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Summer holidays from today … back on 9th September! I wish all my readers Happy Holidays – wherever you are allowed to go!

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The 2019 European Parliament elections may have broken the duopoly of the two centrist political families but it also sent a strong message from electors about their concern over climate change. So the Parliament elected the Commission President on a platform to `green’ the financial system as a key mechanism to push the private sector to support sustainable development. But there can be no mistaking the continued drive to deepen EMU and now to enhance the international role of the euro.

The essential foundation for good analysis of such developments is a thorough review of the facts - ranging from initial thoughts of players in the policy-making process all the way through to the final legislative texts. We bring all these facts together so that clients can make their own analysis. This website is the tool that enables Graham to create his renowned perspective on the bewildering array of apparently disparate developments.

Our output - aided and guided by the wisdom of Graham’s many friends - is designed to maximise your ability to tap into his overview of progress in fitting together the jigsaw of actions which may lead the euro area towards greater financial/political union.

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