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As we enter the final phase of thsi European Commission and the 9th European Parliament,  Graham Bishop brings his own unique perspective on where we are now, and how new regulations and risks could affect the financial services industry in the future. 


Graham's Services include:

  • Private Briefings: A private meeting for corporate risk managers on the general situation or on areas of specific interest.
  • Consultancy Projects: Graham can investigate specific problems or undertake projects - often in co-operation with other experts.

Graham Bishop has been steeped in the political, market and regulatory processes for decades, thus preparing him - uniquely - to understand the new challenges and risks that are facing financial market participants and corporations. His consultancy services are designed to maximise your firm's ability to tap into his overview of progress in fitting together the jigsaw of the four work streams (integrated frameworks for financial, budgetary and economic policy, as well as for democratic legitimacy/accountability) leading towards euro area financial/political union. The Consultancy can take many forms: face-to-face meetings, telephone discussions, written comments, speeches, special articles, customised research projects etc. Graham's innovative use of technology offers rapid and convenient methods of enhancing efficient 'open access' to his thinking.

The collection of articles from the Graham Bishop team are conveniently divided into categories and sub-categories.

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