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05 March 2015

Brexit 'Weekly'

CCPs, ECJ, Eurogroup, EFSI, ECB, tax, EIB

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  Articles from 26 February 2015 - 05 March 2015

'Deepening EMU' - Round-up of Key Events - February 2015
Highlights from the 107th Brussels for Breakfast. The Eurogroup gives Greece some breathing space. The European Commission published its Winter Economic Forecast. Europe's big banks need to raise capital. Green Paper on Capital Markets Union was launched and several bodies responded.   View Article
  Grahams Articles, Comments & Speeches
Location of Central Counter Parties (CCPs)
ECJ decision avoids the main issue but pits the UK directly against the Euro area – the worst possible outcome.  View Article
Graham Bishop speaks about Europe at Global Independent Research Conference in London
The integration trend is your friend!  View Article
Financial Times: How Jeroen Dijsselbloem did the deal to extend the Greece bailout
When Jeroen Dijsselbloem finally received the letter from Athens, he was more than a little surprised.   View Article
Reuters: Germany says third Greek aid package not on Eurogroup agenda
Euro zone finance ministers have no plans to discuss a possible third rescue package for Greece when they meet March 9, a German finance ministry spokesman said after a Spanish minister revived the possibility of more aid for Athens.  View Article
European Voice: Ministers to agree rules for Juncker’s investment fund
Deal will clear the way for negotiations with MEPs.  View Article
ECJ: The General Court annuls the Eurosystem Oversight Policy Framework published by the ECB
The framework requires central counterparties to be located in the Eurozone. "The ECB does not have the competence necessary to impose such a requirement on central counterparties involved in the clearing of securities," the ECJ said.  View Article
ECB takes note of General Court judgment on location policy for CCPs
The ECB remains convinced of the importance of effective oversight of CCPs to safeguard financial stability and of the need to strengthen international cooperation in this field. Bank of England press release included.  View Article
European Commission: A strong and stable banking system at the heart of Europe’s recovery
Jonathan Hill: "The banking sector as a whole has a big job to do in terms of rebuilding trust. I want it to be seen as part of the economy – of society – not divorced from the mainstream. To make our economy stronger, we need strong financial services."  View Article
Financial Times: Who will bear losses when banks go wrong?
‘Bail-in’ framework will put investors at risk but much remains unclear, writes the chairman of the ICMA working group on bail-in.  View Article
Bank of England: A European Capital Markets Union - implications for growth and stability
The Financial Stability Paper 33 examines the mechanisms through which CMU could help achieve a better matching of savers and borrowers and an improved private-sector risk sharing, and identifies potential reform areas.   View Article
Reuters: ECB set to raise growth forecasts, flesh out bond buying plan
Keen to keep a low profile over the Greek crisis, the ECB will focus on improved growth prospects when it meets on March 5 and unveil some but not all the details of its 1 trillion euros-plus bond buying plan.  View Article
European Parliament: Juncker investment plan must complement other EU tools, say MEPs
EFSI must focus on currently underfunded areas.  View Article
EIB: Investment plan a stimulus for long-term growth
EIB Economics Conference discussed EU’s competitiveness. Angela Merkel expressed her support for the European Commission's investment push, but stressed the plan must be accompanied by reforms and austerity measures among eurozone countries.  View Article
European Parliament/European Voice: The European Parliament's tax ruling committee
Interview with Lamassoure on tax rulings committee. The special committee is expected to ask serving EU finance ministers to appear at its hearings, reports the European Voice.  View Article
  Member States
European Voice: Finance ministers to give France more time to reduce budget deficit
European Union finance ministers will on March 9 approve a European Commission recommendation to give France until 2017 to get its budget deficit under 3% – a delay of two years on the original 2015 deadline.  View Article


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