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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Cyber-Money - 202159 articles out of 59.

2020 Cyber-Money
2020-11-18 SUERF: Cyber risk in the financial sector
2020-11-18 SUERF: Retail CBDC Remuneration: The Sign Matters
2020-10-14 BIS: Central bank digital currencies: foundational principles and core features
2020-10-05 VOX: Central bank digital currency remuneration in a world with low or negative nominal interest rates
2020-10-02 ECB's Panetta: We must be prepared to issue a digital euro
2020-10-02 ECB: A digital euro
2020-09-23 SUERF: A Journey through the Monetary Cyber World
2020-09-16 Bloomberg: World’s First Collectible Digital Coin Emailed to ECB Policy Makers
2020-09-11 EURACTIV: Big euro economies push for strong cryptocurrency rules
2020-09-10 EBF response: European Commission consultation on Digital Services Act (DSA)
2020-09-09 Design choices for central bank digital currency ox EU: Design choices for central bank digital currency
2020-09-01 Bloomberg: Bermuda Dives Deeper Into Crypto With Stimulus Coin Test Program
2020-05-17 China’s New Crypto-Currency – First Step to Full Dedollarization?
2020-04-22 Tether dominates Ethereum-based stablecoins, according to research from The Block
2020-03-20 ESBG response to EU Commission consultation on EU framework for markets in crypto-assets
2020-02-14 Bank of England: Working paper: Peter Zimmerman: Blockchain structure and cryptocurrency prices
2020-02-12 Bloomberg: Zombie crypto coins beat Bitcoin during this year’s resurgence
2020-02-05 Bloomberg: In the digital currency race, Mark Carney tops Mark Zuckerberg
2020-01-28 Eurojust: Focus on virtual currencies in latest Cybercrime Judicial Monitor
2020-01-27 Bruegel: Libra as a currency board: are the risks too great?
2020-01-23 BIS: Impending arrival - a sequel to the survey on central bank digital currency
2020-01-21 BBC: Vodafone quits Facebook's Libra currency
2020-01-21 ECB: Central bank group to assess potential cases for central bank digital currencies
2020-01-16 ESBG response to Commission consultation on a roadmap for a European crypto-assets markets framework
2020-01-10 IMF: Regulation of crypto assets
2020-01-02 POLITICO: Libra vows to fight on despite political backlash

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Cyber-Money - 201937 articles out of 37.