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Excerpt from latest Brussels for Brunch webcast

Welcome to Graham

In the next few years, your business will face many risks in the European Union, but these will also be opportunities for the well-informed.  However, the greatest risk may flow from the consequences of `Brexit’: A country that is haemorrhaging influence in Europe and is also addicted to capital inflows to sustain its living standards will be at grave risk. 

If you do business in (and with) Britain, you must work through the implications of the Prime Minister's risky strategy to achieve a  Brexit that seems very `hard' to many observers. But EU27 will not escape consequences, though the strategic implications of the Rome Declaration by the Heads of State/Government of EU27 on the EU’s 60th anniversary flowed past without much comment. That oversight may easily turn out to be an error. Should conventional pro-EU governments emerge from the 2017 elections, then the Rome Declaration may have real substance.  The 2015 Five Presidents Report would then signpost the way to Completing Economic and Monetary Union – with profound consequences for Europe’s financial system and markets.

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My consultancy services are designed to maximise your firm’s ability to tap into my overview of progress in fitting together the jigsaw of these developments. That overview is essential as they span such diverse subjects that many firms are not structured to deal with the implications for their business. We offer two routes to tap Graham’s expertise:

  • Corporate Members can arrange Private Briefings for corporate risk managers on the general situation or on areas of specific interest. Members can access their selection of articles in our knowledge centre.
  • Individuals can become a Friend of Graham Bishop. For a monthly subscription of €12 (inc. VAT), ‘Friends’ have access to the following:
  • Friends weekly e-mail with news about EU Economics, Politics and Financial Regulation
  • Direct link to Graham’s public articles/blogs and tweets
  • Notes on the Monthly Brussels 4 Breakfast
  • Grid of the week - EU institutions
  • KeyEUdocs – key economic statistics of the EU
  • Forthcoming Conferences and Hearings
  • Eurobill updates
  • The Public Archives

Two steps to get going: (i) REGISTER>>>>> (ii) Select any additional categories (for example Brexit) and pay.

For a further €12 each (inc. VAT), ‘Friends’ may add any of our categories including:

Separately Graham has a Series of Lectures on the Foundation of EU Financial Services Regulation >>>


Consultancy Financial Services Deepening EMU Education and Learning

Continuing Professional Development CPD

We are delighted to be able to offer access to our CPD programme via our client and`Friends' services - with a variety of products for structured and unstructured CPD.

Our CPD services are approved by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI).

The monthly "Brussels for Brunch" webcast is initially broadcast live by CISI and is available on-line afterwards.

Our CPD products include

  • Our weekly Financial Union newsletter provides a suggested 4 hours of unstructured CPD per year
  • Graham Bishop's online lectures also provide a catch-up for those new to the EU Financial Services arena - each lecture offers 1.5 hours of structured CPD - read more and watch a brief overview>>>>> (3.13 mins)

Graham will develop his CPD products continuously to keep investment professionals up-to-date with relevant developments in the regularory fieldThe new importance of CPD

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