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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Banking - 200732 articles out of 32.
31 Dec 2007 European Retail Banking: Will there ever be a single market?

19 Dec 2007 BIS Triennial Central Bank survey of foreign exchange and derivatives market activity

18 Dec 2007 Speech McCreevy: Current challenges facing the global banking sector

10 Dec 2007 BIS Quarterly Review December 2007

26 Nov 2007 BBA paper: Regulating a multi-jurisdictional bank

19 Nov 2007 Commission proposes initiative for development of micro-credit

14 Nov 2007 ECB report on EU banking sector stability

02 Nov 2007 BIS working paper on bank size, credit and the sources of bank market risk

30 Oct 2007 Moody's predicts cross-border banking consolidation

16 Oct 2007 Lloyds TSB charged in US money-laundering probe

05 Oct 2007 ECB report on EU banking structures

10 Sep 2007 EBF response on bank accounts and customer mobility

01 Sep 2007 Bruegel paper: Is Europe Ready for a Major Banking Crisis?

04 Jul 2007 BBA: Principles, not rules, key to regulation

27 Jun 2007 EBF Newsletter No. 15

15 Jun 2007 CEBS consultation on commodities business

15 Jun 2007 CEBS quantitative analysis of eligible own funds in the EEA

05 Jun 2007 Commission consultation on Report on Customer Mobility

05 Jun 2007 EAPB comment on expert group report on costumer mobility

21 May 2007 BIS: OTC derivatives market activity second half 2006

03 May 2007 ECB consultation on card payment schemes

02 May 2007 Commission Green Paper on Retail Financial Services

02 May 2007 EFBS welcomes Green Paper on Retail Banking

20 Mar 2007 Speech Kroes on developments in competition policy

28 Feb 2007 EPFSF briefing on sector inquiry on retail banking

20 Feb 2007 Commission Scenario Analysis on EU Deposit Guarantee Schemes

02 Feb 2007 EU meddling in interchange threatens to derail Sepa project warns MasterCard

01 Feb 2007 Telegraph: Britain could gain from EU shake-up

31 Jan 2007 EBF statement on Sector Enquiry on Retail Banking

30 Jan 2007 Reuters: EU probe seeks antitrust action on payment cards

30 Jan 2007 finextra: EC abandons retailers and backs down on interchange fees

30 Jan 2007 FT: Brussels plans attack on banks' high fees

Banking - 200616 articles out of 16.
11 Dec 2006 ECB Financial Stability Review

11 Dec 2006 BIS Quarterly Review

17 Nov 2006 BIS: OTC derivatives market activity in the first half of 2006

25 Oct 2006 ECB Report on EU banking structures

08 Aug 2006 BdB welcomes Commission's firm stance in the dispute over 'Sparkasse'

14 Jun 2006 Basel guidance on fair value option for financial instruments

14 Jun 2006 Basel guidance on sound credit risk assessment and valuation for loans

13 Jun 2006 ECB: Assessment of NGN arrangement for international debt securities

09 Jun 2006 German Banking Survey 2006

06 Jun 2006 Speech Kroes: Tougher competition in retail financial services

25 May 2006 Banking Industry asks for improvements in European Contract Law

19 May 2006 BIS: OTC derivatives market activity in the second half of 2005

24 Apr 2006 Commission draft implementing measures on Money Laundering

19 Apr 2006 EP Committee on information accompanying transfers of funds

08 Mar 2006 BBA/LIBA: response to BIS consultation on sound credit risk assessment and valuation for loans

03 Mar 2006 IFSL: Growth in global investment banking for third year in succession

Banking - 200519 articles out of 19.
25 Nov 2005 ECB report on large EU banks’ exposures to hedge funds

21 Nov 2005 ESFRC advocates European Banking Oversight Board

18 Nov 2005 Report on minimum guarantee level of Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive

28 Oct 2005 Strong criticism on CEBS consultation on validation and assessment of the risk management and risk measurement systems

19 Oct 2005 FBE urges ECOFIN Ministers to remove unjustified barriers to cross-border M&A

07 Oct 2005 ECB report on EU banking structures

30 Sep 2005 CEBS advice on deposit guarantee schemes

30 Sep 2005 CEBS advice on deposit guarantee schemes

20 Sep 2005 Council adopted Directive on Cross-Border Mergers

09 Sep 2005 EU and US associations call for regulatory convergence in transatlantic capital markets

14 Jul 2005 Commission launches reviews of E-Money and Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directives

27 Jun 2005 BIS Annual Report

31 May 2005 CEBS technical advice on Consolidated Banking Directive

26 May 2005 Speech Roldan: 'Towards true integration by 2009'

20 May 2005 Speech McCreevy: European Banking – Challenges and changes ahead

09 Mar 2005 Speech Roldan: Governance and Structure of European Finance

21 Feb 2005 CSFI: Regulatory overkill seen as main risk facing banks

26 Jan 2005 Speech McCreevy on Retail Financial Services and the Consumer

16 Jan 2005 BdB Report: Structural change in the Italian banking system

Banking - 20045 articles out of 5.
03 Dec 2004 Speech: CEBS and the supervisory role in EU banking markets

02 Nov 2004 FBE: European banking industry calls for intensive consultation on Clearing and Settlement

10 Jun 2004 BdB: Banking Survey 2004

27 May 2004 FT: LBBW distances itself further from peers

21 Jan 2004 Launch of European Banking Industry Committee

Banking - 20033 articles out of 3.
28 Nov 2003 ECB: Structural analysis of the EU banking sector

07 Oct 2003 BdB: Banking markets in central and eastern Europe - Baltic countries

24 Feb 2003 ECB report on EU banking sector stability