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Events that impact financial regulation in EU28

The normal flow of regulatory developments is covered in our main Financial Services categories so we will highlight events that are specifically related to Brexit.

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Financial market developments - 2019197 articles out of 197.

2018 Financial market developments
2018-12-20 Financial Times: US creates Brexit market safety net with German clearing permit
2018-12-20 BoE: UK withdrawal from the EU: Further changes to PRA Rulebook and Binding Technical Standards and Resolution Binding Technical Standards
2018-12-19 ESMA is ready to review UK CCPs’ and CSDs’ recognition applications for a no-deal Brexit scenario
2018-12-19 ESMA tells firms to provide clients with information on the implications of Brexit
2018-12-19 ICAEW: Brexit - removal of audit rights in Ireland
2018-12-18 Financial Times: Credit Suisse advises clients to consider moving assets out of UK
2018-12-17 Bloomberg: Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank test Frankfurt swaps move
2018-12-17 EBA calls for more action by financial institutions in their Brexit-related communication to customers
2018-12-16 Financial Times: UK toppled as Europe’s biggest private equity market
2018-12-14 Financial Times: EU bank watchdog warns e-money firms not all ready for cliff-edge Brexit
2018-12-12 Financial Times: Derivatives traders to get one-year market access in no-deal Brexit
2018-12-12 Bloomberg: Germany prepares for no-deal Brexit to avert financial turmoil
2018-12-10 Financial Times: Brexit anxiety mounts for UK clearing houses and EU banks
2018-12-10 Financial Times: Société Générale to set up Brexit clearing hedge in Paris
2018-12-07 ISDA responds to the FCA’s first consultation on Brexit
2018-12-07 ISDA Letter to European Commission on temporary equivalence and recognition for UK CCPs
2018-12-07 Financial Times: Financial services exports to EU face 59% fall, warns think-tank
2018-12-07 Financial Times: Euronext plans to shift Irish equities settlement out of London
2018-12-07 Financial Times: Switzerland risks EU financial sanctions over integration deal
2018-12-07 ISDA: No-deal Brexit likely; business is not prepared
2018-12-05 Financial Times: UK competition watchdog warns of hit from no-deal Brexit
2018-12-04 Financial Times: Rejecting Brexit deal would threaten stability of London, Treasury minister says
2018-12-03 Financial Times: Regulator warns banks over Brexit moves out of City
2018-12-03 Capital markets union: Council agrees stance on supervision framework for clearing houses
2018-12-03 Bloomberg: UK swaps giants sound Brexit alarm, citing doubt on EU plan
2018-11-29 Financial Times: Banks to relocate up to €800bn in assets to Frankfurt after Brexit
2018-11-29 Investment & Pensions Europe: UK set to lose its voice on European financial rules, FCA warns
2018-11-29 ESAs propose to amend bilateral margin requirements to assist Brexit preparations for OTC derivative contracts
2018-11-29 ESMA sees rising market nervousness and sensitivity linked to Brexit risks
2018-11-28 Financial Times: BoE stress test shows British banks able to withstand sharp recession
2018-11-23 FCA launches further consultations ahead of the UK’s exit from the EU
2018-11-23 ESMA: Managing risks of a no-deal Brexit in the area of central clearing
2018-11-23 Financial Times: Bank of France governor pushes Paris as post-Brexit clearing hub
2018-11-20 ISDA - Hard Brexit: An impact assessment for US entities registered with the CFTC
2018-11-16 Bloomberg: Brexit means EU needs bank champions, German regulator says
2018-11-14 Reuters: Draft Brexit deal ends Britain's easy access to EU financial markets
2018-11-13 ISDA: A predictable regulatory framework
2018-11-13 ECB's De Guindos: Promoting the stability and efficiency of EU financial markets beyond Brexit
2018-11-12 Financial Times: German minister tries to calm row over post-Brexit derivatives trading
2018-11-09 ESMA asks clients of credit rating agencies and trade repositories to prepare for a no-deal Brexit
2018-11-08 ESMA proposes a regulatory change to support the Brexit preparations of counterparties to uncleared OTC derivatives
2018-11-08 Bloomberg: Brexit is pushing more settlement business toward Brussels
2018-11-07 Bruegel: Post-Brexit transfers of personal data: The clock is ticking
2018-11-06 ISDA: Hard Brexit relief welcome, but detail needed
2018-11-05 Financial Times: Unlikely consensus reigns in Brexit financial services talks
2018-11-05 EIOPA calls for immediate action to ensure service continuity in cross-border insurance
2018-11-04 Bloomberg: Alarm raised by EU loyalist over ‘cliff edge’ facing banks
2018-11-01 Chartered IIA: Brexit preparedness
2018-11-01 Bloomberg: UK and EU agree on banks' access after Brexit, Times says
2018-10-30 Financial Times: EU pledges access to UK clearing houses in no-deal Brexit
2018-10-30 Financial Times: Eurex to broaden clearing battle with UK’s LCH
2018-10-26 Fed Trust: Hard Brexit: Passport to Nowhere for British Services
2018-10-25 Bloomberg: Draghi says banks can protect themselves against no-deal Brexit
2018-10-25 Bank of England: UK withdrawal from the EU: Changes to PRA rulebook and onshored Binding Technical Standards
2018-10-25 Financial Times: BoE checking lenders’ easy-to-access liquidity
2018-10-23 Financial Times: RBS sets aside £2bn to help small businesses deal with Brexit
2018-10-23 Commercial Risk Europe: Guy Verhofstadt allays contract continuity fears post-Brexit
2018-10-22 Bloomberg: Germany seeks to keep post-Brexit ties to UK markets cop
2018-10-19 Bloomberg: Brexit is ripping the world's financial plumbing apart
2018-10-19 Financial Times: London Stock Exchange to lift stake in LCH
2018-10-18 City of London Corporation: Global investment: driving UK jobs and growth in financial services
2018-10-18 ESMA data analysis values EU derivatives market at €660 trillion with central clearing increasing significantly
2018-10-18 Chartered IIA: Brexit - ‘starter for 10 or 11’ for internal audit to consider now
2018-10-18 POLITICO: Commission downplays City’s cliff-edge Brexit worries
2018-10-17 Financial Times: US threatens to bar EU banks from exchanges
2018-10-11 UK Treasury Committee sets out expectations for Bank of England and FCA’s Brexit analysis
2018-10-11 Reuters: British banks risk ratings downgrades in disorderly Brexit: S&P
2018-10-11 Commercial Risk Europe: Time running out to begin Brexit supply chain risk management
2018-10-10 The FCA consults on its approach ahead of the UK’s exit from the EU
2018-10-09 ISDA: Industry groups set out impact of hard Brexit on derivatives
2018-10-09 Bloomberg: Brexit uncertainty could end for London’s CLO managers with Q&A
2018-10-09 Financial Times: BoE warns EU that £41tn of derivatives at risk after Brexit
2018-10-09 Financial Times: European banks worry about clearing in no-deal Brexit
2018-10-09 Commercial Risk Europe: Lloyd’s accelerates Brexit plan as Beale says ‘no deal’ more likely
2018-10-08 Financial Times: ECB warns banks to curtail booking trades and loans in UK after Brexit
2018-10-05 Financial Times: £9bn pulled from UK company funds since Brexit vote
2018-10-05 Financial Times: No-deal Brexit has big implications for Europe’s derivatives market
2018-10-05 Bloomberg: Brexit financial-market threat leads EU Watchdogs to step up
2018-10-03 ESMA's Maijoor: The state of implementation of MIFID II and preparing for Brexit
2018-10-01 Financial Times: Key London markets would be in the lurch under a ‘no-deal’ Brexit
2018-09-30 Financial Times: Paris set to triumph as Europe’s post-Brexit trading hub
2018-09-30 Financial Times: European banks mull leaving UK derivatives market
2018-09-30 European parliament: Third country equivalence in EU banking and financial regulation
2018-09-26 OMFIF: No-deal Brexit threat to rich EU nations
2018-09-24 Bloomberg: UK finance dealt another Brexit blow by Brussels lawmakers
2018-09-24 Bloomberg: Brexit prompts JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank to use Paris for trades
2018-09-20 Bloomberg: The drip, drip, drip of funds fleeing Brexit Britain
2018-09-20 Bloomberg: UK banks face renewed French push to stiffen MiFID access rule
2018-09-20 Commercial Risk Europe: UK Government advises firms to prepare for data disruption in no-deal Brexit
2018-09-16 Financial Times: Deutsche plans to shift more assets from London
2018-09-13 The Investment Association: Growing European investment in UK asset management industry underlines importance of a Brexit deal
2018-09-06 Bloomberg: EU Brexit plan for swaps draws fresh warning from US regulator
2018-09-06 Financial Times: FCA chief warns against fencing off EU financial activity post-Brexit
2018-09-05 Bloomberg: Germany dismisses key UK demands on banks’ post-Brexit access
2018-09-02 Financial Times: Deutsche Börse cools post-Brexit euro clearing ambitions
2018-08-31 Financial Times: Brexit worries fuel outflow from European equity funds
2018-08-30 Bloomberg: UK call for Brexit contract fix wins German support
2018-08-23 AFME comments on UK Government financial services no-deal paper
2018-08-22 Financial Times: EU vows to get tough on UK’s market access after Brexit
2018-08-22 Commercial Risk Europe: UK’s proposed Brexit solution for financial services won’t work for brokers, warns LIIBA
2018-08-21 UK Treasury: Draft Capital Requirements (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2018
2018-08-21 Financial Times: Risk of a no-deal Brexit matters for European bank bonds
2018-08-20 EurActiv: UK warns of damage to EU without special deal on financial services
2018-08-20 Financial Times: Asset managers draw up plans for hard EU exit
2018-08-13 Commercial Risk Europe: BIBA warns of potential contract continuity problems post-Brexit
2018-08-08 Financial Times: Finance watchdog relaxed about bank models after Brexit
2018-07-30 AFME: Contractual continuity in OTC derivatives challenges with transfers
2018-07-30 LSE: Brexit’s epicentre: London’s financial services sector and its place in the UK economy
2018-07-30 Insurance Europe: Free flow of personal data must be guaranteed post-Brexit
2018-07-27 Commercial Risk Europe: IUA publishes new Brexit contract continuity clause for subscription market
2018-07-27 Centre for Cities: London links: the geography of financial services in the capital and beyond
2018-07-25 Bloomberg: Be ready for any Brexit market hit, UK regulator tells City
2018-07-24 Bloomberg: UK presses ahead with no-deal Brexit plans for European financial firms
2018-07-22 Financial Times: Brussels rejects UK’s financial services Brexit plan
2018-07-19 The FCA’s approach to Brexit: our preparations and our vision for the future
2018-07-18 BIS: Yves Mersch: Euro clearing - the open race
2018-07-18 Financial Times: EU urged to ‘redouble’ capital markets union push as Brexit looms
2018-07-17 Financial Times: Bank of England needs freedom to set tough rules, says Mark Carney
2018-07-16 Financial Times: French central bank presses UK fintech companies on Brexit strategy
2018-07-15 Financial Times: London and Dublin in talks over access to Ireland-domiciled funds
2018-07-13 Financial Times: EU to change share-trading rules in fear of hit from Brexit
2018-07-13 Investment & Pensions Europe: German bank sector pension fund claims Brexit-related client win
2018-07-12 ESMA reminds UK-based regulated entities about timely submission of authorisation applications
2018-07-12 Commercial Risk Europe: No regulatory race to bottom after Brexit says FCA chair
2018-07-11 Financial Times: Brussels downplays BoE warnings on Brexit risk to derivatives
2018-07-10 EBA peer review shows competent authorities have robust and consistent procedures to comply with RTS on passport notifications
2018-07-09 Bloomberg: Brexit delivers blow to British finance as investments slide
2018-07-04 Bloomberg: Banks leaving it late to secure post-Brexit EU future
2018-07-03 Financial Times: Professions outline case for their survival after Brexit
2018-06-29 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurers look to provide seamless global programme coverage after Brexit
2018-06-28 Financial Times: London fears it will be EU’s next capital markets target
2018-06-28 EIOPA calls upon national supervisory authorities to remind insurers of their duty to inform customers about the impact of Brexit
2018-06-27 UK Government: Financial services legislation under the EU (Withdrawal) Act
2018-06-27 The FCA’s role in preparing for Brexit
2018-06-27 Financial Times: BoE hits out at Brussels over post-Brexit plans
2018-06-25 Financial Times: French regulator rules out campaign to restrict UK fund managers
2018-06-25 EY Financial Services Brexit Tracker: Firms forge ahead with contingency plans despite transition agreement
2018-06-25 EBA publishes opinion to hasten the preparations of financial institutions for Brexit
2018-06-24 Financial Times: German investment body calls for ‘unhindered access’ post-Brexit
2018-06-22 Steven Maijoor addresses FESE Convention 2018 on MiFID II implementation
2018-06-22 ICMA - An open letter to senior political leaders on 'Brexit: Cliff-edge risks in international capital markets'
2018-06-22 Commercial Risk Europe: London market unveils new Brexit clause to deliver contract certainty
2018-06-21 Financial Times: Hammond and Carney close ranks over financial services post-Brexit
2018-06-20 Financial Times: Time runs out for £26tn financial contracts affected by Brexit
2018-06-20 Sir Mark Boleat: Brexit and the financial services industry – the future of the City
2018-06-19 Bloomberg: ECB poised for power over euro-derivatives clearing post-Brexit
2018-06-18 Financial Times: UK as ‘third country’ is a worry for asset management professionals
2018-06-16 Financial Times: Fund managers and regulators thrash out post-Brexit path
2018-06-16 Financial Times: Brexit contingencies: asset managers put plans into action
2018-06-12 ECGI: Collateral Damage - Brexit's Negative Effects on Regulatory Competition and Legal Innovation in Private Law
2018-06-12 Financial Times: Two big UK banks shift some euro clearing from London to Frankfurt
2018-06-11 Bloomberg: MiFID equivalence won't work for Brexit Britain, MEP says
2018-06-10 Financial Times: Big fund managers cagey on revealing post-Brexit plans
2018-06-08 Financial Times: Germany’s Olaf Scholz suggests euro clearing be moved to Frankfurt
2018-06-06 Commercial Risk Europe: MS Amlin gets go-ahead for Brussels Brexit plan
2018-06-05 Javier Alonso: Banks' traditional funding sources - opportunities for capital markets
2018-06-05 Bank of England's Jon Cunliffe: Central Clearing and Resolution – learning some of the lessons of Lehmans
2018-06-05 Bloomberg: UK banks face Brexit blow in France’s tilt at MiFID rules
2018-06-05 Commercial Risk Europe: RSA gets green light for Luxembourg move
2018-05-31 Handelsblatt: Banks seek answers to remaining Brexit Question
2018-05-30 European Payments Council publishes position paper on Brexit and UK PSPs’ participation in SEPA schemes
2018-05-29 ECB's Mersch: Euro Clearing – the open race
2018-05-28 Financial Times: Treasury and BoE clash over City of London regulation after Brexit
2018-05-24 BIS: Ed Sibley: The provision of financial services in Ireland and from Ireland after Brexit
2018-05-23 Commercial Risk Europe: Lloyd’s granted licence to begin underwriting in Brussels from 2019
2018-05-21 Wall Street Journal: UK finance industry pushes for immigration overhaul after Brexit
2018-05-20 Financial Times: Big banks boost Brexit budgets
2018-05-18 The Autorité des Marchés Financiers publishes its 2017 annual report
2018-05-18 EIOPA: Opinion on the solvency position of insurance and reinsurance undertakings in light of the withdrawal of the UK from the EU
2018-05-18 Commercial Risk Europe: No guarantees over continuity of insurance policies post-Brexit, says EU
2018-05-17 European Parliament: Economic and Monetary MEPs back stricter EU supervision of clearing houses
2018-05-16 Bloomberg: Banks planning Brexit move may get more time to build EU units
2018-05-11 The CityUK's report on UK fund management
2018-05-10 Bloomberg: UK's retired sun seekers risk losing pensions after Brexit
2018-05-06 Financial Times: Brexit and bankruptcies to raise UK trade credit insurance prices
2018-05-04 Banque of France's Villeroy de Galhau: Beyond Brexit, our common challenges and our common answers
2018-05-04 Financial Times: Goldman to treble Swedish office as post-MiFID equities hub
2018-05-02 ECMI: A proportional prudential regime for investment firms
2018-04-27 Financial Times: EU steps back from tough new fund management rules
2018-04-27 European Parliament: Third country equivalence in EU banking and financial regulation
2018-04-27 Bank of England: EU Commission and HM Treasury ask the European Central Bank and the Bank of England to convene a technical working group
2018-04-26 AFME: Effective flow of personal data post-Brexit
2018-04-26 Financial Times: Michel Barnier quashes UK hopes of special access to EU markets
2018-04-26 Bloomberg: Deutsche Bank urges post-Brexit contract fix that EU rejected
2018-04-24 Speech by Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis at City Week in London
2018-04-23 Bloomberg: Germany wants to help UK banks but needs concessions
2018-04-23 The Guardian: EU officials dismiss City minister's notion of UK sweetheart deal
2018-04-23 Financial Times: Banks aim to secure London jobs with back-to-back trading
2018-04-23 Investment & Pensions Europe: Managers have three months to guard against no-deal Brexit
2018-04-20 Financial Times: Brexit peril sends ripples across the Atlantic
2018-04-19 Financial Times: Bank of England more optimistic on risk of City exodus post Brexit
2018-04-19 Deutsche Bundesbank's Dombret: How will Brexit change the map of global finance?
2018-04-19 Bloomberg: ECB seeks new powers to deal with clearing crises outside the EU
2018-04-19 Bloomberg: Labour could bend on immigration to keep banks in Britain after Brexit
2018-04-19 Bloomberg: UK urges fix for Brexit threat to $137 trillion of derivatives
2018-04-18 VoxEU: The impact of the Brexit vote on European Capital Markets Union
2018-04-18 Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland Ed Sibley: Brexit - where to next?
2018-04-13 Fed Trust: EU Capital Market Union positions to deliver financial services post-Brexit
2018-04-12 EBA: EU financial regulators warn against risks for EU financial markets, Brexit, asset repricing and cyber-attacks key risks
2018-04-11 BBC: Brexit: 'Bonfire of rules' mean more costs than benefits, CBI says
2018-04-10 Financial Times: UK asset managers oversee record £2.6tn for overseas clients
2018-04-09 The Guardian: FCA sets aside £30m to smooth out Brexit process for City banks
2018-03-29 ACCA: Financial services see growing risks a year before Brexit
2018-03-28 Bank of England: Update on the regulatory approach to preparations for EU withdrawal
2018-03-22 Commercial Risk Europe: BIBA and WBN arrangement on EU clients post-Brexit
2018-03-21 ESMA's Maijoor on CMU, Brexit and ESA review – What’s next?
2018-03-20 Bloomberg: EU digs in over banks' post-Brexit access, rejecting UK bid
2018-03-20 Deutsche Bundesbank's Dombret: Living with Fragmentation: Post-Brexit Realities in Financial Services
2018-03-14 Financial Times: The EU’s plan to shift clearing out of London risks disaster
2018-03-13 Financial Times: Brexit threatens to undo Mifid II dark pool rules
2018-03-12 Bloomberg: Hammond's Brexit appeal puts bank supervisors in tight spot
2018-03-07 Financial Times: Euroclear to move holding company from London to Brussels
2018-03-07 BBC: EU trade deal must include financial services, says Hammond
2018-03-04 EU Law Analysis: What “mutual recognition” really entails: analysis of the Prime Minister's Mansion House Brexit policy speech
2018-03-03 Paul N. Goldschmidt: Completing EMU – Negotiating « Brexit »
2018-03-01 ECMI: Over-the-counter interest rate derivatives: The clock is ticking for the UK and the EU
2018-02-27 Commercial Risk Europe: UK insurance industry urges government to ‘get on with’ Brexit transition
2018-02-21 Financial Times: Deutsche Börse sets sights on quarter of euro clearing post-Brexit
2018-02-21 Bloomberg: Bank Brexodus gets closer as Deutsche Bank relocates booking
2018-02-19 Financial Times: Ireland steps up plans to avoid market disruption from Brexit
2018-02-18 Financial Times: T Rowe Price pivots from London to Luxembourg
2018-02-17 Bloomberg: May wants total alignment with EU data rules after Brexit
2018-02-15 Commercial Risk Europe: UK brokers risk missing the Brexit boat, LIIBA warns
2018-02-12 Financial Times: UK fund manager pay suppressed by Brexit uncertainty
2018-02-11 Financial Times: Citigroup to set up innovation centre in London
2018-02-11 Financial Times: Brussels warns UK asset managers of post-Brexit shutout
2018-02-09 Financial Times: BoE’s Cunliffe warns of fallout from changing ‘delegation’ rules post-Brexit
2018-02-09 Insurance Europe: How to avoid Brexit disruption to insurance customers
2018-02-08 ESMA publishes 2018 Work Programme for CRAs, trade repositories and third country CCPs
2018-02-08 Andreas Dombret: The future relationship between Germany and the UK in finance after Brexit
2018-02-08 POLITICO: EU finance official: UK will have to survive as third country
2018-02-08 Bloomberg: Brexit banks must pick EU base by June, German official says
2018-02-08 POLITICO: Brexit cracks Europe’s capital markets vision
2018-02-07 Financial Times: British banks running out of time on post-Brexit EU access
2018-02-05 Financial Times: Deutsche Börse makes ground in UK derivatives push
2018-02-05 TheCityUK: Export boom in financial and related professional services across Britain
2018-02-05 Financial Times: FCA chief urges EU regulator pact on transition
2018-02-05 Financial Times: US raises pressure over EU plan for changes to fund rules
2018-02-01 Bloomberg: Europe won’t need London finance, France says
2018-01-31 Financial Times: EU rejects Brexit trade deal for UK financial services sector
2018-01-30 Bloomberg: EU is refusing to budge on post-Brexit financial services
2018-01-27 Financial services industry needs clarity on post-Brexit market access, says Committee
2018-01-26 UK in a Changing Europe: Research finds impact of Brexit on financial services will be negligible
2018-01-23 Commercial Risk Europe: Financial services ‘in the dark’ over UK Brexit trade plans after position paper shelved
2018-01-22 Financial Times: On the City of London and Brexit, silence is not golden
2018-01-22 AFME - Brexit: Key cliff edge risks in wholesale financial services
2018-01-22 The Independent: Brexit: UK has already 'agreed in principle' with EU to Norway-style transition
2018-01-18 Financial Times: Asset managers fear delegation changes post-Brexit
2018-01-16 City AM: Bank of England says Brexit trade deal including the City is possible but warns of tensions with EU over investment banks
2018-01-16 Financial Times: ECB official warns of Brexit ‘shock’ to financial stability
2018-01-14 Financial Times: There is no beau idéal of a Brexit deal on finance
2018-01-12 Financial Times: UK promises to prioritise financial services in Brexit deal
2018-01-11 Bloomberg: Barclays CEO urges Theresa May to cut taxes post-Brexit
2018-01-09 Reuters: Barnier says EU may treat some UK financial rules as equivalent after Brexit
2018-01-08 Brexit and the ISDA Master Agreement
2018-01-02 Financial Times: Brussels brushes off UK charm offensive aimed at EU banks

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