Institute of Economic Affairs: ‘No deal’ with EU on trade post Brexit does not mean disaster for the UK

18 August 2017

A new report from the Institute of Economic Affairs calls for unilateral free trade following Brexit, complemented by free trade agreements with our major trading partners such as the US, Canada and Australia.

This would bring us significant benefits including lower prices for consumers, increased productivity and higher wages by eliminating all barriers to imports.

The report goes on to assert several facts about trade policy that are often overlooked or completely disregarded, particularly concerning membership of the single market.

6 facts about trade policy:

No deal with the EU would not be a disaster

Most tariffs make no sense

UK would be given tariff free access to the single market

Protectionist policies disadvantage workers in non-protected sectors

Trade negotiations are not a bargaining game

Multilateral trade deals have achieved little trade liberalisation

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