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14 April 2016

Brexit 'Weekly'

Why Britain should “Remain In” the EU, Brexit, Commission's VAT Action Plan and proposed tax transparency rules, reform of EU fiscal rules, ECB and more.

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  Articles from 07 April 2016 - 14 April 2016

  Grahams Articles, Comments & Speeches
Why Britain should “Remain In” the EU: Three Project Fs - Future, Fantasy and Fear
Graham Bishop illustrates the three 'Project Fs' that now dominate the Brexit debate and explains why Project Future is the one British people should have in mind when voting in June 23rd.  View Article
HM Government: Why the Government believes we should remain
The UK Government has produced a guide on what the EU does, how it helps on jobs, trade and the economy, and explaining exactly how to vote in the referendum.  View Article
Open Europe: Where next? A liberal, free-market guide to Brexit
This report sets out recommendations for liberal policies in the fields of trade, immigration and regulation, which Open Europe believe are required in the event of a Brexit in order to offset the costs and maximise the economic benefits.  View Article
CEPS: Britain’s Future in Europe - The known Plan A to remain or the unknown Plan B to leave
The authors set out three Plan Bs more concretely and in more depth than the ‘leave’ camp has been able or wanted to do, or any other source has done.  View Article
The Guardian: IMF says Britain leaving the EU is a significant risk
Exit from EU ‘could do severe regional and global damage’ by disrupting trade relationships, says International Monetary Fund.  View Article
David Miliband: Why Brexit would be nothing less than an act of political arson
We are being invited to throw away our power and our values. It would be a tragic miscalculation, writes the former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs on The Guardian.  View Article
Cologne Institute for Economic Research: Economic damages of a Brexit underestimated
The economic consequences of a Brexit are hotly debated. The Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW Köln) has examined relevant studies and concludes: An exit could cause more severe damage to the UK than the mainstream view suggests.  View Article
Mark Boleat: Too often it’s the UK – not Brussels – to blame for the costly burden of regulation
It is clearly absurd to believe that, if Britain left the EU, there would be no regulation. It is also incorrect to assert that, if Britain left the EU, there would be no scope for reducing regulation, writes chairman of the policy and resources committee of the City of London.  View Article
POLITICO: Martin Schulz - Brexit could trigger ‘implosion’ of EU
In an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Schulz said that as a result of a Brexit other member countries will want “escape referendums” too.  View Article
The Guardian: Brexit would not bring about better deal on trade – Lord Hill
UK’s European commissioner says people voting to leave the EU should not expect improved terms for Britain.  View Article
EurActiv: Graf Lambsdorff: EU ‘clearly went too far’ in Brexit concessions
The Vice-President of the European Parliament Alexander Graf Lambsdorff spoke to EurActiv Germany about the agreement reached by the EU Council and the UK Government on EU reform.  View Article
Financial Times: Brexit would gravely weaken both UK and Europe, says Major
A British vote to leave the EU would “gravely weaken” Europe and could trigger the end of the continent’s influence as a global superpower, former prime minister Sir John Major has warned.  View Article
City AM: City of London Corporation chief in Brexit warning to the capital's fintech sector
London's multi-billion pound fintech sector is being urged by the City of London Corporation to speak up in favour of Britain staying in the European Union.  View Article
Financial Times: European business warns against Brexit
The heads of continental Europe’s leading business lobby groups have met David Cameron to back him in making the case for UK membership of the EU.  View Article
OMFIF: Polish euro threat if Brits say No
British eurosceptics need to consider that, if the UK leaves, then the group of other member countries like Poland that wish to stay outside the euro might come under irresistible pressure to join monetary union, even though that would be in neither Poland’s nor the EU’s interest.  View Article
OMFIF: Cameron’s unsatisfactory deal
Cameron is unlikely to achieve the fundamentally reformed EU for which he urged the electorate to vote. That goal does not appear to be even on the horizon.  View Article
Commission proposes public tax transparency rules for multinationals
The College proposes to introduce public reporting requirements for the largest companies operating in the EU and in tax havens. It also assesses progress by Greece to address deficiencies at external borders and discusses way forward on visa reciprocity.  View Article
European Commission: Modernising Value-Added Tax in the EU
The European Commission has presented an Action Plan setting out ways to reboot the current EU VAT system in order to tackle fraud, support business and help the digital economy and e-commerce. The aim is to make the system simpler, support the Single Market and facilitate cross-border trade.  View Article
FEE supports plans to simplify VAT and tackle fraud in the EU
FEE welcomes the VAT Action Plan issued by the EC, and says accountants play a vital role in supporting businesses to fulfil their VAT obligations. FEE is thus ready to offer the Commission its expertise in reforming the European VAT system.  View Article
Eurochambres: VAT Action Plan: right diagnosis needs effective remedies
Eurochambres broadly supports the approach set out in the VAT Action Plan adopted today by the European Commission and underlines the importance of a single VAT area to completing the single market. The reference to an SME VAT Package is particularly encouraging.   View Article
ACCA: New EC VAT Action Plan a welcome step towards greater member state autonomy and the creation of an EU VAT destination regime
ACCA welcomes the new VAT Action Plan unveiled by the European Commission, but warns of the potential danger of compliance costs for smaller businesses.  View Article
Bruegel: How to reform EU fiscal rules
The current inefficient European fiscal framework should be replaced with a system based on rules that are more conducive to the two objectives of public debt sustainability and fiscal stabilisation.  View Article
OMFIF: Target-2 imbalances rise again
The ECB’s programme of purchasing €1tn worth of bonds has had some unwelcome side-effects, by increasing intra-euro area imbalances among national central banks, the so-called Target-2 balances.  View Article
Financial Times: Negative rates are not the fault of central banks
It is hard to understand the obsession with limiting public debt when it is as cheap as it is today, writes Martin Wolf.  View Article

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