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Graham's notes on the highlights of Brussels 4 Breakfast. These are supplemented by the  Brussels 4 Brunch webcast afterwards.

(The  Webcast is eligible for 30 minutes of "structured CPD" from CISI. More details here)

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2016 Notes on Brussels4Breakfast
2016-12-06 125th Brussels for Breakfast – Notes
2016-11-08 124th Brussels for Breakfast – Notes
2016-10-11 123rd Brussels for Breakfast – Notes
2016-09-13 122nd Brussels for Breakfast – the Blog
2016-07-12 121st Brussels for Breakfast – the Blog
2016-05-24 120th Brussels for Breakfast/12th Brussels for Brunch: A month to the Brexit Referendum
2016-04-06 Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – March 2016
2016-03-23 119th Brussels for Breakfast: Reflections on the post-Summit Brexit discussion at `B4B’
2016-03-02 Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – February 2016
2016-02-16 118th Brussels for Breakfast

Prior Years Reports