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29 October 2015

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  Articles from 22 October 2015 - 29 October 2015

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The amazing rise of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the UK’s Labour Party: What are the policy implications?
In particular, what might it mean for the Labour Party’s policy towards Europe - critical for both Britain's economic and foreign policies?  View Article
The next Spanish Parliament will be a pact between the 'old politics' and 'new politics'
The Spanish parliament was dissolved earlier this week and PM Mariano Rajoy announced that the General Election will take place on 20th December. Although the electoral campaign will not kick off until the 4th December, many opinion surveys are being published and show a very fragmented outcome.  View Article
Ipsos-Mori: Stay's lead narrows in EU Referendum debate
Ipsos MORI’s latest Political Monitor reveals that support for Britain’s continued membership of the EU has fallen. Over half of Britons could be persuaded to change their mind in Europe vote depending on the effects on Britain of remaining or leaving the EU.  View Article
EurActiv: UK trust in EU lower than any other country
Trust across the regions of the UK in the EU is now lower than in any other member state bar the Czech Republic, detailed analysis of new figures in the European Commission's Eurobarometer has revealed.  View Article
The Telegraph: What does Britain have to fear from eurozone integration?
Safeguarding Britain from a euro 'superstate' is now a key part of the Government's renegotiation bid. But the directionless EMU is still heading nowhere fast.  View Article
British influence: Flexibility - just another word to describe a well-tried European Union practice, variable geometry
Would not the British government by doing itself and its EU partners a considerable favour if it were to present the changes it would like to see as a limited extension of a well-tried EU practice: the 'variable geometry'?  View Article
Financial Times: Europe boosts Britain’s strength on the world stage
So far, the Out campaign arguments have offered emotion but not evidence, writes Britain Stronger in Europe's Co-Treasurer Michael Rake.  View Article
POLITICO: Commission looks to sideline Parliament on UK reforms
Brussels considers ways to move Brexit talks forward more quickly.  View Article
Reuters: Cameron rules out second EU referendum if UK votes to leave
Britain will not hold a second "In-Out" vote on its membership of the European Union if the public opt to leave the bloc at a referendum due by the end of 2017, a senior aide to Prime Minister David Cameron said.  View Article
POLITICO: 5 takeaways from Poland’s election
The right’s return to power carries bigger repercussions for domestic policy than abroad.  View Article
EurActiv: Europe’s Capital Markets Union needs to be climate proofed
The European Commission will need to work harder to ensure efforts to manage climate and wider environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk do not inadvertently scupper the Capital Markets Union initiative, argues climate change think tank E3G's director Ingrid Holmes.  View Article
Commission refers six Member States to the Court of Justice of the EU for failing to transpose EU rules on BRRD
The European Commission has decided to refer the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Sweden to the Court of Justice of the EU over failure to transpose legislation on Bank Recovery and Resolution.  View Article
European Commission:Investment Plan for Europe over €1 billion of EIF equity investments for SMEs and start-ups across Europe since January
Since the start of 2015, the European Investment Fund and equity funds across Europe have signed investment agreements worth over €1 bn which will provide equity financing for businesses. These 28 transactions benefit from the support of the EFSI, the heart of the Investment Plan for Europe.  View Article
PIIE: Stability Bonds for the Euro Area
A step toward addressing the financial concerns of the euro-area, this Policy Brief argues, would be the creation of a system of stability bonds in the euro area, to be issued by a new European Debt Agency (EDA) to partially finance the debt of euro area countries, up to 25% of GDP.   View Article
European Council: EU and Liechtenstein sign deal on automatic exchange of tax data
The European Union and Liechtenstein signed an agreement on the automatic exchange of financial account information aimed at improving international tax compliance.   View Article
European Parliament: Ending EU citizens' bank secrecy in Switzerland
Parliament adopted its stance on a deal with Switzerland to make it harder for EU citizens to hide cash from the tax man in Swiss bank accounts. Under the deal, the EU and Switzerland will automatically exchange information on the bank accounts of each other's residents, starting in 2018.  View Article
European Parliament: Fairer corporate taxes - Special Committee on Tax Rulings votes recommendations
Parliament’s Special Committee on Tax Rulings recommended measures to make corporate taxes in the EU fairer and more transparent, after eight months of fact finding.  View Article
ECB's Draghi: Introductory statement to the press conference
Mario Draghi confirmed that the ECB's Governing Council had decided to keep the key ECB interest rates unchanged. In order to maintain an appropriate degree of monetary accommodation, the ECB recalled that it is ready to adjust its QE programme if the economic conditions render it necessary.  View Article
EUBusiness: Eurozone business activity strengthens in October
Data monitoring company Markit said its composite Purchasing Managers Index rose to 54 points compared with 53.6 points in September, in one of the best performances in years which included a notable improvement in employment.  View Article
Reuters: ECB's Coeure - Slower euro zone inflation rise could mean ECB deposit rate cut
If euro zone inflation rises back to target more slowly than previously expected, the ECB may need to cut its deposit rate further, although this is an open discussion, Benoît Coeure said.   View Article
VoxEU: Risk-sharing and the effectiveness of the ECB’s quantitative easing programme
Will the risk-sharing arrangements within the ECB’s quantitative easing programme reduce its effectiveness? The views of leading UK-based macroeconomists are exactly evenly divided on this question, according to the latest survey by the Centre for Macroeconomics.  View Article
EUBusiness: ECB's Praet: Weakness of French growth 'surprising'
The European Central Bank finds the weak performance of the French economy surprising, its chief economist Peter Praet told AFP in an interview, urging Paris to press ahead with reforms.  View Article
Bruegel: Could Europe’s next growth locomotive be Made in Italy?
Important reforms put in place over the past months, combined with a conjunction of particularly supportive external factors, mean that Italy could indeed become the fastest growing large economy in the euro area in a not-too-distant future.  View Article

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