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Archive of Graham's Blog Posts of 2015 and earlier

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2015 Graham's Blog Posts - Archive
2015-11-17 115th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-11-02 Completing Economic and Monetary Union
2015-10-27 The next Spanish Parliament will be a pact between the 'old politics' and 'new politics'
2015-10-20 114th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-09-16 113th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-07-14 112th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-07-08 The Hellenes are heading for Hades - the votes of 4m cannot bind 250m voters
2015-07-06 Greek-style democracy: 4m vote each Greek elector a [€20,000] present from the other 250m euro area electors. Culture change needed!
2015-07-06 ESMA: Advisers on your life savings should be “knowledgeable and competent” – shock horror!
2015-06-16 111th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-06-03 Greek politics: would a referendum cut the Gordian knot?
2015-05-29 City of London opinion hardens to support Britain remaining a member of the EU
2015-05-27 Is the time `ripe’ for Eurobills?
2015-05-21 Cameron’s mask slips: He really wants to leave the EU - if The Times revelation of his key negotiating ploy is correct
2015-05-20 110th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-05-12 After the UK election: what chance of Brexit?
2015-05-11 Progress on financial integration: the scoreboard on the way to CMU
2015-05-06 Shaking the structure of financial markets: Unbundling research costs and execution (Part 3)
2015-04-14 109th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-03-31 UK current account deficit 2014: biggest since 1948 - very frightening!
2015-03-26 108th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-03-17 A spring in the step at the Lib Dem conference
2015-03-04 Location of Central Counter Parties (CCPs)
2015-02-24 Greece: the good news appears to continue
2015-02-21 Eurogroup statement: Greece gets breathing space
2015-02-20 Greek tragedy or bright future?
2015-02-17 107th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-02-16 Time for Greece to take the olive branches
2015-02-04 Tsipras looks over the brink – and seems to draw back: Phew!
2015-01-26 Greece: Midday blog on coalition - additonal positive thinking by EU can bring a transformation
2015-01-26 Greece: the `1789’ moment - but via the ballot box rather than guillotine
2015-01-22 Blog Post: Greece: Are more bailouts inevitable? No – if Syriza wins
2015-01-13 106th Brussels for Breakfast
2015-01-09 Blog: A revolution in the EU financial system on 3 January 2017? Unbundling execution costs from research
2015-01-06 Spot the difference between Brown and Osborne: Rivers of national tears to flow abroad
2015-01-06 Welcome to 2015

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