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During the Covid crisis, we are only doing a Zoom video  of the discussion amongst the speakers at the Brussels 4 Breakfast session. Hopefully our normal system can be restored before too long!


'Brussels for Brunch'

Our monthly webcast provides 30 minutes of structured CPD


We are delighted to offer our Friends access to our 'Brussels for Brunch' webcast

Developed with the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) and the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) we run a monthly webcast entitled 'Brussels for Brunch'. This is webcast - usually at 10.30 am UK time on CISI TV. It is one of CISI's most popular CPD products and is viewed by around 400 CISI members - both live and up to the next webcast. It is available to Brussels Finanace Watchers shortly after broadcast.

Brussels for Brunch is an offshoot from our Brussels for Breakfast meetings, run by CSFI. These extremely popular roundtable discussions have now exceeded 150 events. They are regarded as one of the pre-eminent insights into a wide range of EU regulatory thinking, in securities and investment and far beyond. It always plays to a large audience.

* To attend the webinar live, please contact and log in details can be sent. Links to the webcast recording (also CPD eligible) will be available in the articles below.

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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2019 Webinar Brussels4Brunch/Brussels 4 Breakfast Zoom video
2019-12-18 48th Brussels for Brunch Webinar December 2019 (334 views)
2019-11-12 46th Brussels for Brunch Webinar November 2019 (390 views)
2019-10-12 45th Brussels for Brunch Webinar October 2019 (260 views)
2019-09-24 44th Brussels for Brunch Webinar September 2019 (336 views)
2019-06-10 43rd Brussels for Brunch Webinar June 2019 (306 views)
2019-05-15 42nd Brussels for Brunch Webinar May 2019 (514 views)
2019-03-20 41st Brussels for Brunch Webinar March 2019 (478 views)
2019-02-18 40th Brussels for Brunch Webinar February 2019 (460 views)
2019-01-15 39th Brussels for Brunch Webinar January 2019 (410 views)

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