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15 September 2016

Brexit 'Weekly'

Brexit, State of the Union, Capital Markets Union, EU budget for 2017 and more.

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  Articles from 08 September 2016 - 15 September 2016

  Grahams Articles, Comments & Speeches
The EU’s “Swiss Model”: will it even exist in 2017?
Unless the recent proposals by the Swiss government on migrant quotas are accepted by the EU, the December 2016 European Council will take a hard line. Whatever the outcome of the situation, there will be a clear message for the Brexit negotiations.  View Article
122nd Brussels for Breakfast – the Blog
Organised by the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI), hosted by Grant Thornton with co-presenter Peter Snowdon (Norton Rose Fulbright.  View Article
Commission sets up Task Force led by Michel Barnier as Chief Negotiator for the Preparation and Conduct of the Negotiations with UK
The Commission has decided to set up a Task Force for the preparation and conduct of the negotiations with the United Kingdom under Article 50 of the TEU. This follows the appointment of Michel Barnier as Chief Negotiator in charge of those negotiations and of the new Task Force.  View Article
State of the Union Address 2016: Towards a better Europe - a Europe that protects, empowers and defends
Commission President Juncker talked about Capital Markets Union, the European Investment Fund, the euro, and the Apple issue, among other topics. Juncker also announced that the Commission will set out a vision for the future in a White Paper in March 2017.  View Article
House of Lords: Parliament should 'play a central role' in triggering Article 50
The House of Lords Constitution Committee says it would be 'constitutionally inappropriate' and would set 'a disturbing precedent' for the Government to act on the referendum without explicit parliamentary approval.   View Article
TheCityUK: The UK: Europe's financial centre
The relationship between the UK and Europe is important to the economic welfare of both, and this paper sets out data highlighting the extent of financial and related professional services trade and investment between the UK and Europe.  View Article
Andrew Duff: Brexit beyond the market: Towards a Treaty of London
Beneath the immediate drama of Article 50 there needs to be a calm and systematic discussion between the UK and the EU about how they can together re-shape the European neighbourhood. And then write it down in a treaty.  View Article
Financial Times: A two-tier model to revive Europe
Rather than viewing Brexit as a threat, the EU should treat it as an opportunity, writes Gideon Rachman.  View Article
Financial Times: Swiss stock exchange turns to Germany for EU access
SIX among the first financial firms to make concrete post-Brexit plans on ‘equivalence’, after concluding that its relationship with London would not suffice after the UK quits EU.   View Article
Bloomberg: China, Japan could be among Asia's biggest winners from Brexit
Britain will be forced to deepen links with Asian trading partners and cut new deals allowing access to each other's markets. This will throw up opportunities for the likes of China, Japan and Hong Kong, according to a score card by Bloomberg Intelligence economists Fielding Chen and Tom Orlik.   View Article
Open Britain: Stronger with Europe
The pro-European organisation is committed with the UK "remaining a member of the Single Market... and so a bespoke UK-EU arrangement appears necessary", as it says in its paper that lays out the UK's key priorities in the upcoming negotiations with the EU.  View Article
European Council: Letter from President Donald Tusk before the Bratislava summit
Council President Tusk letter focused on Brexit, migration, trade, terrorism and how to tackle European people's concerns that were the origin of the UK's referendum on EU membership.  View Article
Completing the Capital Markets Union – Commission accelerates reform
The European Commission set out the next steps to accelerate the completion of the Capital Markets Union during the President Juncker’s 2016 State of the Union address.  View Article
ESAs highlight main risks for the EU financial system
The ESA’s report focuses on recent developments concerning the low growth and low yield environment and its potential effects on financial institutions' profitability and asset quality, and highlights concerns related to the interconnectedness in the EU financial system.   View Article
ICMA AMIC Bail-in Working Group sends discussion letter to ECB
The ICMA AMIC Bail-in Working Group has sent a discussion letter to the ECB. The letter highlights observations on the operation of the bail-in regime, from the buy-side point of view, and builds upon, and reflects evolutions in thinking on the bail-in mechanism.  View Article
EU budget for 2017: Council sets out its position
The Council's main objective is to ensure that the limited financial resources available are directed towards the EU's top priorities. These are measures to address the migration crisis and its root causes, and actions to boost Europe's economy and create jobs.  View Article
EurActiv: Pan-European tax on the table after Brexit
Delegates from around the EU last week met in Brussels to discuss the possibilities for budget reform, an issue previously blocked by the United Kingdom.  View Article

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