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Our own quick notes on aspects relevant to financial services - to be supplemented later by any official documents. Members are encouraged to add their own comments if they attended to help build up a full picture of the workings of the co-legislator. Please use the "Add a comment to this article" facility.

JURI and IMCO meetings will be covered ad hoc if there is a significant financial services interest and they also have the "Add a comment to this article" facility. On many occasions, these Committees may not deal with relevant subjects, so these notes will simply be blank!

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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JURI and IMCO meetings - 20101 articles out of 1.

JURI and IMCO meetings - 20092 articles out of 2.

JURI and IMCO meetings - 200817 articles out of 17.

JURI and IMCO meetings - 200719 articles out of 19.