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Graham Bishop at ECON's public hearing on DRF/eurobills - 1 April Video

Presentation on TEF to ECON Text

Graham Bishop at 33 in Top 40 British EU policy 'influencers' link

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#EBA technical standards on #supervisory #reporting endorsed with amended calendar

3:32 PM Apr 16

#EBA publishes list of incorrect #ITS validation rules

3:28 PM Apr 16

#Basel Committee publishes final standard for measuring and controlling large #exposures

8:53 AM Apr 16

#FAQ on #Basel III's January 2013 #Liquidity Coverage Ratio

8:51 AM Apr 16

#EIOPA and National Bank of #Slovakia hold a conference on personal #pensions

8:13 AM Apr 16

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“An integrated financial framework [should] ensure financial stability in particular in the euro area and minimise the cost of bank failures to European citizens. Such a framework elevates responsibility for supervision to the European level, and provides for common mechanisms to resolve banks and guarantee customer deposits… Building on the single rulebook, an integrated financial framework should have two central elements: single European banking supervision and a common deposit insurance and resolution framework… An integrated financial framework should cover all EU Member States…” Source: HvR June 2012 Report

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Financial - 201148 articles out of 48.
19 Dec 2011 ECB Financial Stability Review – December 2011

12 Dec 2011 FSA Board publishes report into the failure of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

12 Dec 2011 Bank of England: Reform of the International Monetary and Financial System

01 Dec 2011 BoE: Financial Stability Report December 2011

24 Nov 2011 Peter Praet: Housing cycles and financial stability – the role of the Policymaker

15 Nov 2011 Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority published report on “Risks in the Financial System 2011”

10 Nov 2011 Peter Praet: The (changing) role of central banks in financial stability policies

09 Nov 2011 Deutsche Bundesbank/Weidmann: Managing macro-prudential and monetary policy – a challenge for central banks

14 Oct 2011 FT: S&P cuts Spain's sovereign debt rating

11 Oct 2011 IFAC urges G20 to pursue coordinated, long-term approaches to global economic stability and fiscal sustainability

10 Oct 2011 ECON Committee released a study: 'Responsible lending – Barriers to Competition'

10 Oct 2011 ECON Committee briefing paper: How effective and legitimate is the European Semester?

10 Oct 2011 George Osborne: Ring-fence, recapitalise, resolve

10 Oct 2011 ECB Vice President Vítor Constâncio: Contagion and the European debt crisis

03 Oct 2011 IASB: Hans Hoogervorst addresses ECON Committee of European Parliament

30 Sep 2011 BIS: Central banking post-crisis - What compass for uncharted waters?

30 Sep 2011 Masaaki Shirakawa: Insurance companies and the financial system – a central bank perspective

21 Sep 2011 IMF publishes Global Financial Stability Report

15 Sep 2011 ECB Bini Smaghi: Policy rules and institutions in times of crisis

06 Sep 2011 IIF: Multiple layers of financial regulatory reforms hold back economic growth and will continue to do so for some time

23 Aug 2011 OECD published report on bank competition and financial stability

18 Aug 2011 Adam Smith Institute published a paper on the Tobin tax: reason or treason?

28 Jun 2011 Systemic risk: The role of securities regulators

20 Jun 2011 CEPR: Cross-border banking in Europe - implications for financial stability and macro-economic policies

15 Jun 2011 Bank of England working paper: Exploring central banks’ role in the payment system

25 May 2011 GA warns about negative effects of rushed regulations on SIFI

24 May 2011 Central Bank Governance Group published report on central bank governance and financial stability

02 May 2011 ECB: Challenges to financial integration in 2010

26 Apr 2011 Commission published the European Financial Stability and Integration Report 2010

14 Apr 2011 Paul Tucker: Macroprudential policy - building financial stability institutions

14 Apr 2011 ECB José Manuel González-Páramo: Risk, return, resilience - the future financial system

13 Apr 2011 FSA David Lawton: Outlining the current and future strategy for securities markets regulation

12 Apr 2011 Øystein Olsen: Ensuring financial stability in turbulent times

09 Apr 2011 Andrew Haldane: Public policy questions on potential future international capital flows

14 Mar 2011 IMF working paper on Crisis Management and Resolution: Early lessons from the Financial Crisis

03 Mar 2011 Adair Turner - Reforming finance: are we being radical enough?

01 Mar 2011 Bank of England Working Paper: Mapping systemic risk in the international banking network

15 Feb 2011 BCBS Report: A critical survey of the literature on the transmission channels between the financial and real sectors

07 Feb 2011 Former Commission official David Wright: "Repairing the financial system and the consequences of failure"

27 Jan 2011 Stewart Fleming: "Crucial months for the euro"

20 Jan 2011 ECB Bini Smaghi: Lessons for monetary policy from the recent crisis

11 Jan 2011 Bruegel: Beyond the crisis - Prospects for emerging Europe

Financial - 201081 articles out of 81.
15 Dec 2010 Policy Exchange report: Are we undermining the future of financial services in Britain?

14 Dec 2010 FLI: Eddy Wymeersch: GREEN PAPER - Audit Policy: Lessons from the Crisis

03 Dec 2010 IIF: Market Monitoring Group stressed the need for continued progress on fiscal consolidation

26 Nov 2010 CER: Why Berlin won’t back down on euro reform

18 Nov 2010 ECON Chairwoman, Sharon Bowles: Regulation and supervision – reforms and results

16 Nov 2010 Eurofi Financial Forum published its conference report

15 Nov 2010 ECB Vítor Constâncio: Catching-up strategies after the crisis

10 Nov 2010 SUERF publishes policy analysis "The quest for stability: the financial stability view"

19 Oct 2010 Bruegel paper on the reform of the global financial architecture

14 Oct 2010 Eurofound published report 'Financial services: challenges and prospects'

13 Oct 2010 AFME director: Regulation balancing capital requirements and enhanced supervision

05 Oct 2010 Governor of Banque de France Christian Noyer: Domestic and international financial stability cannot be dissociated

05 Oct 2010 IIF calls for renewed global coordination to resolve critical economic issues

21 Sep 2010 BIS: Offshore markets for the domestic currency - monetary and financial stability issues

13 Sep 2010 EDHEC-Risk finds no new evidence that Socially Responsible Investment Funds create financial value

10 Sep 2010 CEPS paper on fiscal policy coordination and competitiveness surveillance - what solutions to what problems?

07 Sep 2010 ECB Bini Smaghi: What has the financial crisis taught us? The global dimension and international policy cooperation

01 Sep 2010 Bruegel: An assessment of the G20's initial action items

29 Jul 2010 BIS report on long-term issues in international banking

13 Jul 2010 ECB Vítor Constâncio: The future of euro governance, how to contain imbalances and preserve financial stability

12 Jul 2010 BIS: The determinants of cross-border bank flows to emerging markets - new empirical evidence on the spread of financial crises

25 Jun 2010 Bruegel: Towards a system to secure the euro

23 Jun 2010 Businesseurope: Financial reforms and the recovery

23 Jun 2010 ESFRC: Insolvency procedures and market discipline for banks and Euro Area countries

21 Jun 2010 BIS Caruana on macroprudential policy: what we have learned and where we are going

14 Jun 2010 ECB Bini Smaghi: Europe, the United States and the new challenges to the global economy

21 May 2010 BIS Caruana: The great financial crisis, lessons for the design of central banks

21 May 2010 CGFS report on macroprudential instruments and frameworks: a stocktaking of issues and experiences

17 May 2010 EMU Warfare: The Colin Powell doctrine has come to Europe

17 May 2010 Bruegel: The role of state aid control in improving bank resolution in Europe

14 May 2010 IMF report reveals that high debt and deficits have raised risks

11 May 2010 CER: Closing the gap between rhetoric and reality is key to the euro's survival

24 Apr 2010 CRIS Committee working document on global governance, international monetary policy to tackle global imbalances

21 Apr 2010 BIS Hervé Hannoun: What has the crisis taught us on information gaps?

21 Apr 2010 Sveriges Riksbank Stefan Ingves: The importance of being savvy – lessons on European crisis management

16 Apr 2010 BIS Caruana: Backstopping global banking

15 Apr 2010 ECB Bini Smaghi: Has the financial sector grown too big?

12 Apr 2010 Bank of Portugal publishes paper on financial stability and policy cooperation

30 Mar 2010 BIS: prospects for, and implications of, public debt

25 Mar 2010 BIS: the role of margin requirements and haircuts in procyclicality

25 Mar 2010 Global Financial System Committee: functioning and resilience of cross-border funding markets

23 Mar 2010 Bruegel paper: “Two crises, two responses”

17 Mar 2010 CEPS: Overcoming too-big-to-fail; a regulatory framework to limit moral hazard and free riding

25 Feb 2010 BIS: report on future of public debt, prospects and implications

25 Feb 2010 ACI: liquidity and stability - or taxation and changing the whole financial system?

22 Feb 2010 Andrew Haldane: the debt hangover

19 Feb 2010 BIS paper: systemic risk - how to deal with it?

10 Feb 2010 BIS General Manager on financial stability at Reserve Bank of Australia Symposium’s 50th Anniversary

08 Feb 2010 Fifth ECB Central Banking Conference proceedings published: “The euro at ten – lessons and challenges”

27 Jan 2010 World Economic Forum report: the future of the global financial system

25 Jan 2010 BIS paper: assessing the systemic risk of a heterogeneous portfolio of banks during the recent financial crisis

25 Jan 2010 Swedish financial supervisory authority publishes report on risks in the financial system

21 Jan 2010 Twenty leading figures, including Lord Turner, give their views on the future of the UK financial services industry

13 Jan 2010 ACCA publishes nine principles to achieve financial stability by 2020

13 Jan 2010 Bruegel report on the EU’s role in supporting crisis-hit countries in central and eastern Europe

13 Jan 2010 Centre for European Reform publishes 'How to Restore Financial Stability'

07 Jan 2010 ECB report on recent advances in modelling systemic risk using network analysis

Financial - 200939 articles out of 39.
18 Dec 2009 Bank of England Financial Stability report 2009 - many banks will need to reduce leverage

18 Dec 2009 ECB financial stability review - banks will need to ensure that they have adequate capital and liquidity buffers

18 Dec 2009 IBM study: The good days for financial markets are over

16 Dec 2009 The New Economic Foundation Report: calculating the real value to society of different professions - top bankers destroy value

10 Dec 2009 UK Treasury discussion paper on the role of the financial sector - possible options to reduce cost to taxpayers of financial sector failures

25 Nov 2009 BIS working paper: ‘Ten propositions about liquidity crises’ – how to address them

25 Nov 2009 Senior financial supervisors: how risk management weaknesses and internal controls contributed to industry distress during financial crisis

24 Nov 2009 Containing systemic risk: ECON report by Karl Whelan from University College Dublin for dialogue with ECB in December

12 Nov 2009 ECB González-Páramo on Eurosystem’s response to the financial crisis and measures needed for a gradual exit from central banks

11 Nov 2009 Bundesbank Weber: central banks have to recognise risks to financial stability earlier and more accurately

29 Oct 2009 Willem Buiter: proposed European Systemic Risk Board overweight with central bankers

27 Oct 2009 FT interview with Mario Monti: there is a need to moderate tax competition between member states

19 Oct 2009 ECB's Lorenzo Bini Smaghi: "A failure of capitalism?"

15 Oct 2009 European Council conclusions on strengthening EU Financial Stability Arrangements

08 Oct 2009 AFM's Hoogervorst: Europe’s reform of financial supervision is headed in the right direction

08 Oct 2009 ECB Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell: recent advances in modelling systemic risk using network analysis

08 Oct 2009 Bundesbank's Weber: efficient implementation of the EU regulatory and supervisory package proposed by de Larosière.

01 Oct 2009 BBA: regulator commits to calculating cost of change

01 Oct 2009 FSA publishes feedback to the Turner Review and associated discussion paper

01 Oct 2009 IMF says financial surveillance needs to be more focused

01 Oct 2009 IMF: global financial system shows signs of recovery

30 Sep 2009 Trichet tells MEPs: time not yet right for exit from money market support

28 Sep 2009 Financial Stability Board reports on improving financial regulation

28 Sep 2009 FSB: G20 leaders endorse the Financial Stability Board’s Charter

25 Aug 2009 Shadow financial regulatory Committees: The securitization system needs to be regulated and supervised effectively

31 Jul 2009 BBA statement on Treasury Select Committee 14th Report on Financial Crisis

31 Jul 2009 UK Treasury Select Committee publishes 14th Report on Financial Crisis.

22 Jul 2009 OECD - Financial stability in the United Kingdom: Banking on prudence

06 Jul 2009 European banking needs a state-led triage body

30 Jun 2009 Bank of England Bi-annual Financial Stability Report

08 Apr 2009 ICMA Regulatory Policy Newsletter – The future shape of financial regulation in Europe

17 Jan 2009 G30 report calls for regulatory reforms to strengthen global financial system

Financial - 200826 articles out of 26.
15 Dec 2008 ECB Financial Stability Review warns against risks resulting from hedge funds performance

01 Dec 2008 CEPS proposes European System of Financial Supervisors

28 Oct 2008 UK Financial Stability Review

24 Oct 2008 OECD Gurria - From the financial crisis to the economic downturn

13 Oct 2008 Banque de France issues Financial Stability Review on valuation issues

08 Oct 2008 IMF Global Financial Stability Report calls for collective action

06 Oct 2008 EU leader’s statement on stability of financial system

03 Oct 2008 IIF calls for more and coordinated policy action

16 Sep 2008 Sibos conference: Crisis demands fresh approach to risk - Financial crisis caused by risk failure at senior levels

26 Jun 2008 New research centre to focus on financial regulation

10 Jun 2008 ECB Financial Stability Review - risks increased

14 May 2008 IIF Dallara calls for voluntary industry best practice

03 May 2008 Book review: Global Financial Regulation

02 May 2008 BoE predicts end of credit crises likely

23 Apr 2008 Commission proposes amendments to strengthen Settlement Systems

21 Apr 2008 European Banks’ overview of financial crisis

21 Apr 2008 IBfed perspective on financial turmoil

18 Apr 2008 EFR warns against regulatory overreaction to financial turmoil

16 Apr 2008 OECD calls for fundamental reform of financial markets

02 Apr 2008 EU-US Coalition Report on Financial Regulation

11 Mar 2008 ESFRC sees no end of recent financial crises

29 Feb 2008 Banque de France - A primer on the subprime crisis

29 Jan 2008 FSA Financial Risk Outlook

21 Jan 2008 EDHEC: The subprime crisis explained

08 Jan 2008 CEPS: Financial supervision is not well served by half-baked solutions

Financial - 200711 articles out of 11.
20 Dec 2007 EBF report on Better Regulation

12 Dec 2007 ECB Financial Stability Review

11 Dec 2007 Padoa-Schioppa: Europe needs a single financial rulebook

28 Nov 2007 Article Mario Draghi: Transformation in the European Financial Industry

25 Nov 2007 Article: Preparing for the next financial crisis

11 Oct 2007 IIF policy letter: Resolving critical issues in global finance

08 Oct 2007 BBA paper sets out credit crunch lessons

24 Sep 2007 IMF Global Financial Stability Report

21 Sep 2007 CEPS: Crisis puts spotlight on weaknesses

17 Sep 2007 EDHEC: Three Early Lessons from the Subprime Lending Crisis

31 Aug 2007 Banque de France - Ten key words to make sense of the crisis