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19 June 2014

Integrating Europe

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Graham Bishop




Member State events
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  Articles from 12 June 2014 - 19 June 2014

  Graham Bishop
Graham Bishop's Blog: Juncker well on the way to Presidency but… not there yet!
Today’s lunch between Italian Prime Minster Renzi and Council President van Rompuy will mark another major step towards the European Council’s nomination of Jean-Claude Juncker. However, there is a critical policy issue that must be resolved before he will get the support of the S&D Group in the EP.  View Article
EV: Grand coalition shares out the spoils
The choice of replacement European commissioners will depend on summit decisions on 26-27 June.  View Article
EurActiv/Duff: Cameron’s battle against Juncker is futile and misguided
Andrew Duff, a leading former British MEP, argues that the Commission's programme for the next five years is as important as who takes on the presidency. Contrary to British claims, though, none of the Spitzenkandidaten is aiming for ‘business as usual.'  View Article
EurActiv/FT: Financial services off negotiating table for next round of TTIP
EurActiv reports that financial services will remain off the negotiating table in the next round of TTIP. The FT reports on the American perspective.   View Article
Cameron faces setback over Juncker
The FT reports that David Cameron’s campaign to head off Jean Claude Juncker's election is facing its most serious challenge. Meanwhile Le Monde reports that Van Rompuy will recommend Juncker to the European Council.   View Article
EC: New framework on Market Abuse published in the Official Journal
Regulation No 596/2014 on market abuse (Market Abuse Regulation) and Directive 2014/57/EU on criminal sanctions for market abuse (Market Abuse Directive) have been published in the EU Official Journal.  View Article
EC: New legislative framework for MiFID published in the OJ
The Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments and the Regulation on Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFIR) have been published in the EU Official Journal. Member States have 2 years to transpose the new rules, applicable starting January 2017.  View Article
EC: New EU rules on statutory audit come into force
New rules to strengthen statutory audit quality across the EU have entered into force following publication in the OJ.  View Article
Reuters: EU legal opinion says exemption for UK bank rules from EU curbs 'illegal'
Exempting Britain's banks from planned EU rules to curb risky trading would be illegal, argued EU lawyers (focussing on Article 21 of Draft Regulation.)  View Article
ESMA and EBA publish harmonised guidelines for handling consumer complaints across the EU
The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and the European Banking Authority (EBA) published their Joint Committee final Report on guidelines for handling consumer complaints in the securities and banking sectors.  View Article
EFAMA underlines industry challenges and achievements at AGM in Bucharest
The asset management industry enjoyed its fastest growth last year since the economic crisis and recorded its second consecutive year of expansion. Across the investment landscape, major upheavals are reshaping the industry, driven by sector developments and regulatory change, EFAMA president said.  View Article EIOPA's Bernardino calls for balance on long-term investments
Insurers are clamouring for changes to capital charges under Solvency II for long-term investments. But supervisors must be careful to avoid market distortions, says EIOPA chairman.  View Article
IOSCO intensifies work on Market-Based Finance
The Board of the International Organization of Securities Commissions met in Madrid to drive forward IOSCO’s work on market-based finance.  View Article
FT: Too soon to celebrate EU loan parcel revival
The recent fortunes of Europe’s asset-backed securities market can be said to broadly track its annual conference venues.  View Article
Bruegel: The ECB’s bank review - Kill the zombies and heal the wounded
Complacency could still lead to another failed attempt to fix Europe’s banks, with severe consequences, argue Ajai Chopra and Nicolas Véron for Bruegel.  View Article
Bruegel: Despite lower yields, euro-periphery is not yet out of the woods
While the public debt ratio is expected to fall, the debt trajectory remains highly vulnerable to negative growth, primary balance and interest rate shocks, write Zsolt Darvas and Pia Hüttl.  View Article
CER/Legrain: How to finish the euro house
Eurozone governance is politically unsustainable: its rules and institutions favour creditor over debtor countries. Eurozone policy-makers need to change direction before it is too late, writes Philippe Legrain at the Centre for European Research.  View Article
  Member State events
IMF/Ireland: First post-programme monitoring discussions
The Irish economy is in the early stages of recovering from an exceptionally severe banking crisis. Following a smooth exit from the EU-IMF supported programme, strong job creation and other indicators suggest Ireland’s economic recovery is broadening.   View Article
Statement by the EC, ECB, and IMF on Portugal
The EC, ECB, and IMF welcome the government's firm commitment to identify the measures needed to fill the fiscal gap created by the Constitutional Court rulings, in order to reach the budgetary targets agreed under the programme.  View Article
IMF: Article IV consultation mission to Italy
The economy is struggling to emerge from its deep recession. Steady exports and a pickup in private consumption are offsetting the stiff headwinds to investment from tight credit conditions, especially for small firms.  View Article
Open Europe: Former German President calls for rights for National Parliament
In a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former German President Roman Herzog calls for "defensive rights" for EU national parliaments.  View Article
British Influence/Hannay: 'Trading Places'
Lord Hannay, former British Ambassador the EU and the UN, analyses the trade implications for the UK outside the EU.  View Article
British Influence/Parkes: 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em'
Roderick Parkes, Head of the Europe programme at the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM), argues for a new strategic relationship between the UK, Germany and Poland in the EU.  View Article
IMF: Article IV consultation mission to Slovak Republic
A welcome recovery in domestic demand will support stronger and more balanced growth. Steps to improve the business environment would advance efforts to address joblessness and boost growth.  View Article


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