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06 June 2019

Brexit Weekly

Donald Trump visits the UK, Sam Gyimah first to back further referendum in Tory leadership bid, Lib Dems lead the polls, EU urges London to reveal no-deal Brexit plans for share trading, fund groups add MiFID top-ups and more.

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  Articles from 30 May 2019 - 06 June 2019

  Brexit & UK
The Times: Donald Trump interview: send in Nigel Farage and go for no-deal Brexit, says president
Donald Trump calls on Britain to send Nigel Farage to negotiate with Brussels and pursue a no-deal Brexit if the EU refuses to give Britain what it wants.  View Article
Bloomberg: Trump vows huge UK trade deal, then retreats on health service
President Donald Trump promised the US and UK could as much as triple their trade after Brexit, but stirred controversy by hinting that Britain’s government-run health system could be opened to American companies.  View Article
BBC: Sam Gyimah backs further referendum in Tory leadership bid
Sam Gyimah has become the first Tory leadership candidate to back a further referendum on Brexit.  View Article
IN Facts: Flattering Trump is no substitute for close EU partners
Former UK ambassador to the EU and UN David Hannay writes that the UK will need to practise more, not less, close working together with other European countries and with like-minded countries around the world, instead of blindly following the US under Donald Trump's erratic leadership.  View Article
YouGov: Lib Dems lead the polls as they start to become “the party of the 48%”
After an impressive performance in the latest European Parliament elections, YouGov's latest polling for The Times has the Liberal Democrats in first place on 24%, marginally ahead of the second-placed Brexit Party on 22%.  View Article
Financial Times: EU urges London to reveal no-deal Brexit plans for share trading
UK watchdogs need to give investors more advanced warning to prepare for a split in European share trading markets created by a no-deal Brexit, one of Europe’s most senior markets regulators has warned.  View Article
Financial Times: Fund groups add MiFID top-ups as Brexit fears persist
Global asset managers have been given permission by regulators in Dublin and Luxembourg to set up investment operations outside the UK in moves that could undermine London’s role as Europe’s finance capital.  View Article
Bank of England: The cost of clearing fragmentation
This paper sheds light on the question of fragmentation in clearing by providing direct evidence of the costs associated with it.  View Article
Bloomberg: Deutsche Bank, UniCredit start Brexit swaps move from London
Deutsche Bank AG and UniCredit SpA moved some of their swaps trades from London to Frankfurt in May as banks used a lull in the ongoing Brexit drama to prepare for the worst.  View Article
The Guardian: UK economy is stalling despite service sector growth
Britain’s services sector failed to keep the economy afloat last month, registering a modest increase in activity that was not enough to offset falling output in the manufacturing and construction sectors.  View Article
New Statesman: Less trade, less control and lower standards: the reality of an independent trade policy
The “great prize” of Brexit does not mean the rebirth of Britain as a global trading nation, but exactly the opposite, writes Global Future researcher Fergus Peace.  View Article
Federal Trust: The European Elections: Signs of things to come for Brexit
Director Brendan Donnelly considers the implications of the European Elections, which he argues make a General Election and a People's Vote more likely. He also predicts a reconstruction of British party politics, in which Brexit will become the principal dividing-line  View Article
The Guardian: EU chief negotiator blames Brexit on 'nostalgia for the past'
Brexit was caused partly by “nostalgia for the past” that served no purpose in politics, the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has said. Barnier also points to feelings of abandonment and insecure local identities as causes.  View Article
Bloomberg: UK business warns candidates for Prime Minister to avoid no-deal Brexit
Prime Minister Theresa May’s successor must avoid a no-deal Brexit or risk losing the Conservatives’ moniker as the party of commerce, the UK’s biggest business lobby group said.  View Article
Financial Times: UK’s no-deal debate ignores the EU
If the no-dealers bothered to listen to policymakers in Brussels, Berlin, Paris and other European capitals, they would appreciate that the EU will never tamely accept a no-deal Brexit driven by domestic British political considerations, writes Tony Barber.  View Article
Fondation Robert Schuman: A more United European Union to confront the challenges of a less secure world
To rise to the challenges posed by Brexit to the internal balance of the EU and its influence in the international arena, the Union will have to avoid reassessing the treaties and on the contrary, improve the implementation of those that exist already, according to Jean-Claude Piris.  View Article

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