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Graham Bishop at ECON's public hearing on DRF/eurobills - 1 April Video

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William #Coen appointed as the next Secretary General of the #Basel Committee

11:23 AM Apr 23

#ESMA publishes updated data on performance of the Credit Rating Agencies

11:08 AM Apr 23

#EBA technical standards on #supervisory #reporting endorsed with amended calendar

3:32 PM Apr 16

#EBA publishes list of incorrect #ITS validation rules

3:28 PM Apr 16

#Basel Committee publishes final standard for measuring and controlling large #exposures

8:53 AM Apr 16

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Banking - 2011191 articles out of 191.
28 Dec 2011 Japan's Financial Services Agency and Bank of Japan comment on Volcker rule proposal

21 Dec 2011 Basel Committee consultative document: Application of own credit risk adjustments to derivatives

21 Dec 2011 VoxEU: A short guide to the EBA’s recapitalisation results

21 Dec 2011 Eurofinas: Exclusive report that contributes to greater understanding of consumer credit statistics existing at the European level

19 Dec 2011 BoE Andrew Haldane: Accounting for bank uncertainty

19 Dec 2011 Government sets out plans to reform the structure of banking in the UK

19 Dec 2011 TheCityUK: Comment on HM Treasury response to ICB final report

17 Dec 2011 VoxEU: Deleveraging in the eurozone

12 Dec 2011 FSA Board publishes report into the failure of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

12 Dec 2011 BIS: Locational banking statistics

12 Dec 2011 BIS: Consolidated banking statistics

09 Dec 2011 EBF: European banks hopeful of more favourable circumstances

09 Dec 2011 BIS: Financial stability and risk disclosure

08 Dec 2011 Association of German Banks: Results of the stress test are arbitrary

08 Dec 2011 ABBL: Shouting things loudly does not make them true

01 Dec 2011 BIS: International Journal of Central Banking (IJCB) December 2011

01 Dec 2011 ABBL: Second impact assessment of the new liquidity rules for Luxembourg banks

01 Dec 2011 FT: European banks face a dual burden

01 Dec 2011 BBA: Glocalism - a world view of prudential regulation

01 Dec 2011 BoE: Financial Stability Report December 2011

30 Nov 2011 Eurofinas: Report on consumer credit statistics workshop

30 Nov 2011 IFC Bulletin No 34 - Initiatives to address data gaps revealed by the financial crisis

27 Nov 2011 FT: Europe's banks feel funding freeze

23 Nov 2011 Vítor Constâncio: The future of the international monetary system

22 Nov 2011 ECON Committee: MEPs debate credit rating agencies and bank recapitalisation with Almunia and Barnier

22 Nov 2011 ECON Committee: Exchange of views with Commissioner Barnier

22 Nov 2011 FT: Crisis hits central and eastern Europe

15 Nov 2011 Andreas Dombret: Back home – making the G20 Summit commitments work

14 Nov 2011 Vítor Constâncio: A European solution for crisis management and bank resolution

10 Nov 2011 Peter Praet: The (changing) role of central banks in financial stability policies

09 Nov 2011 UK's battle with Brussels is intensifying on financial regulation

09 Nov 2011 Deutsche Bundesbank/Weidmann: Managing macro-prudential and monetary policy – a challenge for central banks

04 Nov 2011 FSB issued International Standard for Crisis Resolution Regimes

04 Nov 2011 FSB announced policy measures to address SIFIs and named initial group of global SIFIs

03 Nov 2011 Mario Draghi: ECB press conference - introductory statement

03 Nov 2011 FBF: French banks will make every effort necessary to bolster their capital and continue to finance the economy

02 Nov 2011 Project Syndicate: The ECB's Risky Business

02 Nov 2011 BBA: Marcus Agius letter to the Prime Minister on G20

27 Oct 2011 European banks will help implement solutions

27 Oct 2011 FBF: French banks are ready to participate actively in the implementation of a lasting solution for the eurozone crisis

25 Oct 2011 VOX: 'The Future of Banking'

24 Oct 2011 Eurofinas: Sixth Consumer Market Scoreboard - the right priorities?

21 Oct 2011 BBA: Resolving the eurozone crisis

20 Oct 2011 IIF: Major global banks are making significant progress on compensation risk alignment

20 Oct 2011 BNP urges EFSF to issue credit default swaps

20 Oct 2011 BIS: Locational banking statistics

20 Oct 2011 BIS: Consolidated banking statistics

19 Oct 2011 European Banking Federation: Euribor-EBF is a transparent structure

19 Oct 2011 IMF: Making banks safer - can Volcker and Vickers do it?

19 Oct 2011 BIS: How to cope with the too-big-to-fail problem?

17 Oct 2011 Eurofinas response to the European Commission consultation on the application of Directive 2005/29/EC on Unfair Commercial Practices

17 Oct 2011 EBA publishes follow-up review of banks' transparency in their 2010 Pillar 3 reports

16 Oct 2011 FT: Banks and insurers defend 'liquidity swaps'

14 Oct 2011 GFMA statement in advance of G20 Finance Ministers' meeting

14 Oct 2011 BBA TalkingPoint, 'Lending to Small Businesses', and BBA's reply

13 Oct 2011 José Manuel González-Páramo: The conduct of monetary policy – lessons from the crisis and challenges for the coming years

13 Oct 2011 High time for coordinated European solution on sovereign debt, say European banks

11 Oct 2011 FBF says there is no solution without restoring confidence in the eurozone

10 Oct 2011 ECON Committee published an assessment of the cumulative impact of various regulatory initiatives on the European banking sector

10 Oct 2011 FT: Regulators stand up for new capital rules

10 Oct 2011 ABBL: The Belgian, French and Luxembourg states provide strong support to Dexia in the implementation of the restructuring plan

10 Oct 2011 ABBL: Precision Capital acquires KBL epb, KBC's private banking subsidiary

10 Oct 2011 ECB Vice President Vítor Constâncio: Contagion and the European debt crisis

10 Oct 2011 WSBI/ESBG message to the G20 Leaders Summit

06 Oct 2011 President Barroso: Commission is proposing to Member States a coordinated action to recapitalise banks

05 Oct 2011 BBC: What went wrong with Dexia

05 Oct 2011 BIS: Macro-prudential policy – strengthening the foundations, enhancing the toolkit and taking action

05 Oct 2011 FT: EU ministers examine bank aid plans

30 Sep 2011 BIS: Central banking post-crisis - What compass for uncharted waters?

28 Sep 2011 EBF: European banks call for solutions least detrimental to the European economy

26 Sep 2011 FT: Italy's haircut reprieve looks temporary

23 Sep 2011 FT: EU to speed bank recapitalisation

19 Sep 2011 BIS: Consolidated banking statistics

19 Sep 2011 BIS: Locational banking statistics

16 Sep 2011 BBA: Drop the pressure

16 Sep 2011 Eurofinas: Response to the Financial Action Task Force's Review of the Standards

14 Sep 2011 Bloomberg: Risk piling up at ECB as European banks lose deposits

14 Sep 2011 Reuters: Moody's cuts French banks as euro crisis deepens

12 Sep 2011 BBA: Statement in response to the publication of the Vickers Report

09 Sep 2011 BBA calls for accountability and strong governance as new regulators take shape

07 Sep 2011 BBA: Financial Stability Board must be 'clear and consistent'

02 Sep 2011 Joint trade associations' consultative document on effective resolution of SIFIs

23 Aug 2011 OECD published report on bank competition and financial stability

19 Aug 2011 FN: Bank regulations set to hit European private equity

08 Aug 2011 IMF published working paper on cross-border banking linkages

08 Aug 2011 IMF published paper on Capital Regulation and Tail Risk

28 Jul 2011 ECB published results of the July 2011 bank lending survey for the euro area

26 Jul 2011 BIS: Preliminary international banking statistics, Q1 2011

25 Jul 2011 EBA published two consultations outlining guidelines for data collection on bank remuneration practices

21 Jul 2011 FT: Global banks scored on capital requirements

20 Jul 2011 Commission published CRD IV

20 Jul 2011 FT: Bank tax proposed to help Greece bail-out

19 Jul 2011 BCBS consults on the methodology and the additional loss absorbency requirement for global systemically important banks

19 Jul 2011 FSB launched consultation on measures to address systemically important financial institutions

18 Jul 2011 Commission recommends access to basic and affordable bank accounts for all citizens

17 Jul 2011 FT: Spain and Italy top results in stress tests

15 Jul 2011 IMF statement on the European banks stress tests

15 Jul 2011 Commissioners Barnier and Rehn statement on the publication of EBA's stress test results

15 Jul 2011 EBF statement on stress tests

15 Jul 2011 EBA published results of the 2011 EU-wide stress test

13 Jul 2011 FT: EU States working on 'backstops' for banks

13 Jul 2011 FT: French banks in Italy

12 Jul 2011 ECON committee published a study on the impact of CRD IV

12 Jul 2011 ECOFIN Council conclusions: Stress tests in the banking sector

11 Jul 2011 FT: Why banks and supervisors must act now

07 Jul 2011 Banks struggle to agree Greek aid plan in Rome talks

06 Jul 2011 BIS published report on the progress so far on bank resolution policies and frameworks

05 Jul 2011 Moody's says 26 banks may need stress test support

30 Jun 2011 EBF: Sound corporate governance for a stable economy

29 Jun 2011 EBA Chairman: The future of EU regulation

28 Jun 2011 Reuters: Up to 15 EU banks to fail stress test

26 Jun 2011 BIS invites new banks to join

25 Jun 2011 Group of Governors and Heads of Supervision agreed measures for global systemically important banks

15 Jun 2011 French bank ratings under review

13 Jun 2011 FSA published Annual Report for the year 2010/11

06 Jun 2011 BIS Quarterly Review: Inflation and growth perceptions drove recent financial market developments

06 Jun 2011 FT: German regulator attacks EBA stress tests

03 Jun 2011 Commissioner Barnier: Time for delivery, making the reforms of the financial system in Europe and the US a reality

02 Jun 2011 WSJ: EBA postpones publication of bank stress test results

01 Jun 2011 Commissioner Rehn: The current stage of the crisis is a combination of a sovereign debt crisis and banking sector fragilities

30 May 2011 FT: Britain’s banking reforms must not fall short

27 May 2011 IMF published working paper on bank behaviour in response to Basel III: A cross-country analysis

26 May 2011 Global liquidity: A view from Basel

18 May 2011 FSB launched second peer review on compensation practices

12 May 2011 ECB Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell: Transformation of the banking business and its impact on retail payments

11 May 2011 ECON committee chairwoman comments on new bank stress tests

10 May 2011 Bank stress tests: EPP Group wants more clarity on upcoming tests

09 May 2011 IIF proposes approaches to bail-in and resolution planning

03 May 2011 ECON committee: Public hearing with Mervyn King and Andrea Enria, Vice-Chairs of the ESRB

02 May 2011 BIS Paper: The bank lending channel - Lessons from the crisis

26 Apr 2011 IMF published working paper on balance sheet stress testing

20 Apr 2011 EBF President Christian Clausen: The challenges imposed on many banks by Basel III obligations are significant

12 Apr 2011 BBA responded to the interim report of the ICB

12 Apr 2011 IIF: Banks continue to implement risk management reforms following the crisis

11 Apr 2011 AFME comment on the interim report from the ICB

11 Apr 2011 UK ICB: Interim report and consultation on reform options

08 Apr 2011 EBA announces the benchmark to be used in the 2011 EU-wide stress test

08 Apr 2011 EBF warns that new financial reforms should not endanger European economies

05 Apr 2011 CEPS Senior Fellow calls for retail financial market integration in Europe

04 Apr 2011 BBA welcomes EU proposal to make 'too-big-to-fail' a thing of the past

04 Apr 2011 EBA publishes details of stress test scenarios and methodology

01 Apr 2011 EC, ECB and IMF welcomed the Irish authorities’ banking system announcements

31 Mar 2011 State aid: Commission approves Austrian State support for the restructuring of Kommunalkredit

30 Mar 2011 ECB Bini Smaghi: Banking supervision and corporate governance in the European architecture

30 Mar 2011 FINMA published circular on capital buffers and capital planning

27 Mar 2011 Deutsche Bank Dr Josef Ackermann: Drawing up lists of SIFIs would be conceptually wrong

20 Mar 2011 Association of German Banks on new bank stress test

18 Mar 2011 The EBA published details of its stress test scenarios and methodology

16 Mar 2011 FT: Turner said Basel III capital rules too low

14 Mar 2011 IMF working paper: 'Subsidiaries or Branches: Does One Size Fit All?'

11 Mar 2011 Bank of Spain informed that 12 banks must increase their capital to comply with the Royal Decree-Law

11 Mar 2011 FT: European banks' stress test criteria is softened

09 Mar 2011 Mervyn King: Banks putting profits before customers

08 Mar 2011 BBA: EU proposals a welcome first step towards making too-big-to-fail a thing of the past

02 Mar 2011 EBA completes its top management structure and reaches agreement on the next steps of its EU-wide stress test exercise

22 Feb 2011 FT: New EU bank stress test rules out soon

17 Feb 2011 EBF published position paper on systemic risk

16 Feb 2011 CEPS warns that Basel III is too complex

15 Feb 2011 BCBS Report: A critical survey of the literature on the transmission channels between the financial and real sectors

15 Feb 2011 EBA Chairman: EU banks to get single rulebook

09 Feb 2011 Anglo Irish and Irish Nationwide assets to be auctioned

08 Feb 2011 UK Treasury: Bank levy rates to be increased, raising £800m more in 2011

04 Feb 2011 MEPs push forward plans for financial transaction tax

31 Jan 2011 ESFRC states need for simplicity in regulatory requirements

25 Jan 2011 Commission published summary of responses to the public consultation on access to a basic payment account

18 Jan 2011 The EBA elected its decision-making bodies and prepares new EU-wide stress test

18 Jan 2011 EBF position on personal data protection in the European Union

18 Jan 2011 European Banking Federation: EU Crisis Management Framework is top priority for 2011

10 Jan 2011 European Commission consults on technical details of a possible European crisis management framework

Banking - 2010152 articles out of 152.
21 Dec 2010 IIF published preliminary analysis on Basel III

20 Dec 2010 The Basel Committee issued a consultative paper on the capitalisation of bank exposures to central counterparties

17 Dec 2010 FSA revised its remuneration code

17 Dec 2010 Association of German Banks welcomes adoption of Basel III: private banks can meet standards

15 Dec 2010 FT: Rules to keep bankers honest

14 Dec 2010 FT: Barnier accused bankers of ‘blackmail’

14 Dec 2010 BBA reacts to CEBS remuneration announcement

14 Dec 2010 BIS December Quarterly Review is released

14 Dec 2010 AFME comments on CEBS guidelines on remuneration policies and practices

10 Dec 2010 CEBS published its guidelines on remuneration policies and practices

10 Dec 2010 Sharon Bowles MEP: EU's tough new rules on bankers' bonuses are right

10 Dec 2010 UK Government published final legislation on bank levy

08 Dec 2010 Commissioner Rehn: EU banks will face further stress tests

03 Dec 2010 FSA closed supervisory investigation of RBS

03 Dec 2010 AFME publishes a Briefing Note on Basel III and CRD 4

22 Nov 2010 Financial News: investment banks are seeking to redefine their business model

22 Nov 2010 BIS: Mapping capital and liquidity requirements to bank lending spreads

16 Nov 2010 El País: The Bank of Spain calls for an urgent restructuring of the Spanish Saving Banks

10 Nov 2010 IMF publication claims LCFIs need effective cross-border supervision if Basel III is to work for increased financial stability

10 Nov 2010 EBF Chiefs all for safeguarding European competitivenes in the upcoming G20 debates.

05 Nov 2010 Commission extends investigation into WestLB's bank

05 Nov 2010 Il Sole: China against the ultra expansive policy of Fed

04 Nov 2010 IMF: New rules will curb risks in U.S. and European Banks

03 Nov 2010 Il Sole: Reactions to the expected Fed liquidity injection – ECB remains prudent, Australia and India increase the rates

02 Nov 2010 Il Sole: Bernanke’s future policies between Fed's falcons and doves

02 Nov 2010 The EMF publishes October 2010 Mortgage Info Newsletter

30 Oct 2010 EFBS says EC plans will adversely affect mortgage finance mechanisms

30 Oct 2010 BDB announces that German banking industry has reached its limits

30 Oct 2010 ESBG welcomes new European financial supervisory architecture

30 Oct 2010 ESBG releases Positon paper on the BIS proposal to ensure loss absorbency of regulatory capital

30 Oct 2010 Top US bank regulator supports stricter capital requirements

28 Oct 2010 El País: The BBVA criticises slow savings banks reform

21 Oct 2010 UK Government publishes draft legislation on the bank levy

21 Oct 2010 BBA: Treasury's statement is largely silent on how the bank levy would interact with taxation in other countries

20 Oct 2010 Commission study on the costs and benefits of policy actions in the field of ensuring access to a basic bank account

20 Oct 2010 UK Banks will face higher taxes

20 Oct 2010 Commission sets out its plans for a new EU framework for crisis management in the financial sector

19 Oct 2010 Basel Committee reports on the responses to the financial crises for the G20 in Seoul

13 Oct 2010 Trichet: Basel III is a cornerstone of the new regulatory system

11 Oct 2010 European banks concerned that Commission proposals on taxation are inappropriate

08 Oct 2010 CEBS published draft guidelines on remuneration

06 Oct 2010 Commission consults on access to a basic payment account

06 Oct 2010 Competition Commissioner Almunia defends the extension of temporary state aids to the banking sector

01 Oct 2010 Competition Commissioner Almunia: Anglo-Irish Bank’s restructuring will carefully be monitored

30 Sep 2010 FT: Basel III reforms to hit investment banking arms

29 Sep 2010 Commission approves restructuring of German savings bank Sparkasse KölnBonn

28 Sep 2010 EBF comments on the Development of pan-European access to financial information disclosed by listed companies

22 Sep 2010 EMF Mortgage Information Snapshot

22 Sep 2010 WestLB and BayernLB possible merger announcement

22 Sep 2010 Commission authorises guarantees for Irish financial institutions

22 Sep 2010 Il Sole: Italian banking system not at risk

21 Sep 2010 FT: French banks fined €385m for fees collusion

21 Sep 2010 FT: Basel III is priming big banks to work the system

21 Sep 2010 Greece to postpone bank stress tests on domestic banks

21 Sep 2010 FSA Chairman welcomes the decisions reached on the Basel III package of capital and liquidity reforms

15 Sep 2010 CPSS publishes paper on strengthening clearing and settlement arrangements for repo markets

14 Sep 2010 EBF says Basel III will have cost consequences on the economy

13 Sep 2010 AGB warns of target overshooting when introducing new capital and liquidity rules

13 Sep 2010 ESBG and WSBI warn of danger to retail banks of one-size-fits-all regulation

13 Sep 2010 BBA declares "the era of cheap money" to be over

10 Sep 2010 BBA publishes a new Code for financial disclosures

08 Sep 2010 EC endorses an agreement with EP on EU Financial Supervision Reform

08 Sep 2010 CEBS defends consistent EU stress test

07 Sep 2010 WSJ: Europe's bank stress tests minimized debt risk

07 Sep 2010 EU to get new tough powers to deal with national financial supervisors

07 Sep 2010 BBA acts to get lending moving in the UK

07 Sep 2010 ECB publishes a book on the payment system and the role of the Eurosystem in this field

01 Sep 2010 FT: Ireland seeks to wean banks off state guarantee

31 Aug 2010 AGB issues statement on bank levy and Restructuring Law by German Cabinet

28 Jul 2010 ECB published results of the July 2010 bank lending survey for the Euro area

28 Jul 2010 Deutsche Bundesbank and BaFin on the results of the stress tests: German banks prove to be robust and resilient

27 Jul 2010 Italian Bank Association: stress test were serious, our system is solid

26 Jul 2010 BBA statement regarding CEBS Bank Stress Test announcements

26 Jul 2010 FBF state that financial reforms must take into account the G20’s growth target

26 Jul 2010 FSB welcomed European bank stress tests: The results provide additional clarity and transparency

23 Jul 2010 CEBS published the results of the EU-wide stress-testing exercise

21 Jul 2010 IMF warns that bank stress tests have to be credible in order to restore confidence

20 Jul 2010 Deposit guarantee fund schemes will cost Italian banks 8 billion euro

19 Jul 2010 FT: Bankers concerned over stress test results

16 Jul 2010 CEBS draft guidelines on revised Article 3 of Directive 2006/48/EC – taking up and pursuit of the business of credit institutions

14 Jul 2010 UK Coalition Government launches consultation on Bank Levy

14 Jul 2010 European Liberal Leader warns that the EU must prepare at stress tests follow-up plan

13 Jul 2010 European banks call for level playing field in bonuses limitations

10 Jul 2010 CEBS on EU-Wide Stress Test: stress testing exercise has been extended to key domestic credit institutions in Europe

10 Jul 2010 El Pais: Spanish government gives green light to reform the savings banks sector

10 Jul 2010 Bankitalia’s Draghi: Banks are the pillars of growth

10 Jul 2010 Intesa Sanpaolo’s Passera comments on the private recovery fund

10 Jul 2010 Creation of a private fund to save European banks in crisis

07 Jul 2010 European Parliament ushers in a new era for bankers' bonuses

07 Jul 2010 MEPs call for tighter coordination and planning to avoid future banking crises

06 Jul 2010 EPC: Exploring the mobile eco-system to promote SEPA

06 Jul 2010 SWIFT II: EP Civil Liberties Committee approves draft agreement

02 Jul 2010 CEBS published two follow-up reports presenting the findings of its assessment of banks’ disclosures

29 Jun 2010 Bankitalia: Italian banks resist the crisis, but are less profitable.

23 Jun 2010 AFME statement on UK bank tax: it is effective regulation - not taxation - that will help prevent a future crisis

23 Jun 2010 Chancellor of the Exchequer: A bank levy will be introduced from January 2011

18 Jun 2010 European Council: Europe to propose bank levy in the G20 meeting

01 Jun 2010 FT: Bankers' 'doomsday scenarios' under fire from Basel study chief

28 May 2010 German Banks Association welcomes European Commission's proposals on bank resolution funds

26 May 2010 CGFS report on bank funding and liquidity management

26 May 2010 BBA does not support an EU-wide tax or levy to pay into a pan-European fund – too many questions unanswered

26 May 2010 Barnier: Presentation on Commission proposal on bank resolution fund

26 May 2010 Commission sets out vision for bank resolution funds

25 May 2010 AFME doubts on the viability of bank taxes

21 May 2010 The UK coalition programme on banking

18 May 2010 ECB published TARGET Annual Report 2009: the system has functioned smoothly with high availability levels

11 May 2010 EBF concerned about CEBS interpretation of concentration risk

05 May 2010 European Parliament states its terms on the Swift agreement: “Bulk data” transfer must be avoided

04 May 2010 German Bundesbank Axel Weber: Complement Basel II with capital surcharges

29 Apr 2010 CEBS principles for disclosures in times of stress - Lessons learnt from the financial crisis

26 Apr 2010 IMF: Preventing institutions becoming too important to fail is essential

12 Apr 2010 ECON committee discusses draft report on cross-border crisis management

10 Apr 2010 EP draft report on cross-border crisis management in the banking sector

07 Apr 2010 Summary of CEBS public hearing on draft revised guidelines on stress testing

05 Apr 2010 AFME/BBA/ISDA respond to CEBS guidelines on the management of concentration risk

05 Apr 2010 AFME/BBA/ISDA respond to CEBS guidelines on stress testing

30 Mar 2010 Basel Committee issues consultative paper on good practice principles for supervisory colleges

25 Mar 2010 ESBG newsletter warns approach to supervisory architecture reform too revolutionary

25 Mar 2010 EC/US: new negotiations on bank data transfer

23 Mar 2010 BBA paper addresses crisis resolution mechanisms

19 Mar 2010 Paul Tucker on resolution of large and complex financial institutions: “The Big Issues”

19 Mar 2010 Basel committee recommendations on cross-border bank resolution group

11 Mar 2010 CEBS publishes its consultation on draft guidelines on liquidity cost-benefit allocation

04 Mar 2010 IMF publishes views on EU cross-border crisis management framework for banks

24 Feb 2010 ECON Committee: first exchange of views on cross-border crisis management in banking sector

17 Feb 2010 CEBS publishes high-level principles for risk management

15 Feb 2010 EBF publishes set of 9 principles for successful banking in Europe

12 Feb 2010 BBA publishes series on next steps for UK banking

10 Feb 2010 Basel Committee consults on micro-finance activities and core principles

05 Feb 2010 BBA’s views on the Turner review: conference discussion paper

03 Feb 2010 BBA/IBM joint white paper on restoring loyalty, trust and industry profitability in UK retail banking

03 Feb 2010 EP Vice-President Silvana Koch-Mehrin: bankers have lost their friends in Davos

03 Feb 2010 CEBS’s comments on EU framework for cross-border crisis management in the banking sector

29 Jan 2010 ECB publishes January 2010 bank lending survey (BLS) for the euro area

26 Jan 2010 FEE Comment Letter on CEBS Consultation: Lessons learnt from the financial crisis

25 Jan 2010 Alistair Darling warns Obama about banking reforms

25 Jan 2010 International Centre for Financial Regulation comments on BIS principles and standards for financial services compensation

22 Jan 2010 Basel Committee publishes assessment methodology for compensation practices

22 Jan 2010 NVB reaction to Commission consultation on EU framework for cross-border crisis management in the banking sector

15 Jan 2010 BBA statement on US banking levy – UK and US measures differed widely

14 Jan 2010 The International Banking Federation calls for Colleges of Supervisors to better manage risk

12 Jan 2010 Bank Provisioning and Reserving: A Comparison of Alternatives

07 Jan 2010 NVB's reaction to the Basel proposals on crisis management – more focus on early intervention mechanism needed

06 Jan 2010 EBF economic outlook for 2010: a bumpy road to recovery

04 Jan 2010 CEBS consults on draft guidelines on the management of operational risk in market-related activities

04 Jan 2010 CEBS publishes guidelines on operational risk mitigation techniques

Banking - 200966 articles out of 66.
17 Dec 2009 UK Treasury consults on plans to manage investment bank failures

14 Dec 2009 CEBS consults on its draft revised guidelines on stress testing

14 Dec 2009 Myners speech: 'What’s next for UK banking?' – It is vital to end the risk-taking and excessive rewards culture that is damaging the system

14 Dec 2009 FSA strengthens stress-testing regime – key element in building up effective risk management

14 Dec 2009 FT: France to follow UK on bonus tax - bonuses exceeding €27000 to be taxed

26 Nov 2009 UK Government to implement Walker reforms on bank pay and governance – highest remunerations must be disclosed

18 Nov 2009 FT: Bankers are afraid of over-regulation and debate the best way to move forward

11 Nov 2009 EBF’s report on overcoming the crisis, moving beyond and the new challenges ahead

04 Nov 2009 McCreevy: Consumers in the EU now benefit from easier bank account switching – and the Commission will control banks’ compliance

29 Oct 2009 ABBL comments on new regulation establishing a European Banking Authority

28 Oct 2009 EBF and E&Y examine models for an optional application of VAT on financial services

26 Oct 2009 FSA publishes analysis on systemically important banks

21 Oct 2009 Commission consults on crisis management in the banking sector

21 Oct 2009 EBF welcomes Commission proposals on EU cross-border crisis management framework

13 Oct 2009 BIS report on mutual guarantee institutions and small business finance

08 Oct 2009 UK online banking losses continue to climb

08 Oct 2009 Private banks reach out to the less wealthy

07 Oct 2009 BBA statement on FSA liquidity review: It will harm banks

28 Sep 2009 Jaime Caruana: core principles for effective deposit insurance

24 Sep 2009 BIS Report: time to buy or just buying time? The market reaction to bank rescue packages

24 Sep 2009 ECB: Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell: business models in banking – is there a best practice?

24 Sep 2009 Paul Myners: a strong, independent and commercial banking system must be the goal for the future

24 Sep 2009 European Banks welcome Commission plans for new Financial Supervisory Authorities

16 Sep 2009 BBA: complaints data finds most customers content with their bank

10 Sep 2009 Dutch adopt new bank bonus rules

28 Aug 2009 BBA response to Lord Turner's comments on a new tax on banks

27 Aug 2009 BBA: July figures for the main high street banks

27 Aug 2009 French banks back bonus reforms

29 Jul 2009 Bank of England Special Resolution Regime for failing banks in an international context

29 Jul 2009 EBF – Newsletter 19

28 Jul 2009 NVB warns that the Deposit Guarantee Scheme is not the solution to the crisis

27 Jul 2009 UK Chancellor Darling worried by banks’ loans charges

15 Jul 2009 EBF – Newsletter 19

13 Jul 2009 Commission proposes further revision of banking regulation

01 Jul 2009 BBA: Tackling Challenges - Facing the future - Embracing change

01 Jul 2009 Paul Tucker: Redrawing the Banking Social Contract

30 Jun 2009 BBA: Banks committed to building on financial inclusion

25 Jun 2009 BBA: Banks stress need for international co-operation on reform

15 Jun 2009 ECB Financial Stability Review - June 2009

15 Jun 2009 ECB Tumpel-Gugerell outlines necessary ‘regulatory repair’

05 Jun 2009 BIS Quarterly Review - June 2009

31 May 2009 Commission consults on review of Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes

26 May 2009 Kroes underlines need for more banking regulation

26 May 2009 Kroes – complexities call for further harmonised regulations in Europe

21 May 2009 FT: Lloyds considers sell-off to win approval for state aid

21 May 2009 FT: UK braced for call to shrink Lloyds

20 May 2009 BIS released OTC derivatives market statistics

19 May 2009 BIS report on issues in the Governance of Central Banks

14 May 2009 McCreevy calls for solution on impaired assets problem

12 May 2009 UK to strengthen resolution arrangements for investment banks

29 Apr 2009 BIS paper on a framework for assessing systemic risks of major financial institutions

18 Apr 2009 BIS report - The role of valuation and leverage in pro-cyclicality

01 Apr 2009 ECB reports on euro area monetary, financial and balance of payments statistics

02 Mar 2009 BIS Quarterly Review

27 Feb 2009 Council adopted Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes

26 Feb 2009 FSA code of practice on remuneration policies

25 Feb 2009 Commission provides guidance for impaired assets in the EU banking sector

20 Feb 2009 ECB publishes Eurosystem oversight policy framework

07 Feb 2009 Commission consultation on ensuring access to a basic bank account

02 Feb 2009 ECB Euro Money Market Study 2008

29 Jan 2009 BIS provisional international banking statistics - third quarter 2008

23 Jan 2009 ESFRC recommends raising average capital requirement to 15 percent over time

20 Jan 2009 ECB adjustment of risk control measures for newly issued asset-backed securities and for uncovered bank bonds

20 Jan 2009 ECOFIN Council Conclusions on Bank Capital

19 Jan 2009 UK government package to support lending

19 Jan 2009 FSA statement on regulatory approach to bank capital

Banking - 200857 articles out of 57.
19 Dec 2008 OECD: Deposit insurance coverage gives rise to moral hazard

18 Dec 2008 Article: The Route Back to Credit

17 Dec 2008 Council draft overall compromise package on Deposit Guarantee Schemes

08 Dec 2008 BIS Quarterly Review - December 2008

05 Dec 2008 EFBS calls Commission 'non-banks’ study a ‚complete waste of money’

03 Dec 2008 Securitization Organizations issue recommendations on restoring market confidence

02 Dec 2008 Commission study on regulation of 'non-credit' institutions in mortgage markets

02 Dec 2008 Council general approach on Deposit Guarantee Directive

25 Nov 2008 BIS statistics on payment and settlement systems - 2007

13 Nov 2008 BIS issues OTC derivatives market statistics

15 Oct 2008 Commission proposal on Deposit Guarantee Schemes

14 Oct 2008 Overview of national rescue measures and deposit guarantee schemes

13 Oct 2008 ECB report on EU banking structures

13 Oct 2008 EBF/BusinessEurope warn against hurried solutions

10 Oct 2008 CEBS follow-up report on bank transparency

10 Oct 2008 Overview of national rescue measures and deposit guarantee schemes

02 Oct 2008 OECD: Financial crisis and deposit insurance guarantees

01 Oct 2008 EBF calls for urgent co-ordinated supervisory approach

30 Sep 2008 ECB consults on glossary of terms related to payment, clearing and settlement systems

26 Sep 2008 ECB Euro Money Market Survey 2008

25 Sep 2008 Bank supervisors endorse principles for liquidity risk management and supervision

18 Sep 2008 HBOS to be taken over by Lloyds TSB

12 Sep 2008 McCreevy - cross-border supervision for Insurance and Banking

12 Sep 2008 Trichet calls for closer cooperation between central banks and supervisors

04 Sep 2008 Commission nominates members of EGHC member

01 Sep 2008 BIS consults on economic capital modelling

17 Jul 2008 ECB launches CCBM2 project

11 Jul 2008 ECB payment systems and market infrastructure oversight report 2007

10 Jul 2008 Industry Associations issue principles for managing the provider-distributor relationship

07 Jul 2008 CGFS report on central bank operations in response to the financial market turmoil

30 Jun 2008 CEBS consultation on technical aspects of diversification

20 Jun 2008 EBF Economic Outlook June 2008

09 Jun 2008 BIS Quarterly Review, June 2008

23 May 2008 Allianz and Commerzbank reported to bid for Postbank

22 May 2008 BIS: OTC derivatives market activity in the second half of 2007

09 May 2008 ECB April 2008 bank lending survey

08 May 2008 FSA Sants warns building societies need more robust stress testing

30 Apr 2008 BIS Wellink: Cross-border supervision needs to be strengthened

28 Apr 2008 ECB TARGET annual report 2007

23 Apr 2008 IMF: Policy lessons from financial market turbulence - Germany

21 Apr 2008 EBF calls for more supervisory cooperation

21 Apr 2008 UBS shareholder report on write-downs

09 Apr 2008 MLex: EC looks into anti-trust concerns in bank card standard-setting

08 Apr 2008 CEBS/CEIOPS advice on definition of capital instruments for financial conglomerates

17 Mar 2008 BIS statistics on payment and settlement systems in selected countries - Figures for 2006

14 Mar 2008 FT: Allianz to split Dresdner Bank

14 Mar 2008 German Banking Association welcomes international early-warning system

04 Mar 2008 FT: EU makes cross-border banking key priority

03 Mar 2008 BIS Quarterly Review March 2008

21 Feb 2008 BIS: Liquidity risk - management and supervisory challenges

13 Feb 2008 Trichet calls for pre-funded deposit insurance schemes

12 Feb 2008 Financial services industry commitments on transparency in structured credit markets

12 Feb 2008 EBF response to Commission call on substitute retail investment products

31 Jan 2008 BIS: Provisional international banking statistics, third quarter 2007

31 Jan 2008 Commission launches EU consumer investigations in retail markets

14 Jan 2008 Speech Kroes: Europe's Payment systems after the MasterCard decision

08 Jan 2008 MasterCard to launch French venture

Banking - 200733 articles out of 33.
31 Dec 2007 European Retail Banking: Will there ever be a single market?

19 Dec 2007 BIS Triennial Central Bank survey of foreign exchange and derivatives market activity

18 Dec 2007 Speech McCreevy: Current challenges facing the global banking sector

10 Dec 2007 BIS Quarterly Review December 2007

26 Nov 2007 BBA paper: Regulating a multi-jurisdictional bank

19 Nov 2007 Commission proposes initiative for development of micro-credit

14 Nov 2007 ECB report on EU banking sector stability

02 Nov 2007 BIS working paper on bank size, credit and the sources of bank market risk

30 Oct 2007 Moody's predicts cross-border banking consolidation

16 Oct 2007 Lloyds TSB charged in US money-laundering probe

05 Oct 2007 ECB report on EU banking structures

03 Oct 2007 Speech Kroes before ECON Committee

10 Sep 2007 EBF response on bank accounts and customer mobility

01 Sep 2007 Bruegel paper: Is Europe Ready for a Major Banking Crisis?

04 Jul 2007 BBA: Principles, not rules, key to regulation

27 Jun 2007 EBF Newsletter No. 15

15 Jun 2007 CEBS consultation on commodities business

15 Jun 2007 CEBS quantitative analysis of eligible own funds in the EEA

05 Jun 2007 Commission consultation on Report on Customer Mobility

05 Jun 2007 EAPB comment on expert group report on costumer mobility

21 May 2007 BIS: OTC derivatives market activity second half 2006

03 May 2007 ECB consultation on card payment schemes

02 May 2007 Commission Green Paper on Retail Financial Services

02 May 2007 EFBS welcomes Green Paper on Retail Banking

20 Mar 2007 Speech Kroes on developments in competition policy

28 Feb 2007 EPFSF briefing on sector inquiry on retail banking

20 Feb 2007 Commission Scenario Analysis on EU Deposit Guarantee Schemes

02 Feb 2007 EU meddling in interchange threatens to derail Sepa project warns MasterCard

01 Feb 2007 Telegraph: Britain could gain from EU shake-up

31 Jan 2007 EBF statement on Sector Enquiry on Retail Banking

30 Jan 2007 Reuters: EU probe seeks antitrust action on payment cards

30 Jan 2007 finextra: EC abandons retailers and backs down on interchange fees

30 Jan 2007 FT: Brussels plans attack on banks' high fees

Banking - 200617 articles out of 17.
11 Dec 2006 ECB Financial Stability Review

11 Dec 2006 BIS Quarterly Review

17 Nov 2006 BIS: OTC derivatives market activity in the first half of 2006

25 Oct 2006 ECB Report on EU banking structures

08 Aug 2006 BdB welcomes Commission's firm stance in the dispute over 'Sparkasse'

17 Jul 2006 Kroes: opening remarks on public hearing of retail banking sector inquiry

14 Jun 2006 Basel guidance on fair value option for financial instruments

14 Jun 2006 Basel guidance on sound credit risk assessment and valuation for loans

13 Jun 2006 ECB: Assessment of NGN arrangement for international debt securities

09 Jun 2006 German Banking Survey 2006

06 Jun 2006 Speech Kroes: Tougher competition in retail financial services

25 May 2006 Banking Industry asks for improvements in European Contract Law

19 May 2006 BIS: OTC derivatives market activity in the second half of 2005

24 Apr 2006 Commission draft implementing measures on Money Laundering

19 Apr 2006 EP Committee on information accompanying transfers of funds

08 Mar 2006 BBA/LIBA: response to BIS consultation on sound credit risk assessment and valuation for loans

03 Mar 2006 IFSL: Growth in global investment banking for third year in succession

Banking - 200519 articles out of 19.
25 Nov 2005 ECB report on large EU banks’ exposures to hedge funds

21 Nov 2005 ESFRC advocates European Banking Oversight Board

18 Nov 2005 Report on minimum guarantee level of Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive

28 Oct 2005 Strong criticism on CEBS consultation on validation and assessment of the risk management and risk measurement systems

19 Oct 2005 FBE urges ECOFIN Ministers to remove unjustified barriers to cross-border M&A

07 Oct 2005 ECB report on EU banking structures

30 Sep 2005 CEBS advice on deposit guarantee schemes

20 Sep 2005 Council adopted Directive on Cross-Border Mergers

09 Sep 2005 EU and US associations call for regulatory convergence in transatlantic capital markets

14 Jul 2005 Commission launches reviews of E-Money and Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directives

27 Jun 2005 BIS Annual Report

13 Jun 2005 Commission sector inquiries into retail banking and business insurance

31 May 2005 CEBS technical advice on Consolidated Banking Directive

26 May 2005 Speech Roldan: 'Towards true integration by 2009'

20 May 2005 Speech McCreevy: European Banking – Challenges and changes ahead

09 Mar 2005 Speech Roldan: Governance and Structure of European Finance

21 Feb 2005 CSFI: Regulatory overkill seen as main risk facing banks

26 Jan 2005 Speech McCreevy on Retail Financial Services and the Consumer

16 Jan 2005 BdB Report: Structural change in the Italian banking system

Banking - 20045 articles out of 5.
03 Dec 2004 Speech: CEBS and the supervisory role in EU banking markets

02 Nov 2004 FBE: European banking industry calls for intensive consultation on Clearing and Settlement

10 Jun 2004 BdB: Banking Survey 2004

27 May 2004 FT: LBBW distances itself further from peers

21 Jan 2004 Launch of European Banking Industry Committee

Banking - 20033 articles out of 3.
28 Nov 2003 ECB: Structural analysis of the EU banking sector

07 Oct 2003 BdB: Banking markets in central and eastern Europe - Baltic countries

24 Feb 2003 ECB report on EU banking sector stability