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Our `Brexit and UK' will highlight some of the economic statistics where the UK diverges from the eurozone - whether better or worse.


Key EU economic statistics: These are figures provided by Eurostat and the European Commission for the 28 EU Member States. They serve as a guide to the economic situation of the EU.   

Key indicator 

Latest data EU27

Next release date Data for EU28 members
Economic Sentiment

Latest Release

EZ: + 0.9 points

27/03/2020 Table Graph Map

Latest Release
   Preliminary flash est.  Q/q-4

EZ: 0.1%

UK:  0.3%

30/04/2020 Table Graph Map
Retail Trade deflated turnover

Latest release


EZ:  + 0.6%

UK:   + 0.3 %

03/04/2020 Table Graph Map
Capacity Utilisation


EZ: 80.9%

UK: 79.2%

June 2020 Table Graph Map

Latest release

Q/q-3 2019

EZ: +0.1%

EU: + 0.1%

15/05/2020 Table Graph Map
Unemployment rate

Latest Release


EZ: 7.4%


Table Graph Map
Trade balance

Latest release

January 2020

EZ:€ 1.3 bn surplus

UK: € + 8.7 bn

15/05/2020 Table Graph  - 
Current account balance 

Latest release


€69.4 billion surplus

08/04/2020 Table Graph  - 
Headline Inflation (HICP) 

Latest release

February:    1.2%

17/04/2020 Table Graph  - 

February m/m:   1.6%  

17/04/2020 Table Graph  - 
UK February: no data 17/04/2020 Table Graph -


  • Latest releases for all of the EU28 indicators: Eurostat news releases
  • Calendar of future releases: here
  • Latest key indicators: here

  • ECB euro area statistics page: here
  • Full listings of selected Principal European Economic Indicators are available on the Eurostat website. (RSS feed here)
  • UK government statistics: here


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