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18 June 2015

Brexit 'Weekly'

CMU, SMEs, ECB, ECON, shadow banking, 111th Brussels for Breakfast, Grexit, EU Reform, Brexit, EMU, CCTB, QE and more.

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  Articles from 11 June 2015 - 18 June 2015

  Grahams Articles, Comments & Speeches
111th Brussels for Breakfast
Brexit, Grexit, PSD2, CMU, bank resolution and `Liikanen’ receding were amongst the topics covered. Hosted by the BBA and organised by the CSFI – with Graham Bishop and Nickolas Reinhardt of Afore Consulting. The subsequent CISI webcast is CPD-eligible.  View Article
"Ball now in Greek camp", ECB's Draghi tells ECON
The ECB is doing all it can to facilitate a successful outcome of the ongoing talks with Greece, Mario Draghi assured ECON MEPs. But disbursing any further financial assistance to Greece is "a political decision that will have to be taken by elected policymakers, not by central bankers".  View Article
Open Europe: What might a Grexit mean for EU Reform and Brexit?
As negotiations falter between Greece and the Eurozone Grexit looks closer than ever. At the same time a new negotiation is just beginning between the UK and the rest of the EU aimed at reforming the EU ahead of the UK referendum. But what would happen to EU reform in the case of a Grexit?  View Article
Financial Times: Greece has nothing to lose by saying no to creditors
If it were to default on its official-sector debt, France and Germany stand to forfeit €160bn.  View Article
VoxEU: What went wrong in Greece and how to fix it - Lessons for Europe from the Greek crisis
Greece’s problem came from the bursting of a debt-financed growth bubble inflated with the help of EZ membership. The inevitable adjustment was more painful than necessary. The fiscal consolidation was too tight and too front-loaded, and, importantly, structural reform wasn’t properly sequenced.   View Article
EUbusiness: Greece's debt drama - the possible scenarios
Crunch talks between Greek and EU-IMF officials have broken off with no deal, making a Greek default an imminent danger and increasing the threat of Greece leaving the euro. Success in the talks still remains possible, though the chances are fading fast.  View Article
Bruegel: Greece – the three essential elements for a deal
A deal requires lower primary surpluses than are currently asked for, little action on debt, and serious institutional reforms.  View Article
Bruegel: Is Greece Destined to Grow?
Yes, if reforms continue and a comprehensive and credible agreement is reached with the creditors.  View Article
EurActiv: ‘Brexit’ referendum - A boomerang named ‘Speed Kill’
There are good reasons why David Cameron should go for an early referendum on Britain’s EU membership, but a muddled rushed job would bounce back to cause even more strife in the long run.  View Article
European Parliament: CMU - more investment across the EU and more funds for SMEs
The Capital Markets Union should boost the efficient allocation of savings to fund businesses, protect cross-border investors and create a new channel to finance the real economy, said economic and monetary MEPs in a resolution.  View Article
Reuters: ECB's Noyer warns regulations triggering retreat from market making
Increased financial regulation would have spurred a retreat from market making, hitting the ability of companies and households to access funds.  View Article
Reuters: Top European court throws weight behind ECB in fighting crises
The European Central Bank won crucial backing from Europe's top court for its pledge to do whatever it takes to save the euro, defeating a German group's challenge.  View Article
Commission presents Action Plan for Fair and Efficient Corporate Taxation in the EU
The Action Plan sets out a series of initiatives to tackle tax avoidance, secure sustainable revenues and strengthen the Single Market for businesses.  View Article
Commission launches public consultation on corporate tax transparency
This consultation aims to find out whether requiring companies to disclose more information about the taxes they pay could help tackle tax avoidance and aggressive tax practices in the EU.   View Article
ACCA: The second EC “tax fairness” package is welcome, but stresses the need to be realistic about its implementation in a globalised world
The ACCA broadly endorses the proposals in the new EU Action Plan, but emphasises the need to think global and to be realistic regarding implementation issues.  View Article
European Parliament: Euro area economic governance - "Let's make things better", MEPs say
Today’s economic governance rules for the euro area are not working as well as they should. This is because they are too complex, lack ownership and are not consistently enforced, say Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs in a resolution voted.  View Article
ECB Praet: Structural reforms and long-run growth in the euro area
There are two main channels through which structural reforms can support long-run growth in the euro area, namely through increasing the adjustment capacity of the economy and through raising its potential growth rate.  View Article
ECB: Banking and currency crises - differential diagnostics for developed countries
Authors identify a set of “rules of thumb” that characterise economic, financial and structural conditions preceding the onset of banking and currency crises in 36 advanced economies over 1970–2010.  View Article
BIS: Benoît Cœuré interview in La Croix
The main topics discussed were: recovery of the euro area, excess liquidity driven by ECB's monetary easing policy, shadow banking, markets' volatility, QE programme, Greece  View Article
EurActiv/Iersel: Completing the European Monetary Union
In order to support Europe's position in the world, concrete initiatives must be undertaken that strengthen the European Monetary Union.  View Article
CEPS: The QE Placebo
After six months since the ECB's QE programme started, its real impact in European economy remains difficult to assess.  View Article
Financial Times/Heise: ECB must resist call to smooth bond moves
A QE buying spree might push up inflation expectations further.  View Article
EBA supports the removal of the Danish Krone from the ITS on currencies with constraints on the availability of liquid assets
The European Banking Authority issued an Opinion to the EC supporting its proposed amendments to the EBA final draft ITS on currencies featuring constraints on the availability of liquid assets.   View Article
Wall Street Journal: Should ECB End This Crisis Fighting Policy?
The European Central Bank is due again Thursday to offer cheap loans to eurozone banks on the condition that they pass on the funds to eurozone firms. But is it time to scrap this staple of crisis fighting?  View Article
VoxEU: The currency union effect on trade - Redux
The EMU has recently been the source of a lot of pain. Its economic benefits often seem a lot harder to measure. This column suggests the euro has at least a mildly stimulating effect on exports.  View Article

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