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Welcome to our Grid for the week ahead

The Grid gives you the key events in the Commission, Council and Parliament next week. We show the events that are relevant to financial services and economic affairs. For the full grid, please click here

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*Please note that this is indicative and subject to change.

Welcome to the Grid, Week commencing 16 March 2020 



European Council

Ministerial meetings


Eurogroup, Brussels




Meeting page

Regular format

Ministers of euro area countries will discuss:

  1. Preparation of the international meetings: inflation and exchange rate

  2. Greece – Fifth Enhanced surveillance report

  3. Miscellaneous
    a) Updated draft budgetary plan of Austria – information on process

Inclusive format

Ministers of the 27 EU member states will discuss:

  1. ESM Treaty – Political endorsement of the package

  2. Early introduction of the common backstop – Political endorsement of
    the draft Amending Agreement to the IGA and next steps

  3. COVID 19 – economic policy challenges

  4. Miscellaneous

Economic and Financial Affairs Council, Brussels




Meeting page

Capital markets union

Thomas Wieser, chair of the High Level Forum on the capital markets union, or CMU, will present the group's interim report of 20 February. The High Level Forum is an expert group charged with proposing policy recommendations for future CMU actions.

The aim is for citizens and businesses to access capital markets across the EU on equal terms, regardless of their geographical location.

Solvency II directive

The Council will hold a policy debate in view of the upcoming review of the 2009 Solvency II directive.

Solvency II is a harmonised prudential framework to reduce risk and insolvency for insurance firms across the EU. The directive replaced a patchwork of rules in the areas of life and non-life insurance as well as reinsurance.

European Semester

The European Commission will present its 2020 country reports and in-depth reviews. Ministers will exchange views on the implementation of the country-specific recommendations.

In line with the EU Green Deal, this year, the reports contain an analysis of environmental sustainability issues. The discussion is expected to focus in particular on greening investment.

International cooperation within the G20 and IMF

The Croatian presidency and the Commission will also report to the Council of the outcome of the G20 February meeting. Ministers will finalise the preparation of the G20 and IMF spring meetings of April 2020.


Preparatory body meetings


Type of body



Coreper I

Trade Policy Committee (TPC) - Deputies



Political and Security Committee

* all of the above is based upon the draft agenda





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