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23 April 2015

Brexit 'Weekly'

European Council, ICMA, Corporate Bond Markets, Russia, Greece, European Commission, Gazprom, Coeuré, Kathimerini...

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  Articles from 16 April 2015 - 23 April 2015

EurActiv: Interview Mark Dawson: The conditions for another rupture of the eurozone are there
The sense of urgency surrounding the institutional reform of the eurozone has passed. This is dangerous, says Professor Mark Dawson, because of its instutional flaws.  View Article
European Council approves strengthened rules on money laundering
The directive and regulation will strengthen EU rules against money laundering and ensure consistency with the approach followed at international level. The regulation deals more specifically with information accompanying transfers of funds.   View Article
ICMA: Economic Importance of the Corporate Bond Markets
ICMA reports on why corporate bond markets are so important for economic growth, for investors, for companies, and for governments; and why it is therefore essential that laws and regulations that affect them avoid any unintended adverse consequences that could inhibit those markets.  View Article
Vox EU: Three waves of convergence. Can Eurozone countries start growing together again?
An oft expressed view is that the Eurozone is a straitjacket on periphery members and income convergence has slowed, halted or reversed. This column argues that EZ convergence never stopped. What changed was the type of convergence. Today’s convergence is neither nominal nor real, it is structural.  View Article
EurActiv: How resilient is the eurozone?
Although stability indicators have not returned to pre-crisis levels, it seems unlikely that a contained flare-up caused by Greece could plunge the entire currency union into economic turmoil, writes Michael Heise.   View Article
Bruegel: Will natural gas cooperation with Russia save the Greek economy?
Following last week's meeting between Alexis Tsipras and Vladimir Putin, the authors wonder wether there is any evidence that a strong natural gas cooperation with Russia would have a considerable impact on the Greek economy.  View Article
European Commission: Antitrust - Commission sends Statement of Objections to Gazprom
The European Commission has sent a Statement of Objections to Gazprom alleging that some of its business practices in Central and Eastern European gas markets constitute an abuse of its dominant market position in breach of EU antitrust rules.   View Article
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Reuters: ECB to fund Greek banks as long as they stay solvent: Coeuré
The ECB will continue to fund Greek banks as long as they stay solvent and have enough collateral, Coeuré told a newspaper on Wednesday, dismissing talk that Athens might ditch the euro.  View Article
ECB/Cœuré: Interview with Kathimerini
Cœuré was interviewed i.a. on whether Greece will need a new programme in order to finance its fiscal needs, and whether the “Cyprus model” of a bail-in is an option.   View Article
Bruegel/Mody: The IMF's big Greek mistake
The Greek government's mounting financial woes are leading it to contemplate the previously unthinkable: defaulting on a loan from the IMF. Instead of demanding repayment and further austerity, the IMF should recognise its responsibility for the country's predicament and forgive much of the debt.  View Article
Bruegel: Will Greece run out of cash?
Bruegel notes an accident can happen, but a country with large financial assets may not default.  View Article
  Think Tanks/EP groups
CSFI: The City and Brexit
A CSFI survey of the financial services sector's views on Britain and the EU.  View Article


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