of a no-deal on the rise: The no-Brexit option finds its way back to the table - 135th Brussels for Breakfast – CPD Notes
2017-11-10 Plan for a Temporary Eurobill Fund (TEF) - article for Financial World magazine
2017-11-03 Brexit Transition – is there a Plan B?
2017-10-02 Graham Bishop presents his plan for a Temporary Eurobill Fund (TEF) at France Stratégie
2017-09-22 Reflecting on the detailed content of PM May’s Florence speech: 553 days until we go over the cliff
2017-09-13 “Eurobills” as a Safe Asset that blends Fiscal Rules progressively with Market Discipline
2017-09-11 Graham Bishop's evidence to House of Lords EU Committee – Financial Affairs on Financial Regulation and Supervision following Brexit
2017-09-05 May to climb down - rather than crash over - the Brexit cliffs by end-September? Probably, a historic crash over!
2017-07-10 An autumn bank stampede to relocate?
2017-06-14 CCP Location: The Endgame Arrives as EU27 Safeguards its Financial Stability
2017-06-09 Europe is the sword of Damocles poised to split British politics yet further - soon
2017-05-11 CCP Location in EU: Endgame now in sight
2017-05-04 European Commission proposal on CCPs
2017-04-25 A Eurobill Proposal for the Commission Reflection Paper on Completing the Economic and Monetary Union
2017-03-29 Prime Minster May finally delivers the “Article 50” notification of intention to leave the EU
2017-03-20 Resolution Capital: A Doomsday Machine for Europe’s Banks?
2017-02-22 PM May’s Brexit “Battle Plan”
2017-02-15 Clearing of euro derivatives after Brexit: a fatal blow to the City of London?
2017-02-02 The Brexit White Paper
2017-01-30 Resignation from FSNF Executive Committee and termination of further participation in the Forum
2017-01-25 Supreme Court on withdrawing the Article 50 Notice: No view! So over to ECJ
2017-01-19 State of Play for CMU – Now in a Brexit World
2017-01-17 Theresa May's Brexit speech
2017-01-15 Euro “clearing”: Liability and Location

Prior Years Reports

Graham's Articles - 201629 articles out of 29.

Graham's Articles - 201517 articles out of 17.

Graham's Articles - 20144 articles out of 4.

Graham's Articles - 20111 articles out of 1.