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Graham's notes on the highlights of Brussels 4 Breakfast. These are supplemented by the  Brussels 4 Brunch webcast afterwards.

(The  Webcast is eligible for 30 minutes of "structured CPD" from CISI. More details here)

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2017 Notes on Brussels4Breakfast
2017-12-14 A ‘moderate’ breakthrough in the Brexit impasse: the Commission decides to move on to phase II but sticky issues drag on
2017-10-18 May’s Florence speech momentum stalled over the Brexit bill - 134th Brussels for Breakfast – CPD Notes
2017-09-19 The Brexit gridlock: No ‘significant progress’ to move on to trade talks soon - 133rd Brussels for Breakfast
2017-07-19 No ‘strong and stable’ leadership in the first rounds of Brexit talks
2017-06-13 The Brexit boot moves decisively to the EU27 foot – 131st Brussels for Breakfast
2017-05-10 130th Brussels 4 Breakfast Notes: The Brexit talks - temperature rising, clearing end-game!
2017-04-11 129th Brussels for Breakfast – Notes
2017-03-09 128th Brussels for Breakfast – Notes
2017-02-15 127th Brussels for Breakfast – Notes
2017-01-24 126th Brussels for Breakfast – Notes

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