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16 June 2016

Brexit 'Weekly'

Brexit, LSE reports, Mark Boleat, Wolfgang Schäuble, Citigroup, S&P, insolvency framework, Stability and Growth Pact, EMU, OECD and more.

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  Articles from 09 June 2016 - 16 June 2016

SPIEGEL Interview with Wolfgang Schäuble: 'Britain Is a Leading Nation'
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble warns of the dangers of Brexit, talks about the EU's crisis of confidence and considers the English fear of the penalty kick.  View Article
Mark Boleat: Britain must not turn its back on its friends and allies by leaving the EU Single Market
While the decision on whether to remain in the EU and its integrated Single Market is the sovereign choice of the British people, it is important for voters to listen to the opinions of allies and partners from around the world, writes the City of London's Boleat.  View Article
CEBR: Brexit, exports and jobs
CEBR research for Britain Stronger in Europe examines the linkages between exports and employment within the UK. In particular, the research aims to understand the extent to which higher trade tariffs and a consequent reduction in exports could lead to lower levels of employment in the UK.  View Article
EUROPP: Scenarios of a new UK-EU relationship: A ‘soft’ Brexit
Swati Dhingra discusses what would happen in the case of a ‘soft’ Brexit, which is defined as the UK exiting the EU without a significant deterioration in relations between Britain and other EU countries.  View Article
EUROPP: Scenarios of a new UK-EU relationship: A ‘harsh’ Brexit
Tim Oliver discusses what would happen in the case of a ‘harsh’ Brexit, which is defined as the UK exiting the EU with a significant deterioration in relations between Britain and other EU countries.  View Article
EUROPP: Scenarios of a new UK-EU relationship: A ‘Bremain’
While a Brexit would entail a radical reshaping of the UK’s relationship with Europe, and potentially have far reaching consequences for the nature of European politics in general, the implications of a ‘Bremain’ appear less momentous at first glance.   View Article
Financial Times: Economists’ rare unity highlights peril of Brexit
The profession may disagree on the detail of leaving the EU but the consensus is striking, writes Chris Giles.  View Article
Financial Times: Brexiteers’ idea of unilateral free trade is a dangerous fantasy
The EU’s regulatory harmonisation is not a perfidious plot against consumers, writes Martin Wolf.  View Article
City AM: Losing the EU financial services “passport” would be a disaster for the UK economy
The chairman of the UK's FinTech industry body warns against a potential loss of the "passporting" rules for British financial services if Britain votes for leaving the EU in the upcoming referendum.  View Article
The Telegraph: Brexit might trigger run on Britain's record financial debts, S&P warns
Britain is the world’s most vulnerable state on a key measure of short-term debt and credit markets might suddenly seize up if voters opt for Brexit, Standard & Poor’s has warned.  View Article
The Guardian: Citigroup warns staff of Brexit jobs risk
US bank, which employs 9,000 people in the UK, says a leave vote would force it to move its London and Belfast hubs.  View Article
Financial Times: Alternative EU trade models not in your interest, UK warned
Business groups in Canada, Switzerland and Norway urge country to retain full EU single market access.  View Article
The New York Times: ‘Brexit’ Plan for the Financial World? Cross Your Fingers
Whatever stories policy-makers and businesspeople tell themselves, the only certainty after a Brexit is a surplus of uncertainty. Whatever provisional plans they sketch, they will find themselves mostly just wishing that nothing terrible happens.  View Article
VoxEU: Fear of Brexiting: Recent perspectives on the economics of the UK-EU relationship
The partnership between the UK and the EU has famously been described as “awkward”. A benefit of the Brexit debate is that it has spawned an enormous amount of research addressing issues surrounding the relationship that have been taken for granted for probably too long.   View Article
The National Interest: 5 Hard Truths about Brexit
The outcome of the forthcoming referendum on Britain leaving or staying in the EU seems more and more unpredictable, raising the prospect that the majority will vote for leaving. This warrants a hard look at the consequences for Britain, Europe, the United States and the world.  View Article
IRSG response to the Commission's consultation on an effective insolvency framework within the EU
Insolvency proceedings were identified by the International Regulatory Strategy Group in its response to the CMU Action Plan as one of the longer-term challenges of CMU.   View Article
Dijsselbloem concerned about flexible application of Stability and Growth Pact rules
ECOFIN Chair Jeroen Dijsselbloem worries that the way in which the EU Commission applies Stability and Growth Pact rules may not be entirely objective, he told Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs. Asked about the UK's EU-referendum, he said "I want the UK to become an active member again"  View Article
VP Dombrovskis on the EMU: restarting convergence and strengthening resilience
European Commission Vice President gave a keynote speech at the Brussels Economic Forum in which he outlined the work of the Commission to get the EU and the euro area back on the track of economic growth and job creation.  View Article
OECD: European economy is slowly recovering but legacies of the crisis remain and new challenges are emerging
The European economy is gradually recovering but further policy action will be required to address unresolved legacies of the global economic crisis that are weighing on growth and major new concerns that have emerged, according to two new OECD reports.  View Article
Carnegie Europe: Refugees Will not Sink the EU, but the Euro Might
There is nothing particularly existential about the refugee crisis. The real threat to the EU remains the unreformed eurozone.  View Article

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