Graham Bishop RSS Feed - Daily News and Information Related to Graham Bishop Articles.Daily RSS Article and news related to RSS, really simple syndication, and news aggregation. Information related to Graham Bishop.com Times: Opinion poll finds nearly two-thirds in Northern Ireland would vote to rejoin the EUAS two years of Stormont collapse caused by Brexit tensions has ended, a new ]]> February 2024UK TPO's Gasiorek/Tamberi: Some goods (and some less good) news from UK tradeHMRC has just published statistics for trade in goods for December 2023, giving us three year ]]> February 2024What UK thinks: Brexit: 60% wrong - 40% right 

The UK’s decision to leave the Eur ]]> February 2024FT: UK admits ports could be overwhelmed under post-Brexit rules
Animal products entering the UK from the EU will be waved through without checks if British p ]]> February 2024